November 29th, 2011 | 216 Entries

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216 Entries for “skyline”

  1. the skyline is high and swiftly descending. down down down as if we aren’t getting any higher in it. close your eyes. is it still there? the echoes of the buildings in the distance poke at the sky as if they could translate for it if they just got close enough to its insides. does the sky have insides? who has spoken for the sky we see?

    By oliver danni URL on 11.29.2011

  2. skylines are awesome. they are so cool and interesting. I LOVE SKYLINEZZ!!!!!

    By Kirk Hinrich and Darren Sproles on 11.29.2011

  3. The skyline in NYC is beautiful! Once i went to the top of the Empire State building to see it. It is BEAUTIFUL!!!!

    By Venus Williams on 11.29.2011

  4. A futuristic skyline, filled with streams of life flowing with the electric currents charging the city with life. No lines to be seen, but beams of light carry traffic, energy, communication. Life. A skyline of the future is no skyline at all.

    By David John URL on 11.29.2011

  5. The city skyline grew darker as the sun slipped below the horizon. Then suddenly it grew brighter, everyone turning on lights, the city coming alive as if on cue. Tonight was New Years Eve and the city lived.

    By jasmith URL on 11.29.2011

  6. Gold skyline!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love gold skylines!!!!!!! Goooooooooooooooooooooooold skyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyylllllllliiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnnneeeeeeeeeeessssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    By BobbyFlay on 11.29.2011

  7. The skyline across the horizon was beautiful. Then I remembered that I was in a burning plane crashing into the blublublublublub

    By U can't spell awesome without me. on 11.29.2011

  8. a nisson car.

    By dylan shuler on 11.29.2011

  9. The skyline was dim. It was a haunting hour. It was time for him to……………. STRIKE!!!!!!!!! Oh No! He’s after me! I need to rrrrrrrrrrrrrrruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuunnnnnnnnnnn! He’s getting closer…….. and closer….. and closer. It’s ov…… Oh No! Get away fr…………………..

    By Tim Tebow and Percy Harvin on 11.29.2011

  10. As i go past the skyline and forward too the zepelin i see a man coming at me with a gun…

    By Treasure hunter URL on 11.29.2011

  11. A serton distance in the sky.

    By chapman on 11.29.2011

  12. A line in the sky.

    By bob on 11.29.2011

  13. a line in the sky. i think that is what a skyline is.

    By joshua on 11.29.2011

  14. i love to have super cool partys on the skyline to relax and love to play and eat pizza. while combing my dog

    By gymnasticsizdabomb on 11.29.2011

  15. i think that the word “skyline” has already been proposed by a few weeks ago… or don’t i remember yesterday’s oneword ?

    Are they lazy or I amnesiac ?

    By Gagah on 11.29.2011

  16. Miami’s skyline sucks. It’s just glass and no human. And its right on the beach so you see it twice at night all reflected and it doesnt make you feel good. certainly not well. It’s just business and greed as far as i can see.

    By F on 11.29.2011

  17. jaden likes the gay skyline it makes him very happy.

    By tatertot URL on 11.29.2011

  18. everything looks so tiny
    everything looks so small
    standing on the skyline
    i have no thoughts at all
    there are no sounds
    nothing at all
    my heart beats faster
    slows, then stops
    everything below seems to come closer

    By elisha jane URL on 11.29.2011

  19. A line in the sky? I have no idea, but you know… it really reminds me of a website I saw recently… like… uhm… er… oh. It’s not a website. It’s a program. Skype. I think little words can even effect how we uhm… I have no idea where I was going with this, but I was told not to stop writing so I haven’t stopped…at all. I think I fixed a few typos, though.

    By Emelie URL on 11.29.2011

  20. It’s often the most recognizable thing about a city. But the juxtaposition of nature and artificial construct is not always welcome.

    By lil_nail URL on 11.29.2011

  21. i want to find someplace where the skyline seems to go on forever. where theres no one and nothing around unless i choose it to be. like those open stretches of unpredictable landscapes dotting the spaces between points of discovery and good versus evil combat in stories. the parts of their journey where the characters and/or creatures learn intimate information from and about themselves and each other. the comma, the breath mark, bow lift. i want to pause in moments of timelessness where nothing exists except that which is present and in front of me. i want to shrug of the weight of past and future and watch all else fade away save for the endless expanse of grass and cloud and occasional tree surrounding. what a wonderful moment – to rest, to enjoy the silence of release or anticipation among chords of built up suspense.

    By unbornsymphony URL on 11.29.2011

  22. The changes in the way the world moves, stirs, grows. What the morning breaks through and the night hides behind.

    By B on 11.29.2011

  23. you took my hand that day, and said let’s go and so we went, and from apartment to apartment. The windows to each life, we say what we could be, but instead we waited our lives on for that one moment: I let myself love you like I never had before. The next day, “remember the skyline”, but you didn’t because you hospitalized yourself so much from our love, didn’t want to be it – did not want to be part of something outside your comfort zone.

    By lena URL on 11.29.2011

  24. The sky line shone in the distance as Marylin steeped out onto the beach. She looked at the flickering fire and the beautiful music bursting from the speakers, the People where everywhere. This is where she belonged.

    By Mj Holt URL on 11.29.2011

  25. i am alone. it finally hits me. there is no one i can trust. i look at the skyline, as the sun sets. even the sun has left me. only the darkness will answer my cry of not being alone. only the night

    By Forgive-The-Fate-Bdog on 11.29.2011

  26. A line of light across the earth near the sun. Views of cities or towns or anything like a land mark for example.

    By Dennis Bereza on 11.29.2011

  27. I just watched a video about this. I saw the stars, the horizon, the sky… it’s all so beautiful and amazing. The sky is always breathtaking and it is such a huge expanse of color. :)

    By Jen on 11.29.2011

  28. The







    HA:) the sky was blue. But the line was purple!!!

    Was there a purple airplane zoooooming across the sky?

    Or was there a giant child tat had gotten into large markers?

    By *B-Fabb* 12 URL on 11.29.2011

  29. The darkening skyline as the sun slowly set. From a brilliant gold when the sun first kissed the earth to the faltering violet of remembered daylight to the dark blue of the night.

    By Jaclyn on 11.29.2011

  30. The horizon screeches against a red iron sky.

    By Mickey Willard URL on 11.29.2011

  31. When he closes his eyes, he can still see the silhouette of skyscrapers against his eyelids. Even when he runs as far as he can — hops a train, a plane, and hitchikes — he can’t forget the city skyline.

    By pecatrix on 11.29.2011

  32. He reached over, touched her over the skyline. How I wish I could be with you always, his skin breathed deeply into hers, into the crook of her neck, into the spaces where she was cold, where she had no warmth. Do you ever think about how maybe we could live together instead of being like this all the time? So constricted, obliging, so unfree? Maybe my love, maybe, she replied.

    By Carisse URL on 11.29.2011

  33. the skyline above the city. how amazingly beautiful. it towers over everything. it seems to add a maximum limit for everything.
    what would it be like without it?

    By alyssa on 11.29.2011

  34. The skyline sighed heavily with the weight of all existence crashing down upon it. Spiderweb fractures crazed the sun’s corona, red light bleeding out and scorching wherever it shone.

    By Brady on 11.29.2011

  35. Skyline

    Superman :)

    I remember the original, I remember the Christopher Reeve version, I liked the guy on Smallville… Canadian guy… didn’t watch the show much but saw the finale. I also recently saw a later film that I thought was surprisingly true to the franchise, but a bit draggy (as in tempo, not cross dressing ;) )

    When I was around 10, I bought a large Superman comic book. It was at least an inch thick. More like an anthology. It was the first time I read about how he came to be Superman, and I was totally drawn in. I can still remember the images of the toddler and the ship, and the couple finding him.

    I had a lot of Super Hero dreams back then. Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, – Charlie’s Angles ;) We made pretty great teams for a number of years.

    In the real world, kids were ignored. People assumed kids knew nothing and could make no valid contributions to conversations, society, or the planet. Kids were thought to be stupid. Living in the “real world” was frustrating.

    In my dreams, the bad guys also thought kids were stupid, knew nothing, and could make no valid contribution to conversations, society, or the planet. So they also ignored me. And that was my advantage.

    By Noisy Quiet URL on 11.29.2011

  36. I love skylines! Everybody loves skylines! Even more than everybody loves Raymond. I haven’t met a person who doesn’t like skylines.

    Yet, I can’t think of what to write here about skylines.

    By Annalise on 11.29.2011

  37. The sky no longer withdraws. It reaches down so close to the ground that it casts a grey shadow from earth to heaven. Every one of its’ million white kisses are pure. They tell us, “Sleep, rest, and wait.” So we rest under hats and coasts and gloves, and we trust.

    By Bethany URL on 11.29.2011

  38. As the bus made its way onto the highway, the boy looked back at the skyline of the city he was leaving. That bleak city. He was glad.

    By Si URL on 11.29.2011

  39. Skyline Chili. Been to Cincinnati? Then you had to have Skyline Chili. I don’t think it’s that good but it’s a social convention. Enjoy it if you can.

    By david URL on 11.29.2011

  40. When the skyline has reached its peak, where will we go? Will we try a seabedline? A deepundergroundline? How about a mindline?

    By Antonio URL on 11.29.2011