June 15th, 2013 | 145 Entries

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145 Entries for “sleeved”

  1. I prefer long-sleeved shirts to short-sleeved.

    By Jason URL on 06.15.2013

  2. With this design, it would only make sense for the shirt to be sleeved. This doesn’t make any sense the way it is. Whoever is behind this horrid creation must be put to rest.

    By mountainman URL on 06.15.2013

  3. The sleeved women knew no boundaries in conversation yet was so guarded about her own personal history. She smirked knowingly but the man knew better. Positioned on a higher seat she tried to skirt around disappointed. The pain in her eyes was not something that could be hidden. Her secure masque did little but dishearten the man.

    By everythingused on 06.15.2013

  4. knitting all along with the thread hanging low and the cats keep unraveling the sleeves. this sweater’s getting ruined and the floor is a mess but i keep going and keep going all the same.

    By Annie URL on 06.15.2013

  5. The arm was thin and veiny, awkwardly placed on the armrest and, yet, somehow beautiful. I could not keep my eyes off of that sleeved arm.

    By Karen on 06.15.2013

  6. To cover up our arms
    A place to house the arms

    Striped sweaters
    everyone has sleeves

    a man without sleeves
    sexual exhibitionary

    a man with sleeves
    repressed puritan

    you could say anything with such conviction.

    By jonathon URL on 06.15.2013

  7. the short-sleeved button-downs each prisoner was issued were their own kind of humiliation. there was no way to hide the scars, the sores, the damaged and thinning skin, the meager flesh. they were on display. the fact that they suffered this injury together was no comfort; instead, the sight of neighbors with hands just as thin and wrists just as bony as their own served only to remind them, in the absence of mirrors, who they were and where they were and what had become of them.

    By mira URL on 06.15.2013

  8. sleeved makes me think of shirts, the crisp freshly ironed ones ready to slip your arms into and look respectable for work in the morning. Something about the creases in the sleeves themselves.

    By Emma on 06.15.2013

  9. He walked into the bank, sleeved in his right hand shirt was a loaded gun, his heart pounded as he wlked

    By VSingh on 06.15.2013

  10. The edge of her sleeve just covered her wrist, protecting the delicate skin at the base of her palm from eyes.

    He watched the place anyway, hoping the sleeve would slip up, and he’d be able to see the fine network of veins that branched inward and outward in amazing patterns.

    The porcelain skin seemed to glow in the light, but she never looked at him, and the white sleeve never moved.

    Sometimes, he wondered if it would ever move. It seemed fixed in place to her skin as if by pins.

    By Maria URL on 06.15.2013

  11. Sleeved is one word that could change everything. You may ask your friend to fetch you a shirt. Whether you say ‘sleeved’ or not is a big deal. They may end up grabbing a tank top in the middle of winter!

    By Skye on 06.15.2013

  12. You mean when people cover their entire arm in tatoos? Pretty cool. Pretty permanent. But what’s the point? What are you trying to tell the world? What are you trying to tell yourself?

    By Sleeveless Joe on 06.15.2013

  13. This word could effect your whole outfit. You may decide that, if you choose a sleeved shirt, you need to wear long pants. If, however, you don’t choose such shirt, you may wear shorts and have a completely different look.

    By Skye on 06.15.2013

  14. Well, I suppose I should say the shirt is sleeves. IT really depends on the weather on what kind of sleeve you want. T-shirts are a favorite when the temperature outside resembles that of a boiling pot. However, you might want some coverage if Alaska decided to drop by for a quick visit. Or perhaps a whole season. What can I say, can’t keep the north away.

    By A.C. Rooks URL on 06.15.2013

  15. Her manicured hand was sleeved in an elegant black glove; a glove that kept many secrets hidden, including the woman’s own identity.

    By Skye URL on 06.15.2013

  16. my arm covered in tattoo, its sleeved, and I like I that way. Its a entire murial of who I am and what I like and that’s all that matters. Some people may not like or appreciate it but that doesn’t matter, because these are for me.

    By Cedes on 06.15.2013

  17. with blue cuff links. I couldn’t believe the monkey was wearing a shirt. He walked over to Franz, took his cigarette, and continued to smoke it. The monkey seemed to have more class than all of Franz’s friends combined.

    By Lisa on 06.15.2013

  18. I was sleeved one time in school. Some kid, decided he wanted to punch me and left me this big freaking bruise. I cried and went to the office to go tell. By the time that happened I had been sleeved again.

    By Iesha Ferguson on 06.15.2013

  19. I was in my long sleeved button up collard shirt. I rolled up the sleeves, it became too hot.

    By cloudsgrey URL on 06.15.2013

  20. shirts when sleeved are really formal, sometimes it’s better to keep it fresh. Of course it depends on the person but for me, natural clothes and a trashy style are way better. I think it lets you act a little bit more freed, you know, clothes might change the way you behave.

    By Valentina on 06.15.2013

  21. ONe time I had a sleeve and it was dirty, little did I know it was smudge with the blood of my heart pinned to it. I thought about taking it off, but when it comes down to it I didn’t have the heart. beacause it was there. On my sleeve.

    By TJ on 06.15.2013

  22. Sleeved. She had been sleeved. Usually she was paraded openly and obnoxiously, but this time she had been sleeved. Tucked away out of shame; but still close at hand for the next occurrence where she would be appropriately shoved in whomever’s face.

    By Kristin on 06.15.2013

  23. I was just walking around, trying to hide the suspicions that were so obvious on my face. When I slid into the resteraunt and was sleeved

    By Erin on 06.15.2013

  24. shirt and sleeves and dogs and clothing and sleeves cuffs something ta da!

    By Noelle on 06.15.2013

  25. Sleeved is something that men from the south should take more seriously. There is a serious lack of sleeves there. Some people need to be sleeved.

    By Jacob Schreifels on 06.15.2013

  26. Once, I wore a long sleeved dress. It was terribly uncomfortable and the sleeves were very, very long. I didn’t much like it and in fact, was rather bothered by the dress. However, my mother bought it for me…

    By Audrey on 06.15.2013

  27. i sleeved the car window to get the fog to go away. it was twenty degrees outside and my car had broken down. i was supposed to be home to alex for his birthday. why do bad things only happen on good days? i need him to know that i love him and that i’m here for him.

    By Emily URL on 06.15.2013

  28. when she’s still very small but also considerably taller than before, tsukumo makes a habit out of holding on to his sleeve at times. it seems like she prefers that to holding hands for some reason that lies beyond hirato’s realm of understanding. no, he certainly doesn’t understand it, but clearly the gesture brings her comfort, so he slowly makes a habit out of sticking to shirts with long sleeves.

    By erishuka URL on 06.15.2013

  29. I have no idea what this means. it looks like “beens” but maybe not cuz im just having lap top on my needs.
    sleeeeeved yeah like im weeved

    By sowhat2013 URL on 06.15.2013

  30. The triple color sleeved menace would not stop for every characteristic was habitual.

    By Samantha on 06.15.2013

  31. Superstitious destinies
    among the cold,dark harmonies.
    Limitless gaps,
    aching hearts.
    Covering our wounds
    to stop the hurt.
    Red soldiers, all in a line–
    walking the distance to their shrine.


    By Jason Ohono on 06.15.2013

  32. I saw this just and he had tattoos all over his arms. I told my friend “god I wiwh I was sleeved like that. I want a bunch of tattoos now.” She lookes at me woth a weird expr3ssion sand ssid “girl, you’re crazy! I would never” months later I have 3 huge tattoos ans she’s she still has nine. Morsl of the story. Im more awesome and crearive than she is im also less worried about what other people think of me. Thanks to tue guy with tattoos on his arms ♥

    By Christyn URL on 06.15.2013

  33. Kimono sleeves draped over slender arms, once uncovered to show the white skin warmed with trusting passion. Now one arm ends with a ladle raised high to strike.

    By Ann M. Lynn URL on 06.15.2013

  34. Sleeved

    You wear my heart on you-
    Like your tattoos
    but unlike them
    your love for me
    is only temporary

    By Hannah Jean on 06.15.2013

  35. It was a cold sweat that brought my guts back into my body. The trickle of salty stress beads down my temples almost gave me away, and if it hadn’t been for the doorbell ringing at that moment, I wouldn’t have sleeved that ace.

    By Theresa URL on 06.15.2013

  36. She was wearing a short sleeved dress, moving her figure with grace and confidence, like she had everything and done everything she wanted to. You just wanted to look at her, kiss those red lips and make her all yours. But at the same time, You just wanted to get to the highest point of the building and talk with her about everything and nothing at all, looking as the city moved slowly down your feet, your hands barely touching her, like it was a sin to do anything else. You wanted ot do so many things, but you ended just looking at her dance with him, a sad smile in your lips.

    By Fran on 06.15.2013

  37. She grabs the long sleeved shirt that once brought her so much comfort, throws it in the fireplace and watches it burn until it’s nothing but ashes.

    By djksdv on 06.15.2013

  38. His shirt was definitely sleeved, although not in the regular manner… sleeve had a cuff, two buttons on the cuff and the other was short with no cuff and an elastic around the edge. They looked rather bizarrely beautiful!

    By Coramie on 06.15.2013

  39. sleeved reprieve, alligator sweater vest, smells like bleach and lavender, sunswirl dandelion dangling on your sleeve, your hand in a fist, and in the fist another hand, grateful lawyers coming to the birthday, briefcases leaning on brief faces.

    By Fred Fingery URL on 06.15.2013

  40. you told me about your short-sleeved shirts flying up in the wind and blowing cold air through your brain and my heart drooped and melted and dripped all over the keyboard, sparks flying and burning my skin, pressed against the pleather seat in the June humidity as I listened to you rationalize and I don’t ever want to forget

    By K on 06.15.2013