September 17th, 2011 | 328 Entries

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328 Entries for “shootout”

  1. Westerns, gunslinging, old time, bars, drinks, fights, cowboys, Arizona, men with beards, rum, gin, whiskey, horses, banjos, blues, stables, hay, dirt roads, damsell in distress, gunpowder, smoke, hats, pointy things on the end of boots, southern twangs, gangsters, drive by shootings, the ghetto, hood, rap music, biggie, tupac, cops, the guy who got shot before his wedding like 60 times,

    By Carly on 09.18.2011

  2. The boy was having a 1 0n 1 shootout with his brother when he broke his leg and had to go to the Hospital.

    By John on 09.18.2011

  3. The gunslinger crouched behind a wagon, breathing hard, and listening to where his opponent could be.
    “Come out with your gun down and take it like a man!”

    By Catherine on 09.18.2011

  4. gangs, poker, penalty

    By Valentin Eni URL on 09.18.2011

  5. Two cowboys, one gun. Standing, in the silence BANG BANG!

    By Jay URL on 09.18.2011

  6. shootout. The dawn of the new age of western civilization. The shootouts were numerous and cowboys from all over would compete to see who was the strongest, bravest, and most skilled shooter of them all. It all started after humpty dumpty fell off the wall.

    By Rachel C. on 09.18.2011

  7. i got shot outside

    By shahrouz on 09.18.2011

  8. I don’t even know what this word means… ?
    Does it mean to like have a shooting contest until someone dies!? or fails and someone else wins? ugh

    By Julia on 09.18.2011

  9. what?

    this only makes me think of the riots..
    mindless people who only cares about themselves
    for their own entertainment or profit
    leaving innocents to suffer…

    and you say the world is getting better?

    By soraoshi URL on 09.18.2011

  10. Gun Switzerland bullets trigger rifle sniper America I don’t know what I’m doing

    By Cggv on 09.18.2011

  11. i dont like shooting ppl its hurts not in phescically but in emotion u hurt thier beloved ones

    By mosa on 09.18.2011

  12. one word has a huge impact, it can be something as simple as a “hello” or “thanks” that can make someone’s day 100% better. so take advantage of it ;)

    By somebody on 09.18.2011

  13. hockey, capita

    By Katie URL on 09.18.2011

  14. he rounded the corner and the empty cartridge fell out the bottom of the pistol…

    clang, it screeched as it hit the wet tarmac. lets hope they didn’t hear that.
    but for this betrayal, there was no point in hoping. they would come for him.

    there was only 10 minutes. just this small gap. the only way out.

    he reloaded and tensed up like a runner waiting for a signal to sprint… waiting for that gunshot. then he’d make his move. it was time to get out, and as a whole. he wasn’t leaving in little pieces.

    BANG! And he sprang out the gate and darted the wet streets, the air being ruffled from the bullets flying from behind. he was nearly there… soon he thought, he’d be free… with his love by his side, breathing low as the candle dies…

    By why does it matter? i am just a number URL on 09.18.2011

  15. there was a man. he had a gun. he wasn’t sure what was doing through his mind. just that in his pocket he had a gun, and that he was about to walk into a bar. after that, only screams were heard.

    By kate URL on 09.18.2011

  16. pues no se lo que signigica esta palabra puede ser cualquier cosa, pero yo no voy a paar de escribir por eso, faltaria mas, escribo sobre tyodas las cosas del mundo que me pongan mientras tenga tiempo y asñi saldrá una cosa más o menos creativa, tambiñen puedo medir la cantidad de palabras escritasssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

    By blogma on 09.18.2011

  17. Like in the movies. The old western movies with cowboys. What’s that guys name that was in dirty harry. Him. Spaghetti westerns. The ones that aren’t even filmed in the west and the good guy always wins while the bad guy always gets left in the middle of the desert. Yeah those.

    By Meagan on 09.18.2011

  18. I was standing outside, in the pouring rain, wondering if i would live or if i would die, but in that moment i didn’t care, i just wanted to make a name for myself. i wanted to prove everyone wrong, i was somebody, and they would remember the name.

    By Liz on 09.18.2011

  19. there were 2 of us when the shots went off. now i lay dying here in a pool of my own blood. he’s gone. he’s not going for help. he has left me to die here. and all i can say for myself is that i deserve it. every ounce of my blood that i now spill will surely be a reminder. this is my last sentence.

    By David on 09.18.2011

  20. Barren, ghost towns. One vs another. Who will win? Chance. War. Fight. Death. Killing. Casualies

    By Kathryn C on 09.18.2011

  21. I wonder if shootout is the only word that actually pops up here. I have done this about 4 times and shootout is the only word that comes up. I want another word! I mean I thought this website might be wicked awesome but i’m not totally sure about it. Of course I haven’t submitted anything yet. I just thought it would be really cool to write about certain things. We’ll see how everything goes

    By Justin Wright on 09.18.2011

  22. there was a shootout here at high noon. the men and women gathered round to see what would happen and who would die. and the men stood face to face as the sun beat down on the brows and they wiped the sweat as the moved for their guns.

    By Neeka URL on 09.18.2011

  23. and it all began with one word
    i didn’t know what to say or what to do
    just allowed my fingers to run along
    the keyboard wondering
    where i would land

    dodging bullets and screams
    showers of bloody thoughts, phrases
    and endless cliches, but the power
    of the spoken word may heal
    wounds from this

    By Mad Tuck on 09.18.2011

  24. ouch

    By a on 09.18.2011

  25. Hmmm… I did shootout yesterday. How often do new words come up? I was under the impression that it was daily… yet here I am with shootout. I’m kinda sad now… Major let down. Thanks a lot oneword… Thanks.

    By Josh URL on 09.18.2011

  26. The bloody mass, churned to a pulp. The spurs on their shoes gleamed as they stepped through blood stains and gasoline. Cigarette butts littered the floor. No one was content. there was blood to be shed.

    “Tybalt!” he cried, the angry restless Romeo. Out for bloodshed. He had more reasons to hate him than to love him. And that was enough.

    By Talia on 09.18.2011

  27. A shootout between me and my insecurities. I have the most unreliable gun one could find, rusty, and growing hot enough to burn me when I shoot it, while they are fully loaded with a machine gun big enough to bring down any army that I could have brought in two minutes. Two shots and I’m dead. I have no chance of winning.

    By Kayla URL on 09.18.2011

  28. The two men leered at each other across the stretch of barren desert. The admiral and the renegade, after all their years of history it was finally coming down to this. The admiral drew his side arm and fired a smokey shot. It missed but the renegade had thrown himself to the floor, a coward.

    By Hugh Crosmun on 09.18.2011

  29. Shootout? i didn’t expect that word to come up. Well okay, i heard about a shootout that happened in a city close to me recently, two people were killed and it was all over a bag of coke which i find ridiculous.

    By Mag on 09.18.2011

  30. A common word in my life as of last year. I moved out of one of the safest part of brooklyn to one of the most dangerous, shootouts are just part of everyday life, its nothing new a you hear a shoot out and be like ” wow those hoodlums have nothing better to do”, but it does keep you anxious and in fear.

    By asad mannan URL on 09.18.2011

  31. kiss kiss bang bang. cowboys and indians, foo. the wild wild west is a dangerous place if you don’t know how to handle yourself. remember that scene in back to the future part 3? aw yeah, that’s where you’re headed. you want to be the clint eastwood of the town, don’t be that other guy. true grit, homes, that’s where it’s at.

    By Katy on 09.18.2011

  32. Shootouts are very exciting things. Often I associate them with cowboys and adventures and all that sort of stuff… But if I were to experience an actual real life shoot out I wouldnt be very pleased about it. Guns are pretty scary. But lord I do like to play with them. Another one of life’s many paradoxes yah? I guess it’s not that paradoxical. That IS a great word though. Damn now I’ve gone on a tangent.

    By Amanda URL on 09.18.2011

  33. Do you shoot out someone’s innards, exploding from the inside out? Are you shooting out the mind, sanity on it’s knees? Or is it just that the gun is inside out and now when it goes bang bang your face will go hang hang?

    By AinsleyD URL on 09.18.2011

  34. In old western films, you always see the guy who has the advantage in the shootout. And of course, in any good American film, this just means that the other guy will win (triumphant underdogs!). What people don’t see is the heavy thudding of heartbeats on both of their parts. Or the families that will lose a father at the close of the day.

    By Erika on 09.18.2011

  35. i absolutely love mark
    ahhh! i don’t know what to write.
    but i’m writing.
    and i love it.
    how about youuuu just tell me what to write.
    this is soothing.
    i need to pee.
    and cough.
    ugh. i wanna shower, my hair smells like smoke. and i hate it. smoke smells so bad. ugh. but how are you today, and how often do you write?? I love writing. It’s perfect. Perfect outlet. :) have a good day.

    By mackenna URL on 09.18.2011

  36. there was a shootout on my block the other day except my neighbor is john wayne…so the other guy lost.

    By mgonzo URL on 09.18.2011

  37. Rain doesn’t kill the fire.

    The grass is singed. The smoke is suffocating. Everything is burning. Bullets fly around and you have no time to think because you just run, run, run. But it’s not enough in this shootout.

    By circinus URL on 09.18.2011

  38. When daddy took me hunting for the first time, my gun was so heavy. The barrel was longer than I was tall, i swear. But when the birds flushed up and the dogs locked on point, and the sound of dad’s gun slicing the air with shot filled my ears, the rush of how quickly life becomes death filled my body with shivering energy.

    By Allie URL on 09.18.2011

  39. The western frontier was nothing like i’d ever seen. Every day there was a group of scounrels that would have their regular shoot out in the streets. After drinkinig the bar dry, they would have target practice on the wooden tie posts for the horses.

    By Apryl26 on 09.18.2011

  40. i have no idea what this word means…

    By ana sofia on 09.18.2011