January 21st, 2011 | 167 Entries

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167 Entries for “sidetracked”

  1. Sometimes, when I walk on a sidewalk or other paved pathway, I like to stay right on the edge, with one foot in the grass and the other on the pavement. This way I feel like I’m living on the wild side. I am half part of society and half part of nature. I’ve done it since I was very young, though I never really understood why. I think I just enjoy the balance of it all…

    By Kyle Ω URL on 01.21.2011

  2. she (did i used to be a she)realized that even a machine could get sidetracked.she(she?)went back to observing her(yes, her! )former body

    By dann on 01.21.2011

  3. getting sidetracked is what i am doing right now. i got on the computer to do my final review sheet and this is what i am doing. im am going to start finals next week and hopefully i will do well on them.

    By marisaraquel on 01.21.2011

  4. I got sidetracked by my iphone until I got sidetracked by facebook until i got sidetracked by google until I got sidetracked by twitter until I got sidetracked by the TV.

    By wemuma URL on 01.21.2011

  5. sometimes when im talking to someone i get completely sidetracked from the main idea of the topic and end up exposing how i really feel about things they probably dont care about like my love life. i wish sometimes i know how to keep my mouth shut but in the end the truth always ends up coming out someway or somehow.

    By another ordinary girl on 01.21.2011

  6. I always get sidetracked when i need to do something important, i could be as bored as hell and then when something important comes up i think of a million other things i want to do. In the end i get nothing done because i always get sidetracked before i finish one thing.

    By tiffany URL on 01.21.2011

  7. I sat down to write a poem about you.

    But all that would come were one about noodles, a cookie, a kiss and a refrigerator.

    I swear you mean a lot to me.
    I need you to.

    By Annemarie URL on 01.21.2011

  8. the moon, golden in all its radiance, filled the sky with mystic light. THe stars shimmered, but all i could see were the little dots, the streetlights were too blinding. I mourned the loss of the beauty that is the nightsky….now time for some pie, yum :P

    By Jess on 01.21.2011

  9. I feel sidetracked with the everyday things i do. i feel like they get in the way of me being me. Like if i didnt have to go to school if i didnt have to go to work what would i do what would i be. i would be me FREE.

    By Ariel URL on 01.21.2011

  10. I keep trying to concentrate on writing, just on writing for these sixty seconds before bed, but I keep getting sidetracked. Sleep is slowly turning my mind down for the night and I can’t keep things moving long enough to write anything that will last.

    By Julia A. URL on 01.21.2011

  11. I get sidetracked so easily. Everything I try to do, I get sidetracked, I’m constantly loosing myself inside my own head. This one time I was supposed to be doing a book report for school and instead I ended up planting a garden. I don’t know how I do it, it’s like I’m eternally doomed to never stay on course.

    By Bree URL on 01.21.2011

  12. my mind is. im here and im not. im focusing on this and then im doing that. theres ringing in my ears from downstairs. i should be doing something else right now. obviously. but im not, but oh wait. what’s that on the table? looks likee..adlfkjle.doik……….

    By me on 01.21.2011

  13. A little bit backlashed, the kid was abstract, couldn’t keep his heart in tact. When he thought of all he lacked, he realized he’d gotten a bit sidetracked.

    By tinylittlealex URL on 01.21.2011

  14. “You’re supposed to be watching her.”
    “I guess I got sidetracked.”
    “That can be dangerous in this business.”
    “I know. At least she didn’t escape.”
    “Yeah, but she could have. You know the robots have been unruly lately.”

    By AtreidesMouse URL on 01.21.2011

  15. the story of my life. it’s when you have a plan, an idea, something that you have to do, what have you… it’s when you allow something of the senses to dissuade you from your intention and brings you to another state of mind. happens all the time.

    By meghan on 01.21.2011

  16. Here I go again avoiding the enevetable. Homework can always wait. That’s why I’m writting here!

    By Lauren on 01.21.2011

  17. distracted

    By kc URL on 01.21.2011

  18. I got side tracked.
    I got lost.
    My heart sank into the ground.
    She was dead.
    He was dead.
    They all were flat out.

    Me standing alone had to do nothing.
    I had to watch.
    in horror.
    in agony.
    one by one.

    By Nanny on 01.21.2011

  19. I’ve been sidetracked, I can’t stop starring at the ones I wish I had.

    By ExperimentalMeatloaf URL on 01.21.2011

  20. Oh man, I got sidetracked… again. Here I am studying, and then the Internet is just sitting there waiting on me. Like some kind of bandit stalking me, it knows I am it’s prey!

    By David Saleeba URL on 01.21.2011

  21. i get sidetracked a lot in homework… but never like this. what was that out of my window…i could only hear the noise, a slow dark rumble. sidetracked was an understatement as i stood there jaw dropped.

    By taylor URL on 01.21.2011

  22. what i do to much, however if u take the things you get sidetracked with and step back to wonder what made your mind go there in the first place or why , then u can maybe make somwthing what u got side tracked about in the first place, then the reputation for being sidetracked wont have such a familiar yet negative association in everyones mind

    By Lindsay Harrington on 01.21.2011

  23. i also wanted to be a teacher but after growing up i was sidetracked and realize that it was not my cup of tea.

    By mehro URL on 01.21.2011

  24. sidetracked. where to start? when i’m cleaning, when i’m cooking, when im attempting to halt procrastination and do some homework, i become sidetracked. my life is being taken over, sidetracked by this, sidetracked by that. good luck in the future kristen.

    By Kristen Hooker URL on 01.21.2011

  25. It is easy to get sidetracked. To think of another place and another time. Perhaps a better place and time. Work, though, is the keystone to our society and we should limit the amount of time that we are sidetracked. Focus is key in life.

    By A on 01.21.2011

  26. sidetracked on backtracking to find those keys you left in the door but you won’t realize that until you’ve searched the whole house, shucks

    By becca Loo URL on 01.21.2011

  27. It is easy to get sidetracked. To think of another time and another place. Perhaps a better time and place. But, especially in today’s world, it is almost impossible to not become sidetracked. Just remember focus is key.

    By A on 01.21.2011

  28. this is something that i find myself doing quite frequently. i begin on project with hopes of finishing until i in fact become sidetracked yet i try and begin a new project then the hopes of my original completed project are ignored. its an odd quality for someone who enjoys completeing something and the thrill of it all to themselves going down this road daily.

    By Meg URL on 01.21.2011

  29. I like to sit by the tracks. Fell like the ones ridding the train are the strange. They’re the sidetracked. I’m the normal. But as I sit and gaze, I wonder why if their so normal, why do I gaze upon that?

    By Adam URL on 01.21.2011

  30. I stood on the edge, on the cold metal rail. Tip toeing across the icy bar as if there were a canyon below my feet rather than chunks of gray asphalt and stubborn weeds. In the distance, I heard a lonely shriek.

    By Cameobug URL on 01.21.2011

  31. Porcelain. Breaking. Falling. Shattering. Mirrors. Sunflowers. Daisies. Crayons. Smiles. Euphoria. Laughter. Kisses. Commitment. Divorce. Breakup. Corners of the room. Disappearing. Hammers. Tears. Knives. Blood. Drowning. Pills. Blank. Blank. Blank. Roses. Hugs. Coffee. Inspiration. Love. Dreams. Blank. Blank. Death.

    I am constantly sidetracked into happiness. But of course, I always ‘centertrack’ back into depression.

    By Phreellgien URL on 01.21.2011

  32. Tonight I got super sidetracked. About an hour ago I was going to go to bed, but then I started listening to pretty music. One pretty song or piece led to another and then another and before I knew it, here I was, still not in bed. It’s okay, though, because the experience of listening to pretty music is totally worth losing sleep over.

    By Rebeckah on 01.21.2011

  33. I wanted you to hurt me, badly. That desire was a craving in my gut that would not go away until you lashed out at me, whip of a temper rising. Selfishly, I hurt you so you could hurt me. But I knew you’ve always been gentle. You were also kind, wonderful, and splendidly, beautifully perfect. And you deserved more than just someone who would hold you back, sidetrack you. And I, I only deserved nothing more than the most pleasurable of punishments: your love.

    By Phreellgien URL on 01.21.2011

  34. It’s easy to be distracted with all the “conveniences” – internet, iPhone, iPad. We get sidetracked from doing effective and meaningful things. Are you efficient at doing nothing?

    By daniel URL on 01.21.2011

  35. Obstacles that get in the way that block you from your goals. They distract and take away. Sidetracked is a deviations from a destination. Often getting sidetracked can be a good thing because you find new things out o find out new

    By chocoholic110 URL on 01.21.2011

  36. exactly what I’m doing here at this moment.

    By tony two tone on 01.21.2011

  37. I am sidetracked. Distracted. Ultimately and completely perplexed by something that is other than what should be my main focus. YOU are distracting me. You are what is setting my mind aflame. I don’t want to be sidetracked. I want to maintain my composure and my focus. This is too wrong.

    By Kat Ward URL on 01.21.2011

  38. here i am
    thoughts beyond.
    not on
    the here
    it’s on one word,
    but the music’s ringing in my ears.
    i’m sidetracked.
    not on one thought.
    the subject of writing
    to my mind cannot be bought
    for now
    try for
    each thought.

    this battle’s been fought.

    By tetrahedron URL on 01.21.2011

  39. Across the open sky, sidetracked from the stars, down to earth, this new and wonderful place, where creation is commonplace and man is the measure of all things. A place where one is that one is. A holy place. This earth.

    By Tkot on 01.21.2011

  40. by the thing that was my obsession nearing age fourteen with the boys tied up with womens’ hair and in love with each other and purified by fire and I didn’t know it still made any sense or held any relevance but it was all there in the words and pictures, my whole life, the men and doctors and pain and sacrifice

    By lettuce URL on 01.21.2011