December 8th, 2011 | 190 Entries

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190 Entries for “sneaky”

  1. That sneaky, thrice-cursed… brat!” Hey, it wasn’t my fault I couldn’t swear. It wasn’t fair, really. Of all the people who could have summoned me, I got this, this prude. It really wasn’t fair. He was, what, 20? and all he wanted me to do was to get him his brushes, his paints, deliver this painting there, make sure that person got paid. Really. All the magical prowess in the world, and he spent his time painting and selling landscapes.

    By Salaa'ut URL on 12.08.2011

  2. That little sneak! He tried to take all of my oranges in the middle of the night. Sure he’s just a cat, but I see that look in his eyes. It says, “I want to ruin you and your produce!”

    By David John URL on 12.08.2011

  3. i crept up the stairs. being careful not to wake my brother, he was sleeping so peacefully, i couldnt bring myself to disturb him.

    By Sierra URL on 12.08.2011

  4. Wenn die Schnecken und die Schlangen und die Schildkröten sich treffen, dann wird es sneaky. Sie kriechen übereinander und umeinander, sie schleimen sich gegenseitig ein. Die Schlangen verschlingen die Schnecken, die Schnecken kriechen über die Schildkrötenpanzer und die Schildkröten tragen allesamt davon, zum Meer.

    By Eli URL on 12.08.2011

  5. The unloved cat sneaked along into the misty distance
    Limping to find a home where could it be .Then there was a pore
    man shivering on a pavement.

    By Phoebe on 12.08.2011

  6. Very sneaky is this weather. It’s sunny one day and snowing the other.
    There is no way to predict it. You just have to sit back and enjoy it.
    These weather patterns are so damn tricky.

    By Alysa Sawyer URL on 12.08.2011

  7. Maurice thought he was being sneaky when he came into Stuart’s bedroom that night and replaced all his clean underwear with live squids and then set off the fire alarm.
    When the fire department came and realized it was a false alarm, and all the neighbors had come out to look, Stuart had suction marks all over his private parts and Maurice’s face was covered in ink.

    By richpee URL on 12.08.2011

  8. No can can see you. You think you saw me..SIKE! You didn’t see me because I’m sneaky. I have the power of disappearance Look again, did you see me that time? No? Oh well? :]

    By Kayla on 12.08.2011

  9. sneaky feelings creep into my mind trying to destroy my creative mind but don’t let that happen. just be, and then you’ll notice when it creeps up, and eventually, you won’t let them come near.

    By kaorita on 12.08.2011

  10. She had always been sneaky, and that stood her in good stead as she tried to pay back the teacher for giving her such a lousy grade. Correction. Paid back. She knew she could do this. After all, she hadn’t deserved the grade Mrs. Cochran had given her, the test had obviously been graded wrong. Her answers were right, she knew it. And so would Mrs. C. after she broke into the building and left her mark.

    By Live, Love, Laugh, Write! URL on 12.08.2011

  11. Writing about sneaky is easy. I enjoy it but I want the time to go faster because I need to teach a lesson soon.

    By student10 URL on 12.08.2011

  12. i’m sneaky
    that’s what i am
    i snoop through your drawers
    through your journal
    through your computer
    i’m sneaky
    that’s who i am

    By Liam URL on 12.08.2011

  13. Sneaky whore. You’re so sneaky. But then again, I love being sneaky :3 LOL, Sneaky. Such a common word. Sometimes being sneaky can save your life. Well, it always saves mine. YAY FOR BEING SNEAKY!

    By Sabrina URL on 12.08.2011

  14. Sneaky is my childrens middle name. They think they are being sneaky sneaking around doing what they do. They get caught and wined up in trouble either with friends or the law. Unlike their mother who has been sneaky for years and never been caught.

    Sneaky. Now don’t get caught.

    By teeda URL on 12.08.2011

  15. Sneaky, rotten bastard. Those are the only words that come to mind when I hear your name. We weren’t technically dating, sure, but only because the label hadn’t been placed. So you having sex with a friend of yours and telling me about it was assumed okay, simply because we weren’t /actually/ dating? I wouldn’t be hurt by it at all. You sneaky, rotten bastard.

    By Patience URL on 12.08.2011

  16. Like a bitch who really knows how to play people. I don’t, but I wish I had it in me, I wish I could manipulate if I had to. But I guess not being able makes me a better person.

    By tone URL on 12.08.2011

  17. Sneaky the way that you can make yourself belive things. Sneaky the way others can make you believe that they care.

    By Tara URL on 12.08.2011

  18. Like an owl
    Attracting no attention,
    You soar swiftly through the night
    And into our lives
    Eyes meeting eyes
    Hearts synchronized.
    Nobody saw this coming.

    By Kasey Nicole URL on 12.08.2011

  19. He stayed low to the ground, because that’s what all his heroes did on TV when they didn’t want to be caught. And the shadows, he remembered to stay in the shadows as well. To quiet the dog in the living room, he gave it a treat, a chewy one, and after that, he knew he was home free. At least he would be if his mom weren’t chopping onions directly below his target. The cookie jar would have to wait until after dinner, and what would be the point then?

    By Aaron M. URL on 12.08.2011

  20. Jensen cowered in the horse shit and straw on the floor of the stable, a sneaky brown mouse clipping along the wall escaping the situation.

    “Jesus, were that me, I’d trade my life the chance to change places,” Jensen thought.

    By chole URL on 12.08.2011

  21. He snuck out of it, wiggling his little rump until it, too, could squeeze through. Everything was huge, here. The carpet was endless. The walls were higher than he had ever seen.

    By Raven URL on 12.08.2011

  22. Sneaky is as sneaky does. So I am the sneakiest of one. Sneaky, sneaky, sneaky. Busted! You ain’t sneaky no more

    By teeda URL on 12.08.2011

  23. OMG Super ninja sneaky lol. See, that was the thing that Jenna used to say. When I was in 2nd grade it was like “Ur so sneeeeeeeaky…” That was her line. It was totally like OMG.

    I feel like a tween…

    By Cristina on 12.08.2011

  24. sneaky or just afraid to be myself?

    By David URL on 12.08.2011

  25. That sneaky little ninja! Just stole right up and took my cookie and disappeared again. Might be couched in a corner of the ceiling dropping crumbs.

    By Si on 12.08.2011

  26. Alex was a sneaky individual; it was very rarely I’d see him not looking around him, constantly suspicious of his company, possibly hiding his latest loot from a nearby house. He was always paranoid, looking over his shoulder and skulking through alleyways, his hood up and his head down, hiding his face from anyone who would attempt to see it.

    By Ian Ryan URL on 12.08.2011

  27. The sneaky little drops, the bright red splatter walls when you walked down. The shattered mirrors all over the floor, the broken frames and faded photography.

    By Alex URL on 12.08.2011

  28. In the dead of night, while everybody is sleeping. Whilst all is quite. No witnesses but the moon. That’s the perfect time. One foot after another. Eyes shifting from left to right. ever conscious of every sound, shadow or flicker of the nearest street lamp. He will strike. Again and again. Everybody expects it, they just don’t know where, or what. Unpredictable. Dangerous. Sneaky. He remains un-named.

    By Abbie URL on 12.08.2011

  29. That sneaky bastard, he went behind my back, and slept with that filthy slut. I thought he was my friend, maybe even more than that. But not anymore. He is disgusting. Evil. Foul. Repulsive. Sneaky. Cunning.

    By Jenevieve on 12.08.2011

  30. his eyes were cunning and sneaky, his sly smile was pierces and creepy, too creepy. i have to turn away

    By Jillian on 12.08.2011

  31. That little sneaky feeling in your stomach, in you heart. It comes about in the dark, when you are alone, outside in the cold. When you are driving down a dark street at night. It creeps up on you, just like sneaky people.

    By Cara URL on 12.08.2011

  32. When you are sneaky no one suspects what you are doing. You basically can get away with alot when you are sneaky.

    By Bub :D URL on 12.08.2011

  33. I heard the clicking coming from my puppy laying on the floor not far away. I knew that he loved to chew on his claws and assumed he was just nibbling on his nails. But he had a slightly guilty look on his face as he watched me from the corner of his eye. Sure enough, under his big paw, he had a thumb drive that he was snacking on. Sneaky…

    By Sanyelle URL on 12.08.2011

  34. I snuck out of the house quietly. I wasn’t going to deal with that crap anymore. No pne konws where my parents are they left when i was a baby. I’ve lived in the orphanage all my life everything i want to do i have to suave to sneak around to do it. The director is so strict. No outside i’mactivites. No friends in the house. No leaving unless its school a school related activity. I’m sick of it of sneaking around, of being one of those loosers jus with no parents. I was done. Maybe i could go live with my friends. If not i would live on the streets. I’m smart enough ot surive, quick enough and sneaky enough. My plan just might work.

    By musical.quizmer URL on 12.08.2011

  35. Love the sneaky people. I don’t know. One should never be sneaking. You don’t ever need to be sneaking if you are really living.

    By student10 URL on 12.08.2011

  36. “Just come with me,” he said. He told me He would be with me, everything would be alright. I just swallowed my fear and took his hand. We snuck into the pool, hoping not to set off the alarm. From the opposite side I watched him strip to his boxers, and I did the same. And he smiled a smile that warmed my body and made my knees shake. And in the light of the room in the darkness of the night, we jumped.

    By Brielle URL on 12.08.2011

  37. I heard the clicking coming from my puppy laying on the floor not far away. I knew that he loved to chew on his claws and assumed he was just nibbling on his nails. But he had a slightly guilty look on his face as he watched me from the corner of his eye. Sure enough, under his big paw, he had a thumb drive that he was snacking on.

    By Sanyelle URL on 12.08.2011

  38. Being sneaky is paramount to being a good politician. Coincidentally, all of us are politicians, because politics is within every organization. It is a sad truth in this world.

    By T. Fong URL on 12.08.2011

  39. Charles had examined the house for days, and was ready to make his move. He crouched low, and deftly moved himself, almost like a crab with a small canvas sack, towards the front door.
    He began almost immediately, time was of the essence in a job like this.
    Pulling out his diamond cutter, he strapped it to the compass, and securing it with blu-tack on the glass, drew a fine circle in the glass. Next, grabbing his small towel, he pushed hard on the circle until it gave in, leaving a beautifully trim hole, large enough to reach an arm through. That would be sufficient, and he caught the falling glass in the towel before it hit the floor. Expertly done.

    Not a sound.


    Reaching through, he lifted the latch, and bracing the door to open it slowly to avoid creaking, released the latch and gently brought it open. They had a dog here, and it would bark as soon as it thought there might be a chance of going outside for a walk. All dogs had such a trained ear. It’s not robbers they were trained to hear. It was the expectation of playing catch in the park.

    Still quiet.

    He paced up the hallway, straight towards the object he was after. A very expensive Ming Vase. Deftly, he toppled it to one side and caught it with both hands. He had removed his shoes so he could pad sock-footed across the floor. Hopefully, the dog would not hear, and he could make his escape unnoticed.
    He did so, out of the open door, and, pulling out a dustbin bag from his pocket as he walked down the driveway and under the streetlamp, quickly covered the vase so it would look less suspicious. That said, it was 3.30am, and anyone walking round the streets with a large bin bag in socked feet was gonig to look suspicious. But he had gotten away with it. Heading to the small, unmarked van round the corner, he fumbled for the key, and opened the back door, placing the distbin bagged vase among some old clothes and a duvet. Not exactly perfect, but certainly not suspicious. Not for now.
    But he would not be driving it away. That was not his job.
    Instead, he turned round and made his way back to the house, entering the door quite calmly, closingit sliently, and placing the glass circle on the floor at the base of the door, inside the house. Still in his socks, he headed up the stairs. For a moment, there was a creak of the stair as he trod on the one loose floorboard he had forgotten about. He stopped immediately, waited, and heard the beating of his own heart. He waited for a full minute.


    He continued on up, and turned left at the landing, heading on towards the door of the guest bedroom, walking toe-heel, like the Native Americans, to make his passage more silent.
    The door was open, and walking in, he removed his socks, and pushed the door almost closed, before removing his other clothes and returning back into bed.

    By Gordsthoughts URL on 12.08.2011

  40. Sometimes, being quiet isn’t enough.

    Sometimes, there are days when you had you get through with just the quiet steps of your toes, the held breath, the anxiety bubbling in the pit of your stomach. You need food. You need to hide yourself and get away before anyone else can see you. You have to keep yourself away from view, keep yourself away from the questions and comments and suggestions. Keep away from the hurt and the pain and the beating. Just keep away from it all, be like the air in the dark night, be like the most invisible of ghosts – like a whisper, just not there.

    By Summer URL on 12.08.2011