December 8th, 2011 | 190 Entries

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190 Entries for “sneaky”

  1. Sneaky

    My brother. I can’t figure it out. How does he get away with it? He’s so damn sneaky. He seems to always have more money than he’s earned. He used illicit drugs. He has wild parties with 100 of his closest friends where the cops show up! But he gets away with it. I don’t understand his sneaky ways. I surely don’t approve of them.

    By CameoRoze URL on 12.08.2011

  2. It is the best way to be. No sword fights, no need to get messy, just quick kills and then you are gone. Better unknown and safe, then famous and feared. Some fool throws lightning and fire balls for all to see exactly where he is. Next thing our great wizard gets an arrow kissing his throat thanks to yours truly. When he dies he asks one thing, a soft “who?”. And the best part friends is that he will never know. My what nice jewelry he has to, that will fetch a fine price.

    By River Ranter URL on 12.08.2011

  3. He was very sneaky when he stole the jewish man.

    By cbfan16 URL on 12.08.2011

  4. i am a sneaky spy.i sneak up on people that are bad then i attack. to be a spy u have to have spy tools like a wire a shoe phone and stuff like that.

    By Bridgette O'Brien URL on 12.08.2011

  5. I am so sneaky ‘cuz I’m spy!!! and I’m bomb like that! And don’t foget it!

    By zoe URL on 12.08.2011

  6. Sneaking around,being sneaky and secretive.

    By KkateB URL on 12.08.2011

  7. sneaky: sometimes when someone is trying to hide something. : D……………….

    By julia URL on 12.08.2011

  8. The mouse will by sneaky to steal a piece of cheese.

    By Trev URL on 12.08.2011

  9. dont think your so sneaky mom and dad knows its you who stoll their cookies.

    By artist URL on 12.08.2011

  10. Mexicans are sneaky!!!;)

    By da bomb;) URL on 12.08.2011

  11. wow.! you are really sneaky.. next time try to be more sneaky.

    By fishyy URL on 12.08.2011

  12. Sometimes at 8 in the evening my phone rings with your name flashing across the screen and I clutch at my keys, opening the front door slowly as to not make any noise and let you into my arms, your chin resting on my hair. It’s too bad I let you back out in the early lights of morning. I miss you.

    By Milk URL on 12.08.2011

  13. sneaky means to sneak sneakily.ha

    By cookiemonster100 URL on 12.08.2011

  14. Sneaky people are hard to find.. Because they are sneaky

    By jacque URL on 12.08.2011

  15. And this I have been called. Multiple times.
    I don’t like to think of myself as so. More like, smart. Clever.
    Why is it a bad thing? “Sneaking” around to do something good–isn’t that what we should do?

    By Raneem URL on 12.08.2011

  16. The bouncer crossed his arms across his chest, his gold watch level to Jackie’s eyes.
    “There’s no way I’m letting you in, the club is full and you’re not on the list after all.”
    He was about to get mad when Judy pulled her away from the bouncer.
    “Don’t you want to at least TRY to see them play?” Jackie wined.
    Judy just ran a small hand through her short hair.
    “When the going gets tough, the punks get sneaky.” she said, and she pointed to the fire escape.

    By Chris_one1ii URL on 12.08.2011

  17. Sneaky. Joking. Tip toeing past the stairs, down the hall, turn on the light–hide in the closet, quickly, quietly, sneaking. Like a spy. A ninja. Bump in the night, you know. Sssh.

    By Kate URL on 12.08.2011

  18. It was an easy plan. Shouldn’t have been that difficult. Just wasn’t planing on the naked fat guy running into the room

    By Karen URL on 12.08.2011

  19. you sneaky little freaky piece of nasty gross shit
    you talk and whisper nasty things while i turn my back and sit
    you disgusting degrating human nianderthal
    i hope a flower pot
    hits you on the head when it falls
    don’t think i dont notice the things that you say
    don’t think you can talk just cause i walk away

    By celeste cervantes URL on 12.08.2011

  20. Cracks are sneaky. Look how they are around the edge of every door. When it’s light, the cracks are dark, but when it’s dark, the cracks glow like the blood of aliens. It takes only a minute to eat a crack but a lifetime to digest.

    By Jeff Goodman URL on 12.08.2011

  21. She got away with it. I don’t see how, but you would of thought she’d been caught? Well, I just have to deal with it I guess. And give her lots of hugs! :D :D :D <3

    By Tracy on 12.08.2011

  22. As sneaky as you try to be
    everything comes to light eventually
    you’ll see
    soon enough

    By mba on 12.08.2011

  23. his sneaky eyes betrayed his innocent heart which was swelling with devotion and sincerity but the facial lineament always gave him suspicious look

    By filza URL on 12.08.2011

  24. peek around a corner and see
    there’s someone covering up what they don’t want us to perceive
    but we know
    the roots of these convoluted cover-ups
    are always exposed for the investigative, the intuitive
    and the introspective

    By drewd URL on 12.08.2011

  25. the sneaky man stood stooped beneath the window pane of the haunted house, thinking.If he jumped up and went into the house, stole their valuables, and left, they wouldn’t notice him, would they?

    By tm on 12.08.2011

  26. being secretive while doing something you do not want people to see.

    By marmar URL on 12.08.2011

  27. I am very sneaky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

    By cmonster URL on 12.08.2011

  28. my thoughts are so sneaky. they always surface to the front of my mind without my command or worning. Burning my head with tis murky ways. tanking my eyes with its terrable thought. only i could get away from it, only if i could forget it

    By Forgive-The-Fate-Bdog on 12.08.2011

  29. You quiet little louse
    Sneaky mouse
    You took my bait and left;

    Me here alone
    With a silent phone
    Dire and bereft;

    I often wonder
    Of your blunder
    And imagine you do too;

    Crying at night
    Holding on tight
    To the truth you never knew

    By katiekieran URL on 12.08.2011

  30. my little brother is sneaky. he always steals my candy.

    By jayce firr on 12.08.2011

  31. Santa claus is a sneaky man…
    He is also a wizard… Because he can do magic…

    By seth maerker URL on 12.08.2011

  32. i’m sneaky when I go get cookes

    By santos URL on 12.08.2011

  33. Santa clause is a very sneaky man

    By fox URL on 12.08.2011

  34. It was dark. He slowly crept up behind the unsuspecting man. The floorboard creaked ominously. Only a few more steps to go…

    “Bah!” yelled the little boy.

    The man screamed and clutched a hand to his chest as the boy tumbled over in laughter. Slowly the father regained his composure and started to chuckle.

    “You,” he said to his son, gently wagging a finger his way, “you are very, very sneaky, my boy.”

    By Nikki on 12.08.2011

  35. She was a very sneaky friend,I could never trust her. She told all of her other friends the stuff I told her. It frusterated me and got me angry. She wonders why….

    By TogetherWeWaffle(:<3 URL on 12.08.2011

  36. Kipper has a knack
    For sneaking butter and cupcakes
    Cheese and wooden spoons off our
    Coffee table when he comes to visit
    This sheltie knows how to be sly
    He slides his pink tongue around anything
    Within a few inches distance
    And brings it towards his gleaming chompers

    By ellie griffith on 12.08.2011

  37. I’ very good at being sneaky. So are ninjas thats why i am a awesome ninja!

    By lauren.forever16 URL on 12.08.2011

  38. i am as sneaky as a elephant…

    By pellows URL on 12.08.2011

  39. Dooo da DOOOOOOO……
    I’m special agent 556.322
    I am on a very sneaky mission with my comrade Special Agent 556.321.
    We also work with Agent P. (:

    By ***nika'sflylikeag6***(: URL on 12.08.2011

  40. Dooo Da Doooooo DOOOOO…….
    I’m Special Agent 556.321.
    I am on a very sneaky mission………….. Do you want to know what it is?
    Ok my other Special Agent 556.322 and i are going to ………….

    Sorry G2G..

    Doooo Da Dooooooo DOOOOO……

    By *B-Fabb* 12 URL on 12.08.2011