June 16th, 2011 | 694 Entries

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694 Entries for “smile”

  1. smile though your heart is breaking, smile even though it’s aching.
    the song rings true. it really makes a world of difference if you smile.
    sure, it takes more muscles to smile than it does to frown, but in the end, it’s worth the bit of “exercise”.
    just smile. even if it’s not genuine, it’s a big step towards feeling good about yourself & the things going on around you. everyone should smile more. :)

    By Amanda Lynn URL on 06.16.2011

  2. smile is just every person need to do!!
    is an expression that can change many feels!
    just smile(=
    you can!

    By tammy herz URL on 06.16.2011

  3. There is no beginning and no end to a good smile… It last forever, burned inside your memory. I remember every true smile I was ever given, but those are just the good ones. The last time I got a true smile, it was from him, before he asked that one simple question that will make or break a girl like me. “Will you go out with me?” And I smiled right back at him, grinning that huge smile like there was no other in the world.

    By Hallister URL on 06.16.2011

  4. i smile becasue i have too. you dont want to see me sad, i understand but what else can i do. i’m sad. i dont knw why. i have a becautiful wonderful daughter,a man that love me…but its him.

    By kadie on 06.16.2011

  5. Smiling is great. It’s like sunshine on your face and everyone loves that. The warmth just radiates from those pearly whites. Everyone could use a smile because they’re so infectious. It’s like a disease that’s actually good for you! Smiling at someone makes them happy and makes them want to smile too. You see a smile and before you know it, you have one on your face too.

    By Amanda J URL on 06.16.2011

  6. Robert Pattinson, he makes me swoon. music also makes me smile. Love. Puppy. Hope to find some happiness in that smile. Dancing my ass off makes me smile especially Bachata. Singing like no ones listening= epic win. Late nights, oreos, Hotel Cafe. Jack n Coke. Mumford & Sons.

    By Lily on 06.16.2011

  7. Her smile is the most beautiful thing in the world. It at once amazes, glorifies, and enlightens the soul. It’s the most important thing in the world to me, and the chance to see it once more would be the only thing I need in life. Forget everything else. Drop it. Money, fame, fortune. Just her smile. One last time. That’s all I want to see.

    By Brian URL on 06.16.2011

  8. it’s a great way to show that you’re happy. no matter what you look like, a smile is a great accessory. make sure you brush and floss!

    By a;ldjnfsknvdffffff on 06.16.2011

  9. A smile fixes everything. What else is there to say? Brighten a day, maybe change a mood. Go ahead, smile. It won’t kill you. :)

    By Katie URL on 06.16.2011

  10. Smile for the end.
    Smile, Ouroborus…
    And let us begin again.

    By Lauren URL on 06.16.2011

  11. A smile describes my existence. I have a great smile. Sooooo nice. I hate to compliment my own smile, but it’s great! i love to smile. That’s what i’m all about. I don’t care about you, because i’m smiling. I smile….hahahha….i am still smiling!

    By Erikkk URL on 06.16.2011

  12. Smile, when i think of the word smile. I think of how whenever I see your face even if I’m trying to be mad all I can do is smile. I just can’t help it.

    By johannables URL on 06.16.2011

  13. I love to smile.Like if you are sad and someone cheers you up. Or if you thnk something is funny and you giggle. Smile and be happy! :D

    By anisa on 06.16.2011

  14. I wish i could smile more lately. i feel like since dads been in the hospital, smiling doesn’t come as easily as it always has. my smile is really my best feature and it kills me that it isn’t a real smile lately. I have every reason to be happy. dads doing better but I just can’t make myself feel like normal anymore and it is awful.

    By Meg URL on 06.16.2011

  15. cheshire cat braces. crooked teeth, beautiful photographs. head tipped back laughing. with your eyes closed and your throat exposed when you are both the most vulnerable and the most free. happier than I’ve ever seen you before. every time, magical.

    By LF on 06.16.2011

  16. I love to smile though it takes a while…sometimes.

    Smiling, whiling away the hours…ours…together.

    You make me smile, babe…thank you…

    By Ali Handal URL on 06.16.2011

  17. She looked at him and smiled. That was the first time she had smiled since it happened. The first time she felt even remotely happy in as long as she could remember. Before this one instant, she couldn’t remember how it felt to laugh, to feel joy. But now she did. Because he was her savior. He gave her hope.

    By Lindsay on 06.16.2011

  18. The best smiles stretch your face until it hurts. They are powerful and contagious, spreading joy like wildfire.

    By LF on 06.16.2011

  19. A smile is like a sweet, rainy ocean, where i sail in a small boat. My destination may be unknown, but the tide flows and the mellow sunlight makes the mood even better. That to me, is a smile.

    By Mash URL on 06.16.2011

  20. I wonder why people smile when they are unhappy. Why are they faking out everyone around them when obviously they want someone to know they are unhappy? Why can’t people’s smiles be completely honest? I know that I’m guilty of this sometimes though. I know that’s sad, but I’m now just trying to be honest.

    By Rebekah on 06.16.2011

  21. I love smiling.I have a terrible smile, but it seems to make people happy if I smile anyways, and the world could use a little bit more happy. :)

    By Chloe URL on 06.16.2011

  22. Give me that pretty smile of yours. Come on, at least one more time before you left. It’s not that I deserve it after what I’ve done to you, but, you know, it would really chear me up.

    By Felipe URL on 06.16.2011

  23. I smile when I think about you and the things you say to me. I love my smile and everyday is worthwhile when I’m spending it talking/spending time or doing anything else that involves you. I know that I’m cheesy and I hope that I make you smile and happy like you make me.

    By Karin Serendipity on 06.16.2011

  24. After she was gone, her smile was a priceless heirloom. When I was lonesome I liked to recall it. To trace the shape of it, or imagine the sound it made. Remembering so hard that the edges started to blur. When I first felt it slipping I recoiled in fear, reliving my losses. Now it fades in and out, weaving silently through some memories and not others. But now and again in the dark safe haven of dreams it returns to me, crisp and bright — in full, laughing glory.

    By LF on 06.16.2011

  25. the mask of happiness

    By Lilly on 06.16.2011

  26. smile for the camera. But Sarah didn’t want to. You smile because you’re happy…and she wasn’t happy at that time. How could she be? Her sister died. Sarah didn’t understand peoples need to look like they’re happy when they’re not.

    By Peter Pan on 06.16.2011

  27. I’m always smiling. And it’s a genuine one at that. They say it takes less muscles to smile than to frown. But I don’t know if you’ve noticed this, it hurts more when smiling than frowning. How about that huh.

    By Karla URL on 06.16.2011

  28. what the hell.
    Are you joking?

    By devi URL on 06.16.2011

  29. she says i hate your smile, but its a lie. i say it so you won’t curl those lips in public, so i get to keep it all to myself. i want to hoard it up and eat it and swallow up the sweetness of your smile. i want it to rot in my stomach and i want to die with it in me.

    By kimberly on 06.16.2011

  30. You stare at her, from the crown of her head where the brown-brown locks falls over her features, to the red tint of her blush and all the way down to her modest smile as she shyly greets you. As your eyes finally centers onto her blue-blue eyes, you can’t help but smile right back.

    By Lexi on 06.16.2011

  31. A laugh before it bursts.

    The mask of happiness.

    The warmth that travels from your heart.

    By Lilly on 06.16.2011

  32. i like to see people with smiles.
    i think smiles make one happy.
    however, i can tell when one has a fake smile and it makes me sad.
    i like to see genuine smiles.
    it tells me that they are truly happy.

    By Julie Chong on 06.16.2011

  33. his hainess brought me the best joy in the entire world. i could not live without seeing his wonderful teeth shining so bright. he lit up my world. i could not help to think that this would be the last time i would ever see his wonderful gorgeous smile. it was the worst feeling possible.

    By Katelyn URL on 06.16.2011

  34. I feel so happy, and my cheeks turn up at the corners. And I’m glowing all over at everyone I see. Smiling at strangers on the street, or at little kids with sticky fingers pressed into their car windows, or homeless people with sad, lost eyes. I love people, and I love to pretend that by showing them a glimmer of teeth they can feel my love. And maybe they will love me back.

    By Ray on 06.16.2011

  35. oh a smile, what words can describe such happiness. A smile can be anything from a simple greeting to a neighbor or peer to greeting a loved one or friend one hasn’t seen in a long time. A small act such as a smile represents happiness and to me exemplifies love and emotion. It is a sign that all humans have emotions and that we are all capable of love and loving one another.

    By jeffrey on 06.16.2011

  36. something many people pose for
    something many people put on an act for
    a five letter word that can define your whole day
    a smile
    can be fake
    being real is hard

    By Jenny URL on 06.16.2011

  37. What people do when they are bullshiting you and the world. Unless of course there is a genuine non attachment about out progress, and we are doing it without conciousness. Most may never feel that way but that’s how I will always feel about you.

    By QuickOnE on 06.16.2011

  38. His smile is such a pale, small movement. Every time I bring it out I bask in its tiny lunar light. I am a fiery sun furiously spinning around the half-lidded moon.

    By Irina URL on 06.16.2011

  39. smiling. such a simple task can take so much effort. when i feel like crying or screaming or just running away, i smile. i smile to hide how i really feel. i smile to push down all the emotions i’m too embarrassed to express.

    By brokensmile on 06.16.2011

  40. a smile can light up the harshest face, transforming a blank canvas into a picture full of life, light and SOUL.
    smiling causes less wrinkles than frowning, but yet, in our hectic day to day life, a frown comes faster than the split second it takes to relax our muscles and share our happiness with others.

    By Mama Singlet on 06.16.2011