August 23rd, 2012 | 516 Entries

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516 Entries for “side”

  1. She glanced over at the other side of the bed. It was always empty. She was always in some random hotel room, some place that wasn’t hers. The other side of the bed was always empty. Kay could have found anyone to fill that spot. But none of them were Warren, none of them were that all consuming, through the decades kind of love.

    By Meghan Gabehart URL on 08.23.2012

  2. house purple d e i s i splled that wrong hmmmmmmmmmm barn stuff fat the side of your body which is ugly ribs ribs are yummy food food is yummy side salad sides on the stuff that you eat etc like french fries and such what is this

    By hehe on 08.23.2012

  3. Sometimes, you have to wonder if you are on the right side. What happens if you were disillusioned the whole time? If what you were fighting for was not the pure and noble ideal that you thought it was? Sometimes, you have to wonder. But there comes a time where you must choose a side, and fight for it no matter what.

    By Marie URL on 08.23.2012

  4. Two sides. Mine. And Yours. You’ve got your supporters, I have mine. A team divided. You know I’m right and I know you know I’m right, yet you won’t admit it. You have to be stubborn and do what you want anyway. You never listen to me and you never will.

    By Sammy on 08.23.2012

  5. so picking sides has to do with decision-making. you have to see the situation, evaluate the possible positions and the benefits and burdens of each before choosing one and being comfortable that the ‘side’ you’ve taken is the one that best fits your personality, goals, and inner self opinions. A lot of peoplare are afraid to pick a side because they are too worried about how others witll think and how choosing reflects on them.

    By doug on 08.23.2012

  6. We walked side by side. We went left, right, up, down, straight. We didn’t know where we were going. He seemed to trust me a lot from what I could see. Little did he know that he shouldn’t have. The most terrifying day of his life had just started.

    By Uli on 08.23.2012

  7. My sides. Narrow. With a little curve on each side right in the middle. You love them and love to mess with them. Tickling them, grabbing them, rubbing them. Anything, and I love it when you do that.

    By Sammy URL on 08.23.2012

  8. I crashed to the floor. The pain in my side was sucking the life out at me. Why? Why me?

    By Celia URL on 08.23.2012

  9. my side, my body side. too fat never good enough. maybe that’s why you’re not on my side. no one is ever on my side. my side of the bed, most comfortable. if you’re on my side of the bed bitch yo gonn’ die. LOL jk, i’d probably take up the whole bed even just by sleeping on my side. Side side side side side.

    By anon on 08.23.2012

  10. I want him to be by my side. To be my strength, to be my happiness, to be my everything…. I wish I could find him before its too late.

    By tit on 08.23.2012

  11. side of what? is it in side or out side? or up side, down side? left side right side? i dont know.

    By sara on 08.23.2012

  12. i felt conflicted, torn, unable to move…indecision quickening my heartrate as my mind grappled with this ridiculous but momentous moment, my next action would be a permanent reminder of that decision…which side of the hedge should I cut first…

    By Cass on 08.23.2012

  13. I wasn’t about to take sides, but I really was fed up with the way some of the office treated Susie. Well, maybe I am taking sides, but she deserves some support. We’ve been on our knees lately with the amount of work thrusted upon us by the unnameable powers that be, so a little stress and steam blowing is expected. But to deliberately make more work for someone as a channel for minor revenge isn’t stress relief. Raising your voice to someone, making mistakes because you’re tired, losing your rag with your computer keyboard, they ARE expected. But deliberately cocking up your work in the knowledge that the Susie will have to correct it, is just vindictive and unkind. Anyway, I heard on the grapevine, ( the coffee room just as I’d got in yesterday morning,) that Carter’s for the push. I can’t say I’m glad, but he is a bit of a prick, and productivity definitely slumped when he took up his desk in here. Well then, maybe I AM actually glad to see the back of pale pink shirts. The only issue is who the hell else are they going to slam us together with as his replacement?!

    By rhyme79 URL on 08.23.2012

  14. I ran outside. It was freezing, and I had forgotten a jacket. I dashed frantically to the alley, searching for Emma. There she was, at the end of the block. “Emma!” I called, running after her. “Emma! Come back!” I had to catch up to her. She ignored me and kept running.

    By Ayla Rae Baewer URL on 08.23.2012

  15. Side is the side that you take in an argument. It can also be the side of some place like roadside, lake side, etc. Side has many meanings and usages. This word wasnt really expected to come up

    By radhika on 08.23.2012

  16. This side of the ocean just seems so much bluer. The waves lap at the pure white shoreline, and I can’t help thinking that I’ve never missed the Atlantic so little.

    By Tai URL on 08.23.2012

  17. There are people with tattoos on their sides. Not only do I think this would be extremely painful, but I also don’t really see the point. Of tattoos in general. There is nothing that I care about enough to have it permanently a part of me. Which probably says something about me. I don’t know. Maybe I should find more to be passionate about.

    By Steph on 08.23.2012

  18. Everyone takes sides.
    The world is divided this way.
    Maybe if we thought of things as a circle
    rather than straight lines, we could achieve
    harmony and abandon the notion of sides.
    But as long as there are sides,
    I sincerely hope that you will be on my side.
    That would make me very happy.

    By Robin on 08.23.2012

  19. There is a side of myself that I am not too happy with, that part of me that says I must do something, I should do something, I have to do something and then I go and do the opposite. This behaviour shows me resisting change, not asserting or using an act of willpower, behaving badly. The other side to it is do I need to question why the indicative has been set? Who has set the bar on what behaviour should be displayed?

    By Meredyth URL on 08.23.2012

  20. given the one side;
    id rather have the other
    the grass is always brighter
    when in front of the sun
    under the moons
    killing the stars
    stars form on attention
    and renew from jealously
    and the grass brings it down

    By Walden Fitzpatrick URL on 08.23.2012

  21. enclosing, not top and bottom like your hips or torso but not the front or back. like in court you have the opposing side and the other one idk what its called but like argument you pick sides. its really hard ah.

    By ptvrachel URL on 08.23.2012

  22. the side of the barn is what i try to hit. i miss. they laugh. i lash out.
    the side of the barn is what i mistakenly think of as my target. i did not miss. i did not try to hit it. i did not miss.

    By timbo on 08.23.2012

  23. This side of the street is the only thing I know. I know it inside and out, sideways and upside down, all ways, always.

    By Bailey URL on 08.23.2012

  24. Finally, after three years carrying on with him, I convinced myself that I was Marilyn and he was Jack.

    By penny dreadful URL on 08.23.2012

  25. This side of life is something that is inexplicable difficult to explain or pursue in a way that you have no fear. This side of life is a time for us to grow by our mistakes and to pick ourselves up again after making those mistakes to make this side of life worth it.

    By Scelest on 08.23.2012

  26. I looked at her from the side. That’s when I noticed that the gaping hole in her right cheek had nothing to do with the rhinoceros running towards the horizon in the far distance. Crawling across her cheek, I spotted hundreds- possibly thousands-of termites.

    By sipke on 08.23.2012

  27. It is to my left and to my right If I turn it can be there and turning once again oh there it is again. There can not only be one, but two, and the list goes on. We can place in or out- there is not care- it has none and takes none- It just is.

    By matt on 08.23.2012

  28. She was perfect. Just the sort of dopey detective who would play on his side. He lured her with the promise of glory, a certain promotion and a handsome cash incentive deposited in her locker each month in a brown paper lunch bag.

    By sharon london on 08.23.2012

  29. the empty side of the bed, empty. silent. cold. it haunts me, taunts me. it keeps me awake at night wondering if it will ever be filled, occupied, warm.

    By andreadefillo on 08.23.2012

  30. It’s on my side for a reason. If it’s there, in a way, although you are currently absent from my life, you are still with me. Right there by side, where you have always been, and where you will stay. If I face times of trouble I simply lean the the left and remember that you holding me up. What a beautiful image.

    By Rachel on 08.23.2012

  31. They were two sides of the war. Meagan had no idea which one to choose. But eventually everybody had to choose. Even children. But the hardest thing about choosing was knowing what you were getting your self into. In a way, you were choosing your own poison. You could have the green or the red bottle. But either way, it was still poison. That’s how it felt to Meagan. Either side you pick, someone wants to hurt you. But if you didn’t pick, eventually everyone would try and use force to make you join. It was a deadly game to play.

    By Mely on 08.23.2012

  32. side by side we sat. Just stearing at the gorgeous sunset in front of us. Not a word coming out through our mouths. But it was not an uncomfortable silence. Neither of us wanted to talk. We just wanted to stay like that forever. Together, holding hands. I knew that, with him at my side, I would always have what I needed.

    By Shh on 08.23.2012

  33. I ran around the back of the shed, my breath catching in my throat with each placement of my foot. I could hear the leaves crackling, the wind blowing, and suddenly a bolt ran through my spine.

    By Ali on 08.23.2012

  34. She turned around and looked at the other side. It was terrible, dark, and cruel. She turned her head again. On the opposite side of the terrible place was a gorgeous different world. There was laughter, green grass, and such beauty it seemed to have jumped right out of a picture. She shook her head. She didn’t understand!

    By Mely on 08.23.2012

  35. It was unavoidable. the crash came as overwhelming as expected. the car spun sideways after being hit in its right side by the truck, I observed perplexed as the car spun in midair before landing out of the freeway unable to believe I just have seen this happen.

    By S_noob on 08.23.2012

  36. This side isn’t much like the other one. The colors aren’t as clear as they should be, and somehow, in an strange way, everything seems blurry. The image isn’t clearly defined, yet I feel I can see better.

    By Jose Andres Aguayo on 08.23.2012

  37. David didn’t know which side to take. He peered down at his children, sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose before coming to the biggest decision of his parental life.
    ‘George’ he sighed, only half meeting little George’s large brown eyes. ‘Give Jack his truck back’.
    Jack smiled smugly and George’s eyes widened in protest immediately
    ‘But DAD’
    ‘Eugh!’ David said, flailing his arms up in submission.
    He kissed them both on the head and headed off to work, completely oblivious to the fact that later he would make a decision that didn’t result in one teary eyed son, but two. And not just teary, but heartbroken.

    By kerry on 08.23.2012

  38. side by side we sat. Just stearing at the gorgeous sunset in front of us. Not a word coming out through our mouths. But it was not an uncomfortable silence. Neither of us wanted to talk. We just wanted to stay like that forever. Together, holding hands. I knew that, with him at my side, I would always have what I needed.

    By Liv URL on 08.23.2012

  39. Oh gosh. Everything’s fallen to the side. You let it slip for one day and your whole world’s a mess. Dirty dishes, dog hair everywhere, the dog needs to go to the groomers, his nail’s split, he needs to go to the vets, he hasn’t been in a year, I need to go to the doctor’s I haven’t been in nearly two years, forget about the dentist. All my clothes have holes. All my shoes have holes. The place is a dump. My bank account is depleted. I’m working a dead end job. A dead end job with idiots. Who don’t seem to understand the concept if you want me to work, you need to pay me. Every time I pass in my pay sheet for hours worked I’m criticized. They ask me to work events outside my regular hours and then when I bill them, they’re shocked. It’s my fault.

    By Meg on 08.23.2012

  40. There was a sharp pain.
    She looked down.
    Embedded in her side was a knife.
    Grasping the knife was a hand.
    The hand of her best friend.
    It was worse than being stabbed in the back.
    Much worse.

    By Melissa on 08.23.2012