December 1st, 2011 | 204 Entries

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204 Entries for “slouch”

  1. A portmanteau of two such wonderful words: “Couch” and “Sloth”; it’s perfect. That’s the animal and place one would expect to find a slouch.

    By What on 12.01.2011

  2. I saw his shoulders slouch when nothing huge was happening. I saw him sit straight up, his eyes clearly loving what he’s reading when thrilling things happened. This is the person I love.

    By misnia URL on 12.01.2011

  3. Why do you sit like that in life? Why do you look at the TV, your eyes dazed by what the world wants you to see? Do you really think those advertisements are what they claim to be? Do you really think people really look that amazing, all the time? Open your eyes, for they have been closed for such a long time. Maybe a part of you, when you were a child, looked at everything as it was, as it really was, but then when you grew up that part of you closed and your eyes started to burn.

    By Carisse URL on 12.01.2011

  4. Cain slouched back against the headboard, gasping out fully and closing his eyes. Beside him, John lay back with equal lethargy and satiation. Slowly, the other man reached for the bedside table and got up, putting a fag in his lips.

    “Not in here,” he gasped.

    John shrugged, and left the room, still naked as the day he was born.

    By Fluidfyre URL on 12.01.2011

  5. To slouch. To sit, shoulders hunched, staring at the world, looking at the world trough angry, disdainful eyes and dare them all to do their worst. To tell the whole world that you simply do not care and let them say what they wil. You’re above it all. You’re proud and strong, and you show it in the way you sit and stand. Woe betide any who discover it to be the mask it is.

    By Salaa'ut URL on 12.01.2011

  6. She slouched over her laptop writing furiously. Line after line was produced within seconds. Soon she had finished her book and it was to be sent off to several different publishing offices, and then all she would have to do is wait for a reply.

    By Erin Jane Moore URL on 12.01.2011

  7. This word reminds me of the Princess Diaries when Julia Andrews says, “We do not slouch like this.” Then she does this ridiculous walk and it’s hilarious because it’s Julie Andrews.

    By Azure URL on 12.01.2011

  8. Don’t slouch, the teacher / parent / authority figure used to always say. But there was never any compelling reason given as to why we couldn’t slouch. Were were going to turn out badly? Have chronic back problems? Be unable to be accepted in polite society? Well I slouched whenever I could, and no calamity has befallen me so far. In fact I have found that slouching is a valuable skill, useful for snuggling into all manner of couches and seating arrangements.

    By Bursaria Spinosa URL on 12.01.2011

  9. the pillow was sucking his head in against all his resistance. the girl pleeded on and on, but he just wouldn’t do as much as lift his head for at least a nod. the bottle of magical potion would remain hidden, for no eyes to see

    By dada URL on 12.01.2011

  10. The socks she wore
    fell sadly down
    like the lines on her face
    deeply etched
    slouched low
    around her mouth
    like quote marks

    By The Muse URL on 12.01.2011

  11. me. in this chair. what im doing right now. it crushes my organs. and it feels good. but also bad. im hungry. this hurts my back. it makes my spine stick out. and it hurts my back but its comfy. i like potatoes.

    By Rachel on 12.01.2011

  12. I want to run. I want to cry. I want to throw something hard, and break it. I want to understand. I want to feel happy and confident with whatever the hell this is that has happened. But I just feel sad and lost and doubtful. I slouch at my desk and wish myself away.

    By daleleelife101 URL on 12.01.2011

  13. My mom always yells at me for slouching. She says it makes me look fatter. She’s always on my ass about standing up tall. I found that if I stand up tall and put my shoulders back, my boobs stick out really far…and I have HUGE boobs…so I’ll try to stand up straight, but there will be no pulling back of the shoulders.

    By Evelyn URL on 12.01.2011

  14. slouch.
    back curls up like a cat.
    relax your spine.
    think about water. running. don’t think about running.
    press palm to small of vertebrae, press softly.
    learn how to breathe again.

    don’t hold the world on your shoulders.

    By Hannah URL on 12.01.2011

  15. I am no slouch. I don’t sit around all day doing nothing and expecting others to do for me. I am a women, wife, mother, grandmother. I had no time for slouching in my life. So get up off you butt and go find a job and go to work.

    By teeda URL on 12.01.2011

  16. I slouched on the couch that sank and pulled me into its expensive depths. “I’m so tired, though. Can’t we just stay for ONE night?” Hea sighed. “Well, it is comfortable. I’m sure one night couldn’t do that much harm…”

    By squeakable URL on 12.01.2011

  17. i slouch in my chair now.
    i can’t keep my eyes open anymore.

    the bags under my eyes remind me of the nights i have spent thinking of you.

    By sarah marie URL on 12.01.2011

  18. Slouch down in your chair. Let your face fall into your bowl of soup, and drown. (;

    By Cookie URL on 12.01.2011

  19. i almost always slouched,that is till i excepted Christ in to my i stand up strait and stand up for the Word. (the Bible)

    By golden brumby URL on 12.01.2011

  20. A nickname your mom calls you when she feels like being a nag, which is always. Usually she likes to call you out on your posture when you’re with company. I’ve gotten this word like, 5 times. I think this is my best one yet though.

    By Hannah on 12.01.2011

  21. exhaustion, black slumping, unable to get up. sinking deeper and lower into your seat while the droning of the professor goes on. it’s not comfortable, but it’s natural- rude? perhaps.

    By rosa URL on 12.01.2011

  22. Ironically, I’m slouching as I’m writing this.
    Hang on.
    Not anymore.

    By Niel Kelm URL on 12.01.2011

  23. she has no money. she has had no money for a very long time now. she works and goes to school she is by no means lazy, she just doesn’t care about money. money treats the world like it is better than them, a higher up. but money is magic and she knows magic. magic can be whatever you want it to be. magic comes and magic goes. no one should pray to magic like they pray to money. no one should prey on magic like they try to prey upon money. when the rent and the electricity bills come she usually has just enough. she usually depends on tips. one pay check does not pay it all. after awhile she has become tired. this time of year she is especially tired. i am tired for her. there is no where to go but here. she is always herself. christmas has come and now there are thirteen people in her family. thirteen people to buy for. less than a month away and thirteen people to buy for. thirteen, thirteen, thirteen…

    By becca Loo URL on 12.01.2011

  24. something you do with your shoulders. relaxed position. when you are bored. most teens and people slouch. students slouch in classes.

    By Ian Quartucci URL on 12.01.2011

  25. I slouch more than I should, but it’s not my fault. Nothing to do with my posture or spine is my fault because I am too big for this world. I wish it could all be made again, but half a foot higher. Wah, waaaahh…

    By Si URL on 12.01.2011

  26. She sat, slouched in her chair, desperately waiting for the bell to ring. Would the teacher ever shut up? She twiddled her fingers in her hair and chewed on the pencil. The teacher was droning on about some ridiculous thing having to do with figurative language when she heard it.
    “Chandra, what do you think/”

    By Liz URL on 12.01.2011

  27. Slouch

    “We’re slouching again… Straighten up… eyes ahead… look like all the other human beings! Great… Now we’re teetering. From side to side, like some old person. We should have brought a cart.”

    “We didn’t need a cart. It would have been empty.”

    “Doesn’t matter, it would have given him more balance. At the very least the slouching might have looked like he was making an effort to push the darned thing.”

    “If it was empty?”

    “Whose idea was it to go outside today anyway?”

    “*Somebody* said they wanted pizza!”



    “We’re slouching again.”

    By Noisy Quiet URL on 12.01.2011

  28. I slouched into the chair, putting my head in my hands. Why? I asked the universe, but without saying a word. Why is it always me?

    By Alison URL on 12.01.2011

  29. Slumped over from your exhaustion
    your delirium is spreading
    to the conscious side of life
    where daydreams don’t matter
    if you’ve got no bank
    and rank
    is determined by
    whose the better cheat.

    By HumanKryptonite URL on 12.01.2011

  30. i have such bad posture. i slouch all the time. i’m slouching right now. this guy used to tell me i should straighten my back, and that i’d be really attractive if i just stood up a little straighter. well, i’m going to keep slouching, so fuck you.

    By Sloucher on 12.01.2011

  31. I’m slouching due to lack of confidence. I don’t like being around people, never have never will. They make me sad. So i slouch. I slouch becausi can.

    By Lisette Mcbride URL on 12.01.2011

  32. Hmmm. What does a slouch mean to you? I ask because everyone has a different definition. Whatever yours may be, I ask this: can you summarize a slouch as being someone who does not live up to the potential they have? Because in my opinion, if you slouch you are selfish.

    By jakeG URL on 12.01.2011

  33. Stop slouching, say your parents. It’s bad for you.
    What they really mean: it looks bad. Looks are all that matter, nowadays. Who cares what your personality is like if you’re pretty?

    By Eleanor on 12.01.2011

  34. My mom used to always tell me to stop slouching as a kid. I eventually ended up having a small case of scoliosis cured through seeing a chiropractor in middle school. Hm. Mother knows best.

    By Grace URL on 12.01.2011

  35. Sometimes I slouch
    when I sit in my chair
    and I wonder what not slouching would feel like
    but it would just
    make my shoulders hurt
    and my arms hurt
    and make me wonder why
    I am even sitting up
    and what is the point of this cruel world
    where sitting up hurts your back
    when the only way you should be able to function
    is through sitting up because that
    doesn’t give you scoleosis but
    sometimes i wonder if scoleosis
    is really all that bad
    but I guess it is.

    By Scythe42 URL on 12.01.2011

  36. class is really boring today
    for lack of posture, I bend
    for lack of sleep, I slouch
    I hate this class
    I don’t wanna be here at school
    I’m really tired, no sleep last night
    procrastination, online work, stress, pity
    I don’t like doing any work any more
    I want to read, I finished Les Miserables today
    what will I start next, why not finish a military history book

    By Layne Carraway on 12.01.2011

  37. on the couch
    you silly nilly
    willy pouch
    sack of stuff thats
    wack and rough

    By robodobo on 12.01.2011

  38. We bend, twist, contort ourselves downward. Deep within our bones we collapse into our skin, mindless of the sinking shoulders, the sloped spine. We slouch, and in doing so we move ever so slowly back into the earth itself.

    By John URL on 12.01.2011

  39. I always slouch in my chair. My father tells me not too but its so hard not to feel weighed down by the pressure I feel


    Around that table I feel choked up. So I slouch so that no one can see me.

    By muffinmiruku URL on 12.01.2011

  40. Slouch. Thats how I sit in my desk. I slouch. I don’t want the world to see my face sometimes. I can’t really bring myself to sit up straight, and face the teacher. Except when I’m in English. In English, my heart soars, my confidence roars, and I’m a formidable person to wreck. I’m no slouch in the world of hopes and dreams I’m just- well,, me. And thats all I’ll ever need.

    By Jared S. URL on 12.01.2011