December 1st, 2011 | 204 Entries

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204 Entries for “slouch”

  1. I’m being very lazy as my posture slumps down in my seat. Oh comfy seat it is. I look like my back is hurt and nothing will fix the pain.

    By sweetlydark URL on 12.01.2011

  2. it is such a pity to be uninspired. to be sunken into a couch or a chair or a bed or an unhappy feeling so deeply.

    By megan breukelman URL on 12.01.2011

  3. i bend over books
    stifled by pages of facts
    literary monsters
    meant to fill my brain with knowledge
    instead leave
    dust bunnies
    in their wake
    i hate mondays.
    this class is difficult.
    i need caffiene.
    seventeen hours
    studious as always
    hermione would be so proud.

    By Ri URL on 12.01.2011

  4. As I sit here at the computer I realized I was slouching. It’s not good to slouch.

    By sheila URL on 12.01.2011

  5. I slouch. I slurp. I slip up. Again. I thought I was better than this. 3 o’clock on the computer. Three minutes fast. I screwed up again. Hammer to the head. They glare at me. What did I do wrong? I’m trying. I really am. I’m isolated. I’m failing. No papers are coming in. I’m writing in my journal. No. Not allowed. All my fault I’m not doing well. All my fault. All my fault. All my fault.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 12.01.2011

  6. Oh it’s one of the worst habits that I have… I have a tendency to slouch and it makes me look shorter than I really am. Usually thats a good thing considering I am pretty tall for being a girl but it makes me look wider and out of shape hence new practice is to stand up straight, stand up tall and look proud of my height instead of hiding it.

    By Pari on 12.01.2011

  7. The rust filled air, blew through the town, as the old newspaper ran with it. Ran through the city, ran through the park up to a slouched man on a bench. The man was old with grey hair. His eyes held wisdom, although looked defeated. He pulled his heavy coat over his shoulders and shivered slightly.

    By LittleLionWoman on 12.01.2011

  8. Iz slouched in the cold desks of her High school. ‘How uncomfortable.’ she thought as she listened to the teacher drown on and on about worthless equations. She knew she would use them eventually, but for now, they were hopeless letters and numbers that meant nothing to her.

    By xIzzi Monroe URL on 12.01.2011

  9. I hate when you just won’t drop it. Why can’t you just let it go? It’s exactly what she’s trying to do – to tear our family apart and you just stand there and slouch your shoulders and continue trying to carry on with a conversation that just needs to end. There is nothing we can accomplish now – the lawyer will handle it on Monday

    By Bryan Green URL on 12.01.2011

  10. Slouching sloths slowly slobber slovenly slogans.

    By Marianne URL on 12.01.2011

  11. she slouches when she walks and she’s passed it on to her son. an unwitting but obvious image of lazy and apathetic. slouching and shuffling through life in sweatpants and worn down ugh knock offs….don’t you ever want to do anything better, BE anything better? shame on you for giving your child that legacy.

    By More Everything URL on 12.01.2011

  12. I keep my back bent forward just slightly as my back is against the wall, his hands just above me, his face a few inches apart from my own. Sweet breaths we shared and I didn’t dare break apart from him. He’s mine.

    By Milk URL on 12.01.2011

  13. She looked through the envelopes as she slouched on the sofa. She came across the one from him. On the paper, in ink, was written “I love you, please come back.” And that, she did.

    By Alyx on 12.01.2011

  14. I can’t help but slouch. The only exception is when I’m playing music.
    I’m not sure why; I know its the proper way to sit when you’re playing, but I do it without thinking.
    Probably because playing music is the only thing I get excited about anymore; its what keeps me going.
    I would have died a long time ago if I didn’t have it.

    By Megan URL on 12.01.2011

  15. If I didn’t sit the way I do and if the couch didn’t slope the way it does and if I thought about it, knowing that my back was going to suffer the next day, I wouldn’t slouch in front of mindless TV, to awaken the following day unable to straighten up. But I am a fool. With a bad back and no brain.

    By Santa Monious URL on 12.01.2011

  16. she slouched over in her desk, letting her hair hit the table top. everything was said and done. right? but she still had this feeling. unease in the pit of her stomach, working its way back up her throat.

    By lucinda URL on 12.01.2011

  17. I slouched in my seat as I turned another page. It was as if this book had entered my world. The world that only a former mental hospital patient could understand. You don’t even realize how surreal it was until you leave.

    By M URL on 12.01.2011

    my mom always said!
    even as i type this on my ergonomic chair.
    It’s so difficult not to!
    It is going to come back to me when I’m about 100 years old.
    But for now,
    I am slouching.
    and gettin shit done!

    By traveling kd URL on 12.01.2011

  19. I slouch over my computer for hours at a time. It’s horrible for my back; I know it is, because when I finally sit up my back pops and creaks like some ancient old door opening for the first time in a hundred years. And yet, still I am addicted to the Internet.
    It’s preferable to my real life, is the problem. How can I possibly be motivated to interact with my peers when the entire internet offers its far more fascinating self to me, confusion-free?

    By Mawra on 12.01.2011

  20. hunched. couch. Me sitting comfortably on my couch. water is running from upstairs. doing laundry. relaxed. Always relaxed. seems like I don’t care, but I’m just slouched. Jeans. slouchy jeans. slouch is comfort. slouch is worn. tired. restless. slouch

    By Julia Kristine URL on 12.01.2011

  21. If you slouch like that, your back will stay that way. If you make that silly face, it’ll get stuck that way. Be careful of the words you think because they will become the words you speak and the actions you perform.
    But my question, then, is, if I love you like this why won’t it always stay the same? Why isn’t the love you have for me promised for tomorrow?

    By Chelseyann URL on 12.01.2011

  22. don’t slouch. you were raised better than that. if you begin to slouch, your torso will collapse, and your entire body will sink. if you want to be a dancer, you must learn not to slouch.

    By Julie Marie URL on 12.01.2011

  23. my eyes hung heavy,
    stepping down their stare
    case into a brewery
    of tears, aged in
    not to be opened
    until guilt
    into an

    By drew URL on 12.01.2011

  24. don’t crouch
    don’t bend
    don’t turn over again
    hold your head up high and
    don’t forget that you’re alive
    or everyone else will as well.

    By Felicia on 12.01.2011

  25. My eyes hung heavy,
    stepping down their stare
    case into a brewery
    of tears, aged in
    not to be opened
    until sour shame
    ferments into
    an honest
    sweet sorry.

    I’m Sorry.

    By drew URL on 12.01.2011

  26. My mom tells me to sit up straight all the time. I know she knows best, but why does it feel so uncomfortable?

    By Natalia URL on 12.01.2011

  27. I slouched down on the couch so that whoever was outside the window couldn’t see me.
    I was sweating, my heart pounding loudly in my ears.
    My sick curiousity was getting the best of me. Slowly I crept toward the top of the couch. I couldn’t resist the urge to see who was there.
    One eye slowly breeched the top of the couch with shaky lids.

    By Kate on 12.01.2011

  28. Sit up straighter, they say. They don’t know because they can’t see all of the baggage hanging off of me. I don’t slouch because I like it, I slouch because it eases the burden just a little, lets me get some of that weight off of my shoulders, even if it’s just for a few minutes, or even seconds.

    By Julia M URL on 12.01.2011

  29. did you know that my toes mark the beat to the music in my ears? did you know that my hands used to pretend like they were playing the chords i heard? did you know that my fingers stopped weaving melodies into the air when they realized that your voice was a symphony? did you know that my hands stay arched, with the space where your fingers should be as the deafening pauses in the song of you (silence is important in music)? did you know that i’m not good at listening to other people’s melodies, or missing them into a silent space? did you know?

    By stapedius URL on 12.01.2011

  30. Slouch. I have one, my friends tell me. Muscles strain, but they are misguided. It’s more my neck is at an odd angle, I tell them. Is that true? I have no clue. In an infinite universe, there must be an infinite number of people with odd necks

    By an octopus URL on 12.01.2011

  31. Tall people have a tendency to slouch more than short people, I believe, because they’re always bending down to listen and to make eye contact with short people. They also may feel insecure about sticking out of the matrix and in order to compensate for their uniqueness, they slouch back into the foray.

    By A mere cephalopod URL on 12.01.2011

  32. Looking at her slouch, combined with the pitiful expression on her face, told her everything she needed to know.

    He’d broken her heart – again.

    Sheila didn’t know how much she could take of this. Breaking up, getting back together, breaking up again. The back and forth was killing her!

    “Oh, mum,” her daughter sighed, “would you not look so stressed? It’s just a soap opera for goodness sake; they’re not real!”

    By Veekz URL on 12.01.2011

  33. she slammed the door and all i could do was slouch on our couch. the world stood still. all but our clock which ticked boomingly on the wall reminding me of the silence i would endure until she returned. tick, tick, boom.

    By mae URL on 12.01.2011

  34. He slouched in the chair, waiting for his name to be called. Oh the suffering of a 13 year old. What difficulties he faced. He was getting another D.

    His apathy filled his counselors office.

    By Alicia Rice URL on 12.01.2011

  35. I tend to slouch a lot. I have bad posture and need to fix this. I lean in my chair, when I lay down, I tend to lean on something, I bend over when I’m typing. I’m a tall guy and so things never seem close enough because i”m higher than everything.

    By Andrew Harbaugh on 12.01.2011

  36. “Don’t slouch!” she shouted at him. “Buck up! Smile! Behave!”

    By Melissa URL on 12.01.2011

  37. poor posture. me on a bad day. with lots of potato chips. on my couch. watching netflix for hours on end. rhymes with grouch. sometimes they go hand in hand. exciting. life.

    By Mars URL on 12.01.2011

  38. Because I’m invisible anyways.
    There is no point in standing straight when no one gives a damn anyways.

    By Christina URL on 12.01.2011

  39. i think of a couch and a bent back in my head when i see or read this word ….. mostly read haha

    By valeria solorza on 12.01.2011

  40. He sits on his chair, exhausted. Healing all those people had drained him terribly and he could not help but slouch as he sat there.

    By Arex on 12.01.2011