December 5th, 2012 | 327 Entries

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327 Entries for “simple”

  1. I just had to keep it simple…stupid. It was suppose to be easy, like ripping of a fucking band-aid. As long as I kept it simple. But of course I had to go and unsimplified every little thing I’d tried so hard to keep simple…stupid.

    By Teresa Warner on 12.05.2012

  2. The oblique surface stared at him blankly.
    He stared back just as intensely.
    The man was waiting for his coffee from the airport vendor between his flights and as he ordered, something about the vague counter top caught him…

    By AJ on 12.05.2012

  3. Many people try to over complicate things, all aspects of life. Honestly, many things are simple if one could only let them be.
    coincidences turn into meetings, meetings turn into friendships, and friendships become the backbone of life–simple.

    By Emily on 12.05.2012

  4. Life is never as simple as people would have you believe. It’s never grow up, graduate, go to college, fall in love, live happily ever after. There’s speed bumps and walls and rivers to be concurred.

    By Catherine on 12.05.2012

  5. I can’t remember when things were simple
    Was it when I was just a child, playing with dolls and obsessing over crayons?
    No, because innocence was lost there
    I can’t remember things

    By Tarryn URL on 12.05.2012

  6. I don’t really understand the term ‘simple’. Nothing is simple. Everything is way more complicated than it seems and et people try and make it more complicated than it really is. I’m just not a fan of it. Why can’t anything be what it appears to be? Simple.

    By Paul Schoessling on 12.05.2012

  7. I love you
    more than stars love the gravity that holds then together
    more than trees love the sun that keeps them green
    more than my skin loves the blood flowing beneath its surface

    It is simple

    By Perri URL on 12.05.2012

  8. easy efficient. What more can I say? it is the way of living see and breathing live simple is what i think is perfect. I guess it is also a way to love and to see life. If only life were so simple as this. But I love it. I love life. So I can make it simple, easy, efficient.

    By Vikki Bills on 12.05.2012

  9. What is simple? One would believe it is a life without complications, but is that really what simple is? In terms of life.. Actually I’m not sure what I’m writing, since I’m not supposed to be thinking. Just letting it flow.

    By Catherine URL on 12.05.2012

  10. Simplicity is key to life- these days days technology has taken over with the invent of smartphones, tablets, computers, and we ‘re too busy looking at Angry Birds or the digital news to stop and appreciate the simple things- a pretty sunset, a kind deed. So next time you’re engrossed in a screen, put it down for a bit and do something worthwhile.

    By Olivia on 12.05.2012

  11. i dont know why. but its not the way i expected. its simple and complicated at the same time. its hard and also the easiest thing ive ever done. i hate it, but i crave you every second of ever day also. youre my best friend but my worst enemy. my passion and my demise. i guess thats just how it is, love. its a simple and complicated thing.

    By Devinne on 12.05.2012

  12. Simple. That’s what the plan should have been. Get in get out and enjoy the fruits of our hard work. Not get in get caught and sit in a jail cell. I glared over at my companion. This was all his fault. If only he had followed my instructions to the letter.

    By Catherine URL on 12.05.2012

  13. Nothing is simple. It might seems so, at first glance, but it really isn’t. Everyone you see on the street, just wandering by, has their own life. Unique relationships, experiences, passions. And isn’t that the most beautiful thing of all?

    By Clare on 12.05.2012

  14. People keep telling me its simple, like Jessica Simpsons brain but I think they are wrong. It is more like the answer you would get by asking Lindsay Lohan what combination of drugs she is on today, its complicated. How am I supposed to trust God when I hardly know the guy?

    By sturmzie on 12.05.2012

  15. She liked to keep things simple. No religion, no sexuality, no animal products, as few relationships as possible – she was happy on her own and felt little need for any sort of validation. Yet others viewed as her judgmental, and she couldn’t help but wonder if it was true. Most of the time, though, it didn’t cross her mind – it was simpler not to think about.

    By Lily on 12.05.2012

  16. it’s pretty basic
    you don’t respect me
    i don’t like that you don’t respect me
    i call you out
    you say you’re sorry
    you don’t change
    i smother you with your pillow
    because you’re sleeping during the day
    and expect me to be quiet
    but are the exact opposite
    when i’m sleeping at night
    like a normal person
    like i said

    By Julia URL on 12.05.2012

  17. simple is so simple that everything looks simple when you say simple. simple simplifies everything in life and hence you can live your life simply or easily. simple is solutiuon to everything to every question in the world because life is simple.

    By neha on 12.05.2012

  18. There is nothing simple about being simple. It takes work. You have to consciously decide to not be over the top. You can’t just wake up simple- no one is. Humans are too complex for that. You have to wake up and try to be drab. Pick drab clothes. Don a drab attitude. Be entirely not you. The human condition is to complex to be so utterly simple.

    By Crystal on 12.05.2012

  19. It’s simple to write just about anything. Just today I saw a couple of mexicans on a bike and for some reason they all stare at me all the time. As if I’ve stepped unto their unclaimed piece of land. Sometimes I wish that life were a lot more simple. But it can’t be because simplicity needs to have difficulty.

    By Itzie on 12.05.2012

  20. The Amish people are very simple. They use no electricity and use horses as their mode of trnsportion. Which I find, ironically, to be a very complicated way to live. Plus, I couldn’t live without my electricity. The dark can be scary without a GIANT flashlight, not just a puny candle.

    By Ariel on 12.05.2012

  21. It was a simple choice. I could either choose to stay here, or choose to go back. And I thought going back was the answer, but then I realized, the past is the past and I am where I am for a reason. It’s simple.

    By Evelyn URL on 12.05.2012

  22. This character construction ought to be simple. However, portraying a reckless sixteen-year-old, who risks her life as a consequence of falling madly in love, is particularly difficult when you have never been and never will be there.

    Who needs actual reality when you can just model it? It might not be endless love, but merely a crush.

    By Edna Paulet URL on 12.05.2012

  23. Simple is a noun. It is also a way of life. The way that life should be. Simple promises happiness. Complicatedness is its opposite. Its bad.

    By Njeri Cooper on 12.05.2012

  24. simple.
    that’s it.

    By daniel on 12.05.2012

  25. It should be simple. Yes, no. Not kind of, maybe, if. It should be easy. It should not hurt. There should be no craving, desperation, need, want, desire. Nothing that is un-simple.

    By darseyrsm URL on 12.05.2012

  26. Simple. Simple means to be plain, but not a bad plain, a plain where you can appreciate the small things in life. Those who live simply do not need to have five cars, four cell phones, and millions of dollars.

    By Chloe on 12.05.2012

  27. Simple has long been a traditional word to describe the American Family. A simple house with a simple spouse. It seems weird that American’s view the word simple as just a simple word. The family life changes from every house and cannot be simply defined. A simple house can consist of any different people living in it; family or friends.

    By SleepingCabbage on 12.05.2012

  28. Art. breath. Air. water. elements. silence. laughter. singing. love. happiness. TRUE happiness. genuine. I like to live simple because I don’t complicate my life with BULLSHIT. Pura Vida. Peace, love, health, & happiness. Positive energy. LOVE LOVE LOVE. Simple is good to me.

    By Shylee on 12.05.2012

  29. Simple. Such a plain word. It explains so much in so little. Two syllables that define what it’s like to wash the dishes or to do laundry. It’s the easiest way of doing something. Dumbed down so even the lazy man can do it. Simple. Do it.

    By Bridie on 12.05.2012

  30. Simplicity is the heart to life. Those who live without it will never understand true love or happiness. Trust stems from life experiences, but it is the simplicity of it that makes it real. People say falling in love is one of the complicated things, but to me it is one of the most simple with who I am with :)

    By Nick on 12.05.2012

  31. Something that comes with ease and does not require much thought. It is elegant and beautiful in its own simple way. There are few things in this world that are simple. Many things are very complex so every now and then it is nice to have something pure and easy to go by. There are too many unsimple things.

    By Sarah on 12.05.2012

  32. The plan was simple: take the money and leave. That’s all he had to do. Why do things get so complicated? Why’d it have to be HER money? HER house? All he had to do was take the money and all he could think about was making things right with her. Nothing is ever simple.

    By DavidRyanM URL on 12.05.2012

  33. I’ve done this word like, three times. I’m sick of its meaning and what it stands for. My life, right now, is a lot more chaotic than what the word means. I probably resent it because that’s what I really need right now. Simplicity.

    By Bridget on 12.05.2012

  34. A touch on the hand, so sweet and innocent, nothing too impulsive or personal. Only a light brush, almost unnoticed but so apparent.

    By Roxxi Jaxx on 12.05.2012

  35. I wish Life was a little more like this word. Actually, a LOT more like this word. No wars. No fear. Just simple and sweet. Like an iced tea on the porch, watching the sunset become level with the horizon.

    By Bridget URL on 12.05.2012

  36. Simplicity is one of those things that I know I’d enjoy if I sunk in too deep. If I could bathe myself in simplicity, my brain would lose a dimension or two. Life would be simple simply if I wanted it to be simple. Simple as that.

    By Kerri on 12.05.2012

  37. simple is easy to say and seems easy to execcute, however simple may not be simple. Being simplemeaons living simply being satisfied with the little things, it means being content with things you cannot change and it even may mean that you travel lightly and only take what you need and not what you want.

    By lady on 12.05.2012

  38. this one time out at marcel’s place we were planning a get together and were wondering what all else we should have beside food and alcohol and people and so since his place is real messy and it’s got lots of rubbish everywhere like old couches and picture frames and pallets and stuffed animals and wine barrels we decided to build a fire. by the time we stacked everything as high as we could and as sturdy as we could we realized it might get a little out of hand. but then again it was a get together and if something happened we would all get together and fix it or watch it play itself out. so we found some newspaper that wasn’t wet and divided it amongst 4 of us and we stuffed a few ground bloomers in the middle of them on each corner of the pyre and all at once lit them except jimmy didn’t get his time. it was alright though he ditched and the other three fires did his work for him. the fire was something to see because even if you closed your eyes you couldnt help seeing it it was like sex scenes in movies you watch with your parents or war scenes in movies you watch with old vets it kind of made you sick all above your head and still not able to touch the sky still not lighting anything up but down. it kept on like that for a while the up not changing only the down swirling its shadows like a stew of people smoke it didnt help that there were stuffed animals melting on the couches and glowing wine barrels that shifted like they were full of old winos too drunk to stand up and save themselves old yellow winos and old forgotten stuffed animals.

    By becca Loo URL on 12.05.2012

  39. The plan was simple. All we had to do was go in there, take the money, then get out. That is, as long as Kevin didn’t fuck it up. And Kevin always fucked up.

    By anthony URL on 12.05.2012

  40. simplicity seems to be the focus of most interior design these days and I never really understand it. Give me a cozy nook with tons of stacks of books, dust and all, and coffee mug stains and dark lamps to read by. Please don’t give me the “simplicity” of a barren white room with three books on the wall and a bamboo coaster. Simplicity is a fading style, I’ll take cozy over simple any day.

    By Lauren URL on 12.05.2012