June 16th, 2011 | 694 Entries

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694 Entries for “smile”

  1. smile everyday. it is truly contagious. even if it’s super ugly, smile anyway. a smile is a universal language, anyone understands it. smile

    By sabrina on 06.16.2011

  2. this is the same one that my best friend just did but i shall write about it anyways!!!!!! okay, well smiles are a simple way to show someone compation <- or however you spell that

    By sabrina on 06.16.2011

  3. I love to make people smile. It makes the whole day worth while. Smile and the whole world smiles with you! It is the one universal language. A smile means the same thing across the world. :))

    By Angela on 06.16.2011

  4. There is a tugging at the corner of her lips. The boy across the bar is making silly faces. It’s inappropriate to be laughing at some other man’s jokes while the one in front of her is trying so hard for her attention, but it wasn’t her fault that he was as interesting as dirt. The one across the bar is waiting for the other to leave so he can come up and introduce himself so he can make her smile for real.

    By Lucy URL on 06.16.2011

  5. I love to smile it brightens up my day! Smile makes ur face glow especially if it’s bright as the sun. U smile I smile! hehe :p Smileing makes me feel happy.

    By Denisha Wilson on 06.16.2011

  6. One smile. That’s all it takes. Just one to turn a day around. Just one to lift a sour mood. Just one to remind someone that ‘hey, today’s not the end; there’s always tomorrow. And it just might be a whole lot better.’

    By carolyn URL on 06.16.2011

  7. we were fighting the last time i saw you. we still are fighting as we sit in our separate homes. fighting or not the way the sweater of yours that you gave me wraps around me makes me smile. i love you, babe. for better or worse.

    By lydia URL on 06.16.2011

  8. Remember that today is the next day you get to live. Remember that you are beautiful and wonderfully made. Nothing is ever as bad as it seems and it could always be much worse. Remember those who love you and remember those who said you would never make it this far. Smile for them. Smile for you. Smile simply because you can.

    By Rachel URL on 06.16.2011

  9. John couldn’t help but grin as he watched David on the set. The scot flashed his pearly whites as the scene reached a climax and the day was saved, and everybody lived. The perky cheeks of a schoolboy and crow’s feet were always enough to make John chuckle softly. David’s smile could always light up the world.

    By floppybelly URL on 06.16.2011

  10. and then we just grinned. grinned at each other, grinned at our chance to tip toe in the salty water that felt like it ignited our nerves with ice, a cool kind of fire. I touched the tip of my nose, closed my lids, and knew this was the kind of moment I would think about on grey days. content. complete. satisfied.

    By Kelsey on 06.16.2011

  11. though your heart is breaking. a good reminder when things are crappy and people are pissing you off. even when the clouds are out, the weather is dreary, tomorrow could be great! And you never know who is watching…

    By Brad E on 06.16.2011

  12. il fût aujourd’hui l’île de ma
    sans quille je vrille la manutaire

    je ménage le drapeau de vos
    zénon ne frappa la torche de notre

    sature ne rase le scalpe de
    vésine espoir g^ne numismatique !

    By Fabric Spell in Ushe URL on 06.16.2011

  13. A smile is something can can change lives. But the lack of a good one is something that can ruin one’s life. See a smile tells a lot about a person, it tells about their confidence, their sense of humor and their upbringing amongst many other things. If there is one thing that tells the most about a person’s personality, it is there smile.

    By Bryce on 06.16.2011

  14. I glanced at her from across the room, and our eyes met. Her smile was immediate and sincere. I hadn’t seen such a radiant face for months, and my spirits lifted momentarily, until I realized that I had already had enough drinks to slur, forget what I was saying in mid speech, andask precisely the question she had just answered. Instead of walking to her and opening a conversation, I tipped my glass at her, and swallowed deep.

    By Eric on 06.16.2011

  15. Smiles have this unwritten power. A smile can turn someone’s day for the better. A smile can make you feel better and make others feel better. Smiles can change the world.

    By Lovely Lily URL on 06.16.2011

  16. you smile i smile. justin bieber song that makes me smile. the most beautiful thing about a person. i love looking at someone smiling it reminds me that there is hope for something better in this world. i love smiling because that means im laughing and loving life

    By Caitlyn on 06.16.2011

  17. Just reading that made me smile. Why, I couldn’t tell you. Perhaps I simply find the word inspiring, with the many memories it brings to life. Smiling… truly smiling is a wonderful thing, mark my words. One of many magics, smiling.

    By Faith URL on 06.16.2011

  18. She smiled at him as he raised his head from the book he was reading. He couldn’t help it, he smile was warm, friendly, and inviting. She was simply the prettiest girl he knew.

    By urian on 06.16.2011

  19. His smiles melts all my troubles away. It’s the most beautiful thing in the entire universe. Just seeing him happy for only one second, it feels like everything I’ve ever worried about, everything I’m stressed about… will never matter again. Has never mattered.

    By Kayla on 06.16.2011

  20. They were like shiny white Chicklet,
    like windows into your soul…
    But hers were artificially veneered…
    So she might as well have a beard…

    By Lord Jim URL on 06.16.2011

  21. i couldn’t care less. should i even be doing this. what the hell is the point. I don’t know, but I likes it. Very creative. I’m gonna book mark this. Shoud’nt the time have run out by now …

    By aron browne URL on 06.16.2011

  22. I just did this word but because the page failed to load i have to write about it again So here I go, I smile when I am happy or when i am laughing aboutsoething that enlightens me. Smiling can make the world a much happier place quite simply. For example when you smile at someone they will usually smile back unless you have teeth that look like the grinch. Otherwise it will usuallt reflect back at you:) I bet that one made you smilw ehh:D!

    By Julia on 06.16.2011

  23. Simpering and self-deprecating, his expression sought to please others by concealing the truth of his own pain. What good would it do to burden his friends with problems that they could do nothing about?

    By L. A. Smith URL on 06.16.2011

  24. A smile flits across his face. He tries to hide it, fails. His partner notices. His partner grabs him, and holds him close. He smiles, too. Nothing merits a smile, everything merits a smile. Happiness, sadness, who knows?

    By Alan on 06.16.2011

  25. Smiling is one of the things that can really brighten my day! Especially if its a genuine smile! Not like one of those fake headshot smiles but, a smile with teeth and the eyes are smiling too! Its even more special when the smile is from the boy i have a crush on!

    By Juliana R. URL on 06.16.2011

  26. I love your smile. Your nose wrinkles when it gets particularly bright, teeth showing and corners stretched to your ears. A smile like sunshine, warm and loving. I can’t believe I’m writing about your smile.

    This can’t be me writing about your smile.

    By yvonne. URL on 06.16.2011

  27. I don’t know you very well, but you make me smile.
    Oh, how I wish I knew you! I can just imagine us together in the future. Maybe we will be best friends and laugh and play and I will cheer you on and you will support me with a smile. Maybe we will fall in love- fleeting, teenaged love, and you will make me cry, even though you made me smile. Or maybe we will just pass in the hallway and exchange a brief smile as a way of greeting.

    By Sydney URL on 06.16.2011

  28. smile brightens peoples day. it makes people prettier and helps you get by in this cruel world.
    Smile is Beautiful and Pretty.
    Everyone should smile more, it makes this world a better place.

    By sujusk on 06.16.2011

  29. I could smell the smile from a mile away – the happiness radiates so infectiously.

    By Marianne URL on 06.16.2011

  30. His teeth are all messed up, a vibrant reminder of the fight that happened just a few hours ago.
    As she grabbed more tissues to rub her eyes with, he reaches forward towards her from his bed, clumsily knocking i.v. tubing besides him.
    “Hey. It’s okay. I’m okay.” He smiles at her again, and her heart is trampled inside her chest, but she can’t help but smile back underneath another tissue.

    By Lynn URL on 06.16.2011

  31. He turned as she said his name. She was smiling. “What?” ” I was just thinking of you.” she said. He laughed and reached out to hug her, but she was already leaving, the way she had come.

    By Tera on 06.16.2011

  32. what we must do to go on. the difference between accepting reality and pretending to. eyes that smile symbolise the real happiness. my smile is vacant.

    By burnt-orange URL on 06.16.2011

  33. When I see you smile, my hearts rushes through my veins and pops out in little bubbles across my skin. Your laugh is like an open sea on the eve of a beautiful day. I would do anything to just see you smile.

    By Shayla on 06.16.2011

  34. smile smile smile across your face across your mind across your heart across the world like that long yellow tape that reads “caution” but this time make it something happy. It’s yellow and in this case yellow is bad but there are so many times where yellow is happy like the sun and daffodils and how bright you feel when you see a smile.

    By Sara URL on 06.16.2011

  35. The best gift anyone can give you! It shows off our warmth and friendliness and some times the evil inside you!

    By Sue URL on 06.16.2011

  36. It’s a hard thing to do. It’s simple, but it’s so difficult sometimes. Lately I haven’t felt like smiling but I know it’s necessary to try to make myself feel better and for others to not worry about me. I don’t want anyone to worry about me. Everything will be okay sooner or later. Let’s cross our fingers for sooner.

    By Katt on 06.16.2011

  37. deep breath
    explosion of peace…filling my being
    wind drifts between the spaces in my mind
    tears start
    but welcome
    the smile
    release of joy…
    shared…given…received…passed on…in a current… electric… breeze….

    By Pam Heighway URL on 06.16.2011

  38. You have a gap between your front teeth, and when you smile, you get dimples on your cheeks. It’s the cutest thing I’ve ever seen, but when I tell you that, you deny it and you tell me I must be blind. But even a blind man could see how beautiful you are.

    By Emily Claire URL on 06.16.2011

  39. It was entirely infectious, perfectly aligned, and brilliantly white. She couldn’t help but be charmed whenever he flashed her that smile; it melted her, struck her to her very core and made her speechless in his presence. Only he could have a smile like that, she thought. He was the only one who could ever be that perfect.

    By Courka URL on 06.16.2011

  40. To smile is a sure fire strategy to get rid of the grumbles. It’s a downer to feel grumpy but when everyone is pissing you off, and on top of that you get a puncture, it’s hard not to grouch.

    By Clare on 06.16.2011