January 4th, 2014 | 86 Entries

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86 Entries for “slip”

  1. slip willy yellow rubber slick shining feet gravity backbone. laughter and a punch to the gut and that’s fun. trembling elbows, a plate of black hair heavy and cold. the wham of the grass beneath the slip and slide.

    By Fred Fingery URL on 01.04.2014

  2. He covers his mouth immediately after he says it, not willing to believe that he actually let it slip that way.
    “I mean–” he starts to say, but stops short when he sees the look on the other man’s face.
    Understanding, fragility, awe–but most prominently, love.

    By Jordan URL on 01.04.2014

  3. The water slipped into the hole, yet I felt my own mind slip further into my subconscious as I felt myself move through the ages until I felt that I was truly one with the universe.

    By Sam H URL on 01.04.2014

  4. This is what she struggled with…there was no way for her to relate to others. She would slip into being what they wanted her to be instead of focusing on herself as an individual. Always falling further down the hole…slipping…unable to catch herself and to learn from past mistakes. She needed someone to teach her how to grasp onto the values that made her a person worth relating to…

    By Theresa on 01.04.2014

  5. it slipped my mind, why had it. it was one of the most important day to remember for those that wished to be employed in my line of work. It was workshop day.

    By Sven the Vengeful URL on 01.04.2014

  6. I am slipping slowly into oblivion. There doesn’t seem to be anything for me here. I am not sure why I slip so far away from my goals more quickly or why it is ingrained in me to give up and quit every time something hard comes my way. I slip away in silence, I slip away into darkness, I slip into sadness like a well worn jacket.

    By Chelsea Kennedy URL on 01.04.2014

  7. It was a simple slip of his tongue, a mistake made in a moment that changed every moment after. He saw the blood rush to her face, her cheeks blooming in an emotion he could imagine but not know – anger? Embarrassment? Hurt? Most likely a slurried mess of all three. What’s in a name? Sometimes, everything.

    By Dale URL on 01.04.2014

  8. Sexy, silky, banana peels, tongue, oops, icy, skate, fall, sleep, just write don’t think, yikes, how is my time not up? This is the longest sixty seconds ever. Is there actually a timer? I am done.

    By Timoteo on 01.04.2014

  9. up
    and say things
    that rage across your skin
    and threaten to ruin the nations
    carefully constructed by delicate and
    innocent words.
    we once lived in knowledge veiled
    by naivety or superiority
    until one day our game was up
    it was beyond us, not the other way around as previously thought.

    By Kairn URL on 01.04.2014

  10. my mind is slipping again

    i don’t know what to do

    i can feel my control

    slip, slip, slip

    i’m so scared

    it’s dark here

    i need you back

    you are my light

    without you there’s only blackness

    and all i can do is slip

    and fall

    By Lilian URL on 01.04.2014

  11. A slip of the foot is all it will take to find myself flat on my back again. The windows frosted overlooking the glazed pavement. As I wonder upon it I try not to slip yet again.

    By Chuck K. URL on 01.04.2014

  12. At the end of the night, I took the time to reflect on what he had said to me. The whole thing seemed like a blur now…. but at least I knew he had meant it. I sighed and started my bath, undressing down to my slip. My dinner dress hung limply over the vanity chair.

    By Jaimee URL on 01.04.2014

  13. it was a rainy day and i stepped onto the stairs outside and i slipped. it hurt so much i decided to make some hot coco and silp it quietly while sitting by the fire

    By Megan McLeroy on 01.04.2014

  14. I began to slip. My fingers scrabbled uselessly against the ice-encrusted surface. But gravity bore me down, merciless, and there was nothing I could do to stop it.

    By WearyWater URL on 01.04.2014

  15. It was hard not to fall for him. I guarded myself well, thought to myself that this would all pass. Yet it was far more dangerous than I knew, because he’d already found the cracks in my armor and slipped his way inside my head. I could think of nothing else, dream of nothing else. And he slowly drove me mad.

    By Courka URL on 01.04.2014

  16. When she slipped and fell she wasn’t embarrassed. She got up and continued walking down the aisle toward the royals. They would hate her more if she started crying and ran away. Their respect for her was low enough already without her showing such emotions.

    By Jessica Tower URL on 01.04.2014

  17. slip into my eyes and you’ll see that the shell of cigarette smoke and bloodshot eyes are not all there is to me.
    Slip into my nightmare and see you how I do.

    By Gabe villas on 01.04.2014

  18. Paying special attention to what is happening in my life so that i don’t slip from my goals. I am intentional, focused and worried about that slip. I don’t want to fall short of my goals. It is important that I am successful in reaching them for me and for my staff.

    By Renee URL on 01.04.2014

  19. She did everything full force. Where other kids would fall out of bed and slip into their jeans, throw on their flip flops, Jessica turned up to college in heels and pearls.

    By pip333 URL on 01.04.2014

  20. Lights blared past me, as I hurried thought the alleyways and backstreets of the city. I still had a couple of men on my tail, but I wasn’t sure what time it was. I wondered if I had enough time to get to the theatre. Then a beeping noise sounding in my ear, and a clear voice came through. “James?” I smiled, “Don’t fret, I’m still alive, though I’m not sure if I have enough time to catch the show?” She laughed and said, “Well it all depends how fast you make it to the car waiting for you at Bakers Street.” “Not a problem, bout 2 minutes.” “But we don’t need your extra guests..” “Oh them? I was about to give them the Slip anyways.” “Right then, we will be waiting

    By Akeyx URL on 01.04.2014

  21. “Princeling over a chasm? Somebody hates us,” Law said, eyeing the young man dangling from a narrow tree growing out over the massive expanse of emptiness.

    “Please, help! I’m slipping!”

    With a sound something like “tch”, Law unshouldered her pack and threw it at Bastion, breaking into a full-out sprint.

    “Let go,” Bastion advised the young man, pretending not to smile. “It’ll hurt less.”


    “It’ll save your arms — oh, never mind.”

    Law leapt the chasm, colliding bodily with the youth midway and sweeping him into her ambitious amount of speed; they tumbled to rest on the other side with a groan that belonged entirely to the princeling.

    By Kali URL on 01.05.2014

  22. This was the season that would begin it all. No fear, no more heartache just a glorious beginning complete with freshly fallen rain. The glints of water dazzled on the autumn leaves as she walked along the sidewalk. Like freshly strewn diamonds enticing the eyes. Across the way she noticed the vibrant red leafs dancing and singing to their yellowed twins while the green siblings cherished their final color conversion with a splash of the fallen rain. She thought of him and all they’d been- all they could have been and what they never would be. Lost and twirling away in the mind she didn’t notice the man in front of her walking his dog. She tripped over the Labrador and the man reeling backwards and reeking of scotch slipped into the street where he was hit by a bus. One slip and the life turned black.

    By Jo on 01.05.2014

  23. Every once in a while when I’m sitting alone in the dark I start to forget about everything that I have done wrong in my life.
    I start to forget that I’m trying to be a better and more responsible person and I slip up.
    Next all I remember is the moment when I do slip and the next day is all headaches and fear of what I might have done.

    By Mauricio Carrizales on 01.05.2014

  24. Inevitably we are all going to fall once in a while. The shoe doesn’t always gain traction like we want it to. We run or walk, or even just stand, but in the end falling is inevitable. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try and stand. That doesn’t mean you should quite.

    By Tim on 01.05.2014

  25. i slip slip slide away in my own thoughts… hither tither wanderings and this-that ramblings…
    such and such…

    By Minette Tonoli URL on 01.05.2014

  26. While walking through the park last evening, I happen to slip on a piece of plastic that flew across the foot trail. Fortunately, I was able to hold onto the fence in time to break the fall.

    By victor URL on 01.05.2014

  27. I stripped down for you. I stepped to the edge of the pool for you. Like a swimmer, I dipped gracefully into the water for you, the coolness seeping through my skin and chilling my heart. Once I had started, I could not stop, and the icy blackness all around me pulled me farther and farther under. Slipping away was all I could manage, and it never felt so awful.

    By KT URL on 01.05.2014

  28. My heart was thudding louder than the thunder that was booming in the sky. Falling was not as easy as i thought it would…..but he caught me now….i didn’t slip- i stayed stuck to his hands. My heart was booming louder.

    By Maria URL on 01.05.2014

  29. Then the beat hit him, and the writing came flowing out. Descriptors gyrated forth as the rhythm and rhyme to his waltz of words; everything steadily slipped loose from the walls of his brain and out onto the floor. He remembered the song just as he remembered the steps. He knew how to move again. He knew it so well, that it was easy to see how trite this metaphor was, to say nothing of the shoehorning of ‘slipped”, but he couldn’t bring himself to care. He had no time to be cynical; he was busy dancing.

    By Brandon Steward on 01.05.2014

  30. To slip into unconsciousness is
    To slip in a long awaited dream,
    A dream that you wished for and longed for
    Long before you even know it existed
    When all that existed was a simple thought
    A thought about a wish about a dream about
    A slip into unconsciousness.

    By diana m URL on 01.05.2014

  31. the water slipped between his hands, like his lover also did. he couldt stop the water, and not his lover either. everything slipped. he felt hopless, so very very hopless

    By Julie URL on 01.05.2014

  32. Dean felt like he was slipping. Slipping from humanity. He had to count the things that made him human every day. But every day he slipped farther into the pit. He was becoming a demon. A monster. What would Sammy think?

    By Lana on 01.05.2014

  33. “Don’t slip! Be careful! Watch out!!”
    She crawled across the slippery cobweb infested metal plank.

    By Erica on 01.05.2014

  34. Slipping into the vid screen before she knew it: a shadow, replacing that tree. She knew nothing, but he felt… everything. Every blurred image, every click of channel chasing, every breath ghosting across his unknown face, every second.

    By RS Bohn URL on 01.05.2014

  35. then she took off her dress and that mysterious piece of clothing called a slip was revealed in its silky, light pink goodness. i loved the layers, i loved the brief wait between consent and the arrival of the naked body…

    By Lee URL on 01.05.2014

  36. She pointed one nylon covered toe into the top of her slip and pulled it up to her waist. As she slipped her feet into a scuffed up pair of heels, she sighed. Her body had been pulled and stuffed and squeezed from decades of neglecting her diet and weight. Why didn’t she look the way in the mirror as she did in her head?

    By Lanna Rosse on 01.05.2014

  37. She pointed one nylon covered toe into the top of her slip and pulled it up to her waist. As she slipped her feet into a scuffed up pair of heels, she sighed. Her body had been pulled and stuffed and squeezed from decades of neglecting her diet and weight. Why didn’t she look the way in the mirror as she did in her head?

    By Lanna Rosse URL on 01.05.2014

  38. They were having a conversation in the coffee shop when he let it slip that he had recently had lunch with one of her great rivals.

    By Alexandra URL on 01.05.2014

  39. something describing books and musical instruments

    By Rochelle on 01.05.2014

  40. I must be slipping. I didn’t even notice when the light changed. By the time I realized it was my turn, moments had slipped by and I tried to compensate by gunning the car full speed ahead. Unfortunately, I forgot about the open coffee cup balanced on my dash. My screams could be heard around the block.

    By Kristine URL on 01.05.2014