January 21st, 2011 | 167 Entries

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167 Entries for “sidetracked”

  1. I planned and planned but non thing is what is planned and now I’m unplanned

    By tog on 01.21.2011


    By she53lly URL on 01.21.2011

  3. Getting sidetracked is never a bad thing, i think it’s a great way to open your mind. If you’re doing something and you get sidetracked, maybe it’s for a reason. You always get sidetracked to something you would much rather be doing. Its your mind telling you it just wants to have fun.

    By Melanie on 01.21.2011

  4. I am tired of getting sidetracked. Its fine when it turns out there’s adventure down the side but too often that track is a dead end or a loop that has lost its button and doesn’t held a mystery or a treat.

    By nannan on 01.21.2011

  5. When we’re in class together, even though he’s out of eyeshot… is that even a word. What the fuck. He’s always creeping into my brain. And I don’t even love him.

    By Allison URL on 01.21.2011

  6. My hearts pulling me one direction,
    But my minds tugging me towards
    The flashing, the lights, and the warmth
    That lit up snowflakes and images of us
    Could bring me.
    Sidetracked, I succumb.

    By Sara URL on 01.21.2011

  7. this is an easy one. my middle name should be “tangent,” because that’s where i mostly wind up when trying to talk or write or think about ANYTHING. it’s not that i can’t focus, it’s just that every idea brings up so many different ideas and i only wish i had enough brain power to think about everything all at once, but omniscience is a hell of a thing to wish for, isn’t it?

    By Jerome URL on 01.21.2011

  8. it’s easy and we always take the easy. Try meditating if you can manage to focus on your breathing even for 10 seconds it’s a win. My thoughts interupt and balloon without me the thinker being aware. How is it possible for my mind to get so out of control: a wayward child, a speical needs child, a child easily distracted, a child wiht sever add – i just want to disown it!

    By kilma URL on 01.21.2011

  9. This a thing that often happens especially when on the computer. I set out to write then get drawn into facebook, or u tube or games like this. Perhaps i should write my great novel in longhand .

    By marjie URL on 01.21.2011

  10. “But I’ve remembered…”

    He interrupted me. “You have remembered things leading up to your death. You were sidetracked with your foolish display in the river. You must remember how it happened….”

    By mimimanderly URL on 01.21.2011

  11. She was walking along the sea front as she did every morning, bag of bread in hand ready to feed the pigeons, seagulls and starlings. She was totally sidetracked by the dreadlocked Violinist who sped by on a skateboard plaing Vivaldi. She followed this extraordinary vision and the birds missed their food.

    By novelseren URL on 01.21.2011

  12. I would have been on time if it wasnt for that darned squirrel. You see, I was eating a nuttella sandwich, and the squirrell got all jealous and bit my ear. I had to go to A&E, so as you can tell, I got sort of sidetracked

    By Lee Jackson on 01.21.2011

  13. oh gosh i have a paper to write for my 9 o clock English class oh look a bird!! oh no gotta stay focused oh man!!!! A BUTTERFLY!! so many different colors textures OK!OK! FOCUS FOCUS!!!

    By stephany on 01.21.2011

  14. I wanted to see if you were hot, but I got sidetracked by your big ol’ sexy brain.

    By HDF URL on 01.21.2011

  15. Sidetracked. Hmm.. Recently, it happens to me a lot. I’ll just be minding my own business, trying to get some work done and BAM something comes up worth being sidetracked by. It happens just like that. Its like an explosion of thought. Like a real explosion. Did you know that an explosion happens every two minutes somewhere in the world? Do you think that the world was made by “The Big Bang?” I don’t really know. Sometimes I never really know about a lot of things.
    Like this essay I’m supposed to be writing.
    Oh yeah…

    By Emily on 01.21.2011

  16. sidetracked. that’s exactly what i am right now. it’s exactly how i got here. sidetracked. procrastinating. unfocused. i really should study, but i just hate chemistry, geometry is dull, and history is incredibly boring. i don’t want to learn about the past. i want to live in the present.

    By Dreamer URL on 01.21.2011

  17. I long for sixty-five degrees, the sunsets and the wind
    that brushes me warmly as it skips across my skin,
    I want ice-cream carts and pinwheels, kick-ball in the park
    Kites upon the downs, and skinny-dipping lark,
    Gourmet barbecues with ribs and steak to spare
    bare feet, t-shirt, the whole summer affair.

    If I could skip these seasons, to the one that’s in my head
    I’d sidetrack this cold, long winter, and make it summer instead.

    By teachthegirl URL on 01.21.2011

  18. it is so easy for me to get sidetracked at work. but in reality, it is not really sidetracked. i have so much going on all the time, so many tasks on my ever-growing to-do list, sidetracked is more like “getting things done”.

    PS I am in sales.

    By elz URL on 01.21.2011

  19. such a simple task. the universe open and freeing. takes me by the hand to the bottom of the ocean. awake on the moon to find you are never the only one.

    By flav URL on 01.21.2011

  20. As much as I’d like to deny the focus I give the ones I love most, I have to admit that every time my phone is in my hands, I am 1000% percent sidetracked.

    By kayla728 URL on 01.21.2011

  21. I’m sidetracked by the future, but in reality, I’m worried about will happen after it passes. The rest is history.

    By kayla728 URL on 01.21.2011

  22. We could get sidetracked in conversation forever. Everything we said went half-finished, and a new thread of ideas would be formed, and we’d jump on that train of thought for a while. Sometimes this was good, other times, it hindered our conversation. But by the end of the night we had talked about everything from the keyboardist’s hairstyle to our old English teacher’s favorite novels to our preferences in driving music.

    By Erin O. (Lemita) URL on 01.21.2011

  23. this word gets me out of whack no concentration or determination
    figuring out what it is thats important
    i get jumbled too many things in the mind
    like a thick jungle of memories too precious to let go

    but always in the way

    By Gh0stm4ker URL on 01.21.2011

  24. i get sidetracked easily. i like being sidetracked, it’s a simple joy of life. its lead to rediscovery, new discoveries, and adventures. getting sidetracked…its more than fun. it’s fulfilling.

    By rae on 01.21.2011

  25. I try not to get sidetracked by the yelling of the kids in my home and the yelling of their parents to my grandchildren. It makes me crazy inside.

    By Mary Lou Wynegar on 01.21.2011

  26. Often, when someone or something moves me the way you do.

    By MONO URL on 01.21.2011

  27. today i got sidetracked from my stuffy, classical novel and started reading a children’s book. it was one of the best mornings of my life.

    By Coco I URL on 01.21.2011

  28. how I get when I get really excited about a story that I want to tell, even if it means interrupting somebody.
    How I get when I don’t want to do something.
    how I get when I talk with my friend Kat. We both go off randomly.
    i know it annoys people when I do this, especially my boyfriend.
    God knows how he tolerates me….

    By Pita on 01.21.2011

  29. I sit down to write and get totally sidetracked by everything going on around me that I could be doing instead: fixing a snack, checking my email, reading that new novel.

    By Cindy URL on 01.21.2011

  30. I’m sidetracked all the time. Always, almost. I can’t keep on the same page as where I want to be. Does sidetracked remind anyone else of railroads? I dunno, just a though. Anyway, I don’t really mind it other than the fact that my meaning can get lost. Oh! Lost! I really liked that show. I just learned about John Locke in my history class.

    By Zoe URL on 01.21.2011

  31. At a time when I can’t afford to get sidetracked, you sneak into my mind every free minute that I have. It’s torturous. Somehow your name always manages to pop up here, there, and everywhere. Yet what use is a name when you’re not here? Seriously, I need all the focus I can get. Leave me alone already. Or come back.

    By A Bananie URL on 01.21.2011

  32. Sidetracked, he thought to himself. Looking over the map and the day’s events, he mused about what to do. Yeah, sidetracked it what I am. Just then a waitress came and delivered another cup of coffee to his table and looking up at her lucious smile caused all of his previous thoughts to vanish…well hell there…what’s your name?

    By chole URL on 01.21.2011

  33. i got sidetracked yesterday on the way to bring some money over to Shari. someone distracted me and i got sidetracked doing a favor for them. then i took a break and pulled out my ipod – that’s when it happened. i’m sure the money fell out of my pocket while i was walking around with my ipod.

    By phpea URL on 01.21.2011

  34. I was sidetracked walking to work that day. It’s the only explanation I can give to what happened so fast. That car, that kid, that bird, all just came out of nowhere. How was I supposed to know that it would go where it went? Maybe if my mind hadn’t been stuck in that place between freedom and jail, then maybe I would have known to anticipate what happened next.

    By Emily on 01.21.2011

  35. I’ve already talked about this word several times. It’s a railroad term that means your train is off the mainline so that faster trains can pass. You’re still headed in the right direction.
    Don’t worry about sidetracks.

    By Jim URL on 01.21.2011

  36. I was sidetracked by the handful of emergency jobs that I completely forgot to invite the client to the progress meeting. Now I have a career that is sidetracked by my stupidity.

    By Chuck K. URL on 01.21.2011

  37. I get totally sidetracked by just sitting here. I wander around and think about things I shouldn’t, or get distracted by just looking at something colorful on my desk. It’s so easy. Especially when getting caught up in conversation, or brainstorming witty ideas to place in a larger story. All in all though, I’m at work, and supposedly it deserves my full attention, but it is rare that it gets it, despite how hard I work. I am the true multitasker.

    By Sarah-chan URL on 01.21.2011

  38. I find myself sidetracked more and more lately. It’s the dream I think. The dream with the gem. Sometimes when I sleep, I dream. A dream that is strange and misty. In this dream, I’m alone. I am in a room, a white room, a room filled with mist. In the middle of the room, on a pillar, sits the gem. It’s the only colour in the room. It’s red, huge, and it sparkles. It mesmerizes me.

    By Hana URL on 01.21.2011

  39. being sidetracked at the most random times by the most wonderful person is one of the greatest joys in live. little memories can be made. and who knows, that one little moment could lead to a lifetime of happiness.

    By Felicia Soard URL on 01.21.2011

  40. Murder usually wasnt this hard. Im not used to getting so sidetracked. This little girl found me, shes not more then eight. but she knows what i do, and said she had to come along or she would tell. shes a crafty little thing.

    Shes sidetracking me from my duties, shes won my heart over. i want to take care of her now

    By Lightsandcandy URL on 01.21.2011