October 23rd, 2012 | 376 Entries

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376 Entries for “solution”

  1. my solution are horrible sometimes.

    By Gabrielwood ortiz URL on 10.23.2012

  2. The person i love found the solution to my broken heart but he was the one who made the problem at first.

    By fancy girl URL on 10.23.2012

  3. My solution to this problem is……. fall of the face of the planet.

    By fishyy URL on 10.23.2012

  4. There are so many solutions there’s no way of getting read of them.We need to find a why to get read of bulling and other things.We need a better place’s for solutions.

    By iconic girl URL on 10.23.2012

  5. im a solution.

    By bayleigh URL on 10.23.2012

  6. Sometimes in life, the solution to your problem is your problem.
    Taking a chance into making your problem into your solution is just by an action.
    Life is to short for problems.. So resolve it into your solution:)

    By dexter16 URL on 10.23.2012

  7. I found a solution we can all share this cookie!!!!!!!!

    By embell URL on 10.23.2012

  8. there was a problem. there is always a problem. but this one was worse. this time, it wasn’t about it. this time, it was about her. Lizibith was in danger. i told them she would be. i told them that they would take her, i told them that it would be all my fault. but i did this anyways. there is no solution unless we fight. now.

    By Collete on 10.23.2012

  9. We had to find a way to resolve our diffrences. We had to find a way to right all of the wrongs. We had to work together and find a common ground. We had to find the awnser to life. And we had to do it in two weeks.

    ( Awnser to life, the universe, and everything is 42 by the way )

    By stripes URL on 10.23.2012

  10. To fix your solution, you must know what the problem really is. People mistake things for what they want them to be. People will distress on the things in life that are not nessasary . But ,once you find what your real problem is, that will be the solution you are really looking for.

    By bubbles2217 URL on 10.23.2012

  11. The war had raged for too long. The nobles drunk of profit lacked to see the poor farmers fields torn by the war, the rations of food being taken from the poor and given to the soldiers on the front. The solution was simple end this war for them not for the nobles.

    By Tristan Thomas URL on 10.23.2012

  12. My name is alex-I-s
    My problem is LOVE
    My solution is YOU

    By lexie12 URL on 10.23.2012

  13. sometimes the solution is more simple than the problem, but it takes a complex approach to identify which solution is best applied.

    By Delia on 10.23.2012

  14. He couldn’t find a solution to the problem so he had to fight the bully.

    By Mr.Chadd URL on 10.23.2012

  15. As i trudge down the dark room all i see is nothing but darkness…
    then something just lit up and i know what to do…i have found a solution…

    By poseidon619 URL on 10.23.2012

  16. I found a solution to do my math that would help me out much better!!! Then what I was taught!!:) By my math teacher in 5th grade..

    By vb4life URL on 10.23.2012

  17. there is a solution to the problem. it is an easy solution. do you want to know what the solution is? there is not one!:)

    By lil-gaylord URL on 10.23.2012

  18. something that helps people, something that makes the world a better place, the best thing to find is a solution. people search endlessly trying to find a solution and some never find it but once you do, its the best discovery ever. solution, something everyone seeks, but not everyone finds it

    By Morgan Hughes on 10.23.2012

  19. People working together to solve a problem. The outcome is favorable for all parties involved. Finding solutions takes compromise, teamwork, and collaboration as well as people skills.

    By Clara Reinke on 10.23.2012

  20. “But what can we do?” I whisper, horrified.

    “There’s nothing we can do about it,” he says, shifting his eyes away from mine.

    I shake my head, unwilling to believe these words, “There has to be some way -”

    He grabs me by the shoulders. “Listen to me,” he says between gritted teeth, and I can’t look away. “There isn’t anything you can do – no solutions.”

    By Abbey URL on 10.23.2012

  21. fix a problem with what you know, don’t think so much. still, be creative. creativity will solve any problem you come across. this seems counter intuitive but your creativity, the true creativity, won’t require you to think but rather just to act.

    By Kelly Carde on 10.23.2012

  22. The solution to the problem began to present itself. It was a simple solution really. It required very little thought, and was easy to solve. Try as she did, the solution came very easily. It was a solution that many people could have thought about. She chose to think about it briefly.

    By Susan Mack on 10.23.2012

  23. The solution is clear. All points lead to memory and doubt otherwise. When we try to look outside ourselves, what comes back in are forms of wave. An early morning walk cures pretty much everything if it’s with someone you love.

    By David Biddle URL on 10.23.2012

  24. the solution to anonymity is to leave the dark of the bedroom and let your pupils dilate. to let the sun touch you, and allow someone to hear your footsteps.

    By tamarinda URL on 10.23.2012

  25. I promise you: Everything is going to be okay. For every problem you face, I promise you a solution. For every bad day, I promise you an infinity of good ones. For every tear you shed, I promise you a thousand smiles.

    By Kaylyn URL on 10.23.2012

  26. I knew the solution as soon as I saw the problem. But that wasn’t going to do me any good. No one ever listened to me, just a small girl in a world where I had no say. So the problem would continue to thrive, and I would always know the answer, but never be able to do anything…

    By Iam Me URL on 10.23.2012

  27. There was only option left to me if I was going to survive the night. They had made it clear that they didn’t want to hurt me. They just wanted to hurt her. Now I know that I should be playing hero, but sometimes you have to look out for yourself.

    By Jeremiah Jaster on 10.23.2012

  28. try as i may
    the solution never comes
    whether it be in math
    or life
    or love
    i’m always searching
    hoping to hold the answers

    but alas, the questions are always changing

    By katiekieran URL on 10.23.2012

  29. Solutions are necessary. Really important. Really. I mean it. The world needs solutions. So, people, think more about solution. Think, guys, think!

    By Lara on 10.23.2012

  30. The solution to the world’s problems, in a vial of rose fluid, surrounded by flasks and beakers of blacks and blues and dark purples of deceit and treachery and evil and corruption. Only a couple of people know where it lies, but most are too preoccupied with stopping the problems than finding a solution.

    By LightBulbOfBrilliance URL on 10.23.2012

  31. Simple. The most precious thing we have is the air that we breathe and the path that we get to walk daily. The choices we get to make and the God we worship. Solved.

    By Louise URL on 10.23.2012

  32. It is my resolve to find a solution and actualize it. I just have to convince my head to allow me.

    By Holly on 10.23.2012

  33. I keep looking and looking for that simple solution. The one that will take me to where I need to be. That solution to all my problems this forsaken world has thrown my way. I’ve searched as far as I can see. Was it always right in front of me?

    By LostRunaway on 10.23.2012

  34. I can’t figure out the solution to any of these math problems I’m working on. I have to correct a test that I got a horrific grade on. And I just have no idea how to do any of the problems I got wrong.

    By Grace on 10.23.2012

  35. the solution to the problem may be the solution to life, but there sadly is no solution to life, there is no solution, there is no life, tis all a dream in the head of a psychotic serial killer inside an asylum

    By James URL on 10.23.2012

  36. The solution to the problem, contrary to what she had hoped for, was not as easy as she would’ve loved. It required much thought, and that was something that Bella was not known for, much less having a brain. It was simple, really. Fuck Edward, and fuck Jacob. Bella was a bitch and deserved to die alone. That was the only solution.

    By Steph on 10.23.2012

  37. the anthropological and social meaning of this word is disgusting. you’re suffering cognitive dissonance. go pray for a solution.

    By washington irving on 10.23.2012

  38. I wish I knew the solution to our worlds problems. I am afraid that by the time mankind figures things out, it will be too late for many of us.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 10.23.2012

  39. Find X. does he hide beneath the kitchen table, or around the bend of the Johnson’s rusty gutter. Is he playing games, lurking in my cherry tree. I’ll need some more clues.

    By lola on 10.23.2012

  40. After, she inspected her appearance in the mirror. No change, she thought, disappointed. She wiped the white residue from the sink, fluffed her hair, and exited the ladies’ room. She needed a drink and she wanted to dance.

    By penny dreadful URL on 10.23.2012