March 6th, 2013 | 226 Entries

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226 Entries for “signals”

  1. Begging near traffic signals , is on the rise and its the duty of the state government to imply strict rules.

    By vjay URL on 03.07.2013

  2. I was consumed, light shone down upon me and rapidly diluted my own light. I attempted to stand out, but the signals always closed me in. Every action garnered no response or one to repeat the action. I realized I was being trained for something. I began to resonating the signs of days past on the newest rising. I desired nothing but the complacency of being consumed completely, I appreciated the smiles they gave me when I had.

    By Derek Dahlk on 03.07.2013

  3. Signs on the road stepping beside you, following your paths. leading you to heaven.

    By Natalija on 03.07.2013

  4. you intellectual, you
    speaking out of the side of your mouth
    saying nothing that ever meant anything to you
    a smirky smile belies your eyes
    oh, the fiery eyes
    the fist clenched in your throat
    those words you choked
    for a signal
    a sign
    of words
    never mind.

    By Matty M. on 03.07.2013

  5. people are always sending mixed signals i get really tired of it like why cant you just be straight forword with it your signals are msssing with my head like do you love me or not i mostly only have this problem with guys why cant you just like me an dno one else just talk to me and no one else love me and have the feelings i have for you dont sit there and flirt one day and the next ignore me

    By kayla on 03.07.2013

  6. Using car signals in Egypt causes mixed signals. No one uses them, and when they do, they use them the wrong way.

    By dina URL on 03.07.2013

  7. SIgnals is something that echoes through our world. Something that fills it. Yet we can not see it, it is an invicible force pushing through the very essence of man.

    By Marcus on 03.07.2013

  8. Signals may save your life one day. Signals may make your phone conversation be better. Signals may signal you the existence of something somewhere signaled.

    By Enache George Matei URL on 03.07.2013

  9. here are the signals
    that come
    and confusing
    read it wrong
    and you fall
    you’ll fall hard
    here are the signals

    By Alia URL on 03.07.2013

  10. The traffic light signal was red. We sat in the car gently sweating. The tension as thick as butter the air thick with hate. I looked at his knees. His thighs. Anything but his stupid face. I was willing him to drive on and crash us both into a wall. I wanted to scream, punch out the window and run. Then the light turned green.

    By Kate URL on 03.07.2013

  11. i never see them. most of the time i don’t seem to notice people flirting with me. at the same time, i seem to be unable to send signals, as nobody ever sees them, it feels. now is the question whether i should change or wait for somebody who does.

    By helene URL on 03.07.2013

  12. They show me where to go but often are doom-filled and fierce. I feel the throbbing vibe of them on far away beaches, calling out telling no staying away from coasts and shattering rocks. Let this be a lesson. I told you so! I told you so! and let this be a lesson brilliant and fire ridden long and silent. Let them show me the way to winds and hands and silent pictured seas.

    By robyn bloch on 03.07.2013

  13. seen on the road. red whit green. obey them follow them. they are important. they save your life. every road has a signal. you will be given a ticket if you dont follow a signal

    By vani on 03.07.2013

  14. Whatever you do, it seems like a signal intended for me. I don’t know if it’s true or not but I like it. Please let me live in my small caccoon of fantasy, where we’re in love with each other.

    By LunaSyn20 URL on 03.07.2013

  15. “Haven’t you heard the news? It was everywhere, telling us to go outside at 10am,” she said. I could see everyone packing up, tidying their desks, moving quietly out of the building.

    Of the multiple signals that beckoned daily, this was a direct sign, a personal message to me. I was called and I could not ignore it. Walking to the door I felt warm and joyful; I was part of the movement outside. We were all going together.

    By Meredyth URL on 03.07.2013

  16. “I see signals everywhere. How can no one else see them? Look, over there, the way that woman looked as she crossed the street surely meant she wanted me to help her. The way the wind rustled the trees, the way the cars engine sputtered right as I walked past. How can no else see? Why won’t they believe me? You believe me don’t you?”

    The man walked alone begging his friend to believe him. But the phone he was shouting into was turned off and his furtive glances had made the woman cross the road to get away from him.

    By Grace URL on 03.07.2013

  17. She signals that she is in danger. When she is in danger, we should help her, because this is our duty. If someone doesn’t help her, she will die.

    By Thomas URL on 03.07.2013

  18. “When he signals we must be ready to move,” the woman whispered to the boy, twitching aside the curtain to gaze into the gallery below. The man stood at the far end of the long room, by the door, bowing to each dignitary upon their arrival. “This may be our only chance.”

    By Jay URL on 03.07.2013

  19. It was when the blinker went of that i couldn’t stand it anymore. I mean, what kind of awful driver is really, just that…AWFUL!!! Jerky, and unaware of space, hard to control, and IMPOSSIBLE to predict. I just kinda lost it when i though he was going to turn, but kept right on going. I got out of my car, yanked open their door and screamed- loudly. There was a dead man lying on the seat in front of me. Working the pedals…

    By Zozojay URL on 03.07.2013

  20. what I recieve in my head early in the day…..nice or mean? what will I be? Ok, kidding…signals from Mars…will I make breakfast or order in? I wish more people would use turn signals…really, How hard is it? Push it down and go left….up and go right. Use them losers……
    I wish they could become more subliminal and easy for the dumb people, but I guess you have to have common sense for this too.

    By elly on 03.07.2013

  21. gestures interaction meaning emotions communication talk converse speak say

    By elizabeti on 03.07.2013

  22. The signs we send when we wish to communicate. Often in the forms of hand shapes, lights or written signs. These signals can display whether we are in distress or need help, but they can also alert someone to impending danger or to keep them alert. However, signals can also be shown through body language. Using our eyes, body posture or tone of voice we can send signals to people. Signalling can be used to show intent, for example indicating when turning corners is a signal to make sure no one gets in the way or h

    By nic vic on 03.07.2013

  23. What type of signals do people emit?

    And more importantly, what signals do I miss?

    By VNelson on 03.07.2013

  24. I need signals to tell me how to pass the u.s. history regents, global regents, English regents, SATs. I don’t want to be stupid any more. My father doesn’t have faith in me. I want to take two maths next year and he won’t let me because he thinks I won’t be able to keep up. I don’t wanna at home I’d rather be in school for once. Screw my friends and the dmv offices.

    By Janaye on 03.07.2013

  25. phone. satellites. communication. friends n family. talks. conversations. late night. love. miss you. arjit. first love. still remember you.

    By sonam on 03.07.2013

  26. Jesse signals for her to watch, but she’s already turned her head. He stands on the edge of the wall, poised to crash down, poised to ride this one out. But she’s moved on, moved out, and he’s still there, forever on the precipice, forever poised to move, between a heartbeat and oblivion.

    By RS Bohn URL on 03.07.2013

  27. Auron sat beside him. He’d been shooting perfect arrows into the starry night sky. Somehow hitting the wooden trees in the park without even sparing a glance.

    ‘I love how sometimes even at the end of a very good day, I kind of want to break every bone in my body,’ Nate says, shooting another. It hits right next to the first arrow he shot.

    By genahtastic URL on 03.07.2013

  28. Train signals, red lights flashing, the blare of a horn from far away, not so far at all. Quick, a penny on the tracks and dart back and tension as the train rumbles along, want to touch the rails but too late now and the roar as it blasts past is deafening, where did the penny go?

    By Ara URL on 03.07.2013

  29. Turn signals, mixed signals, signals everywhere. People give signals in their facial expressions, people give signals in verbal communication. People give signals in non-verbal communication.

    By Chelsey Johnson on 03.07.2013

  30. when people showing something without noise. Using in military, airports, def peoples.

    By Tom on 03.07.2013

  31. All of the signals were wrong. It was horrid. The colors, the sounds…. all of it. I couldn’t tell what I was supposed to do from this mess!
    Green was go, but it was right under neath a strip of purple meaning danger. What did they want me to do? The sound coming from the purple should’ve gone with the red. What was supposed to be happening?

    By Serryphae URL on 03.07.2013

  32. He sends me signals of the promise of spring even while the snow piles higher on the trees. He flicks his bright new red coat, drawing attention from females.

    By Karel Henneberger on 03.07.2013

  33. They signaled for her to run. She hesitated, then thought disobedience would be more detrimental, so she ran.

    By Amber Marolyn URL on 03.07.2013

  34. I see signals, I know there are signals all around me. It’s all a matter of how you look at it. I signal but I don’t sign. I know that some signals tell me to do something great, something transcendental that will change the world. There are other signals that tell me you are going the wrong way, signals show you a way, they don’t make you go down it, but they show you a way to MOVE, make something happen and signal yourself into existence! It is what it is!

    By AnabelleKP URL on 03.07.2013

  35. Signals are there to let u know where to go. Where not to turn and when to stop or yield to people. Signals are used in everyday life. Peopl see them and react to yh with out even realizing. It’s just second nature. Weather it’s a bathroom sign to let u know where it’s at. Ot maybe the exit sign to let u know where u can leave the building in case of an emergency. Signs or signals are everywhere around you. Sometimes u just don’t realize it.

    By Cody Stephens on 03.07.2013

  36. I don’t like ambulans signals
    I don’t like signals
    My mum is scared about emergency signals

    By Mat on 03.07.2013

  37. stop signs, go , red, green, construction, cones, right, left, turn, bike lane, crosswalk

    By malenee on 03.07.2013

  38. Across the surface of the gently undulating water, the two vessels shone their lights into the gathering darkness. The luminescence from their deeply concave reflective surfaces beamed with lazy power across miles of salty ocean.

    By Jason URL on 03.07.2013

  39. Signals, like traffic lights inform us what comes next. Go? Stop? Wait? Speed up? Interpretation is always subjective to perception. Whether or not a correct interpretation exists is dependent on one’s expected outcome.

    By Gwen on 03.07.2013

  40. It was impossible to ignore that Juliet didn’t believe him. Everything about her posture was shouting signals that she was definitely not buying his story. And why should she? He didn’t want to admit it, but Derrick knew it was a pretty preposterous story.
    “There really was a fire,” he said lamely. “I mean, everything’s okay and stuff, but…”
    “This is your third time being late this week,” Juliet snapped. She didn’t even try to expose the lie, instead going right for the throat. “One more time, and you’re finished.”

    By hannah URL on 03.07.2013