August 23rd, 2012 | 516 Entries

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516 Entries for “side”

  1. There are many sides to people. Good. Bad. Too many to count. There are also sides to all sorts of shapes, figures, and physical objects. Interesting thing about sides is that there can be so many! It’s all so interesting.

    By Robert Longoria on 08.24.2012

  2. He sat against the side of the building, underneath the little patch of shade the early afternoon sun was offering to him. It was the only reprieve from the scorching and blistering southern sun.

    By Felisa on 08.24.2012

  3. The Man Who Knows Something Knows He Knows Nothing.

    By Deba prasad Sahoo on 08.24.2012

  4. the side of a tree is very hollow but it is still indeed the side of the tree you can call it what you will but it does not change that it is still the side of the tree. well you see the side of a tree is very neat perhaps you would find this out if you just stood next to one or even perhaps touched the side of a tree. Its side alicious

    By Jordan on 08.24.2012

  5. He was a bit on the tired side. He was struggling to stay awake and converse. Each word made him more and more exhausted. Each smile made him grow more tired.

    By jade URL on 08.24.2012

  6. The sides of my body hurt when I laugh. It’s a good thing, though, for if they did not, that would mean I never laughed enough to make them hurt.

    By Vikki URL on 08.24.2012

  7. side to side we may be together, laughing talking and sharing…
    side to side we could be happy
    side to side we could be one

    side to side we could do everything and be everything
    so lets me side to side you
    forever you on my side
    would you be my side?

    By Jenny on 08.24.2012

  8. My side hurts, it’s like I hit it on the side of a building, a very pointy side that is. I don’t know who’s side to pick as to what I should to to take care of it, should I pick the side that says I should use a heating pad, or use an ice pack?

    By Tabitha on 08.24.2012

  9. i seek shelter inside a vast setting of stones casted into the wishing well of moments granted in mountains more grander than our eroded, glacial memories of them.

    By drew URL on 08.24.2012

  10. There’s only one word and this one word today is side. Like on its side, the thing lay on its side. It wasn’t upright as it should have been, but just lying on its side. In the dirt. A planter on its side in the dirt. Probably the darned dog knocked it over again. Crummy dogs anyway.

    By Kathleen Gabriel URL on 08.24.2012

  11. ” If I could have a side of deep fried okra with that, it would be lovely” she gushed……the waitress stared at her….”deep fried what??” she said….”okra”
    Well you could have knocked me over with a feather when the waitress went and got exactly what she wanted…..who knew??

    By coramie URL on 08.24.2012

  12. Which side to choose? The left of the bus with no seats? Or the right, next to the crying toddler and the smelly man?

    By asdfsdf on 08.24.2012

  13. I want someone by my side. To keep me warm and safe. To take good care of me. To make me smile whenever I’m sad. I’m want the one who will stay forever by my side.

    By MAMAI on 08.24.2012

  14. Side, the edge of something. usually there are 4 of them. Holding something up, or someone in. 4 sides to a house. Also people, The different sides of everyone.

    By Karina on 08.24.2012

  15. i was standing on a sadi of my room i saw a big box in the center but i can’t move as i was in punishment . my astonishment grew what it should cantain?

    By joseph on 08.24.2012

  16. I feel like in arguments, no one ever takes my side on things. How am I supposed to make friends if i’m constantly worried about what i say? I keep my opinion to myself most times, which is funny because I am a friendly outgoing person.

    By Alexis A. on 08.24.2012

  17. which side are you on? why is it always about a side? why is it that everything has to have a right or a wrong, black or a white, a good vs evil? People tend to think of things as one or the other, and not realize the possible plethora of options in between in the grey area known as life. Nothing is ever really black or white, or yes or no.

    By Chris on 08.24.2012

  18. every person has a good side when modling they normally choose a side they like and pose with that side bc they look better with that side mostly out faciing there audience. whe i model i use my right side bc i feel i look better with that side. sides r normally differeny for everyone.

    By harley Ginsberg on 08.24.2012

  19. i just did side but ill write about it again. lol well no one ever takes my side in anything although not ot be cocky i am normally right. lots of argruments i face they take the idiots side and it always ends up bad. once in a while they should take my side as u can see i deserve it.

    By harley Ginsberg on 08.24.2012

  20. it’s the side, the side which makes you think about what is the other way to see the reality. you either take a side or look at the other side!

    By Fereydoon on 08.24.2012

  21. side plz tk my side…side upside downside…..!!! hehehe ;-)

    By josie grace on 08.24.2012

  22. well when you go to dinner and order some food and it will cost like 10 bucks….they sometimes offer a free side. like salad or fries or soup. but sometimes it isnt free. so it sucks. but they think itll make u feel better about spending money there cus u get more than u think u are paying for.

    By Skye on 08.24.2012

  23. Side? like the side of a house? A side of a house? A side of a person. A person has many sides actually. Well they probably shouldn’t but they do. I have a darker side at times and a happier side at other times. It’s kind of weird how people switch between different personalities depending on who they are with. This probably shouldn’t happen actually. Not all people do it it’s just weird how it’s pretty typical. People only show the side they want others to see.

    By Maria on 08.24.2012

  24. side by side we walk. not knowing where we’re going, i trust you. i usually don’t trust strangers, but there’s just something about you. i don’t know what it is, but being by your side is great. lovely.

    By Ashley on 08.25.2012

  25. I think it’s cute how every time we sleep, he’s on one side of the bed and I’m on the other. And when we’re away, he’s on one side of the world and I’m on another. Funny, huh? Because honestly, he owns one side of my heart. One side of my soul. But he owns all of my thoughts….all of my emotions. Our relationship is only physically one-sided. But he has all of my love.

    By Kendra URL on 08.25.2012

  26. black or white. hot or cold. paper or plastic. beer or wine. coffee or tea.
    we all take sides.

    By Lena on 08.25.2012

  27. is it really so hard to forget me? or is it the side of you where didnt want to say what you really felt?.. because if it is… i’ll be waiting all day and if is necessary.. i’ll wait the your words forever..

    By luciana URL on 08.25.2012

  28. I have written about side already. Could I possibly write more about it? Well, yes I could. But this time, I’ll choose the opposite side and not write anything more about it because I’m lazy like that. Did you effing get my point?

    By Sanrey URL on 08.25.2012

  29. people always take sides.. one is the side of love.. the one they think is so perfect, the one they think they’ll never feel alone.. the one they think they’ll never get hurt.. and the onther side is the opposite.. when you realize love is not the best thing.. where love is just a word and NOTHING ELSE, because believe me or not, love will ALWAYS forget you

    By luciana URL on 08.25.2012

  30. everything kept on my side is all my own.. They are not on my side, all are against me! Side by side games are funny and I love the person who lives by my side in the neighborhood. All sides of an apple are good. Side swept hair look good.

    By R on 08.25.2012

  31. My side is your side. We fight unequivically for the same team. Even though we find our selves facing eachother does not mean we must oppose one another. we can still move in the same direction simultaneously

    By darin on 08.25.2012

  32. Side one: makes brain shudder full of disasters. Side two: makes brain shimmer full of surprises. Other side of shut eyes are eyes open staring in.

    By Michael Rennie on 08.25.2012

  33. on my side is a bwl of icecream. on i just completed. ON my other side, is my camera. I love both. food & photogrpahy. i cant chose which i like better. they’re vital to my existence. it’s WHY i exist. food and photogrpahy together? no.. But independently. i love ’em.

    By priya parikh on 08.25.2012

  34. As in to take a side. Aside, something you don’t want those on the stage with you to hear butu the audience does. Side…snide…hide…abide.

    Taking sides. Too much hard and fast on one side of an imaginary line or another. No real dialogues, monologues everywhere. Goes with the narcissistic territory made possible by the digital revolution. No radio, MP3 players. No newspapers, pre-filtered, tailored headlines. Nixon let others read the dailies for him and tell him what they said. Same but worse. On the wrong side, the far side, possibly the dark side of the moon.

    By Toni Rubin on 08.25.2012

  35. One side of her face was swollen. She remembered eating the shellfish. The doctor told her she could still eat a little bit at a time. But she loves crabs and shrimp, so she went overboard, not thinking about damaging her feaht.

    I hope she gets much better soon.

    By Tonya URL on 08.25.2012

  36. She was laying on her side, facing the wall. Her fingers traced the small cracks in the paint and she tried to pry the flakes off with her freshly manicured fingernails. She could her him breathing deeply beside her, even though she couldn’t see him. His breathing reassured her but made her anxious at the same time.

    By Deni URL on 08.25.2012

  37. Side by side we walk, I see you laugh, we are.
    Side by side.
    We stand, we talk, we are.
    Side by side

    By paola on 08.25.2012

  38. on this side of the wall, you can see all the wonderful things – the greenery, the sky, the clouds, the beauty.Sides do change the perspective and are important. The side you choose defines you and your choices.

    By Madhumita on 08.25.2012

  39. On one side of it, everything looks okay. But on the other side, everything’s dark and grey. I’m afraid. I’m afraid that the side I’ll show you is dark and grey. That you’ll turn me away, since I don’t look okay. What will I do if that was the case?

    By Sara on 08.25.2012

  40. I want to be on your side forever
    I want to be there till the rest of my life
    I want to be with you
    as your wife
    Be on your side forever

    By Nadhira on 08.25.2012