October 23rd, 2012 | 376 Entries

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376 Entries for “solution”

  1. There is no solution, said the girl. Yes there is, said the brain. She wasn’t nearly right in the head – talking aloud to her brain, things like that. Oh wait, said her brain, we weren’t talking about chem class?

    Sometimes her brain was no help at all.

    By meep? on 10.23.2012

  2. “So you’ll see that here we have a unique problem in the creation of this illusory link matrix,” Astor said in his best teacher voice, circling the problem link on the board in a different color marker. He surveyed his class silently for a moment to let the challenge weigh on them. “First person to fix it by the end of class can skip the next test.”

    By Julia A. URL on 10.23.2012

  3. The solution was clear; enjoy each with what it brought. Make the most of it all.

    By Jamie Pondera URL on 10.23.2012

  4. Als Ron die Flüssigkeit in die Badewanne kippte, färbte sie sich sofort rosa. Kurz darauf begann es, auf den Boden zu tropfen. Das Metall war durchgeätzt worden. Ich versuchte, Abstand zwischen meine gefesselten Füße und die kalten Fließen zu bringen.

    By Eli URL on 10.23.2012

  5. There doesn’t seem
    To be a solution
    To your screwed up life
    There doesn’t seem
    To be a direction
    When you made her your wife
    You left your good kids
    To fend on their own
    You embraced her twits
    Like they were her clones
    So rot in hell with her turds
    You are on you own,

    By recogirl URL on 10.23.2012

  6. I thought I would have it by now.
    You know, the answer, the solution
    And that’s why I used to love math so much
    because most of the time, there’s an obvious way to solve
    the problem
    to find
    your solution
    I guess the way the world works isn’t a lot like math
    we get so many factors
    that we don’t consider
    and we don’t consider the answer
    until we have all the factors.

    By Joshua URL on 10.23.2012

  7. I can never wait fast enough for a solution. I want everything now. My parents and everyone else failed me. And now the world is failing me. But at least I’m learning my lessons. I still act like I’m in a ten year growth stunt. Emotionally. I have to be a lazy kid with no responsiblities. To a point.

    By Swilltastic URL on 10.23.2012

  8. i have the solution to your problem do you have the solution to mine

    By xaiverva URL on 10.23.2012

  9. In my math class i gave the solution to a math problem that no one could solve.

    By ccv1999 URL on 10.23.2012

  10. i had a solution to the problum.

    By 123boy = ) URL on 10.23.2012

  11. My solution is for you to stop being mean to others and stop thinking about yourself;)
    So think about that.

    By love URL on 10.23.2012

  12. Es gibt für jedes Problem eine Lösung. Man muss es einfach auf sich zukommen lassen, dan opast es schon… auch mal scheinbar unmögliches zulassen… nicht denken, das geht nicht… doch es kann gehen… wer wirklich will findet eine Lösung

    By Minze on 10.23.2012

  13. on khan acedmy i read the solution and do the promblem.

    By colby1 URL on 10.23.2012

  14. I solved a solution

    By monkeys105 URL on 10.23.2012

  15. The solution is there. Like a lotion waiting to be smoothed on the rough skin of progress, problems as blemishes. Pock mocked as our lives are, there they are indeed.

    By Jennifer Lemming on 10.23.2012

  16. i fond a solution for your dad comming with us on the trip as a shapron

    By yamha URL on 10.23.2012

  17. i solved a hard math problom

    By aaronr URL on 10.23.2012

  18. colby had the perfect solution to the problem all he had to do is beg for mercy to help him so thats exactly what he did he didnt like to fail any of his classes plus if he did fail any of his classes he wouldnt be able to meet his hero larry fitzgerald so he tried to achieve his goal but he never could so he thought what if i come up with a better solution maybe if i pay attention more attention i would get the idea so he started doing so he made his solution and passed

    By Bieberlover URL on 10.23.2012

  19. lets fix the solution now!

    i am tired of math then lets fix that solution!
    i want more science than math fix that solution!
    yea solution is a interesting word but i want a solution to start math!

    By molly URL on 10.23.2012

  20. my best friend has a big problem about her boyfriend so she came to me for a soluion. so go to your best friend for help. i love to find a solution to every thing. try it some time.

    By bffforlife URL on 10.23.2012

  21. “Does anyone have the solution?” Everything on the board was meshing into one singular black blob, and I realized that I spent the entire hour listening to something that was going though one ear and out the other. And now the teacher stood in front of the class asking for the answer, and was staring directly at me.

    By Katie McDade URL on 10.23.2012

  22. Without you, I don’t know how I would have made it. You are my solution. the problems and regrets that have been dancing round my head for the past 20 years are gone. You fixed me. Thank you. always, thank you.

    By Hannah on 10.23.2012

  23. The solution was in staying away. But that was the problem. To get to the solution, she needed to put a stone to her heart and behave thus. How could she? She wondered.. After all, the solution meant running away from it all. Hardly a plausible solution, she realised. Not when it came to him. Or her, or them, really.

    By nayantara URL on 10.23.2012

  24. There never is a solution. They tell you to keep trying, it can only get better… There’s always a solution! What if there’s no solution? Maybe this makes me a negative person, but hey I don’t believe in the impossible. That’s been taken away from me for a long time.

    By Taylor URL on 10.23.2012

  25. The solution I think is to keep going. Keep moving forward. Keep feeling like you’re accomplishing something. Otherwise I really don’t know the solution and I’m stuck feeling useless and somewhat hopeless about the whole situation

    By Kellie Spreitzer on 10.23.2012

  26. The solution to the problem will be easy. Have a hysterectomy. Will you ever care about a physical relationship again? Probably not. But at least you’ll be alive. I guess you’ll still be able to hug your now hypothetical grandchildren.

    By ariel4thou on 10.23.2012

  27. She couldn’t tell – because of the colored glass – what kind of thing the solution might be. For sure, she really shouldn’t drink it, even though in a warm brown glass it reminded her of a cool beer. No, ignore curiosity. It’s not worth finding out whether you can take the liquid or the liquid melts your insides.

    By serelloo URL on 10.23.2012

  28. There’s a solution to this I know. But it’s not as simple as maths, not like algebra or equations where the ‘solution’ was an answer worked. With some hard thinking, pencil scribbling, it would be found, happened upon like a sudden revelation.
    But not now. The logistics are barbed wire loops on which my heart gets caught. Into the wilderness of the unknown, and the solution looms far ahead like a horizon happiness that will not settle near me, will not settle, on the here and now, on the dark.

    By siobhan347 URL on 10.23.2012

  29. i already saw this word, I have much to say about it. Sol is the sun, a lute is an instrument, & an ion is a charged particle. So we have 3 things here. The sun, a lute, and an ion.

    By Kittenfuud on 10.23.2012

  30. What to do, what to do? She felt stuck, trapped, desperately looking for a quick fix, a cure, a solution.

    By Abigail URL on 10.23.2012

  31. Meine Lösung ist keine. Es ist keine Lösung, davon zu laufen, denn meine Gedanken bleiben stets bei mir und lassen mich nie los, haben sich in mir verkrallt und halten auch dem Höllenritt stand. Durch die selbstgemachte Hölle zu gehen verbrennt das Herz und wenn nur Asche übrig bleibt, ist es zu spät…

    By Muffin McSunshine on 10.23.2012

  32. Dies war die Lösung! Endlich war es soweit. Endlich würde ich es schaffen. Endlich!
    So lange hatte ich gewartet. Jetzt hatte mein Vater mir diesen weg eröffnet. Endlich konnte ich mir all meine Wünsche erfüllen. Gleich morgen würde ich mich eintragen. Novize! Im Orden des Silver Dawn. Ich konnte es kaum fassen.

    By kikyokage URL on 10.23.2012

  33. We sat in the dark underground lab in silence. We couldn’t think what to do and the precious seconds ticked by. Soon there would be no hope for the place above. suddenly an old dusty monitor lit up and a code flashed by on a black background. It would be the code that saved us all.

    By Kari Irun URL on 10.23.2012

  34. the solution to the problem is to seek the truth and never be deceived, the solution is so find out the truth and never let it go. Be true to your identity, and then you will truly be free.

    By Yasmine Choudar on 10.23.2012

  35. The solution to boredom proves very complicated and difficult. Given that fact one cannot simply act as a spy for the day and be happy. In order to conquer boredom one must pick up a hobby or play a game or sport.

    By Deryck King URL on 10.23.2012

  36. he never thought it would end up this way. jeremy stepped up to the edge of what used to be the old bridge. It looked like a wreck of something from the future now. He thought of texting his girlfriend one last time but he didn’t. It wouldn’t work this time either. So he put his phone back in his pocked and stepped forward.

    By fynn on 10.23.2012

  37. There was a big test and they had to figure out what the solution was to the test.

    By kittens URL on 10.23.2012

  38. i cant find a solution to the problem we have

    By Jayce URL on 10.23.2012

  39. “I have a simple solution to this complicated problem.” sad John. At that point I was all ears, ready to fix the dilemma I had caused. “I’m listening.” I replied.

    By alliekaley URL on 10.23.2012

  40. This solution should cure the common cold. The chances doing so are very low for it to work.

    By epicdeath12 URL on 10.23.2012