April 2nd, 2013 | 193 Entries

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193 Entries for “smudge”

  1. smudge the dark lines of what we have
    Into oblivion and hate
    Underneath was warmth and kindness
    But now just ash and shattering lines

    By Cia on 04.02.2013

  2. smudge is something being tampered with. something messy. An object in which appears to be artistic in nature because of how it was not suppose to be there but appears to be there merely by accident. it is a indent of something that was used with color or shade, that upon forced into a pavement or canvas gave it its beauty.

    By Isaiah Colmenares on 04.02.2013

  3. The world became blurry, literally, as I walked away and tears fell from my eyes. Run, I thought. Run. Run, run, run, run, run. And as I ran hard and ran fast under the rain all I could think of was my smudged mascara.

    By Dee URL on 04.02.2013

  4. Letting her fingers dance across the fresh ink; soft smudges left behind in the shape of the ridges and valleys of her fingers.

    By Adrianna on 04.02.2013

  5. Their names were Smudge and Pebbles and they were bunnies. It was all very exciting with adventures and fun. One day they went on two adventures, then three adventures, then four. Soon enough their adventures were going on adventures of their own. In the end there were altogether too many adventures. Smudge and Pebbles ran out of pocket money and couldn’t afford any sweets to put in their adventure rucksacks and they ran out of space to do less adventurous things like drinking from their clickity ball-bearing bottles.
    So maybe we’ll just get Pebbles hey, and leave Smudge here in the shop.

    By Chris Glynn URL on 04.02.2013

  6. like an ink blot, smudge my life away with your lies, i dont care if it ruins your sleeves because you have ruined me. i called a guinea pig smudge once, it died LIKE MY SOUL DID WHEN YOU SMUDGED ME OFF YOUR LIST

    By lauren on 04.02.2013

  7. a smear of darkened part on top of something amongst different discoloration
    dot mark

    By bob on 04.02.2013

  8. After writing her name on the paper, her hand smudged the ink, and that’s how she felt. A smudged inkblot at the top of a piece of paper. It both thrilled and terrified her. After staring at the blotch for too long, she crumple the piece of paper up and started again. She didn’t want to be a smudge.

    By codfish URL on 04.02.2013

  9. I smudge my makeup sometimes. I don’t like when people kiss me on the cheek, or when it rains or is foggy. All of these things make my makeup rub off.

    By Ash W URL on 04.02.2013

  10. I ran back to his house. I couldn’t stand the guilt. But it was too late. I silently stood and watched the blood smudge across the room.

    By vicky URL on 04.02.2013

  11. I tried as hard as i could not to smudge the ink as i carried the manuscript across the room to the drying shelves. I’d been a novice for only nine days and i’d screwed up something on all of them. Thank goodness God forgives.

    By Osquer URL on 04.02.2013

  12. The dark spots covered his vision. Laughter filled his ears and he was soaking wet.
    “Johnny! Come back here!”
    Smiles all around.
    “Why don’t you join us?”
    Being dirty doesn’t make me straight.
    “It’s FREEZING!”
    A warm kiss on his cheek.
    Playing in the rain wasn’t bad after all.

    By AnnaLeBelle on 04.02.2013

  13. so today i dont have the patience to write about anything remotely relatd to that word and then again, i will because that is what is on my mind. a tiny smudge, something off, a blemish some place it doesn’t actually belong. if there are people who deviate from the norm (and i am not talking about myself), what do they do when they first find out? how agonising must it be, when they first notice that their minds are not clear by the standards of those who are in the majority and who can corner them

    By berenique URL on 04.02.2013

  14. Beauty. She’s covered the birthmark on her face so many times in her life, hiding, always hiding. Trembling, she hears the taunts of her peers.
    “Looks like the mark of the devil”
    Somethings cannot be erased.

    By AnnaLeBelle on 04.02.2013

  15. stain
    cleaning products

    By danielle on 04.02.2013

  16. There was a smudge on your face, and my hand moved up to wipe it from your face with the damp cloth before I had realized it had moved. Your eyes held mine as I gently wiped the mark from your cheek. Amazing how a simple action can feel incredibly intimate when you are looking into someone’s eyes. I thought I could hear your heartbeat with the air frozen in suspense between us. I had never touched you in person before. You smiled and I slowly moved my hand away. You reached up, taking my hand by my fingers and pulling it toward your mouth. You kissed the back of my hand so softly, I wasn’t sure I had actually felt your lips. The heat from where you kissed me was unmistakable; the flames stoking inside me, undeniable.

    By JDwrites URL on 04.02.2013

  17. it’s there if you only look with open eyes
    instead of closing them to emotion
    a faint smudge upon my cheek
    a delicate reminder
    of the past’s lingering pain
    and more recent hurts

    By Nia Ceridwyn URL on 04.02.2013

  18. i smudged his watercolor painting one day, because it was too perfect. that’s the reason i gave, anyway, but i guess it wasn’t that. i guess i was just sick of him always focusing so much attention on that painting but never to me. i would sing as loudly as possible to his moody indie music but it wouldn’t do any good. he had found his passion, and i was yet to find mine.

    By EJ URL on 04.02.2013

  19. I really hate when I’m taking down notes in lectures and my pen goes scribblescribble running across furiously fearlessly with a purpose raging to the next line, lines of text text beautiful handwritten info-bombs–

    and then BOOM SMUDGE an ugly scar on the face of eternity

    By Poofle URL on 04.02.2013

  20. Gross stuff come streaming down my mind’s river, what’s happening, it’s sickening how fast i’m floatingto the edge, it’sa cascade…beautiful and innocent, dragging me to it, filled with desire to embrace a living being.

    By Diane URL on 04.02.2013

  21. the smudge in your eye
    should brighten up
    all you need
    is to look up and see the sun

    (sometimes the obvious things are just straight next to you)

    By the_reckoner URL on 04.02.2013

  22. When I think about the word ‘smudge’ I think about all those mornings I woke up at 7am to get ready for college with yesterday’s eyeliner on but spread around my cheeks and forehead

    By Lauren URL on 04.02.2013

  23. I looked in the mirror, the reflection was sad, dark, and distant. I could’t tell if the smudge I saw on my face was actually on me or on the mirror. After the night I’d had, I didn’t really care.

    By Veritas URL on 04.02.2013

  24. smudge. i am sleepy so this is probably not going to walk. there are smudges everywhere infact when I worked at fashion week smudges were extremely important. i walked on runway…in runway? we had to make sure the runway had no smudges. if there were we had to clean them

    By tejiriohwahwa on 04.02.2013

  25. Smudge was a man who lived near the docks in Liverpool. Melon headed, flabby, mustachioed businessman, kind guy but not too keen on the works of the world. Always smoking a cigar. Never once married, but lots of women nonetheless. Glasses. Big.

    By D.M. Ryzhnikov URL on 04.02.2013

  26. Her makeup made her look like a ghoul, but that was ok. She was still beautiful to me. We held hands, and I pretended not to notice her smudged, blackened eyes. It was bliss.

    By A Tangled Soul URL on 04.02.2013

  27. I stared at the smudge my fingers had left on the train window. Fingers that were saying goodbye to the best friend I ever had. His teeth were so white, smiling at me, waving me off to a new land two thousand miles away.

    My teeth were hidden behind a frown that desperately tried to wave off tears. Because I cared so much for him, and I knew it just wasn’t the same on the other side of the tracks.

    By Marissa URL on 04.02.2013

  28. A smudge on her canvas of life.

    “Oh goddamnit,” Evaril sighed as she looked at the plain white canvas, and she leaned back in her chair, twirling around her paintbrush as she examined that which was before her. After a moment, though, she just shrugged and began to paint around the blemish on her canvas. ‘After all, what else can be done?’ she asked herself. ‘Life goes on, even if it didn’t seem to… Just roll with the punches, Eve. That’s what’ll guarantee your success.’

    By Evelynn URL on 04.02.2013

  29. Stain, washer, dirty, smelly, gross, soda and pizza with pizza sauce.

    By Mitchell Wise on 04.02.2013

  30. smudge the house when you move in. get the bad spirits away. is that a smudge on your face? lets take a shower and get cleaned up. it’ll be a fun night, just you and i

    By bill mitchell URL on 04.02.2013

  31. Don’t smudge some feelings that I have for you.
    Because they’re so clear
    so that you can see

    By Nuno Alves URL on 04.02.2013

  32. Is a smudge really a smudge? I don’t think so, a smudge may be considered a smudge but isn’t it more a work of art? The definition of the word gives a negative connatation to it however at the same time it is only the connatation that makes it mean anything. IN reality the perception of the image or word is what makes the word what it is.

    By mike domek on 04.02.2013

  33. Another smudge, and he wanted to make the love letter so neat. So special. Even bought one of those fountain pens. His hand tensed as he concentrated. Glancing at a swirling font on the computer screen he looked down. ‘I love you’ he wrote. Followed by another smudge.

    By Ian URL on 04.02.2013

  34. I smudged a frank giraffe with some ketchup then I took a duce on this guys face with some mayo in my butt which made him wonder why I was existing. Oh yeah smudge? Sorry. I’m here. Where’s the attitude? Why do you have an attitude? I smudge your attitude out with a marker, then do the write thing. I mean the right thing. Right brained. Boom socks. Socks are good for your feet, because they keep them warm.

    By Maxwell URL on 04.02.2013

  35. She brushed the hair from her face as she spoke, unknowingly leaving a blackened smear of grease across the alabastrine swatch of skin.
    Normally the lack of hygiene in the gesture would have made her cultured heart seize in her chest and yet, because it was HER face and HER smudge, it seemed nothing short of or more than endearing.
    “Cauthrien, are you listening to me?”
    She blinked and raised her eyes, promptly losing herself in lipid pools the color of quicksilver. “I’m sorry, darling,” she said honestly. “I seem to have drifted off for a moment,”

    By S.C. Lovelace URL on 04.02.2013

  36. A smudge on a white dress is a concern on any given day, but on a wedding day it is far more prevalent. It can go from cause for concern to cause for major anxiety, and can plague the minds of otherwise happy females.

    By Amanda G. URL on 04.02.2013

  37. He wiped a smudge from the windshield of the Jeep. It wasn’t mud, though he had been known to say the late corporal had mud for brains. “Fucking snipers,” he said, spitting near one of the corporal’s fingers.

    By Alex Haas URL on 04.02.2013

  38. IN the morning, I woke up and there was a smudge of poo on my face. I was extremely disgusted at first, and wiped it off. Then I wondered as to how it got there, and then I kind of felt sick. Then I wanted to do something relaxing like bathe in icecream. I thought that would be a good idea.

    By Maxwell URL on 04.02.2013

  39. The smudge on the purple banana was not being very nice. Yes the smudge was alive. It was moving around on top of the banana, teasing it, making it kind of angry. But then suddenly BAM an asteroid hit everything and suddenly a little orb of goodness formed itself and decided to create cool stuff, and interact with the stuff that was already there.

    By Maxwellism URL on 04.02.2013

  40. Smudge? Smudge.

    By Maxwellism URL on 04.02.2013