February 18th, 2012 | 142 Entries

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142 Entries for “shelter”

  1. My home now is my shelter but I can remember a time when home did not exist. Somehow, the world had dropped it’s bottom, had dropped it’s sky….. had lost it’s meaning. I felt lost on the city streets.

    By Fran on 02.18.2012

  2. Shelter means being able to provide protection. Shelter is one essential in life that is needed. Once your have shelter all of the other essentials in life will fa

    By Jessica Crotwell on 02.18.2012

  3. I walked back to the shelter to find it in uproar. People were starving, dying, and sick. No one cared to help though. The rich were concerned about losing their money. They didn’t have the time to be concerned about us poor people.

    By Alli URL on 02.18.2012

  4. I could say something lovey like “When im with you im home” or I could say something sad like “this house is not a home” but I think i just want to say that sometimes I prefer playing in the rain over a safe roof.

    By leslie URL on 02.18.2012

  5. A place that one thinks is safe from harm. However, it is only a material thing for someone to put faith in. Then, when that faith is broken, and the shelter falls, that individual wonders in hopeless awe at the possibility which has just come true.

    By Katie URL on 02.18.2012

  6. I remember when we would listen to the Stones. We being my mother, my brother and I. I was usually in a car seat, with tattoo you, or me or something album playing. My mom would be crying over the divorce.

    Brother’s dead now.

    Gimmie Shelter.

    By Megan-Jane on 02.18.2012

  7. gloss on your lips and over your words like ignorance is a right, not a privilege, and the poor people of israel ought to choose to ignore their heavy streets the way you ignore the bombshelters hidden in the backyard of all these properties you keep meaning to sell, one-day, broke real estate agent not really feeling desperate yet, just luxurious, buying twelve-dollar vanity products for your lips, careful not to let your tongue lick away what’s there whenever you talk

    By robyn URL on 02.18.2012

  8. Gimme shelter. I think about Mick Jagger and how I want to sing loudly. As loudly as him and I am jealous of his dance moves and you should be too. Why not? Gimme shleter.

    By Natalie URL on 02.18.2012

  9. under the big top surrounded by the roar of jungle cats and the hiss of snakes biting at our ankles we’re fighting fighting for what we know we’ll never win but fighting nonetheless it is our home our territory our shelter and we will fight until we have no fight left

    By C. Ritchie URL on 02.18.2012

  10. Gimme shelter. Mick Jagger. I think about Mick and his oh so tight jeans and he is looking at the camera and singing into the mic and why would he ever need shelter? Gimme shelter.

    By ntljk URL on 02.18.2012

  11. We all need a little shelter. Something to keep the weather out. To keep us dry, and warm. I think sometimes people need more than literal shelter though. Sometimes people need someone to love them, to care about them. The Shelter of a heart seems pretty good to me.

    By Faith URL on 02.18.2012

  12. the apocalypse is near. people hide in iron bomb-proof homes, to realise it was all just a joke the mayans pulled off.

    By Mithril on 02.18.2012

  13. Shelter

    Did you know you can be blacklisted from adopting animals at all major shelters? There’s a central database they can check to prevent them from adopting out pets to people who are hoarders, neglectful, or abusive to animals. I’m not sure if this database is nationwide or citywide, but check with your local shelters if you know of someone who should be on that list.

    By Noisy Quiet URL on 02.18.2012

  14. shelter me with your love my friend that is alll taht i need to feel real no pretend keep on doing this until the end keep on speeding up around the bedn back to the shelter like theres hail out side i wonter be the shelter for my soon to be wife caress her with my words and tell her to rest in peace. cus ive got what she needs … far as me.

    By ajloopy URL on 02.18.2012

  15. Shelter belt, planted with promise, with hope, with fear. Shelter from wind, shelter from snow, shelter from beating sun, shelter to hold the soil. Shelter for sleek and handsome phesants.

    By Jamie on 02.18.2012

  16. shelter from the storm was all they needed. physically. emotionally. spiritually. but at this moment the most pressing need was physical. the rain fell in crushing torrents. the wind wiped it’s ice laden fingers across their open wounds. the landscape became more treacherous with every breath.

    By debra on 02.18.2012

  17. house

    By Katherine Sumpter on 02.18.2012

  18. We found shelter in the form of a lost cabin, broken down and splintered in the Sonoma rain. The vineyards surrounding the bare-boned acres of the property were withered and brown, some ends scorched as if by flame.

    It was clear that the troops had gone through here before, scouring for survivors. But after that, it was as if they had been happy with leaving the ghost behind.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 02.18.2012

  19. Shelter from the rain. Shelter from the pain. Shelter to hide from all of life’s woes. That is what God is like. He is like a hen’s wing, spread broad to gather all the chicks in. To protect them from the wind and rain that are life’s storms. A shelter from all harm.

    By Karen URL on 02.18.2012

  20. We all need shelter. Shelter from the storms of life. Shelter from the hurtful words of others. Where can we find that shelter? In God alone. In the loving arms of the God who loves us and seeks to hold and protect us.

    By Karen Kent-Campbell URL on 02.18.2012

  21. Shelter me from the storm.
    Take shelter
    Make shelter
    Homeless shelter
    Shelter your heart
    a roof

    By hiyapapaya URL on 02.18.2012

  22. your arms around my body
    the cold outside
    the warmth create in the few space between you and me
    that cold night
    that empty apartment
    that bright night when you for the first time saw me
    your eyes my shelter
    your smile my force
    your mouth kiss my hands
    and I can fly
    your love my shelter
    that cold a memory
    your warmth my shelter

    By hermosa URL on 02.18.2012

  23. Gimme shelter. There are lots of homeless people on the beach. Venice beach, Ca. During the day they sleep on the long expansive lawn, by night they wander.

    By marylee on 02.18.2012

  24. I have a shelter dog
    She’s a Sheltie mix
    She is my heart’s shelter
    We protect each other
    That is the truth

    By kcgold URL on 02.18.2012

  25. I remember looking
    for shelter in you, all dark corners
    and rain-weathered wood,
    vines staggering up your sides,
    eyelids purple with bruising.
    You were broken, but I was lonely;
    and in a way, that’s worse.
    We huddled together, finding
    that when cracked edges stand shoulder-
    to-shoulder long enough,
    everything else begins to hurt.

    By Molly Lyn URL on 02.18.2012

  26. Let me rest, just for a moment, let me lay my head down in your lap, stroke my hair, rub my back, just for a minute or two, let me remember who I am, why I’m here, how much I’m loved, how loving I am.

    By Alison URL on 02.18.2012

  27. Oh the sweet shelter of my own gaze. Maybe I don’t always need to trudge through the rain. I have my warmth, fueled effortlessly by fireplace. IT’s all right here. Perhaps I can travel through my shelter. Perhaps a shelter to go.

    By Adesola URL on 02.18.2012

  28. On days like today, I really appreciate have a shelter over my head. I can’t imagine what it must be like for homeless people on good weather days, let alone on days like today with the temps low and the rain and the promise of snow. There are so many things to be thankful for.

    By CorinaJoyC URL on 02.18.2012

  29. I wrapped my shroud about myself and shivered under the corrugated roof that was my ‘shelter’. Our shelter. The ten or so others that populated the – usually – uncramped space literally jammed the place packed with fleshy meat.

    Easy targets for the dogs and bombs outside. We could only pray. Pray that our shelter stood.

    By Val URL on 02.18.2012

  30. shelter is warmth, friendship and safety.
    A home
    a friend
    a partner
    a bowl of garlic soup

    By Trudy B on 02.18.2012

  31. He owned diamonds, snowflakes, fire and the horizon, and he had the key to the chamber beyond the stars. He came on a black night, looking for shelter, with a star peeking through rafters. And in the night the sleepy child peacefully lay among the beasts.

    By Alegría URL on 02.18.2012

  32. Gimme Shelter is a song by the Rolling Stones, and I first heard that song playing rockband. What comes to mind is light, flashing before my eyes, the crashing of realization soothing to my persistent frustration. All I am is a metaphor for something bigger than myself, an emotion perhaps. I need shelter, perhaps even more isolation than I’ve been allowed…

    By Keenan on 02.18.2012

  33. And we took shelter from the rain. Or I did. She was standing at the edge of the makeshift roof and giggling as the tiny drops of water landed on her nose.

    By Caddie on 02.18.2012

  34. You sheltered me from the cold, the darkness, everything that was bothering me. And i still remember you, tattered, rugged, big but gentle, soft, but worn-down. I hope you know, my little blanket, that you shall be my daughter’s keepsake now.

    By SJP on 02.18.2012

  35. The way houses are made, it makes it seems as if nothing is going on inside. Like it’s just a shelter. Truth is, they are each filled with magnificent people. Horrible people. Crying people. Dying people. Laughing people. Loving people. And yet! It appears as if nothing is going on inside.

    By Lor-n URL on 02.18.2012

  36. Thunder and Rain
    Warm and sheltered, huddled under the sheets,
    My Cats and I

    By UnderWater URL on 02.18.2012

  37. the weather was savage, and the only way to survive was to be within the shelter. she knew this, however she couldn’t leave the beauty of the storm’s danger. and then it happened. he watched as the light of his life, his only reason to live was swallowed by the monster of the skies. he lost all sanity, jumping out of the shelter without a moment of doubt. but it was too late. the atmosphere was clearing up, and the remaints of the tragedy were nowhere to be found on land. then, he knew what he must do. join her in the worlds of above.

    By melina2134 URL on 02.18.2012

  38. It found itself repeating the same stone-steps, never tight enough, never quick enough to bury its nose beneath a sagging tail. Wet and hungry for the tickle of love, she paused–staring out from under dog-lashes and inadequate shelter.

    By N.J. URL on 02.18.2012

  39. The dugout
    Named for its genuine cold

    Days where it felt like a shelter

    Though you could lose.

    By Ignightingale URL on 02.18.2012

  40. it`s the fact of having a place to live or stay,considered as a basic human need,and protection from rain,danger or attack

    By mavi on 02.18.2012