December 1st, 2011 | 204 Entries

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204 Entries for “slouch”

  1. You slouched
    it’s one thing I never told you
    hunching over to put your elbows on your knees
    you looked at me and smiled
    I was completely enticed with you
    a colossal wave overcame me
    but a bigger one came over you
    his name is a smoking slave
    creeping over every aspect of your day
    you were always waiting to see him again
    I wouldn’t have minded if you were willing to fight
    but of course that was too hard for you
    I’m glad I don’t see you or your slouch anymore
    One day I’ll find a girl with better posture

    By Christian URL on 12.01.2011

  2. very unattractive. posture is everything, really. sit up straight cz you’ve got spine, haven’t you?

    By mad pupil URL on 12.01.2011

  3. this is for you.
    be proud of yourself and
    be who you are
    when you walk down the hallways or the streets, don’t slouch but instead
    keep your head high
    remember that you mean something to everyone
    and everything to someone
    and don’t forget to smile.

    By Dulcie URL on 12.01.2011

  4. As the healer approached the old, wooden chair he began to feel just how tired he was. Too many people had been coming in lately, and the mage was spent. He couldn’t help to slouch a bit whenever he sat in that rickety chair.

    By Fenris on 12.01.2011

  5. she sat, slouched over her desk. one more day. she thought.

    one more day before she could leave this job.

    She could leave this town.

    leave this place.

    just leave.

    all she had to do was slouch through one more day.

    and she could go to the home she’d never been to before.

    By Leah on 12.01.2011

  6. He was very handsome except for the way that he’d slouch. He’d walk into a room, his eyes and demeanor cool, and everyone would swoon, but not I. For I saw the casual lean he had and I saw what it meant. He wasn’t cool or calm. He was lazy and crooked. I never had time for such a man, and I never will.

    By kori on 12.01.2011

  7. Slouching in your chair makes your back ache. You should sit up and watch your posture. Sit on a ball chair so that you can’t slouch. Exercise your abs and back so that they can hold you upright.

    By BrightStar URL on 12.01.2011

  8. They said don’t walk with a slouch,
    They said don’t make funny faces,
    They said don’t stick your finger there,
    and they all said that with good reason,
    but you do anyways…

    By Lord Jim URL on 12.01.2011

  9. I slouched in the back of Economics 101 while the dionsaur lady from eastern Eurpoe called role. “Is Catherine here please?” She didn’t even remember me the second time I asked her if she was going to fail me.

    By Daniel Wyman URL on 12.01.2011

  10. Danny slouched as he left the principal’s office. He was contrite, apologetic, and downright repentant to everyone he saw in the hallway. He knew he had to drop that molatov cocktail in Mr. Sandburg’s office, but it pained him to do so. More pain however, was from the screaming inside his head. The voice demanded he do so or he wouldn’t be allowed ice cream after his extracurricular taxidermy class.

    By richpee URL on 12.01.2011

  11. the slouch in the chair infurated her. she yelled at him. he didint move. she threw her wine bottle at him. he didnt move. she kicked the chair he was sitting in. he didnt move. she climbed up on the coffee table in front of him. lifted up her skirt, and in all her drunken glory, she dug inside herself, and pulled out her soiled tampon, and flung it at his face. the look of pure bewilderment was no match for the volume of her laughter as she toppled of the coffee table. he quickly clamped his hands around her throat. he wanted to stifle all the laughter out of her. he wanted to squeeze all the life from her. he wanted to ring her dry. she looked up at him wide eyed, she couldnt believe her son was strangling her.

    By Derek on 12.01.2011

  12. I spend most of my days slouched over my laptop or a book, escaping reality. I watch Doctor Who, I read Fitzgerald. I don’t like to face reality. I don’t like to think about being alone.

    By Buttxheeks URL on 12.01.2011

  13. lazy. in front of the tv. bliss. badddd for back! :P Getting nagged at. a lazy person who doesn’t do work (a leech). Annoying.

    By Wraif URL on 12.01.2011

  14. He wore his slouchy red beanie and sang like an angel. Together with his acoustic guitar, nothing can stop him from creating God’s music.

    ps. I am the greatest fan of your life.

    By alyssa rae on 12.01.2011

  15. It wasn’t like her to slouch, but just this once she tried desperately to hide within herself. She would give anything to be away from here: away from the people, the town, the atmosphere. Instead she simply sat hiding within herself, her nose tucked in a book. She wasn’t reading, but she still jumped when someone tapped her on the shoulder. She turned to meet an unfamiliar face; one open and kind face, and suddenly she didn’t feel so much like hiding.

    By Haley URL on 12.01.2011

  16. Walking through the park was very relaxing. The grass was so green and the air was crisp. Trees were surrounding me as if there for protection. Perhaps they knew I needed protection. Maybe they were just there to block the sun and allow for some shade. Well, this day, I wanted some shade. I wanted a large tree to greet me with its long branches. A willow tree stood in my way. I smiled and gently moved the branches draped in front of me. I sat at its stump and leaned my back against the strong bark. I took a deep breath and smelled the air. As I exhaled, I dropped my head to my arms as they were wrapped around my legs. I began to sob. As I opened my eyes, I looked down. My hand stopped and let go of the charcoal pencil, my hands were blackened by the smudges. My picture was complete. I shall forever have this image and one day wish I could recreate this scene myself, outside of the art world.

    By Kari URL on 12.01.2011

  17. She sunk into the couch, taking in the feel of the soft leather molded against her body. Her bare feet were scrunched deep into the soft carpet floor, her head laid back onto the top of the couch. Her eyes were closed, a half smile gracing her lips. She was dreaming. Soft music, lighted candles, rose petals…
    “Excuse me miss, may I help you?” a voice rung, bringing her back to reality.
    “Oh it’s okay… I was just… trying.” She hurriedly said. The sales assistant narrowed his eyes.
    “It’s premium white leather. Made in Germany. Would you like-” He offered.
    She took one last wistful look at the couch, before cutting him off.
    “No, it’s okay.”

    By Wraif URL on 12.01.2011

  18. He sat there, in that godawful slouch like he always did. She sat there like she wanted so badly to scold him about ruining his posture. She would not remind him of the future, though. Even if she did worry about his health, now could not be the time to mention it. Not when he was waiting for his doctor to call back. That would be crueler than she was capable of being.

    By Aubra URL on 12.01.2011

  19. I’m slouching in the chair as I write this and think about the world in which everything is at the fingertips of all sloth like individuals such as myself.

    By Jerry on 12.01.2011

  20. She was no slouch. She was the most precocious of all her classmates. By the third grade she was fielding offers from the sixth graders, $15 for one night’s homework.

    By Dave URL on 12.01.2011

  21. My friend Amber never stands straight. Her backpack is massive, and weven I strain to carry it.

    But she recoils from the world because of another reason. She’s shy, some what hesitant and untrusting of the people around her.

    And when she’s so tense next to me, curled into an almost fetal position, I can’t help but to reprimand her sharply.

    “Stop slouching. Be confident. You have nothing to be afraid of.”

    By mistershin URL on 12.01.2011

  22. l always slouch
    my mother always tells me to sit up straight
    stand up straight
    but what good does it do?
    old habits die hard
    this one won’t be broken
    they say when i conduct i shouldn’t slouch
    i really need a couch

    By Mackenzie URL on 12.01.2011

  23. I slouched in the corner, cigarette in my right hand and a bottle of vodka in the other. I took a long swig from the bottle, and then a drag fom the cigarette to kill the taste of the poison.

    Ripped stockings, and running makeup. I slid down the wall and sat my drunk ass down on the floor. Too tired to walk home.

    I’ll just sleep here for the night. It’s better than going home.

    By Olive URL on 12.01.2011

  24. The young boy slouched in his chair, looking grumpy. THe pencil in his hand was tapping against the desk impatiently as he stared blankly at the piece of paper in front of him. The students around his scribbled furiously, but he hardly moved, didn’t seem to care at all. He sighed and finally leaned his head on the desk.

    By magdelina URL on 12.01.2011

  25. The curvature of his back hid the weight that he carried. Day by day, as the weight grew larger, his spine began to sag. Before long, his nose would touch the ground.

    By Zoë Aiko URL on 12.01.2011

  26. that sounds ugly to me. I am not an english native. but that sounds slimy and ugly. what is it? could be an adjective describing someone cunny. don’t know. I write and don’t know what about. strange, isn’t it? bye!

    By Sarah on 12.02.2011

  27. I slouched down in the chair in my room and began to think to myself, what is it that’s gotten me this far. I mean it sure wasn’t my slouching that’s for sure, but I sure can think when I slouch I guess that’s always been my curse. Not that I slouch, but rather that I’m a thinker.

    By John URL on 12.02.2011

  28. I’m always slouching. I can’t help it. I know I’d be a lot prettier if I were to stand straight and tall, and being in the industry, it could only be to my benefit to straighten my spine. I even like my pants slouchy. Something about the way the material falls straight from the hips to the floorboards i tap my feet on is becoming to my novice ways.

    By aubrey URL on 12.02.2011

  29. I walk with a slouch. Is it a sign of the times or my own laziness?


    By Chelsea on 12.02.2011

  30. The room appeared as if in a slouch; unkempt and ever-so-slightly skewered in some indistinguishable way. It was beautiful, and the person it belonged to had obviously spent a great deal of time within its walls, but looking past the hundreds of ever-so-carefully crafted paper swans of every colour floating gaily in the soft breeze, past the inviting, worn-in leather sofa and past the four overstuffed bookshelves lining the display wall from roof to floor, Lucy couldn’t help but feel an undercurrent of quiet, lonesome despair.

    Before Lucy could investigate further, though, a soft rustling sound startled her, drawing her eyes to the ceiling where – she swore it – the cranes were extending their wings to fly.

    By Madi URL on 12.02.2011

  31. Teachers always tell me not to slouch in my chair. It’ll wreck my posture. But what if I’m so tired from PE that I can’t even stand up straight? It’s okay. At least they care enough to tell me. But I wish they would be a little nicer about it.

    By s160814 URL on 12.02.2011

  32. He was certainly no slouch when it came to putting words together. He could make you feel like the center of attention in a big way … like no one else existed. And that was true – for as long as you were in his presence.

    By Bonnie Cehovet URL on 12.02.2011

  33. I heard the word before, but believe me I do not know what it means. Perhaps it refer to someone who is lazy or not interested in games or out door activity.

    By victor walkes URL on 12.02.2011

  34. She hated everything. She hated life itself. As she slouched in the chair, her uncle fell down from the sofa behind her. Later, they said it was an attack. Later, she would hate everything even more.

    By Akhila Vijaykumar URL on 12.02.2011

  35. slouch is shbby shabby sloppy words that have no meaning my mind slouches at this oh so slouchy slouchy word. .i appen ta be slouching at this corner of a wintry street. I am alone and iwer a shabby sbrown jacketof a weedy weedy weave

    By the wiz that he waz URL on 12.02.2011

  36. I told him, do not slouch. YOu’ll never get the part. He did not listen. He just kept smoking his last Marlboro. I warned him about that, too. The kid just didn’t listen to anyone and he wasn’t going to listen to me. I knew it.

    By spiderjunior URL on 12.02.2011

  37. I am always telling my students not to slouch, that the studio is a “no slouch” zone. Not that it helps! The young ones, when they slouch, I tell them they aren’t teenagers yet, they can’t slouch!

    By elizabeth b URL on 12.02.2011

  38. He surely was one. Never done anything properly during his whole life. Never had a girlfriend nor a good job. Everything in his life was terrible, he surely wasn’t a lucky guy. He was the biggest slouch possible.

    By Omnix URL on 12.02.2011

  39. I knew a man named Mr. Grouch
    He lived in a town near the forest
    I always see him in a slouch
    Like he never gets any rest

    Some even tease him as hunchback
    But behind his back, of course
    Too scared to be heard and tracked
    Might be trapped between gigantic doors

    By Demetria Malfoy URL on 12.02.2011

  40. Slouch means to not sit straight up or to have a hunch growing in your back. The freakiest part about having a slouch is you’ll have a slouch forever. The weirdest part is it shall haunt you for your whole life.

    By Bmanning URL on 12.02.2011