June 15th, 2013 | 145 Entries

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145 Entries for “sleeved”

  1. arms covered, never bare.
    never showing the scars underneath.
    not out of shame, not out of fear,
    more like a kind of pity,
    so people don’t have to react.
    nobody to say “i’m sorry” or “what happened?”
    just arms, appearing normal while sleeved.

    By kurtseph URL on 06.15.2013

  2. The paper just sat there in the sleeve, sheathed like sword. Although the words written were of utter importance to the world, the sleeve looked as though it had seen more action than the law that was printed on the paper.

    By Ian URL on 06.15.2013

  3. No. That is my answer. But you’ve never had much respect for that word, have you? You are here to steal, kill, and destroy. I know that. I know that the more I love, the higher I go on your hit list. I know that you will use those closest to me to break me. But I will not. Not after three months of doing so well. Not when I can finally wear short-sleeved shirts and bikini bottoms again. Not after feeling the Lord’s very hand on my spirit. So go for it, use your agents in the ones closest to my heart. And one day I will watch as my King banishes you to the lake of fire for all eternity.

    By aura.rayne URL on 06.15.2013

  4. I wore a bikini today, and I was missing the rest of my clothes. I was thinking about today and who said we have to be half naked around strangers to go in the ocean for a swim, or jump in the pool showing almost all of our body parts? Well whoever made it up, k have to say a few things to you. For instance, are you some weird guy that wanted to see his mistress in a less clothes but in front of his wife? Keeping it secret but out in the open? Or was the scenario a case of I want to encourage women to look better, and have a better figure? So that every year women prepare their bodies for diets and weird body detoxes so men (or other women) can deeply gaze at their new “beach bod”.

    By Sarah Milad on 06.15.2013

  5. Sleeved? What is sleeved. I think first of an arm in a business suit but then drift off to my middle school days playing card games. You weren’t cool unless you had all of your cards in a cool colored sleeve. I put mine into some lime green ones i bought off a friend. it made my day.

    By Easton on 06.16.2013

  6. I wouldn’t call it a dust jacket. The book is literally sleeved in thick, inflexible sheets of plastic. I understand that it’s a first edition—that it’s incredibly rare—but this seems like overkill. One of the guards posted at the side of the book’s glass case glares at me as wander in for a closer look.

    By WearyWater URL on 06.16.2013

  7. I watched him go in front of my eyes, sleeved in the warm darkness while I stupidly followed behind in shorts and a tank top. The mosquitoes sunk deep into my skin, sucking out everything they could. So while I got weaker along the way, tripping over roots and underbrush, the distance between our bodies grew deeper. The distance between our hearts ran like a jagged scar along my bumped skin.

    By Marissa URL on 06.16.2013

  8. The sword slid easily into its sleeve. Being slick with blood as it was, it could probably fit into a crack in the floor. He didn’t feel any remorse for it though.

    By Obsessed Writer URL on 06.16.2013

  9. Then she noticed one photo of herself as a baby, in a short sleeved shirt. What intrigued her was that she normally was not dressed in short sleeves as a child because of the birthmark on her arm. And in that photo, there was no birthmark…

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 06.16.2013

  10. I don’t even know what this word means but I’ll try and go for it. Sleeved. She was sleeved. He was sleeved. We all are sleeved? But I wonder what happens if you’re not sleeved. Obviously you don’t belong. That’s kinda sad, but hey, that’s the world we live in right? To be sleeved. To not be sleeved.

    By Nick URL on 06.16.2013

  11. Castiel pulled on Dean’s sleeved jacket. He appreciated the way it curled over his freckled hand, which was balled in a fist.

    “What is it?” He asked quietly.

    “Ah, nothing,” He said, turning back to the simply beauty of Dean’s arm.

    By no one on 06.16.2013

  12. Look, i don’t even know what you’re talking about…. You’re not making any sense….. What do you mean you ‘sleeved’ your arm right through your new cardigan?…. Isn’t that how you wear a cardigan?….. By placing your arms through the sleeves?….. Oh, you mean you’ve torn right through the knit?

    By Amimee URL on 06.16.2013

  13. skipping through the rivers created downhill the slope

    By Ravi Gupta on 06.16.2013

  14. i wear sleeves and the creature sleeve is my best friend and we go on adventures at night and climb ladders to the moon. Sleeve wears snazzy pants and loves the okapi, which we also ride through space. sleeve is sad but beautiful. Sleeve is very depressed but so am i so we get on well. Sleeve can see colors because they have synesthesia. Sleeve times are the best and worst of times.

    By abbie on 06.16.2013

  15. he was sleeved. not the kind of sleeved you’d imagine from a man. but the kind where his biceps wrote stories about his heart. that kind of man. not that you’d know from looking. but you’d know from staring. he was sleeved. and i wanted ..all the sudden… to change into a tank.

    By Ashley on 06.16.2013

  16. The old vinyl record was sleeved with a photo of the band on the front. Looking at it reminded her of all those wonderful concerts. It felt like only a short while ago but in fact was over half a century.

    By E A M Harris URL on 06.16.2013

  17. Her hands behind his back,
    she clenches her teeth, refuses to speak.
    She wears secrets under her sleeves.

    By Jem Page URL on 06.16.2013

  18. I want a tattoo. A sleeve actually. I’d like a tattoo composed of all the words I’d ever said to you that have broken you down, built you up, made you laugh, cry, confused and considered the soundness of my sanity. Also, your name at the inside of my wrist.

    By shesokaye URL on 06.16.2013

  19. T shirts. Long sleeves. Sweater. Vegetables. So many things that we describe. Protection. Tattoos. Keeping somethings out. Keeping others in. Covering things so precious, so vulnerable. The important. The fragile.

    By Alex on 06.16.2013

  20. There are things that I wish I could show to the world. It makes me want to decorate my body with everything that I will never really say. Express myself with more sincerity than I ever would with speech.

    By Amber URL on 06.16.2013

  21. She sleeved her wrists in red tiger stripes
    criss crossing into one million X’s, into
    one millions warnings to go away,
    one million chalk lines marking the time spent
    living a life that was dead.

    We treat others as we want to be treated.
    How long must she have been pining
    to leave?

    By Perri URL on 06.16.2013

  22. Sleeved? What was he talking about, is that even a word? She looked back over the to him, his back to her as he scoured the bookshelves searching. She sighed, reaching out to a volume that caught her eye, it’s spine coated in gold.

    By Jennifer on 06.16.2013

  23. It was , unusually sleeved. I hadn’t seen anything quite like it before and it brought to mind those old LP’s I used loan out from the library. Neatly sleeved, orderly and untouchable. It was strange to receive an invite like that. Clinical

    By twistedideas URL on 06.16.2013

  24. The electronic parts for the project were sleeved in a protected case to prevent corrosion from the dust particles in thew air. A great deal of money was spent on the tools and it was necessary to protect them at all cost.

    By victor URL on 06.16.2013

  25. skin sleeved in ink
    illustrating the many
    pot holes of the human
    etched roadmaps

    but it’s all neither here
    nor there.

    By HoldenLyric URL on 06.16.2013

  26. Got a couple of cards up in there. Don’t really know if they’re good for anything, or what’s gonna happen if I get caught with them, but sometimes you just got to take some risks.

    By humanode URL on 06.16.2013

  27. there are many things which have been sleeved in life. So let us being by love – well sometimes love has to be sleeved because it gets to be so very complicated and crazy. People never really act the way you hope them to be…..

    By Patricia on 06.16.2013

  28. Julia got out of bed and put on her short SLEEVED shirt and favourite jeans. She wen’t down stairs, had breakfast, cleaned her teeth and set off for school. :)

    By Roxy Ricat URL on 06.16.2013

  29. Sleeved refers to the sleeve of a garment. It is the part which covers the arm. Wearing your heart on my sleeve is a common phrase that usually refers to a sewn heart on someone’s sleeve. We usually speak bout long-sleeved and short-sleeved garments. Even sleeveless garments are available.

    By shreya on 06.16.2013

  30. The sleeved shirt was ubiquitous and quotidian yet somehow attractive quixotic girls. The quiddity of it was that of the obsequious.

    By stumbler URL on 06.16.2013

  31. tensed and worried, he raised his hand in order to ruffle the sleeved shirt. but, unfortunately, even that didn’t help. he returned to his apprehensive state, wondering when its grip over him would loosen.

    By Ice URL on 06.16.2013

  32. So today the word is sleeved as if Otis a shirt sleeve that’s folded up hence something is folded not revealed hence a visual expression called sleeved

    By P M kiran on 06.16.2013

  33. Her top had no sleeves at all. It was the kind of top meant for buffed and tanned arms, but hers were thin and pale, and her skin was shriveled with age. All the same, she wore it with a champion’s smile.

    By mrsmig URL on 06.16.2013

  34. Sleeved my sword and too a bow as I was the winner of the tournament. I had battled several well known knight, but I the under dog prevailed. The crowd cheer

    By Heather on 06.16.2013

  35. dont known this word

    By nguyen URL on 06.16.2013

  36. Wow. Sleeved. I like to wear something that’s sleeved. Because, I am a muslim girl and my God requires me to cover my arms. And I naturally prefer not to be flashy by showing off a lot of skin to people. I want them to love me for my personality and not my appearance. Does this thing have a time limit? Gosh, I am typing so fast. I like to live a sleeved life. It’s partially insane because I live in such a hot country but y’know. I live for God.

    By Afrina on 06.16.2013

  37. The winter was on its way and so were the long-sleeved t-shirts. No one would see and so I picked the blade and set to release some of the pain bottled inside me.

    By Kitty URL on 06.16.2013

  38. edges sewn. an aspiration dashed by a mother’s worries. negativity. neglect. but how else could things be, if it is all you’ve ever known. Shoulders cold like bells in the sand

    By Chantelle URL on 06.16.2013

  39. The cap-sleeved white blouse lay forgotten on the floor of her otherwise immaculate bedroom.

    Of course, she should have hung it up in the closet when she got home, or even put it with her other dirty clothes for washing.

    She excused herself, thinking, “I was much too tired.”

    The next day, she woke up, saw the blouse staring, accusatory, up at her, and marched outside. She shredded the pearly silk reminders of last night, and let the pieces float away on the breeze.

    By Simone URL on 06.16.2013

  40. Breaking out of thick jungle and into the clearing, Markham sprinted toward the aeroplane, his only chance of escape. Mustering all possible vigor, driven by mortal terror, he became aware of an odd sensation of stillness. It was then that a well-aimed projectile found its target. Markham faltered, then fell, doomed by a poison dart, which moments before had been sleeved in a blowgun.

    By !iijiijii! on 06.16.2013