October 25th, 2011 | 387 Entries

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387 Entries for “shepherd”

  1. They used to call me sheepdog
    I’d always make sure the girls were safe, no matter how drunk we all got, make sure everyone was safe, but especially the girls. I miss the alcohol and the hotel parties and the conventions. But mostly the girls and the alcohol.

    By Thebreakers on 10.25.2011

  2. pie.
    the lord is mine.
    bus stop.

    By Courtney Vos on 10.25.2011

  3. bible, pie, sheep, jesus, stick, herd, little bo peep, grass, farm, potato, meat

    By Bob URL on 10.25.2011

  4. A shepherd is a bump that removes an opposition from the contest in AFL football. There are legal shepherds and illegal shepherds. Perhaps in the old days there were legal and illegal shepherds. It all depended on the shepherd registration authority. Those who had lost more than on livestock per month for the last six months lost their registration. Although in some provinces the shepherd registration society held little sway, and they employed legal shepherds, illegal shepherds, and people who hardly knew a sheep from a wolf.

    By Bursaria Spinosa URL on 10.25.2011

  5. Welcome to the Bo Show…
    I’m pretty sure that has a copyright so… I saw a drawing today, a comic, some people on a bus all with the same thought that the rest of the world was sheep and they were the one intelligent person. Maybe I’ll walk to school so I can think this without embarrassment now….

    By Ammi URL on 10.25.2011

  6. It was almost that time. The time when the shepherd came. The horrible shepherd with his stick that he shoved me and my friends around with oh how i hate that shepherd. He pulls me back whenever I try to get away. I will never be free with that shepherd around.

    By Cassandra URL on 10.25.2011

  7. The alpine shepherd was my ancestor. Maybe it’s because of that, that i still feel most at home along those green fields on the top of the world. Little yellow flowers hide up there, among nooks that show a view from above the clouds.

    By an octopus URL on 10.25.2011

  8. Hands shepherding the mud’s flow into a structure, I watched her build a beautiful vase from that lump of clay.

    By Thebreakers on 10.25.2011

  9. There was An old man who was a shepered. He liked to heard sheep all day long. He had a wife and 6 kids and a pet cow and a really good sheep dog. Mr shepherd loved his job he would work all day and come home at night. For dinner each night they had chicken or beef stew. One day his fourth child said ” daddy I wana be a shepherd too”! So the next day we went to work with daddy and learned the ways of the
    Shepherd. When the old man grew old. His wife got fat and had brown hair and blue eyes. All his children had been married and each had 4 kids all named bob, Phil, Mary loo, and Joe. And they killed the Cow and all had burgers whole wearing wool coats. The end.

    By Shannon URL on 10.25.2011

  10. We walked with me. His foot steps aligned with mine although I could not see them. I heard the loud thump of his feet hit the sand and I could feel it shake the earth. It was dark and cold, lost at sea I had no idea where to go. But he walked with me and led me home.

    By Sami Tutti URL on 10.25.2011

  11. you lead us quietly and benevolently, but where are we going? i am sick of walking uphill among your slew of obedient and unassuming sheep. my feet are tired, my back is aching and i don’t want to continue down a path that i didn’t choose . stop prodding me and nipping at my heels- let me fall behind so i can think for myself.

    By keely URL on 10.25.2011

  12. Shepards are refered to in the bible. The lord is my shepard I shall not want. King David was a Shepard boy. Shepards went to see the lord when he was born. Shepard is translated “pastor in Spanish”.

    By Veronica on 10.25.2011

  13. I’m quite proud of the man. He was able to act as a shepherd for a project that we’d given up on. A true gift he has for calming a situation and seeing a project through impossible odds. A true shepherd of spirit and determination.

    By lago URL on 10.25.2011

  14. This is my land. These are my sheep. This is my living. My fathers and my ancestors worked this land, and I am it’s caretaker. I am a proud man.

    By TheBlueFool URL on 10.25.2011

  15. I already did this word. Shepard. Is it the only word they give you? I read what others wrote on shepards. It was very different from my own. shepards care for their sheep. Do I lose cuz I’m thinking on what I’m writing and what I will say next . I’m pretty sure minute Is up.

    By Veronica on 10.25.2011

  16. You are not a good shepard, said the little man to larger one, using the force of his intelligence to brutalize his way through the game of mazes being made out of words. There was trickery afoot. Only a few realized it. But when one so powerful decides to lead, who can really stand against them?

    By Siege URL on 10.25.2011

  17. shepherd. Watches his flock. Loves and guides and walks before. Not as a sheepherder, those who walk behind and prod, no he is the one to show the way and thus do his flock follow, secure in the knowledge that he will not lead them astray. for he is the constant in their lives. the face that they know, that represents the good in the world, the familiar. It is he who brings peace. and they know him.

    By Emily on 10.25.2011

  18. silly silly shepherds
    go around chasing sheperdesses
    that don’t really want anything
    to do with anything
    but sheep.

    By Claire on 10.25.2011

  19. shepherds have an interesting tendency to chase shepherdesses that couldn’t really be bothered to care about anything other than sheep.

    those bitches.

    By cyeske URL on 10.25.2011

  20. He shepherded his many conquests into the one tiny room. “Here’s the deal,” he said with a sigh. “I have AIDS.”

    By Kate URL on 10.25.2011

  21. shepherd. shep herd. the shep herd. the sheep herd. the sheep heard. what is it the sheep heard? the world may never know. (I already did this word! I don’t want to do it again… )

    By Salaa'ut URL on 10.25.2011

  22. The lord is my shepherd, I shall not want. Sad, I’m not religious at all but this is the first thing that comes to mind, maybe that says something about me..

    By Laura URL on 10.25.2011

  23. shes on the edge of the clif, a halo above her haid, she lares back and her eyes have flames, her ayes are moons, her eyes, are aztec symbols, detailed and precise, with a staff twice her height, standing daringly at the edge of the cliff with a turned back. Fixed lips, a pointed nose

    By SeanPatrickArmstrong URL on 10.25.2011

  24. There was a sheperd in a field, that passed on forever. The end was never in reach no matter how far he herded his flock. The grass was always green, and always there. He gave up his meaningless wandering and sought something substantial.

    By Jesse Sutter on 10.25.2011

  25. the lord is my shepherd, i will not lack goods with him. he is going to guide me trough the right path of life because he knows what is best for me.

    By sylvia martinez on 10.25.2011

  26. The sheep’s head darted toward the sound. It was a noise they knew very well by now, that unmistakable horn. The sheep always heard him. The boy was coming again, just like he did yesterday. One more would go missing today, just like yesterday. The shepherd was coming.

    By Charolette URL on 10.25.2011

  27. The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want. He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: he leadeth me beside the still waters. He restoreth my soul: he leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his name’s sake. Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me. Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over. Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life: and I will dwell in the house of the Lord for ever.

    By Logan Nightingale URL on 10.25.2011

  28. show me where i need to go
    you have been there before
    take me this time I am hungry

    By Nathan on 10.25.2011

  29. Ah yes, this name. This word. It makes me cringe. Fake and annoying, always smiling but really, judgement. Everyone with the name Shepherd is out to get me.

    By Erin on 10.25.2011

  30. Grab me by the hand and lead me through this because i do not know that i can navigate this on my own. I feel like I am messing everything up, and have broken things beyond mending. I do not feel like i am a good person any more. I have made poor choices. If i had it to do over again…I would do it differently. What’s done is done, and I must live with that, but I dont know how I am going to get through it. It tears at me from the inside. I need to find my way back to good.

    By spankmepurple on 10.25.2011

  31. The fields were barren as the boy looked out over them. The grass was kexy and coarse and the small pond he remembered taking his young lamb to was dry and the soil caked and craked.

    By WingsDurus URL on 10.25.2011

  32. the shepherd? tlkn bout sheeps? the leader of the sheep pack? thats what i think of when i see the word shepherd..i see the bible too..and a man with a cane in the grass leading a bunch of sheep into a fence..a wooden one…on a cloudy day..

    By Khari Malik on 10.25.2011

  33. I would want to follow, if I only understood how to. I’d follow you to the beginning again, fall into you again, love you again, smile again, scream again, run away again, come back to you again. I didn’t understand why I needed you. I just followed you.

    By Maneo Mohale on 10.25.2011

  34. He’s young when his father first brings him out into the fields, dressed warm for the early morning. The grasses are soft and green, the sky is a clean eggshell blue, and the herd is docile. They graze neat and close on the upslope of a broad hill, not one straying too far from the rest. Eli is taken with them, always has been, thinks they look like pillows with feet and faces. He giggles when one of them ambles over and nudges him gently with its wet nose, trying to get at the especially green, wet clump of grass under his feet. His father’s hand on his shoulder is warm as the sun, which is slowly beginning to leech the cold from the air.

    Years later, Eli comes alone to the hillside and wears his father’s clothing. Not much else has changed, really; the grass is still green and the sky still blue, and early mornings will always bite at his bones with chill; but now he thinks the sheep are more like clouds than pillows. Lassoed out of the sky and corralled on the dewy ground, they drift, happy to go wherever he takes them, never knowing the difference between sky and land.

    By miira URL on 10.25.2011

  35. It was the shepherd that led her into the home. He found the girl wounded and unable to fend for herself out in the wilderness. From then on, he would take care of her. It wasn’t like he was old, or crude, but he had been on his own for awhile, too. One day, they’d fall in love.

    By thebananapost URL on 10.25.2011

  36. lead me to that forbidden place
    your arm is strong, it goads me on
    and when the devil takes me
    i’ll blame the shepherd
    for taking a left
    instead of a right
    for giving up without a fight
    and for letting me take my life tonight

    By icecreamsamday URL on 10.25.2011

  37. I think of Joseph from Genesis, how he shepherded the rest of the Hebrews into this, the modern day, God created with him several covenants, and his descendants are becoming as many as the stars. Sheep dogs, goats milk, goat cheese, robinson crusoe.

    By derek on 10.25.2011

  38. “hey
    i never wanted
    to be
    your shepard”
    she tells me
    i know that she
    never knows what she wants.
    i’d like to keep it
    like it is for now.

    By Buttxheeks URL on 10.25.2011

  39. The shepherd was a man who lived a lonely life with his sheep. He prayed for a wife day and night but no one ever appeared on his door step the way he’d hoped. So one day he went into town to find the woman of his dreams.

    By Amber on 10.25.2011

  40. a shepherd is a really good person who takes care of animals and feeds then n its a really good work to do which is equivalent to god

    By Aarushi on 10.25.2011