August 23rd, 2012 | 516 Entries

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516 Entries for “side”

  1. the side of the bed that no one likes to hang there arm over…. its the scariest, even though you know nothing, no monster will ever get your arm, no matter how old you are, you still have that feeling like a little kid that you dont want your arms or feet hanging over the side…. the side of the bed.

    By brenda brady on 08.23.2012

  2. Side by side they walk down the street. Hand in hand they know no defeat. As long as they are together, they know they will make it through whatever life throws them. They will survive the hardships, and welcome the joys. They will know happiness because they are together, side by side, for all eternity.

    By Lili URL on 08.23.2012

  3. two halves of a whole, two pieces of broken glass on the floor. whichever step you take will be the wrong one, rest assured.

    By sectumsempra URL on 08.23.2012

  4. Taking sides,
    One good,
    One bad.
    You never believe or trust or see
    You never accept what’s meant to be.
    No such thing as good
    Or evil
    Just you’re misguided thoughts.
    One day,
    Just one,
    You won’t take sides,
    Be impartial,
    Just as you should.

    By Joanne on 08.23.2012

  5. Up and down

    Left and right

    Slide down

    Skip to the right

    By WannabeWriter URL on 08.23.2012

  6. Side by side we stood a-bold
    Not knowing what next seconds hold
    We looked at each other and took a gasp
    Of air as are fingers came unclasped.
    We dropped 5 stories towards the sea
    To understand the waters deep
    And when we rose I cannot say
    How full and new and alive I stayed.

    By t44 URL on 08.23.2012

  7. one side may be good.. liek all the time. we should look for different sides in every single thing in our life. if its a bad thing, maybe we can find a happy side. sides make life easyer

    By ana on 08.23.2012

  8. I want to stay by your side forever. I wish forever would be able to start right now. The sides that we take are oppositve and we cant come to an agreement. I wish you can just say ‘lets go, lets do it right now’ and we leave and begin our forever.

    By abbey on 08.23.2012

  9. side


    side by side



    By karla on 08.23.2012

  10. there are many sides to things aren’t there? do you think that people were surprised at first? Like cavemen picking sides? “Hey, what the hell man?” “I’m on his side” “What do you mean your on his side?” “Well shit man, I’m a caveman, I don’t know.” “Fair enough.” “Let’s go kill a mammoth” “Sure” “Which side do we attack from though?” “Aaah, you clever son of a bitch…”

    The End

    By Theodor Drønen on 08.23.2012

  11. i like to sleep on my side of the bed even if I’m the only one that sleeps in my bed. My friend says I wish I could sleep in your bed but we don’t do that anymore! ;)

    By Jodi on 08.23.2012

  12. i’m not on your side and i’m not on hers. i wish you’d stop bringing me into this crap, because it’s getting old. it’s getting old like that smirk of yours and it’s getting old like the movie we watch every saturday night. it’s getting old like your short text messages and your avoidance of my questions. it’s getting old just like i’m getting so freaking tired of you.

    By EJ URL on 08.23.2012

  13. They say there are many ways to generate conflict in a work. Man vs. nature, man vs. man, man vs. time… How about the inner self? Man vs. self, they say. -Human- versus self. There’s a wall constructed somewhere within, or perhaps many walls, and the only thing for sure is that you’re forever in contention, trapped on the opposite _____.

    By Toria URL on 08.23.2012

  14. Side by side we are here together.
    For the last time.
    So take a look at these eyes, cause you won’t see them again.
    It’s my time to go.
    I’ll find you there.
    Take your time.
    Don’t you worry.
    Look at my eyes
    stay by my side.

    By Sophie on 08.23.2012

  15. Four sides. One circle. Enemies. Friends.
    On the right, back to the world, slightly uncomfortable, but ultimately oblivious to the ministrations of everything else.

    By Lanie on 08.23.2012

  16. My side hurts kind of. I think I’m just pretty tired

    By brandy on 08.23.2012

  17. accompanies you, a vulnerability from a tactical point of view. Architecturally of less significance than the front portion of a building. of lesser significance, esp. in characters: “side-kicks” or in armament “side-arm” as opposed to the main weapon

    By tomas on 08.23.2012

  18. Unknown which side to be on.
    The good side.
    The bad side.
    The sidelines,
    The inside.
    The outside.
    The blind side.

    By Bea on 08.23.2012

  19. Side by side we are here together.
    For the last time.
    So take a look at these eyes, cause you won’t see them again.
    It’s my time to go.
    I’ll find you there.
    Take your time.
    Don’t you worry.
    Look at my eyes
    stay by my side.

    By sofia URL on 08.23.2012

  20. I look into the mirror and I wonder? Do I look best on my right side? Or my left?

    By marylou wynegar URL on 08.23.2012

  21. This side. That side. Everyone had sides to them. Good sides,evil sides. But what side is the most dominate. In me my good side is more dominate. But every once in a while my evil side will come out. This evil side does bad things, like hurt people.

    By Lindsay Novello on 08.23.2012

  22. She never picks a side. He knew it from the moment he met her, right away. He knew that she would never, ever, help them, and that she would only do things to help herself. Her side was herself, and she had no allies. Only ‘partners’ that would die as soon as they weren’t useful.

    By Elsie Shu URL on 08.23.2012

  23. “It’s the truth.” I stubbornly insist, lifting my chin.
    “That’s not the way it works. They listen to the facts, and the evidence. Not your idea of the truth.”
    “But it’s the truth.”

    By jo on 08.23.2012

  24. “on whose side are you on?”
    “I don’t know anymore, I cried,
    things have gone out of their way to effect every pore of my being, I don’t even know what kind of soul I am anymore…..”

    By arie URL on 08.23.2012

  25. “Are you on my side?”

    “You know that I am, John.”

    Elise stared at her brother for a minute, before she grudgingly nodded her head.

    “Then you have to listen to me. Go over to the North with Brandon–make sure that you bring Casey Lee, too–and form an ambush on the C’s.”


    “Because we’re screwed if we don’t do something.”

    By Brandi URL on 08.23.2012

  26. This side up. This side up. That’s all he could think. That’s all he could see. It was as if those three words were the only words in the English language, the only words that had any kind of meaning at all. Those were the last three words he’d seen before the blackout. Those were the last three words before she’d left.

    By thomas on 08.23.2012

  27. My kidneys felt like they were on fire. I never felt such pain before. As I struggled to get up off of the clean, wooden floor in my grandmother’s house, I noticed that the gunman was nowhere to be found. I checked my hand, there was no blood. If the gunshot missed…why did I feel so much pain?

    By Robin URL on 08.23.2012

  28. The right side was the most alluring. Offering hints of purity, freshness, youth. That was the side I would always proffer. Not the left. After the accident, the left side was marred. Scarred and hideous. That side – the left – was what I hid.

    By Fiona URL on 08.23.2012

  29. Everybody always has to pick a side – inside/outside left brain right brain boy girl. It’s so ingrained that we start to see even NOT picking a side as being a side in its own right: genderqueer, staycation, independent voter

    By Cat on 08.23.2012

  30. On the side of the house there was this dark figure, strange and still. I peeked around the corner and found to my surprise it was Alice. I questioned her motive for sneeking around in the dark, but she just stood there staring blankly at me.

    By Erin on 08.23.2012

  31. She flashed her lopsided smile, and suddenly everything was so beautiful. For the brief seconds that her palpable smile held, the darkest corners of his heart were lit. A heart full of the most grotesque, inscrutable things. He knew that he would never be able to leave her, could not even imagine wanting to. She was the sun to his moon. Without her, he could not glow. He loved her too much for his own good, he knew.

    She knew this too. And, she smiles.

    By Kat URL on 08.23.2012

  32. On the side of the plate are omelets. There are many kinds of different omeletes, but my favorite ones are the ones that my mother eats and consumes. There are many different kinds of men also, but my favorite ones are the ones that leave. Always, often, I don’t want them by my side. I don’t need them. There is kindness everywhere, and sometimes and places you don’t look. But really, you don’t need to wait for it.

    By Andy URL on 08.23.2012

  33. Side is always on the surface. Sides are surrounding whatever is in the center or within it. Even one side acts like a wall, protecting whatever stands by.

    By Flora on 08.23.2012

  34. It pains me.
    As if a thousand swords were stabbing, stabbing at one place–
    now it’s gone. And back. I can’t do this. I need help.
    Where can I go to get some, though?
    They don’t have a cure for a broken heart.
    Or side stitches from running.

    By livingoakheart URL on 08.23.2012

  35. the side…i couldnt reach it. it was so far away i swam and swam and felt that i was growing colder. the boat kept going on not knowing that i was not aboard. I pushed harder and hoped that i had enough faith to reach the side…my mission would be lost if i could not reach the side of that boat. I dont know what i will find but she told me to reach the side and it will be there

    By Alyssa on 08.23.2012

  36. the side of the wall was bare. she felt like crying. after everything, the had represented everything that she would amount to nothing that her life had only been a trial of tribulations to account for nothing.

    By taylor on 08.23.2012

  37. They’re gone. Nothing left but pain now, unfortunately. My hands are shaking so badly that I almost don’t have enough control to do anything with them. Almost. They seem to move of their accord. There is blood on my hand when I draw away from my side.

    By WearyWater URL on 08.23.2012

  38. She looked to the right side of her, and to the other.
    It was then she realized this whole new world.
    One where people didn’t know the story of
    who she was,
    what she’d done,
    and what she aspires to do.
    She then turned to the person next to her, and decided to share it.

    By misscardigangirl URL on 08.23.2012

  39. Sometimes I wonder what it will be like when the child inside of me starts moving. Will it kick me in the sides? Will it be some magical feeling, or will I be tired and sore all the time? I guess it may be a mix of both. I am very excited to see however though. I think it will be an awesome experience.

    By Danielle on 08.23.2012

  40. I think the most important part of all of this was that his hands were clasped, arms jutting forward. There he stood, a battering ram of flaking skin and curly hair and he still charged.

    From the distance, I could see his hair was parted straight down the middle.

    By Anna Meursault on 08.23.2012