October 23rd, 2012 | 376 Entries

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376 Entries for “solution”

  1. well, i’m still looking for a solution for our problems. but for every day that goes i believe that ill never find it.

    By Peppy on 10.23.2012

  2. A solution is one idea that comes to my mind when I think of problems. O f course, I also can think of solution about is kind of liquid like water.

    By Nilder on 10.23.2012

  3. I so often see the flaws in myself and in my personality. I know what the solutions are, and how I can fix myself. Yet, I choose to stay the person I am, rather than turning into the person I can become. I don’t always understand how it is that people change for the better, I always feel like I am simply getting worse.

    By e.l.a. URL on 10.23.2012

  4. A solution is the answer to a problem. In this world there a ton more problems than solutions. A lot of people don’t know this but try to make everyone think they do. Or they just pretend they have all the solutions to every single problem. To me I think that it’s better to trust in God for the solutions to your problems than to think you can do it all by yourself.

    By Katie on 10.23.2012

  5. “I haven’t figured out a solution, yet. Stop hounding me about this!”
    “I’m not, I just want to know. Yes or no? ”
    “I told you it’s more complicated than that.”
    “Men are such simpletons sometimes.”

    By Sheila URL on 10.23.2012

  6. There are solutions upon solutions in this world and each fits its problem. A solution for one person will may not be right for someone else. its funny though because we crave advice when usually it wont work.

    By AshleyKay URL on 10.23.2012

  7. A solution didn’t come along, even as she stared at the problem at hand, even if she made an effort and pushed her limits. What she didn’t see is that solutions appear when you stop looking at the problem.

    By Sara S. URL on 10.23.2012

  8. I need a solution to my problem. But you are the problem and the solution so I don’t know what to do. Different people give me different solutions. Should I talk to him? Yes. No. Yes. No. I just don’t know what to do.

    By Erin on 10.23.2012

  9. “A solution to all our problems!” He cried so loudly people were staring at us. “Isn’t that what you want? A solution?” he whispered wrapping his arm around me. “I don’ know, erm… maybe” I said uncertainly.

    By Rose Silver URL on 10.23.2012

  10. they say that the solution is as simple as just asking for help. but everytime i ask its like im screaming under water. like im trapped in a room thats sound proof

    By Linley on 10.23.2012

  11. There is always more than one solution to any problem that you will ever face. It’s hard to always choose the right one.

    By PetitePommes on 10.23.2012

  12. My mind races to chemistry class. Our teacher, Ms. Nanola,asks our group to complete a problem on the board. We look at each other hesitantly, seeming to convey the notion that none of us really know what to do…the homework didn’t make any sense.

    By mia URL on 10.23.2012

  13. There was only one solution to the problem – they had to leave one of the party members behind, or else all of them would be crushed by the falling stone tower.

    By aeir URL on 10.23.2012

  14. There just isn’t a solution sometimes. They keep arguing, like it’s so simple, like someone will suddenly say the magic word (Abra Kadabra, Open Sesame, 42) and the world will repair itself, become what we all dream it up to be. Nope. Sorry. Doens’t work that way. I’ll vote for one of you, but it won’t do any good. You won’t do any good. I’ll do all the good I can do, and that won’t do any good. There is no solution.

    By Rachel Isadore URL on 10.23.2012

  15. There is normally a problem concerning this. It’s very hard to find solutions to problems, but when you REALLY try, you should end up with something… anything… A good solution is important.

    By Rebecca on 10.23.2012

  16. The solution to the problem was simple, easy even. All iPad to do was run across the street remember the combination to the door find the extra key sneak in steal an egg and run back out. That’s all I needed to do.

    By Madison on 10.23.2012

  17. The solution to a problem is often hard to find. Sometimes you can search and search and you’ll never find it. But if its a big problem you should never give up bcause what if you do find the solution? and even after you find the solution you have to remember that you’re life still has meaning.

    By Anais Attias on 10.23.2012

  18. Answer

    By Nichole on 10.23.2012

  19. People react like chemicals. If you react with someone, neither of you will ever be the same. Like acid in a test tube, people are delicate and fragile and special and should be treated accordingly. When I react with you, I want the solution to be as beautiful as physically and chemically possible.

    By kayla URL on 10.23.2012

  20. Solution… The aha moment of science, of politics, of life. A solution is the biggest gift you can give someone, I think. A solution to a family crisis, a small problem, a world changing issue, or a personal thing.

    By Megan URL on 10.23.2012

  21. The solution… How could this be? I could never do this to the ones I love, the ones I care for. But if it’s the only way, I have to! I eyed forward to the never ending cliffs edge. I took a deep breath, and jumped.

    By emily on 10.23.2012

  22. Dick sat on the roof and gazed out over Gotham’s towering buildings.

    There had been so much going on lately, too many variables in the mission, too many mistakes. The weight of it all was piled heavily on his shoulders, the responsibilities giving him a pounding headache.

    It was so /loud/ in there.

    Solutions were limited, and decisions were vital.

    He swung his feet.

    Maybe if he just…

    By Lyssie212 URL on 10.23.2012

  23. The solution to everyone’s problem is right under our noses. It sits there, waiting for us to find it. What we don’t notice is, the solution suffers. It suffers every moment we see it, but ignore it. It suffers when we look at it straight in the eyes and turn away.
    We think there are thousands of solutions in the world. Well if there are so many solutions in the world, then why don’t we use them? Now that your thinking about it, you come up with a million excuses why we can’t use them like budgets or unethical reasons. These solutions we come up with aren’t solutions if we can’t use them.
    I’m looking at the solution right now, and it looks kind of like you.

    By Secret URL on 10.23.2012

  24. The camera in her hands wouldn’t turn on, her pretty face scrunched up in confusion and frustration. I watched as she mentally and almost physically stomped her feet. It was the cutest, actually it was beyond cute. I came over to her and handed my last few batteries to her, “Here these might help.” She then looked at me and smiled.
    “Thanks.” She grabbed them and change her dead ones out. Pointed the camera at me and snapped a picture and giggled, “That was the solution.”

    By herbutterfly143 URL on 10.23.2012

  25. Sometimes solutions to problems are hard to see or sometimes there just are no solutions. For my grandpa, there was no solution on how to deal with his cancer after the treatment began to fail. Maybe death was the solution for his problem because he’s gone now but all his pain is also gone.

    By Matty URL on 10.23.2012

  26. Not always the answer…

    By emily on 10.23.2012

  27. I saw a light at the end of the tunnel. I didn’t know what it was. It was bizarre, never before seen. My question finally had a solution.


    By Lidija Namike on 10.23.2012

  28. A solution implies that there must be a problem. Without a problem, a solution is unnecessary. But when you have a problem, the solution is the saviour, is the ending.

    By Amelia on 10.23.2012

  29. You need to focus on the solution and not the problem. Too many times we focus on the problem and then get upset because we can’t find a solution. Start thinking of ways to fix the problem and you will have a solution.

    By neenie84 URL on 10.23.2012

  30. if i was a mad scientist i’d be making solutions for people to drink for them to have special powers and such. ,in would be to be smart so people won’t make fun of me anymore or so that i can actually belong in my family. Everybody is straight A+ students in my family except for me. I’m only a B- student. :(

    By Janaye on 10.23.2012

  31. Imagine a world where humanity is one. A well oiled machine, working solely towards the goal of peace. To some, it is an unimaginable goal, but to me, my eyes can see the dream floating whimsically in the wind; just outside the grasp of my hands. I can see it with acuity. My eyes sharpen, and the solution strikes my thoughts like thunder.

    It’s my turn now. Time for myself, and others like me to turn the world, for I will no longer permit the souls tainted with darkness to crush the dreams of others.

    By Matthew Everwind URL on 10.23.2012

  32. the solution was simple he had to leave. enough was enough. i can’t believe he thought he could stay around so long breaking so many hearts. that boy threw aside my best friend like she was nothing. disrepected my other friend, not taking no for an answere. now he wan’t to steal my heart. not once in a million years would that ever be ok. that boy has causeed to much trouble and drama-more than any girl i have ever met. he needs to get the messege that this will never work out. he needs to move on and grow up. i am as much of a fan of peter pan as the next girl, but there is a reason all boys must grow into men as all girls must grow into women.

    By emily on 10.23.2012

  33. the answer to any problem. the way people decide what is right and what is wrong and how people can reason either alone or with their peers to decide how to come to a specific outcome. the outcome. the answer. the end point.

    By christine on 10.23.2012

  34. Jerod sat at the kitchen table with his math papers strewn about. He wrinkled his forehead while he erased the last answer as the solution to the word problem continued to elude him.

    By wgirl URL on 10.23.2012

  35. How does one find a solution – whether it is a solution to a problem or simply just a solution for life, because life and a problem, are definitely two different things. I guess we seek solutions because we have a naturallyhuman inclination to ‘seek’. Sometimes I wonder why we care so much, but I guess that would be me looking for a solution…which would be rather human of me, wouldn’t it?

    By Patricia Duguay on 10.23.2012

  36. Is there a solution to this constant cycle of rejection that I am going through? I hope that I won’t always feel this way. I don’t think I could keep living if things never changed.

    By laughalot on 10.23.2012

  37. Will there ever be a solution to all the war in the world? all we do is fight and never focus on the good things. when is there gonna be a solution to obesity and our economy being in debt? so many things to solve yet we focus on the things that don’t matter and not on the things that are important.

    By Francesca on 10.23.2012

  38. The solution had a pH of 2. It was unfortunate, what with spilling it on myself and all. Thankfully it was only HCl and not HF because that would have sucked. Dying isn’t fun. This just burned a bit…. /sigh/

    By mackedee on 10.23.2012

  39. There is always a solution to every problem just as long as you think about it and act upon it.

    By gail on 10.23.2012

  40. The solution to every thing is not in your mind its in you heart.

    By katlynnt URL on 10.23.2012