November 29th, 2011 | 216 Entries

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216 Entries for “skyline”

  1. I love drawing city skylines. I could draw them forever, because I feel like I’m creating hundreds of lives that are intertwined at the tip of my pen. Buildings are really very ugly, but when the sun sets and all you see is a shadow, skylines are absolutely breathtaking.

    By Azure URL on 11.29.2011

  2. Die Linie am Himmel kräuselte sich. Die Sonne strahlte sie mit letzter Kraft rosarot an, dann verblasste sie langsam. Ein Pfeil aus schwarzen Entenschatten schob sich schreiend dem Horizont entgegen.

    By Eli URL on 11.29.2011

  3. I remember once when I was 10, and my family went on a trip to New York City. We traveled on a ferry to the island with the statue of Liberty on it (I can’t remember its name) but we looked at the skyline of New York City there, and it was beautiful.

    By Emilia URL on 11.29.2011

  4. I looked up at the skyline expecting so much more. All in sight was the color blue, but for some reason that’s all I had desired to see. I felt like if there was something more it would’ve been disappointing. So for me the skyline is where I go for peace.

    By Danielle on 11.29.2011

  5. I wanna think of sunset. But I’m just thinking of when i asked him what school he went to he said skyline. First i thought he was just trying to be mysterious but really his school was called skyline. He sits on skyline chairs from 8 to 3. walks between class to class on the skyline, words written in skyline. I imagine there are cloud bubbles coming out of sky kids with dreams and aspirations.

    By Harlow URL on 11.29.2011

  6. The skyline reflected in the moonlight
    on the bay

    showed me the true nature of humanity,

    That lunar aurora,
    shot me in the arm.

    and my thoughts leaked out
    and bled into the sea.

    By vince URL on 11.29.2011

  7. out the window clouds and sun make one view one of beauty and grace and monumental emotion routine things when combined become all that the eye ever wishes to see again and yet down below eyes see pain and torment and the shattering of lives but from up here all i can see with my eyes is the skyline

    By C. Ritchie URL on 11.29.2011

  8. The skyline of the city danced and poked its way about the snow covered mountain tops as the car road up and down the hilly windy road. He would soon be there, seeing her at last.

    By Trista URL on 11.29.2011

  9. The skyline is so beautiful tonight. When I think about the skyline I miss Canada.

    By sheila URL on 11.29.2011

  10. Sitting on out on the rooftop, Mabel stared out across the expanse of her city. Varying hues of pink and purple bounced between the skyscrapers as the sun sunk into a peaceful sleep.

    By Emily URL on 11.29.2011

  11. Be the first to say “I’m sorry hear me out.” But if you take me down oh would you lay me out? And if the world needs something better, lets give them one more reason!! There’s smoke in today’s sky, like butane on my skin, stolen from my eyes. Hello angel tell me where I go, tell me where we go from here!!

    By Zoe URL on 11.29.2011

  12. The skyline breaks across the window yonder. I wonder, is it worth the jump, the skip, the climb? Is my little seat on the fire escape a break in the wind, or just a place where all the leaves go to die? Am I real? Is this real? Is our love as sturdy as this fire escape, or as ever changing as the brightly lit skyline? All it is is beautiful.

    By Jared Sutton on 11.29.2011

  13. “Here you go, MIss” the taxi driver said as he stopped along the curb.

    Savannah opened the door and stared at the Manhattan skyline. Tomorrow she’d start auditioning for a role in the chorus line.

    Frank Sinatra was right. If she could make it here, she could make it anywhere.

    By Leticia on 11.29.2011

  14. horizon. at sunset it fills with orange and yellow, occasionally pink or purple. at the city its really pretty because of the tall buildings

    By chloebear URL on 11.29.2011

  15. Ima alien hunter, aint ever found one, hard to find an alien stuck on the ground
    aim high toward the skyline, when the time’s right ima take flight and soar faster than the sunlight, fighting gravity, the open sky contsticting me, look toward that line, close my eyes and imagine that im free, able to think for my self, thoughts float in space, free falling toward the ground with a smile on my face

    By Chris on 11.29.2011

  16. she stood tall and sleek. Her leather superhero suit sweating uncomfortably. Her toes reached the edge of the concrete and down 500 feet was where another step would take her. Her breath caught as she stared at dusk’s multi-hued skyline. “you ready?” he called from the adjacent building.

    By Ms. Morgan URL on 11.29.2011

  17. I could see the skyline. I did not understand how much I had missed it until I saw it there before me. I could see the proud silver buildings as they reached ever upwards. I could see the jagged mountains as they clawed at the sky. It startled me, how much I missed this world of concrete and steel. Never did I think I would be happy to leave my forest, my haven, my sanctuary.

    By Salaa'ut URL on 11.29.2011

  18. skyline. stereo skyline? isn’t there a song or band like that..?

    or maybe it’s that strip of blue at the top of the windshield. that’s the best part of the car.

    By ddangkoma URL on 11.29.2011

  19. The skyline looked beautiful like the setting sun in a parade of colors. Colors like reds, oranges, pinks and yellows were being mixed in with the setting sun. Everything was awful.

    By idk on 11.29.2011

  20. that is the most blurriest of all.I’m lost and you can see me. you know the way, and lend me your hand, but I’m blind to your kindness and can’t help but sigh
    if only i was wonderful
    if only i could see
    if only i weren’t lost
    then, may be my sanity would still be with me

    By zainib URL on 11.29.2011

  21. As I watched the skyline, I couldn’t help but wonder, ‘Who else is watching this? Maybe I’ll meet them one day. Maybe I won’t. That person has a family.. Maybe they’re wondering the same thing.’
    My head hurt from all the wonderings.

    By Megan URL on 11.29.2011

  22. when i hear skyline i think of new york city, or really any city in general. and then i think about how i go to this website and look at one word a day and write about it, and how i sometimes read other people’s and theyre all deep and insightful but i am just blunt and weird. it makes me wonder. i will do something epic. a skyline is what you first see in a city, and like with people looks are what you see first. sooooo skyliine = dont judge a book by its cover ;)

    By ophelia patterson URL on 11.29.2011

  23. the buildings were a mash of different miss matched shapes and sizes, and the dying sunset made the colors on their walls bleed together. mash. different. dying. colors. bleed. these buildings whispered my story. they wrote it across their skyline. the wind carried it through the city. when i suck in the cold air from the streets, i can taste it. i can still taste the dreams on my lips.

    By Dulcie URL on 11.29.2011

  24. Skyline means a city skyline, most likely a big city like New York, but its skyline isn’t so recognizable now without the twin towers. It’s still a skyline people know though, but not as important as froan.

    By wrvaetybtuy on 11.29.2011

  25. as i lie in the grass i look up to see the skyline. it takes me far away, leaving my feelings my anger or sadness leaving everyone and everything, and realizing were nothing

    By nicole on 11.29.2011

  26. the skyline lit up with the yellow orange of city lights, I held my hand close to my chest and exhaled. It sounds cheesy as hell, but for a split second I fell in love again.

    By Anna on 11.29.2011

  27. i spent the majority of my night driving through miles of blank land, unaltered by human hands. it is only from this reservation that the skyline is visible, layered with mountains and purple clouds. the natives, i realized, have the right idea..

    By t URL on 11.29.2011

  28. zyxwvutsrqponomlkjihgfedcba…. the Cop still was not satified…
    So then I walked my skyline, right to the drunk tank…

    By Lord Jim URL on 11.29.2011

  29. Sydney viewed over the harbour is a skyline of beauty. I’m separated from it by industrial glass designed so the desperate and failed cannot fling themselves multi-stories downward to freedom. It’s spectacular but it’s cold and untouchable. I want a skyline I can live in. I’d like to think one day after I make my escape from this corporate jail, I could come back as tourist, and see it again with refreshed vision.

    By daleleelife101 URL on 11.29.2011

  30. We had rented the apartment together. I thought the rent was too high – do you remember what you said to that? You said: ‘Look at that view. Where else are you going to get a view like that? It’s priceless, really.’ You convinced me that it was a good idea to move in there. And now, you’re long gone, but the view of the Seattle skyline remains – a constant reminder of what we had and what could have been.

    By Haley URL on 11.29.2011

  31. “The new project,” he began, “will be called Skyline”. The room slowed to a hush as the faces turned to him, betraying a mix of shock and not a little awe, at the audacity of using this name again after the tragic failure of its namesake. Three hundred deaths was not a winner in the advertising world, something akin to trying to rebrand your cereal ‘Arsenic Bites’ or change your makeup brand to ‘lead-based poison paste’. No, Skyline was not going to go down well with the public.
    But this man was a visionary. He’d brought them through the difficult times before, and surely, one or two thought, he could do it again.
    “Good idea” came one voice from the audience round the table. Murmurs grew into smiles, and soon a wave of buoyant expectation washed around the room. They could do this. They could really do this.
    All they needed now, was a believable lie.

    By Gordsthoughts URL on 11.29.2011

  32. The august skyline burned a golden blue into his mind — and he knew this was the end. This was all that she would give him, this is all he would remember — the sky on the last day. It was the best gift he’d ever received, and the hardest she’d ever given.

    By madsteb on 11.29.2011

  33. I look out at the New York skyline,
    and I chuckle to myself and think,
    how beautiful would you be if you where set on fire.

    By Kayla URL on 11.29.2011

  34. i love a wide open skyline. it makes me feel freedom i have. i just hope the skylines here are not blocked, but then i live here by choice, but my dream is to live in a pace where skylines are all open.

    By kaorita on 11.29.2011

  35. The skyline was a fiery red, streaked with purple and blue clouds. The gold plated building in the midst of downtown gleamed like a pile of unknown treasure. Through the scraggly arms of the elms and oaks, she stood from asylum hill and stared at all the other buildings that soaked up all the color like charred stumps. It was only a mile away, but she felt so very far.

    By cmsiena URL on 11.29.2011

  36. The Chicago Skyline has always provided me with a sense of welcome. As a child I traveled from my home to Chicago regularly. Because of the brightness, I always new when I was near our destination. Now I find the Basicilica welcomes me home on the turnpike.

    By apt on 11.29.2011

  37. The city skyline was hidden behind a fog so thick, you could cut it with a butter knife. But behind the unyielding fog, lay my dreams- the place of my dreams-the place that I could, and would, end up in.

    By catyeah URL on 11.29.2011

  38. My dream is to see another skyline. Something new and exciting. A foreign city to have forgein adventures in. Could you imagine? To explore a new world, a new culture, to see new faces? Is there anything more thrilling?

    By Brittface URL on 11.29.2011

  39. I watched the world go by as i was afraid to jump into the breezy air. the skyline was beautiful at the time of the day i couldnt help be dazed by the gorgeous sky. i could feel as free as a bird as i jumped. Free Forever

    By Journee URL on 11.29.2011

  40. skylines are peace. PEace. Escape. on top of the roof she sits to bring it in. sits and smokes and it’s her favorite thing in the world. until it’s ruined. as so much shit does get. so many good songs gone to waste because of associations with things that turned bad.

    By eeepa on 11.29.2011