August 21st, 2017 | 66 Entries

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66 Entries for “shotgun”

  1. Shotguns, more like epic guns. I want to blow my fucking head off. Do you like haikus? Fuck Jews 9/11, Fuck Kurt Cobain Columbine, Allahu Ackbar. I’m freaking out, man. Kaboom.

    By Abraham P. Wilson on 08.21.2017

  2. A terrifying thing in the wrong hands. The size of the blast, the heat, and the acrid smell of smoke in the air. Buckshot through the trees, through flesh and bone.

    By Shelby on 08.21.2017

  3. Lester came barreling down the hallway with a shotgun, and Jessica wore a bandolier as she fired shots into the screaming swarm. Her hands grew hot against the rubber grip of her AR-15, and she was grateful to be wearing heavy-duty gloves as each mindless grunt and shadow fell to the barrage of scorching steel and iron. Then she heard the floor rumble beneath her, and the maw of Hell opened wide.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 08.21.2017

  4. A space of privilege
    With too much room
    For legs used to Economy
    It’s small back there
    Small up here
    Insect wearing a seatbelt
    Six legs contorted into a fetal position
    The place they sit
    Take the antennae off,
    Tied into knots
    I’m small

    By Ai URL on 08.21.2017

  5. shotgun, you see, Aria never fancied shotguns. They’re, well, handy and really nice to use in zombie survival games but in real life? they’re messy. and she knows she’s in deep mess, having one face to face to her.

    well, life couldnt get worse, could it?

    By Aurelius Morfeo on 08.22.2017

  6. The gray metal nose of the barrel swung towards him as if sniffing him out of the darkness. Twin holes gleamed with oil. The barn door seemed to creek endlessly as it hung heavily on its hinges. The muscles in his legs jumped and strained along with the sound as he crouched low in the cab of the tractor.

    By Georgia Traher on 08.22.2017

  7. Ultimate control and also complete lack of it, you don’t have control, only the weapon that you hold. What you do with it depends on the situation. Depends on you. Depends on what you decide.

    By kirbylr URL on 08.22.2017

  8. a long gun that fires bullets.

    By loyaltyw on 08.22.2017

  9. I tool of hunting , defense , and war. Invented long ago to inflict maximum damage on a target. Very effective on large groups or moving targets.

    By Hunter Baker URL on 08.22.2017

  10. A weapon used for hundreds of years. There are many types of shotguns.

    By Ian Hilliard URL on 08.22.2017

  11. Shotguns are one of the most deadly weapons known to mankind. They are very powerful and make such a huge impact that goes way beyond a bullet.

    By Thamer Monasar on 08.22.2017

  12. Double-barrel duplex auto is where it’s at. max damage.

    By Spencer Hilke on 08.22.2017

  13. Shotgun could stand for many things, including shotgun wedding and shotgun that you would use to shoot. It could also stand for using a shotgun to start something like a race. Shotgun is a word I’m trying to write about.

    By Amanda Bradley on 08.22.2017

  14. John said shotgun as he wanted to get into the front seat of the car.It

    By Frank Burfoot on 08.22.2017

  15. a shotgun can be a weapon. my family and I use them around thanksgiving to shoot skeet off the back deck. most of the time each individual family brings their own.

    By Rachael Cronin on 08.22.2017

  16. I was playing playbox and I used a shotgun to kill people. It was op because I was killing people in one shot. I think it’s because that jawn sprays bullets everywhere. I bet it hurts when you

    By Isaiah Copeland on 08.22.2017

  17. finish what you have started, he screamed.
    there was a shotgun hanging on the wall, and it had been there from the start. she should have known; it was always the same, wasn’t it? she grabbed onto the blanket, pulling it roughly, and he didn’t bother to stop her – only cursed at her.
    i haven’t started anything that you hadn’t gunned for to begin with, she replied, her fist tightening but not making a move to grab onto anything else than the thick woollen coverthrow she had just grabbed.

    By thefrenchcrayon URL on 08.22.2017

  18. I always say shotgun to my brother and sister, but my brother complains and he gets it a lot. I love sitting in the front seat because I get to sit by my mom!

    By Isaiah on 08.22.2017

  19. Tilp planted his foot behind him, hauling the shotgun up to his shoulder. He had only shot one once, and that was quite a awhile ago. He brought it up, took in a couple deep breaths as he aimed, and then slowly pulled the trigger. The impact was stronger than he thought it would be and caused him to stumble back.

    By cally d URL on 08.22.2017

  20. I was severely injured, but still fought. I pulled out “Stolen Will” and blasted through the endless Bravo members. The Alpha guardians were about to lose, but I led them to victory and proceeded to draw from my special ammo until… “Guardian down.” The Alphas’ victory was prominent. We won.

    By Crystal on 08.22.2017

  21. “SHOTGUN!” He screamed out at the top of his lungs, running full speed toward the front door of the truck. I just rolled my eyes and sighed. What an actual child.

    By S on 08.22.2017

  22. “Shotgun.”
    “You have to be in sight of the car.
    “I can see it from the window.”
    “That’s cheating.”
    “It’s adapting the rules to my favor.”
    “You are so annoying.”
    “You love it.”
    “I do? I had no idea.”
    “Admit it.”

    By Bridget Grace URL on 08.22.2017

  23. He called shotgun as we jumped in for the ride. I’m never sure why he a;ways wants to ride in the front but he seems to like it. I find it tedious to ride in the front without driving.

    By Dale Carney on 08.22.2017

  24. I have a 12 gauge shotgun that I love to hunt deer with. I shoot a 00 buckshot out of it as well. It has a lot of power and kicks like a mule.

    By Adam on 08.22.2017

  25. shotgun a word used by every sibling ever to try and snatch the front passenger seat.

    By Gabriel Skatoff on 08.22.2017

  26. As I walked through the woods during the war all I could hear was the piercing sounds of the machine. it roared it ha a purpose it took over my body. it was long-lasting, forever,nerver to go away.

    By Logan Jackson on 08.22.2017

  27. “Shotgun!” called the youngest daughter.

    The eldest daughter rolled her eyes, but pulled her hand off the car’s door handle, nonetheless. Rules are rules.

    By darseyrsm URL on 08.22.2017

  28. shotgun wedding. I will take one right now. But that is because I think I am at the point where I feel like I should have been married or society thinks that I should be married. IDK but shotgun wedding is what I thought. or the gun my dad will use the shoot the groom. We bought him a really nice one for his birthday this year about time it got some use.

    By 5ftbeauty URL on 08.22.2017

  29. Drink a beer. Shoot something. Scary. Shotgun wedding. My grandma dressed up as a shotgun bride for Haloween one time. I think it means you are pregnant so you have to get married real fast or else the guy who got you pregnant will get shot by your father. It’s actually pretty sexist when you think about it

    By karen on 08.22.2017

  30. like a living shotgun, poised and ready, barrel pointed right between my eyes. imagine living a life just like this

    By Sophia Emille URL on 08.22.2017

  31. It blasts with a suddenness somehow unexpected
    It forces you back
    While the bullet moves onwards, faster, out
    of your

    By Sarah Kiddle on 08.22.2017

  32. “I call shotgun!” Danny laughed and ran to the passenger door as Clint shook his head.
    “it’s YOUR car, Danny.”
    “So? sometimes I just want to let someone else take control.” Danny winked.

    By Esther Jones on 08.22.2017

  33. a shotgun wedding. One night of fun leads to years of being stuck with the wrong person. This could easily account for the high divorce rate in america.

    By Joe on 08.22.2017

  34. The shotgun is a weapon. It shoots shells. It is very loud. It smells of gunpowder. it has a long barrel

    By Scott Hansen on 08.22.2017

  35. Thursday morning, the day of school. We lived in a suburban area, very safe and secrete. But that day, our school learned of its deep dark secrets. A shotgun in the closet of the school – hidden in the back. No one knew what it was for… but a note was attached to it, “There will come a day when all the students will know its threats – use this shotgun to defeat it.”

    By Mandy Sun URL on 08.22.2017

  36. She sits in the passenger seat, and he can’t take his eyes off of her.

    By Ioanna E URL on 08.22.2017

  37. When you heard word shotgun, it brings terror in your mind.

    By yas URL on 08.22.2017

  38. Split it open
    Chug it down
    A bullet or liquid
    My throat has been found
    Screaming the burn
    Killing my night
    A cock might be choked
    My hands on the ground

    By Brooklyn on 08.22.2017

  39. I held a shotgun to my head
    (like everybody else)
    but instead of shooting it,
    I ate it whole.

    I slipped on wallpaper
    until my feet could no longer walk.

    I ate the shotgun and my wallpaper
    feet were satisfied.

    By Jessica Tower URL on 08.22.2017

  40. She picked up the gun. It felt heavy and cold in her hands. The weight represented the gravity of what she was about to do. Was it murder? Wasn’t murder the deliberate and planned killing of another person? How could one murder oneself? Maybe it wasn’t her doing the killing. It was the monster inside of her.

    By Tuvok on 08.22.2017