September 17th, 2011 | 328 Entries

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328 Entries for “shootout”

  1. I’m lucky I’m not in a shootout. I’d lose if I were on my own, mostly because I don’t know how to use a gun and the pain currently etched on my forehead would distract me. I hope I’d be on the winning side (the good side) though.

    By Candace S. URL on 09.17.2011

  2. Boom. Darkness. He runs, and tries to hide, and yet the bullets keep passing. The noise doesn’t let him think. It´s over.

    By Natalia on 09.17.2011

  3. Two men approach the main road. As they each face each other, they both reach into their coats. Felling the handles of their guns, each wonders: who’ll shoot first?

    By Jack Driscoll on 09.17.2011

  4. “Kelly, I just want you to know, whatever happens today, I love you. I’ve always loved you, and I know that this might be the last time I’ll ever see you, so I needed you to know. I’ll never love anyone as much as I love you. And…I don’t think I’ll ever love again if I lose you. So please, stay safe. For me.”

    “Hayden….This is a laser tag shootout.”

    “Well,” says Will, grinning. “I guess that’s one way to tell her.”

    By Totally Caesar URL on 09.17.2011

  5. There was a shootout that day at the bar. The elderly barman versus the young cowboy. Neither made it to tell the tale.

    By Brittannie on 09.17.2011

  6. guns and cars gangsters thinking there special, streets crime life grime dark allies birds tin cans.

    By mm on 09.17.2011

  7. Shootout? Like those old school cowboy movies. I never quite understood them. Like, why stand and perfectly time your little gun battle. Whatever happened to ‘you snooze you lose’. Something about the sacred nature of the moment I suppose. But still. It’s like rules for war. At the end of the day…

    By Nikki on 09.17.2011

  8. At the old corral, the men stood looking at each other, their horses tired, dusty, and in need of water. The shootout was twenty years before, but not one of em could leave the town. They stll wore the guns that blazed on that long ago day.

    By Donna on 09.17.2011

  9. There once was a shootout. It didn’t last long because the loser ended up dead. He thought he was going to win but he got too cocky and waited to long to draw out his gun. The underdog shot first and won the shootout. He was the town dope. The loser was the town Sheriff. He didn’t think that the dope deserved to stay in the town and challenged the dope to the shootout. How wrong the Sheriff was.

    By Ashley on 09.17.2011

  10. Shootouts seem violent. Violence is pointless and cruel. People should be kind to one another whenever possible, not injure another. Life taking life is not right. Shootouts make me thing of Western movies. And cowboys. And tumbleweeds.

    By Molly on 09.17.2011

  11. Drop your guns just long enough to have some fun with tongue-tied goodbyes and size up this moment and decide. I’ve got ten seconds to make out his motives and without the votives this girl is gonna dip. Forget it, the risk outweighs the lips and hips and touches because I’ve got a hunch none of this will be worth the walk of shame I’ll just shoot for the personal fame of walking out on a proposition without the definition that would make this a sane act of my character when I’ve seen them embarrass her and him and them and that’s just the bad part of getting caught between what you want and what you need.

    By Kiera URL on 09.17.2011

  12. Shootout. Shoot. Shoot myself in the stomach, in the throat, in the head. Shoot every person I see, make them as dead as me.

    By AJ URL on 09.17.2011

  13. this word stinks… i have no inspiration to write anything about it lol… ummmmmmmmm shoot, damn,,, sucks…. yup yup i got nothing.. wow i feel stupid yet i keep on typing.. yikes ok time hurry uo and finish now! yay its over! that was painful :/

    By Mellanie N. Covell URL on 09.17.2011

  14. this is the randomest word I have ever seen! I don’t even know what the F**** it means, but it seems like something moderately important…. like feelings bursting out screaming.

    By mel on 09.17.2011

  15. pace
    lift arm
    take the split second to aim
    drop gun
    hit the dust
    hope like hell the other guy came to his senses too

    By Carie on 09.17.2011

  16. I want to shootout how i feel. I want to shootout all my love. I want to shootout all my hate; my worries and my insecurities. My pride and my selfishness. I want to shootout my appreciation. My gratefulness and my praise. I want to shootout my memories. The good and the bad.

    By Mira URL on 09.17.2011

  17. i’d like to say wassup to my boys out there. yeah. wassup…. yeah. i like fish. hey check out my awesome voice! LA LAKALLAALAKALKAKKAKKALLAAL. boys like boys. 60 seconds are up.

    By Asano on 09.17.2011

  18. A noise radiated through the block with the intensity of thunder. She ran to her room, locking the door firmly behind her. This had happened before, but not at as close a vicinity as this. She feared for her life, a feeling she had never become accustomed to.

    By alyssa peps on 09.17.2011

  19. Cowboys and aliens attacking in a shootout with each other, where one is there and the other not. They carboy is only imagining it there in a dream and now he has woken up to find out that he is a real man in today’s society.

    By Alison on 09.17.2011

  20. let’s go. you and me. maybe him too. because it’s not right to fight over a guy. isn’t that what they always tell you? but i have a few scores to settle with him too.

    By Sarah URL on 09.17.2011

  21. shoot out. Like a western right? Al dusty and hot and muggy. Crusted with dry sweat. And god the dirt and the sand.
    What if you fell over and all that nastyness got stuck in your gunshot wound? Assuming you were the one hit. That would SUCK
    Like eeek. Also hats. It makes me think of hats.

    By qwerty on 09.17.2011

  22. there was a tremendous outpouring of grief today after two gang members were involved in a public shootout

    By Scott on 09.17.2011

  23. shootout. shoot out. shootOUT. SHOOTout. definitely one of those words that begins to irk and eventually cosmically discomfort you. what a strange collection of sounds. shootout.

    By Laney on 09.17.2011

  24. …daily commute in Puerto Rico. Bullet proof vests should be as mandatory as seat-belts.

    By Freddy on 09.17.2011

  25. I can’t even think.
    What kind of word is this?
    I don’t feel like making a story out of this.

    That’s what comes to mind.

    By Jordan URL on 09.17.2011

  26. I sit in the gym, listening to Ms. Blanst drone on about what we’ll be doing for gym. As she talks in her characteristic monotone voice, she slowly wheels a yellow bin of basketballs out of their resting place in the closet. My head hurts. My knees shake. SH

    By Jean on 09.17.2011

  27. My brain hurts. I can’t think of what to write.

    By Jean on 09.17.2011

  28. In my shootout, I will invade you with words. Initially, there will be no pain. Then you realize you are hit…..and the shit hurts. If you would like revenge, you might find me in Barbados, or Canada. Prolly snorkeling, or riding moose. meese? Or mice.

    By Natalie URL on 09.17.2011

  29. The idea of two people facing off each other in the heat of the moment. The most thrilling part of any game, the final few seconds that determine the winner! It is the edge of your seat moments that keep you coming back!!!

    By Marcy on 09.17.2011

  30. I just wanna give a shout out to all the people who love me. i kinda dont know what id do witohut you, you kinda make my life worth living and i think that without you i wouldnt be the same. i know i dont tell you guys this enough but i should. you people are amazing. <3 haha, dont change.

    By amanda on 09.17.2011

  31. The bullets buzzed past their heads, shrieking in protest against the air, whistling the banshees.
    The players rushed to the dugout, covering their tops of their heads with their veiny hands, knees to their chest, blood rushing through their ears.

    By timeisoftheessence URL on 09.17.2011

  32. One time I visited Tombstone, Arizona and they had a re-enactment of the gunfight. I was impressed with the actors who showed up everyday to do this re-enactment. What hard times those people went through back then.

    By SuddenlySusan URL on 09.17.2011

  33. counting steps, one, two, three. turn around slowly with style and with grace. “Let’s go home.”

    By name on 09.17.2011

  34. what didn’t happen tonight? well, even though there were 5 minutes left in the game and we were only up by 3 goals….Bryan was in attendance. But tonight? NO shootout.

    By More Everything URL on 09.17.2011

  35. Mexican Standoff. Cops and Robbers. The Good the Bad and The Ugly. Or maybe a hockey game (Canadian Soccer)

    By John12Condors URL on 09.17.2011

  36. Tumbleweeds blow by, as the Good and the Bad face each other. The Town Clock reads 11:59….

    By John12Condors URL on 09.17.2011

  37. the rogue king stepped into the center of the courtyard. his half brother, zachary did the same.
    “no my love. a shootout is not the way to settle this! think about our daughter!” said Zachary’s wife, who was on the side.
    “i have to defeat him, he has caused you too much pain.” said zachary.
    they drew their weapons, the rogue king’s obviously better than zachary’s.
    The rogue king pulled the trigger and zachary did the same. zachary was hit with a silver bullet, and the rogue king was left unhurt.
    his wife ran to him. “Zachary! no please don’t die!” she said, beginning to cry.
    “i am sorry, dear. please forgive me. my half brother is a evil man. and he causes you pain. don’t you wan’t revenge? he killed your people, every one you knew.” said Zachary.
    “no i don’t” replied his wife.
    “goodbye.” he said as he took his final breath.

    By Kazuko URL on 09.17.2011

  38. westerns. Bar rooms. The doorflaps swing shut as a dangerous stranger walks into the room. A gun on his hip and a metal star on his chest. Fights, fisticuffs, beer spilling, wood splitting.

    By Clyons on 09.17.2011

  39. It was a shootout test
    old western style
    quickest on the draw
    eager to defile
    with modern day gadgets
    to help them blend in
    and white trench coats
    to cover their sins

    By SprawlingInk URL on 09.17.2011

  40. This point is the one where I don’t know what to do – how to confront all these stresses placing themselves around the weakest points of my psyche, wanting to fight back but not knowing what to fight against exactly – looks like it’s going to be a shootout.

    By Natalie URL on 09.17.2011