July 23rd, 2011 | 440 Entries

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440 Entries for “skeleton”

  1. Bones, so skinnny no matter how much you way your skeleton will always be skinny. Why do a sack of bones built up to a body scare us on Halloween. Harmless dead remains of a body terrify little kids on a dark Halloween night. Skeletons have nothing to them, literally! Don’t let them make you pee your pants you little baby back bitch.

    By cearra on 07.23.2011

  2. stiff and unmoving,yet the greatest thing when alive. it holds us up, it allows us to dance, only hindered by the tendons connecting it. it bends and breaks, moves and shakes, eeriy in its beauty. crazy skeleton, get off my

    By Grace on 07.23.2011

  3. i have 4290857023489 skeletons in my bodyy. every single one of them serves a purpose in my very exciting life. one of them gives me the ability to be a raging alcoholic while another gives me the ability to be incredibly sarcastic. either way, i’m pretty pathetic.

    By Gonzalo Berlingeri on 07.23.2011

  4. there were so many on hangers I thought he must have been collecting them for years. The only thing I was sure of was that he was a mass murderer, but I didn’t know how to bring it up without inviting death.

    By Keyllan on 07.23.2011

  5. it’s said to see a friend as a skeleton at night in your mind means your friendship is long deceased
    to see a skeleton driving a car, to see a car driving itself
    something is missing
    something is missing

    By Luna Rose URL on 07.23.2011

  6. Imagine if you didn’t have a skeleton. Okay you don’t have to if you don’t want to. I will. srggggggggggghaehi hs tjlkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkksrthssssssssssh

    By Chris Dore on 07.23.2011

  7. He approached the skeleton; it stood, head hung, arms dangling at it’s sides. He was but two feet from it now. Looking into the holes where it’s eyes once were, he suddenly felt a shiver up his spine as he noticed it’s smile.

    By Luke Renoe URL on 07.23.2011

  8. As they fumbled to get the skeleton key into the lock, their mind was filled with great wonder and expectations. After all of these years searching, they had finally found the box that could contain all of the answers.

    By Shane Clements URL on 07.23.2011

  9. Bones rattle and you’d think it was spooky, if they weren’t your bones. Age does terrible things to the body. You get thin, your skin becomes transulcent and the bones really do creak, groan and rattle. Just listen as you climb the stairs after the rest of the house is quiet. I guess ultimately – we all become a skeleton, and that’s just the way it is.

    By Deborah on 07.23.2011

  10. The skeleton is the most important part of the human body. Without it, what would we be? Just shapeless puddles of flesh covering the Earth. However, that would be kind of nice seeing as we would be able to morph into different shapes and fill up different spaces. It would make moving around quite difficult though.

    By Dana on 07.23.2011

  11. my sister started to do drugs and now she looks like a bag of bones. she lost so much weight you can see her bone structure clear as day. i dont even wanna think about what her boyfriend looks like

    By cassie on 07.23.2011

  12. I jack the pumpkin king! and i have grown so tired of the same old thing. oh somewhere deep inside of these bones, an emptiness began to grow, there’s something out there far from my home, a longing that i’ve never known.

    By sara on 07.23.2011

  13. She had skeletons in her closet just like everyone else, the only difference was that she let hers out of the closet. She allowed the bones of her past to show themselves, for they were indeed a part of who she was. She used to lock her closet tight like many others, but she had learned to embrace the things in which she had once been ashamed of. Now her skeleton walked along side her, gaining new experiences with each step.

    By Haley URL on 07.23.2011

  14. My skeleton is under my skin it reminds me of Halloween. I love my skeleton though I have never seen it. My spine is curved and my shoulder blade sticks out. It is mine and mine alone. distinctive.

    By Meredith on 07.23.2011

  15. nothing am just missing my only love in the world she home but am not there and wish i were there just to see her and talk with her really i feel bad now i feel now that am away from home

    By bob74 URL on 07.23.2011

  16. Mi skeleton was on the image of the mirror when I fell on my kness. Then I was no longer me.

    By Jason URL on 07.23.2011

  17. I have a skeleton inside of my body. It holds me together, but sometimes I break apart on accident. It protects me, and sometimes is the only reason I’m still standing. Inside of its structure is my life. My secrets, my lies, and where I hope to travel.

    By Chelsea on 07.23.2011

  18. I love to draw skulls. Don’t ask me why i just really like to…it feels dark, and releases every emotion im holding onto in my body out on to the page. i can make them pretty, classy…demonic…whatever. i wonder what my skull looks like….everyone’s look s different i’m sure.

    By Autumn on 07.23.2011

  19. Bony. Uncanny. A kind of dust-white that doesn’t wash off. It stares you in the face. Death. A symbol. Something you find in those Scooby-Doo movies that you really hope never happens to you. It’s scary. It’s wrong. It’s death. It’s lonely. A soldier, starving in a cave. Slunked down by the wall. He can do nothing. He is alone. He is a skeleton.

    By Maddy on 07.23.2011

  20. I think of the outershell of a lobster, the tough red exoskeleton that encrusts mounds of fleshy white sweet meat. Delicious yet subtly flavoursome.

    By alenis on 07.23.2011

  21. I was watching her skip across the street. I only saw her skeleton sway underneath all that flesh. I was a schoolboy. She was one of those agile dinosaurs that were too brilliant to be caught by their predators.

    By Dave URL on 07.23.2011

  22. Skeletons are of dead bodies. They scare me sometimes, in movies or horror films. Skeletons have always grossed my out a bit because they remind me of dead corpses. I find it weird that there was once a body and soul in each skeleton.

    By lore on 07.23.2011

  23. He paced into the room, his anxiety penetrating each molecule of air, then forcing it almost to split. Could this really be him? The bones remaining suggested only the ruins of a man, the stark off-white to which the rest of life formed. How could this be remotely personal? A manner of all people standing around him expecting emotional downpour, for him to feel some inexplicable connection with the pile of bones lying before him.

    By Liz Wood on 07.23.2011

  24. As I stared down the hallway of the creepy school, there I saw a dismembered figure. It’s body was skinny and pale. it was covered in a black hood and it held an imposing weapon.

    By Luc Benoit on 07.23.2011

  25. skeletons
    just a shell of a human being
    no gushy stuff, just the bones
    so what’s it worth?
    yeah bones are necessary, but all the really great parts of a human being seem to be well… a lot more sensitive
    your brain, your heart… your spirit?

    By Angelica Burns on 07.23.2011

  26. “Agnes,” Trudy pleaded, “Why would you want to talk about those skeletons in the closet? I thought we’d agreed not to dredge up the past!”

    Agnes sucked the spittle from between her dentures and heaved a sigh. “Listen, Trudy … I know we’ve been sisters for a long time. And I know we have quite a history, living together these last few decades.” She stirred her tea and locked her milky white eyes in the direction of her younger sister, “It’s not the skeletons I’m worried about, it’s the fresher bodies — they’re starting to smell.”

    By richpee URL on 07.23.2011

  27. scary. Science. bones. Head. Phalanges. Biology. School. COLLEGE! Human body. Halloween. October.

    By Alex Bokemper on 07.23.2011

  28. this ach i feel reminds me of how fragile my skeleton is.
    the frame of my form,
    pushed to the limit.
    bound to these bones.

    By will on 07.23.2011

  29. The bones rattled, fire racing its way up ribs and arms, licking the ivory tusks and massive, arching spine. The smoke danced, light casting long shadows, making the mammoth skeleton appear as if it were shifting, moving.

    By Aryeh Harris-Shapiro on 07.23.2011

  30. Bones, they can really scare some people. I don’t fully understand how they truly work, but they are somehow the reason we move the way we do. Without bones, I’d be a ball of Jelly-like skin.

    By Luc Benoit on 07.23.2011

  31. I saw the skeleton. The skeleton that would change my life forever. There stood my sister, completely unveiled. I didn’t know what to say. All i could muster up was a gasp.

    By Hailey URL on 07.23.2011

  32. Death. The remains of someone. Just the bones. Gone. Not alive anymore. Halloween. Empty.

    By Words at Random on 07.23.2011

  33. You can see her skeleton through her skin. A sickly pale girl, she hardly had any flesh between her bones and skin. I never knew why she wanted to appear so sickly, never knew why she never liked herself.

    By Nishat on 07.23.2011

  34. It was a skeleton of responsibility at this point. She was going to have to cut out the majority of her daily tasks in order to finish preparing for tomorrow and still be able to salvage some vague resemblance of restful sleep. All of this for a glorified costume party? It seemed a bit excessive.

    By L. A. Smith URL on 07.23.2011

  35. Beneath this skin of mine is a white skeleton that shows all of my flaws that I try to hide. An x-ray would reveal the sharp edges of bones, the cuts, and the screws that hold me together. I hope I get to know you one day, to the point which I will feel comfortable in revealing these flaws to you which I have done for no one yet. I hope one day I can tell you my secrets, my pains, everything that makes up me in such a clear fashion that you would believe you could see through this skin of mine, to these bones, and to my soul. To see what makes me, me. I hope one day I can do the same with you, just by looking at your face, see its honesty, and believe I have finally found what I have been looking for.

    By Stephanie on 07.23.2011

  36. Sins like skeletons are so very hard to hide
    In the end they’ll be found
    So in retrospect, why try
    As your lies go round and round
    The curtains fall
    And the skeletons will once again crawl.

    By bex URL on 07.23.2011

  37. Skeleton are everywhere i have to hold my breath so i don’t scream. Tens seconds later i wake up in bed. What a scary experince.

    By Crystalhorse URL on 07.23.2011

  38. Oh, all those silly little skeletons. Filling up my closet. Year after year. Taking up more space than all those out dated dresses and old worn sweaters I can never seem to get rid of. There are lots of things I can’t seem to get rid of. Bones. I can feel it in my bones. Feel you in my bones. Bare bare bones. Stripped away. Turning to dust. All we are, all we’ll ever be. Is dust.

    By K on 07.23.2011

  39. What was she now, he wondered. The little girl’s feet patted against the hospital floor, her toes rose to see her now pale mother. And she smiled at the little girl she would never see grow up. She patted her “baby tummy,” for the child she would never see alive. And she smiled for them, rather than for her.

    By Joanne~ URL on 07.23.2011

  40. Skeletons are stupid and white. No one likes them. They sit around all day and rattle their damn bones. it annoys the hell out of me. They’re always bad in scary stories, and everything goes throuhg them. I don’t like them one bit. THey’re mean, and seemingly impossible to kill. it’s gay as hell. Why do people like them. Only emos like them.

    By Brianna on 07.23.2011