June 16th, 2011 | 694 Entries

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694 Entries for “smile”

  1. Smiles, fake or really? It’s hard to tell on some people. It’s hard to tell on myself. I’m always the comforter, it’s hard to comfort the comforter. Or so I’m told. So I fake the smile. Fake fake fake. Until the break down. Crashing super lower. Then there’s no where to go but up and the smile is real, for awhile.

    By Michelle URL on 06.16.2011

  2. Smile. I like to look at people smiling and tap into their energy. Wonder about what makes them smile. And it takes me out of my own misery. Recently it’s been hard to find a reason to smile but seeing other’s helps. My friends make me smile. Well Some of them. Hah!

    By Fojan Nixie Shabrang on 06.16.2011

  3. It was the kind of smile you remember, like your favorite cereal bowl as a child or which birthday present was the most fun. His smile was the kind that broke your heart, because you knew that it was a lie. Whenever we locked eyes, I saw it appear, but I knew it was to make me happy, because his eyes were dead. I didn’t know him, but I knew that smile, far too well.

    By Carolynn URL on 06.16.2011

  4. SMILING IS AWESOME AND COOL AND YES INDEEDEE. COOL BEANS SMILING RAINBOWS. HAPPINESS. TEETH. CHESHIRE CAT. SMILE SMILE SMILING. WHEN IM HAPPY I SMILE. Smile sssssssss mile. lololololololololol is kinda like smiling like this :). or sometimes :D this. :D.

    By peter on 06.16.2011

  5. You cause it.
    When I see my mother.
    a thoughtful gesture.
    A kind Hello.
    A forgiving way.
    the light of Day.
    A forever growing subject.
    A way to change, to try.
    A gentle lulliby.
    A reason to try.
    What fills the night sky
    A star in the dust.
    A melody to the Song.

    By kemdra on 06.16.2011

  6. i

    By Alli URL on 06.16.2011

  7. i love to see her smile its so beautiful it brightens my day my week my wholoe life. her smile lights up the room and makes my day so much better. i know i cant be with hrt but well it gets me sad i need to smile to hide my sadness.

    By amelia on 06.16.2011

  8. I want to go there someday, the place where a smile is a laugh and a laugh is an interestingly hilarious thing. I have seen the strangest of things, walked the earth constantly, in search for a smile of gold. A true friend I could hold. To my dismay the smiles soon faded replaced with dull and sad faces, where did the joy go, and the laughter? The smile of gold is rare and only in a thousand years will it show its beauty again.

    By kemdra on 06.16.2011

  9. Memories of you make me smile everyday. I forget something you do and then i remember a song that has a special meaning and i just beam. You always remind me to smile even when you’re not there.

    By Melan Allen on 06.16.2011

  10. strahlend-
    ein Lächeln auf dem Gesicht
    in den Augen

    By Anuri URL on 06.16.2011

  11. beautiful teeth show, someone who is confident, it can be devilish, or cute… i really like smirking, it is very dangerous, cause it cant be taken in many different ways. a fake smile sucks, but sometimes guys give you this smile that is just irresistible

    By amanda on 06.16.2011

  12. As I walked along with her, arm in arm, I couldn’t help but break into a smile. This was truly how things were meant to be. Me and her together at long last. We’ve had our difficulties, of course, but that happens to everyone. Nothing could make this moment here more perfect. We’re with each other at last. Right here, right now. Together.

    By Christopher URL on 06.16.2011

  13. teeth happy hope sunshine grin smirk laughter summer dimples bright

    By courtney on 06.16.2011

  14. A natural gesture of peace, happiness, relief. A smile is a wave from the soul, an embrace from the heart. To smile is to love, recognise love and welcome love from wherever it may come.

    By A. C. Walker URL on 06.16.2011

  15. Amelia, a thoughtful soul with great intentions, I love her work and her thought she puts into it. Not always perfect, but only human. A wonderful writer.
    Plenty of potential…

    By kemdra on 06.16.2011

  16. We only really got to know each other at camp. Before, she was the girl who seemed to know and talk to everyone else, while I imagine I was the girl who sat in the corner, a book her only friend. But at camp where there was no space in my life nor my bag for a book, and all the activities were pair or group work, we were always in the same group. And gradually, our friendship aligned itself to the definition of “best friends.”
    But she had another friend who, I guessed, used to be her best friend, and in every round of pair work when she was left out, she would smile at my new friend, and then at me. But it was more of a sneer, and I knew we were not friends.

    By tvnc URL on 06.16.2011

  17. To react, sometimes in a bad, sometimes in a positive way. To delight in human behavior; sometimes your own and sometimes in the actions of others. Pure pleasure

    By Ken Kapptie URL on 06.16.2011

  18. “Your face is going to stick that way if you don’t stop scowling like that.”

    “Like what?” He scowls harder, brows knitting, the corners of his mouth turning down, eyes scrunching together.

    “Like THAT! You’ve got a wonderful smile, you really must do it more often.”

    He rolls his eyes and smiles–or grimaces, rather, as his lips have turned up and his teeth are bared in a mock grin, but his eyes are still all frown.

    “No. No, no, no. All wrong. Like this.”

    “H-hey, what the–”

    But it’s too late. She’s completely shoved her way into his personal bubble. Pinching fingers grab his cheeks, pull them, mold them like putty; flustered, he shoves back and frees himself and in spite of his own frustrations, laughs with her as he rubs the little red marks where her forefingers and thumbs have snapped him up.

    “There. See? Lovely.”

    She leans into him and presses a little kiss to his nose.

    He flinches and turns red for entirely different reasons.

    She’d be touched if she wasn’t laughing so hard at how wide his eyes had grown in that moment.

    By Danielle URL on 06.16.2011

  19. dad, you’ve made me smile every single day of my life for the past seventeen years. a simple card or a mixtape of songs I think you might like could never repay you for all of the things you’ve done for me. I couldn’t be more thankful for the amazing life you’ve given me. Happy Father’s Day, dad.

    By caroline kaye URL on 06.16.2011

  20. I hear smiling takes less muscles than frowning. Frowning really is quite a pain compared to smiling. Can a smile really brighten somebody else’s day? I don’t remember any smile specifically that brightened my day.

    By Loe URL on 06.16.2011

  21. Do you know what makes me smile, the thoughts of others, any who reads this write about the word, SIMPLICITY!

    Another word for curiosity, just try try again.
    Until simplicity is found…
    Curiosity is never at rest,
    So fight and try and succeed and fail.
    Until the moment you walk through that door of simplicity.

    By kemdra on 06.16.2011

  22. like sunshine beams through the clouds
    like the sweet pucker your lips make from the cherry popsicle

    for the sing song birds
    for the “hello” a stranger says to another

    just smile
    why not?

    By Mia G. URL on 06.16.2011

  23. Smiling when you aren’t happy, making sure everyone knows about your happiness, telling the world that THEY should be happy… what lies these all are, and how misled. Happiness is not the goal, nor is it indicative of greatness.

    By G on 06.16.2011

  24. “you have a beautiful smile. you should do it more often”
    -words i am often told.

    i’m a happy person; i’m self-conscious of my teeth.

    By sariska URL on 06.16.2011

  25. Its only your smile that turns my world. It is the light the heat and the fuel that keeps my engine burning. Without it the world is cold.

    By graham ward URL on 06.16.2011

  26. it’s the farthest thing from my face right now
    i may take more muscles to frown than to smile,
    but to be completely blank and bleak takes none,
    and just as much effort.
    depression? no just lackapathy. I need help.

    By Thebreakers on 06.17.2011

  27. Sunny day, in a field, hand in hand.
    Walking aimlessly, happily together.
    Nothing matters, just us.

    By Juan URL on 06.17.2011

  28. A person’s smile is like a greeting card. Ok. That sounded like a hallmark card. But what can say, it’s the truth. I wish I smiled more. I’m not one of those people with a warm welcoming smile. I want to learn how to be that person. I’ll start tomorrow.

    By Renee Lawrence on 06.17.2011

  29. i once ate a marshmallow that crushed between my pearly whites. i feel in love with the sunshine and the look in my lover’s eyes. the past is an illusion and my future in my heart. the sun beats hard on my bent mouth facing upwards i have reached what ive always known to be true,smile.

    By ailec on 06.17.2011

  30. And her smile lit up the room, illuminating the furthest depths of the darkest corners with irresistible incandescent light. And there was only her, as the rest of the world faded and only her and her smile remained embedded beneath your eyelids. And your heart sighed. “There you are.” it said, “I’ve been waiting for you.”

    By Star URL on 06.17.2011

  31. a smile is a dangerous thing… no one can see it. It’s yours, not anyone else’s. Your teeth are ugly…

    By Madeline on 06.17.2011

  32. never say no to a smile fore sometimes is the only thing that would make you’re day worth wild fore there are others that are not as fortunate as you are to even get a smile

    By Sylvia A. Quinones on 06.17.2011

  33. Your smile that does not come.
    I wait for it, into the hollow of my womb.
    I see your eyes, big wide blue eyes
    And the hint of a smile, of a laugh
    At the corner.
    I wait and nothing happens yet.

    By Roenhael URL on 06.17.2011

  34. He watched the small smile slowly make its way onto her lips. The right side of her mouth came up slightly higher than her left, and her little, straight white teeth shyly peeked out of her full, rosy lips. God, he loved that smile.

    By Aurelia Moretti URL on 06.17.2011

  35. i like to think i have a good smile. bad smiles can be so creepy that it is hard to take the person seriously because they look the a villain in a disney movie. reminds me of the lily allen song and the uncle kracker song. smile like the sun. it takes more muscles to frown than it does to smile!

    By Emily on 06.17.2011

  36. “…like you mean it” one of the greatest songs of all time. by The Killers. funny thing about that band is that it sounds so normal to the average ear of this era…but its really connoting a nasty evil thing. Killing. doesnt do that to me though. it makes me :). and i mean it.

    By MS on 06.17.2011

  37. His smile is sudden, like a firework , bubbling from the depths and shooting across his eyes, making them sparkle.

    I can’t help but smile in return. He has so many ways of showing his joy, a cheeky grin as he grabs the last grape, or the slow sleepy smile that comes from the dream world into the morning sun.

    By Mama Singlet URL on 06.17.2011

  38. Caleb rubbed his hands together, trying ward off the cold night air. It was freezing out here. He didn’t understand what she was so freaking happy about. Snow. How wonderful. But the girl beside him was smiling brightly looking up at the night sky. “I don’t know how people can see sights like this, and not believe.” She sighed, sticking her tongue out and catching a snowflake.

    “I wish I could see what you see, Astrid.” He sighed, looking up at the falling snow.
    “I wish you could too” she smiled, turning to him. “It’s wonderful.”

    By Claire URL on 06.17.2011

  39. Your smile is enough to make me forgot all my problems even for just a minute. A minute of happiness is enough for me to think that life is worth living.

    By Michelle URL on 06.17.2011

  40. Don’t much feel like smiling right now. On the verge of failing the training for the one thing I’ve always wanted to do because I can’t control the bahaviour of a bunch of 5 year olds. How ridiculous. Can’t remember the last time I smiled genuinely rather than faking it to make others feel better.

    By Ankha on 06.17.2011