January 9th, 2015 | 93 Entries

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93 Entries for “soar”


    The motto of the international space protection agency. Of course. Flight comes from pain. Every third grader knows that. Through pain, purification, through purification, unity of mind, with unity of mind, emptiness, with emptiness, flight.

    By Benjie URL on 01.09.2015

  2. Breaking free of the leather straps of the parachute, I fling myself from the airplane. For my last rushing moments, I soar through the thin air as I watch the earth rise to meet me.

    By Abigail on 01.09.2015

  3. High above the rooftops she soared, circling and circling until she was dizzy with joy. She dove and swooped and danced, and then floated along, happy to have finally found her flight.

    By lightthisfuse URL on 01.09.2015

  4. “Sweetheart you are my brightest star, you are going to go so far,” she whispered into his ear as the frightened child cried in her arms.

    “But mommy, I am so afraid of heights, how could I possibly soar?” he asked as he held on to her shirt with all the force his tiny frame could muster.

    “Angels have nothing to worry about,” she answered as calmly as possible as she began to rock his tiny frame back and forth. When the child finally fell into sleep she added, “Just please, Darling, don’t soar so far that you can’t find your way back to an old woman like me.”

    By Madison on 01.09.2015

  5. The plane was full and crowded and people chatted in hushed voices. I sat near the window, my head leaned against the little oval frame. My headphones hummed soft indie records into my mind and I couldn’t help but be more content in this small moment in my life than I had ever been before. A pressure on my hand drew me from my wistful wanderings. He sat in the seat next to me, his hand still laced with mine where it hadn’t moved since he fell into a quick nap. Now he was stirring again, gently squeezing me fingers to grasp reality and shake his dreams away. I watched him silently; the casual mess of his hair, his scruffy jaw (that was at that moment pulled wide in a lofty yawn) and his eyes, bright and hazey with sleep. They fell on me and grinned. The pilot announced we would be landing shortly. He leaned over to place a kiss on my cheek and I fell away into my thoughts again. Yes, I am perfectly content.

    By Hunter URL on 01.09.2015

  6. I soar across the sky and I look for you. But you’re no where to be found. And when I’m no longer looking, you’re right there. Right where you’ve always been. I don’t think people should go looking for something that they know in their heart is always by their side because when you need it most, it’ll be right there.

    By Angelica on 01.09.2015

  7. Eagls soar high in the sky every bottyloves them.

    By Nathanael Cone on 01.09.2015

  8. One night I was walking with Tobias and he leaned in to kiss me and I felt like I could do anything. it felt like I was flying through the sky as fireworks went off one by one. No one ever made me feel this way before. but the moment I saw him I never wanted to stop looking.

    By Haylee on 01.09.2015

  9. Eagles soar as do gliders, but my favorite thing to soar is a student. When they finally catch on to something, they can go far. All students have the potential, it just happens at different times. I love the moments when I see them take off and fly.

    By angie on 01.09.2015

  10. Fvddgdv

    By Michelle on 01.09.2015

  11. I want to fly like an eagle to the sea, fly like an eagle, let my spirit carry me. That’s what it means to soar. There used to be a website with the acronym soar – the searchable online archive of recipes. Go figure.

    By michaelbuzz URL on 01.09.2015

  12. You always liked to see him do well, because he was always so hindered with self-doubt. So when he finally figures out how to play that damn chord – because those long fingers aren’t meant for guitar strings – your face light up with love and your heart soars. He really doesn’t smile enough.

    By Rebekah Kim URL on 01.09.2015

  13. i saw a seagull today
    it was fat and had one leg
    and when it flew it was awkward
    it had nice twitchy eyes and it looked around
    i’m glad i have 2 legs
    but i want to fly

    By elie on 01.09.2015

  14. i soar i roar i tear up the score man i dont bore not even myself, yours, on the other hand is pretty lame mane no health inside your mind i prey on those not in disguise.

    By grldg URL on 01.09.2015

  15. As soon as I was able to reach the top, I peered at my surroundings. Frozen by my own timid natured I took the plunge ans soared.

    By Chloe on 01.09.2015

  16. I looked out the window as we soared across the sky, across the ocean to a new land full of wonder and excitement. What would I find?

    By Marnie Penney on 01.09.2015

  17. I will soar as I learn to read. Higher and higher as I learn more science and math and social studies. Watch me soar.

    By Deb URL on 01.09.2015

  18. I will soar as I learn to read. Higher and higher as I learn more science and math and social studies. Watch me soar into the future!

    By Deb URL on 01.09.2015

  19. It’s is my dream to be able to soar… soar without looking down, without wondering if I’m going to fall, or even if that first step off of the cliff will be my last and I’ll fall down flat on the ground, crushing every hope that I’ve had.

    By offendreaming URL on 01.09.2015

  20. Time does not exist. The wind shoves me upward and forward. I soar. My thoughts accelerate ahead of my body. I don’t question why I’m not falling – I used to question it all – I now only observe. I only float up and away from the earth. Here we go, here I go through some clouds. I observe – there again – that my sentimentality has not yet died. I do not observe a phantom beside me. I do not observe another figure visible in grey oblivion. I emerge, soaked, over the weather. I cannot see the earth any longer – I never had a chance to say goodbye – maybe that was a good thing – but to the earth in my mind I say farewell. The phantom that was never there still remains not here.

    By Isis on 01.09.2015

  21. I feel like soaring over my life, wishing to see the rest of my life
    soaring to see my accomplishments and my failures
    all of this has to be worth it right?
    I hope so

    By dj on 01.09.2015

  22. The eagle kept from the branch, frozen high above the river. Throwing his wings out and curving gently toward the open st. Croix waters. A few crows jumped warily from their own perches and cawed in protest. Black and white, strong, beautiful, silent and confident he coasted toward the icy edge of river waters.

    By Marcia on 01.09.2015

  23. I was soaring high. My grades were on track (A+ for nearly all my subjects), I was dating the quarterback, a.k.a the hottest guy in school and the former most eligible bachelor and I was ecstatic!

    By mickey URL on 01.09.2015

  24. I am a phoenix prepared to fly. My feet pound over the ground until I leap off the cliff. My heart jumps in my chest. The wind lifts me higher, while the sun shines through my wings as I soar through the sky.

    By Laura Riddle URL on 01.09.2015

  25. “Don’t you understand yet, Inyri? With the Republic you can fly but with the Sarik…” he smirked, “With us, you can soar,”
    “I already gave my answer,” she snarled, her chin raised and her eyes defiant. “I will NEVER yield to you,”

    By S.C. Lovelace URL on 01.09.2015

  26. She soared above the clouds, above the buildings, but most importantly above the heads of everyone in her life. She could feel herself soaring even as she sat in the middle of Battery Park on a too-hot summer day.

    By Lisa URL on 01.09.2015

  27. Some fly, some soar. There’s a difference.
    The sweetest soar I ever witnessed was a powerful, direct, planned, unregretted distance. It was much more than a walk away, and not cheap like a swagger. Both feet on the ground.

    By Swing Through URL on 01.09.2015

  28. Soar with the eagles. When everything’s going like it oughta go, which isn’r often, I feel like I can soar. Everything’ smooth and most everything is effortless. I like to soar. Maybe I can soar tomorrow.

    By Andy Taylor on 01.09.2015

  29. Listen to each note soar on silk, each string bouncing tenderly instead of snapping beneath the grooves of your fingers. Everything was once stiff and unyielding; now, it is all soft and fluid, the collapse into a dozen pillows after a hard, exhausting day. You are invigorated by the sound.

    Watch the audience never take their eyes off you. It has been quite some time since you’ve performed live. You haven’t grown wooden. You haven’t lost your touch. The melody still flies from the fretboards, caressing your throat with your voice is finally freed from its cage.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 01.09.2015

  30. Into the stars we went. Lifting up higher and higher until we could do nothing but soar. If you don’t let yourself go then the truths of life can’t be achieved. To soar is to fly. To fly is to expand.

    By carlabar URL on 01.10.2015

  31. I never really understood when my friends has this silly smile, flushed faces, when they see their guy. You’d probably think they’re some kind of weirdo if you ever pass us by. And usually, their minds would fly off somewhere else even though you’re telling them something ridiculously funny, or important, or even phenomenal that you thought they’d appreciate they won’t notice. Effort wasted.
    I guess when people are in love, their minds really do fly. And they are so damn hard to pull down.
    I don’t want that.
    I even asked them to slap me if I ever became one of them.
    And then I met him.
    I did receive some slap in the face.
    It was worth it though.

    By weirdific URL on 01.10.2015

  32. It is time to soar with the eagles. This year is my year I intend to reach new heights and explore brand new territories.

    By Tracey URL on 01.10.2015

  33. i want to soar above the clouds like an Eagle. The breeze and sights to heighten the senses. looking down at the world and seeing the little ants scurrying around living their busy lives of mundane receptiveness.

    By sam on 01.10.2015

  34. I will soar like an eagle. ALone and free in the world. Leading, my own directions. Finding , seeing, discovering! Up in the thermals! Swooping on prey! Majestic!

    By Fiona on 01.10.2015

  35. As I climb the thermals I soar higher and higher. I am alone in the sky looking down on the world. All around me is quiet and I am alone with my thoughts.

    By Fiona on 01.10.2015

  36. go above
    lift up and be noticed
    fly high
    keep looking up
    stay above it all
    FLy high as an eagle
    don’t look down

    By Tina Johnson on 01.10.2015

  37. Her eyes flickered, then faded. The last breath slipped out of her mouth like a thief. Her soul suddenly found itself outside her body, and realised it was free to soar to the heights of heaven. She looked down at the frail, withered body that had carried her for so many years, and felt both joy and sadness. She was free of the crippling disease that had chained her for so long, but she had lost so much else.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 01.10.2015

  38. up above
    further than the clouds
    beyond what your eyes can see
    even further than when you look into a telescope
    that’s how high you should soar
    and discover what there is to see

    By Ria Raph on 01.10.2015

  39. I am an eagle soaring in the sky. I see a mouse. Yum Lunch. I swoop down and attack, but it gets away from me. Oh well, back to soaring, the ultimate freedom, just being in the sky above the world looking down on everything.

    By Jayce Fryman on 01.10.2015

  40. It is time to get off you bottom and soar to your full potential!!!!

    By Jordan on 01.10.2015