July 23rd, 2011 | 440 Entries

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440 Entries for “skeleton”

  1. Skeleton… I am creating a skeleton for my web page. All those components/elements/variables which will hold everything together.

    By A Watt Therm Kite URL on 07.23.2011

  2. Others have skeletons in their closet. I wish. Mine insist on following me around, rattling their bones and grinding their teeth and chattering incoherently. I would love to leave them in a closet somewhere but I need the company.

    By nannan on 07.23.2011

  3. har andscary with brittle life . once lived and once died. millions of pieces makng one. memries of the past showing what once was. the skeleton of a life once lived.

    By kenz on 07.23.2011

  4. the skeletons in the closet keep calling. The rock and shake and call from the grave; haunting reminders of who they used to be. Who they still are.

    By Alexandria Moore on 07.23.2011

  5. picked clean, under a white desert sun. Vultures, insects, the scouring desert wind. In a cupboard, the starved remains of a unlovable child….too ugly, too troublesome, not what the parent anticipated….

    By georgie on 07.23.2011

  6. She rushed into the bathroom, shutting the door behind her and staring into the white pedestal sink. Something was after her, trying to get to her pale dust covered bones.

    By Adia D. URL on 07.23.2011

  7. in the closet. that’s the easiest thing to come up with. also think about the skeleton of a story and I’m spending time now looking at how to create the skeleton of a story, what it should consist of. something interesting is my free form story had some of those elements and I didn’t even know what i was doing…

    By Bob Hussey URL on 07.23.2011

  8. The skeleton forms our body. It’s what holds us all in place. It’s what keeps up upright and makes sure we don’t do anything we aren’t supposed to. It reminds us all the we are human since we can also break said skeleton. It needs calcium to stay strong.

    By Laura on 07.23.2011

  9. Skeletons can be creepy or scary, but why are they seen that way? The day of the dead in Mexico is a day full of paper macho skeletons with sunken eyes. If I saw a live skeleton, I’d be shocked, but a lifeless one wouldn’t bother me, unless it was the skeleton of one whom I love.

    By Edan Lewis on 07.23.2011

  10. Body house of soul deep and strong. fragile and weak moving speaking sleeping and striving for life base of the house of love If you so choose. Time of your life span to live breathe and learn.

    By Lynea on 07.23.2011

  11. The skeleton is OUR BODY…we have a form thanks to that. Is form with millions of bones that together develop who we are…thesize is also part of our make make it last longer we need to take good care of it. Eating well, good excercise going to the doctor, is all part of that.

    By Kathya on 07.23.2011

  12. Skeleton

    “Skeletons in the closet.” Interesting image. Interesting that that became a popular phrase. What must life have been like back then…

    By Noisy Quiet URL on 07.23.2011

  13. I felt like a skeleton of myself. Stripped from the inside out and back again until all that’s left was this weak frame that threatened to crumble to dust. My soul had been sucked dry and had hollowed out my body in order to escape.

    It would seem that lightness is not always splendid.

    By SprawlingInk URL on 07.23.2011

  14. More then just the frame that keeps my life together. The very reason to exist. My heart beats inside, and my face beams from beyond. my soul lives here, and my breath visits and leaves. I can’t get out of my life, but my skeleton will stay with me till the end. Broken or dead, my imprint on this world.

    By gracie bowler on 07.23.2011

  15. Skeletons leer from my closet,
    they smile from behind my hanging clothes.
    Toothy grins full of memories, and promises
    as hollow as their eye sockets.
    “Did you think you’d be able to forget about us?”
    they whisper
    “We’ll dance in your dreams ’til you wake
    chanting our names.
    You fancy yourself lonely? But we’re always here
    and there’s always room for one more
    skeleton in the closet.”

    By bethany URL on 07.23.2011

  16. Jarre brebis. Le coin de la faille. Tristesse de l’aveu.
    Jamais le saut ne fut salutaire des vasques Tropiques.
    Encore que mes lèvres ne fusent… les karnak s’amusent.
    Puis le cou. Canne esseulante la plante,,, Alban ne berge
    Sous les Phénicie de carpe. Tu fais le quignon de maton.
    Gilles rame derrière le sceau de javelisante menthe…

    By Fabric Spell in Ushe URL on 07.23.2011

  17. Ive always been afraid of skeletons. Ever since Im was a small girl, and I haven’t a clue why. One memory that comes to mind is Elementary school. My kindergarden teacher, had a fake skeleton for biology.

    By Sarah URL on 07.23.2011

  18. I already did this. my brain can’t find where I left off. the bones in my fingers moving of their own accord. is there more to come? is this it? does life trapped in a cage of my own making all I have?

    By gracie bowler on 07.23.2011

  19. It’s like that time we went to the museum, the Buddy Holly Center actually, and saw all the collections of Did de los Muertos pieces around. some were small installations, but others were life-size replicas of actual skeletons.

    By Saldana on 07.23.2011

  20. Skelette sind nicht dasselbe wie Skeletone. Aber sie haben miteinander zu tun. Irgendwie musste man ja die Strukturen nennen, die Autos, Häuser, Straßenbahnen und Flugzeuge stabil halten. Und da hat man sie halt Skeletone genannt. Sie sind zwar nicht aus Knochen, aber sie erfüllen dieselbe Funktion: …

    By Eli URL on 07.23.2011

  21. The video is just a skeleton of what it’s supposed to be. I don’t have the music to complete it. It’s worse than looking at a blank page at least with a blank page the possibilities are endless. The video with no music is just glaring at me with a looming deadline. That’s the only possibility finish it or not.

    By Kellie Spreitzer on 07.23.2011

  22. Show me your skeleton.. show me your bones. I want to
    Know what you’re made of. Who you are.
    What you stand for… what stands for you.
    Let me see please don’t be shy.

    By abra URL on 07.23.2011

  23. Bones. White bones. Skinny bones. They’re just bones. Skinny white bones. I see a smile in the skull. There aren’t many teeth left. But the skeleton has a charming smile. Really.

    By Nuran on 07.23.2011

  24. in the closet. secret. postsecret. postcard. far away. travel. europe. trains. circus. water for elephants.

    By deen URL on 07.23.2011

  25. she was such a skeleton. she had bee starving herself for years and years and now she was a skeleton. i just want to walk up to the man dating that bony anorexic girl and ask, “would you fuck a skeleton?” if he was sane and healthy, he’d say no, and i would then accuse him of fucking a skeleton.

    By Ariel K. URL on 07.23.2011

  26. bones. dia de los muertes. halloween and pumpkins. dead people. morgues. funerals. who’s the skin to the skeleton? how’d that skeleteon die? jack skellington. the nightmare before christas.

    By Paige on 07.23.2011

  27. Bones. White bones. Skinny bones. They’re just bones. Skinny white bones. I see a smile in the skull. There aren’t many teeth left. But the skeleton has a charming smile really. Is this what I’ll look like when I die? When I’m dead and buried?

    By nuran URL on 07.23.2011

  28. Skeleton key, skeleton in the closet, skeleton framework, skeletons whirling to the Danse Macabre in that filmstrip in elementary school music class every Halloween. I hated it but I couldn’t wait to see it every year because it meant costumes and parties and trick-or-treating was right around the corner. Holidays were still special then; now there’s only the skeleton of that enthusiasm remaining, hung with dread and pressure and the keeping up of appearances. I suppose it’s a real Halloween skeleton now.

    By Kris URL on 07.23.2011

  29. halloween was always fun. Never really had too many skeletons in my colset, the door was always open.
    I always wonder what I will look like as a skeleton can people tell who I am and what I looked liek alive?.

    By danielle on 07.23.2011

  30. The skeleton came creeping up slowly. It wrapped its skinny, hard hand around my neck and squeezed. It drew its skull in close. The hollow holes where eyes should be stared into me somehow.

    And then all was black.

    By LeesaMarie URL on 07.23.2011

  31. I keep on repeating this part, why is it always skeleton that pops out. O well, our body is comprised of skeleton or we call it as the skeletal system.

    By diana ong on 07.23.2011

  32. Her skin clung to her skeleton. So frail, and not just in the body. Her mind- her mind was frail, too. She frowned at her mirror, perpetually unhappy with what meat did stand in the way between her milky skin and ivory bones. It wasn’t good enough; it never would be.

    By oxy URL on 07.23.2011

  33. death. the remains of what you were. pure white. chalky goodness. pre-cremation. science class. fear of the end. disection. death.

    By Alexis Williams on 07.23.2011

  34. A skeleton is a hard cold object that speaks of death and what has been already. It’s the structure, the underlying frame which everything else is based upon. Without a skeleton, everything just falls apart.

    By Momo on 07.23.2011

  35. skeletons.

    it even sounds bony.

    anorexia will eat you.
    but why would I want to lose these beautiful bones?

    By Anna-Christin on 07.23.2011

  36. The bones that keep my upright so I can type and not be a big mass of blobbly muscle jelly. It’s the stuff my mom wants me to study, from the skull pieces to the names of the little ear bones. The skeleton, what keeps us upright. It’s the name of the first part of a house, the first part of any supporting structure.
    In children, it’s soft at first before maturing at adulthood.

    By Allison on 07.23.2011

  37. so many bones all magically linked together into the body. Under muscles, skin, and hair the skeleton is a masterpiece. How could anyone think that it could’ve all come together by accident? A wonderful piece of art… not a single skeleton the exact same as another. Beautiful.

    By Megan on 07.23.2011

  38. We all have a skeleton in our closet. If we’re extremely lucky, there may be four or five of them in the small cramped space; playing poker while smoking cigars and downing brandy.

    By Hannah URL on 07.23.2011

  39. I love skeletons, they remind me of Halloween! It makes me happy, when it makes other people scared. Halloween is a big holiday in my family.

    By Katie on 07.23.2011

  40. anorexia is a mental disorder. she thinks they will see beauty, but everyone sees her shrinking into a skeleton. she wanted perfection, she didnt love death. but the world changed her view of beauty. if it perfection gets any smaller she wont be able to fit.

    By cassie on 07.23.2011