December 5th, 2012 | 327 Entries

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327 Entries for “simple”

  1. Nothing was simple in her life anymore. Not since the accident happened, that’s for sure. She just wished that she’d done something with her life while she had the chance. Now all she had was a deepening sense of panic; totally unsure of what would become of her future.

    By Alex on 12.05.2012

  2. “What’s the simplest thing you can think of?”

    I thought a moment. It’s not something that I give a lot of thought to, simplicity. I am more complex than I like to admit. I don’t often let myself get caught up in the nice, easy flow of the simple life.

    By KT URL on 12.05.2012

  3. Life should be simple. I always say. Silent like the moon, you know. God, everything repeats.

    By littleredowl URL on 12.05.2012

  4. simple. woah this is weird. lack of anything. life. being. breathing. were all simple. combined as one small speck of life in the universe. nothing is real. life is a ride; a dream. get used to it. we’re all savages, trained to be a certain way. no. not right. animalistic. we wander the streets at night. simple.

    By Lauren on 12.06.2012

  5. I am a simple man. I enjoy simple things.
    Apparently that’s not enough.

    By Sami URL on 12.06.2012

  6. simple.. a word so simple yet so complicated. what does simple mean? something so common, but maybe something so small, or plain. people are the exact opposite of simple. people are complicated, though they might seem simple. everyone is more complicated than they seem.

    By Nour Raslan on 12.06.2012

  7. simplicity is a word that isnt very simple, simplicity is a misspelled word on many occasions to say simple means the same as easy is like saying pie is the same as pie

    By Diane on 12.06.2012

  8. tea. dirt. grass. i love the way it feels running sand through my toes on the beach. getting in touch with the earth around us is the most simple thing we could possibly do with our lives. summer dresses, wind in my hair. simple.

    By tori URL on 12.06.2012

  9. I wish things were simple. What is simple? Things like love and family are supposed to be, but they are far from it. The one true love of my life, he is simple. He loves me with all he has, and it’s simple. It is an amazing love, but he loves me simply for being me. Seven years that he has loved me now.

    By Ashlie on 12.06.2012

  10. What a simple wedding it is!! LIz and Criss. I want that too.

    By Offrampq URL on 12.06.2012

  11. It was simple. It was so very, very simple. A step. One. It would take a minute movement to move forward. It was simple. And simple is easy, isn’t it? It must be. And a normal person, like myself, can do easy things, can’t I? They’re called easy, because they’re not hard. They’re no trouble. So why is it so hard?

    By Jo on 12.06.2012

  12. Life is simple. donot complicate it. the more we think it gets complicated. try simplifying it as much as possible. Simple things, simple joys, simple love, simple smiles, keep doing all simple things in life. simple joys of life can be enjoyed in all simple things.

    By Alivia on 12.06.2012

  13. It’s just when you do not bother about anything and have no burdains in making decisions. It’s when you feel cool and comfortable with somebody. It’s a sunday morning, if you didn’t drink the night before. It’s just simple! And I tend to understand it positively.

    By Tanarri on 12.06.2012

  14. I fall into a crack
    like a computer virus,
    some misfit
    in juvenile detention,
    wondering how I got here,
    where I am,
    who I could possibly be
    in this crack in time,
    isolated from
    the universe,
    the forces that made me win,
    made me succeed
    as I followed them into the vortex
    of utter terror,
    like a sheep following
    the dinosaur into the comets.
    But why can’t I leave them?
    Am I any better by simply
    following the herd?
    Failure always ends in failure
    and independence does the same.
    It’s no fun and games.

    By Scythe42 URL on 12.06.2012

  15. It always seems so simple. Sit and write, and the words will flow. November is Nanowrimo, a month long celebration of banging keys, and getting 50,000 words down in a month. Doesn’t work that way – at least for me. Sometimes simplicity is too complex.

    By Snellopy URL on 12.06.2012

  16. easy anna not smart stupid small large not intelligent nice children school interests nice

    By Ida Kley on 12.06.2012

  17. This is all about not complicating things, seeing and thinking clearly, getting to the truth and being accurate, communicating well, having sound values and a sense of proportion. It is about purity and beauty too; simplicity is a gift and should be valued. It is very hard to attain in Western Europe in the 21st century as everyone tries to complicate our lives on all sides. We have to fight for our simplicity!

    By Rachel Beckett URL on 12.06.2012

  18. The plan was simple. It was supposed to go off without a hitch, but, well, you know, shit happens. Greg and Ed were both in positions, the butts of their guns shining dangerously in the late summer sun. They got out of the cabs and Jerry was waiting for them by the front, picking his nose. He knew his plan too, but it’s hard to ever get him going. And me? I knew the plan. I knew it like the back of my hands. It was simple.

    By thewritetohappiness URL on 12.06.2012

  19. Being in love is supposed to be simple, right? Easy.
    Look into each others’ eyes.
    (she wears colored contacts)
    Bodies press together.
    (he’s not as fit as she’d like)
    Get married.
    (they both have passionate, hateful affairs)
    Have two children.
    (stay together for the kids)

    By beankiku on 12.06.2012

  20. its so simple to be great and so great to be simple. Being simple is an art, a science and a unique ability to possess.

    By Pavleen on 12.06.2012

  21. It was so simple, the plan that is to build a dog house for my son. I gave him a dog, and I wanted to surprise him with a house also, and I thought that I would build one, rather than to buy one. Oh! boy, was I wrong, after working on it for over two hours, i gave up, and ordered on instead.

    By victor URL on 12.06.2012

  22. And clean and tidy and neat. Simplicity is about refining what are the bare minimums in life that make you happy, that make you content. Clutter free. Clean your life. Keep it simple baby. Happiness with follow. You’ll see. It’s simple.

    By Fiona on 12.06.2012

  23. nose bleed caked in white cocaine
    mascara runs down puffy eyes
    reminding her of simple times
    when he stands there naked

    but it still reminds her
    sometimes, but not always
    of simple times.

    By Matty M. on 12.06.2012

  24. The boy sat quietly in his chair, swinging his legs nonchalantly as the lesson droned on. He didn’t understand a word, so he just sat, dreaming of better days. There must be better days. A place where I fit in.

    By StylesJe URL on 12.06.2012

  25. i always tried to live as simply as possible. It reminds me of the quote to put things simply but never simpler. I love that. There’s so much you can learn from life when you stop and take a breath, but we don’t stop. We keep things busy.

    By Anna on 12.06.2012

  26. clean. white. what you get when you sift, sift, sift. cull it out till only the essentials remain.

    By deepti on 12.06.2012

  27. there she was standing in the dark. her long simple black hair tied in knot. her oval frames set upon her sharply cut nose. She just stood there waiting. under the light from the street lamp.

    By anisha on 12.06.2012

  28. Simplicity is the most beautiful thing to me along with imperfection. When things are simple they tend to be calm, nice, and relaxing. When things bece complex they end up with away too many variables.

    By Eris on 12.06.2012

  29. white. white is simple. i like simple. it’s easier, and everything in life is already so difficult. but people just tend to make it always harder for everyone around them. i like it simple, im not a simple person, but i can make it easy for you, if you make it easy for me. life is hard, so it has to be simple.

    By David on 12.06.2012

  30. it is very simple to say goodbye..letting go is the hardest part.Likewise being judgrmental is probably the easiest thing one can do,but putting yourself in someone else’s shoe is harder than you can imagine

    By priyanka on 12.06.2012

  31. The ocean waves
    The laugh of a child
    A sunny day sitting on an old wooden porch.
    An old woman at the grocery store
    A man walking through the park
    Love given through smile and waves
    People walking up and down the roads

    By D.Grant on 12.06.2012

  32. i think i’m a rather simple person. I just want to live a good happy life under the sun with the person i love and someone who loves me too. I want this person to be a guy and an amazing person who I love. He treats me well and is a great person. I don’t know if there’s such thing as the right guy. How do you know though? There are so many guys out there and so many options. Guys are so shy and timid nowadays. The ones who aren’t are

    By flora on 12.06.2012

  33. simple
    the nature, the peaceful thing
    simple happiness
    the pure joy.

    By Salma on 12.06.2012

  34. simple. everything is just simple. life is simple. so people are. simplicity – this is the way to grow. we need to grow up enough to be simple. this is rather hard because of arts. so do we dare?

    By chaj on 12.06.2012

  35. It isn’t very fancy or too complicated. It’s nice and easy to comprehend.

    By NV on 12.06.2012

  36. It isn’t very fancy or too complicated, as in it’s nice and easy to comprehend.

    By NV on 12.06.2012

  37. clear and easy to do, thats ho

    By Rhiannon on 12.06.2012

  38. Uncomplicated. A picture. Blue. Vague. Peaceful. Resting. Unchallenged.

    By Lindsay URL on 12.06.2012

  39. Things are always so simple. Things we don’t see are the most simple. So simple, they may be in plain sight and go unnoticed. It makes you wonder, how many of those things are actually the most complicated of all? Things that mean the most? Somethings will stick in your head. Peculiar.

    By Tesla Cosgriff on 12.06.2012

  40. It’s easy to comprehend and isn’t too fancy.

    By NV on 12.06.2012