May 26th, 2013 | 208 Entries

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208 Entries for “shattered”

  1. the glass shattered. It’s remains flew across the cold wood floor. Everyone stopped. and STARED

    By Evan URL on 05.26.2013

  2. Illusion. Things get broke and scattered in confusion. The sound is unmistakable. Blended into nothing as it is only floating on the surface. I like this word. It

    By Tea on 05.26.2013

  3. my wrist after a tough day
    seeing other people enjoying themselves broke me

    my mirror after it lied to me
    showing something i wasnt ready to see

    my heart after my mom said she wasnt coming back

    By Dana on 05.26.2013

  4. Shattered happens when everything seems to smack into reality at once. You can’t seem to focus on any one piece; they all seem of equal importance, regardless of size.

    By Tiffany on 05.26.2013

  5. A Shattered bottle on the floor lies still and abandon. waiting for someone to step on the pontie edges. A small glass with a huge sting.

    By Mia Potter on 05.26.2013

  6. there are many times in a road where a crack occurs. most tend to just bump right past it. those few though, the ones that feel the sensation of the crack , falling to the knees with deep breathes and realize that life is glass. that is the moment we all fear

    By Antonio on 05.26.2013

  7. She was broken but she put her hands together in the praying position anyway. It seemed odd but she closed her eyes because it seemed to help her focus on the conversation she was having with him. “Do you love me?” she asked. She knew he loved her and that was enough for her in that moment.

    By sturmzie on 05.26.2013

  8. The glassed shattered in a million pieces. My hand was stre

    By June on 05.26.2013

  9. on the pavement a bowl of jellyfish wrapped around the sailor. they were mad with glee at the opportunity to fight back against the jellyfisherman. for years and years people talked of that solemn day that the jellyfish began to dominate the world

    By jacqueline Harris on 05.26.2013

  10. my heart shattered when my parents told me i couldnt date joe. now im torn between chosing my parents or chosing joe. i can do both… or can i? shattered/torn

    By Meghan on 05.26.2013

  11. Broken, out of mind. Leave your home and your soul behind. Give yourself one more chance to do what you must, but don’t hold on to trust.

    By Patch on 05.26.2013

  12. Shattered, broken, empty family life. Used to hold on to the anger like it was my shield. Now I’m picking up the pieces, so I don’t have to be shattered anymore…

    Sometimes I am scared that I will never actually gather all of the pieces..

    By Brandy Leigh on 05.26.2013

  13. You would think the silence would be shattering, but it’s the chaos that cuts like a million shards of shattered glass through my mind; when my brain just won’t stop analyzing every single thing

    By Undefined URL on 05.26.2013

  14. I turned on the radio and our song came on
    Right then and there I knew nothing would be the same
    That shallow grave will not protect me from the shattered glass you stabbed me with

    By Sarah on 05.26.2013

  15. The glass shattered all over the floor as little tommy threw more balls at the windows. Shattered is a word used to describe broken things that have been completely destroyed or broken into shards

    By Jess on 05.26.2013

  16. These shattered dreams lay in shattered reams of spoiled re-runs.

    By Deejay on 05.26.2013

  17. I used to think if I loved you enough,
    you’d learn to love yourself.
    But you rubbed off on me
    and no one got loved and
    a lot of people got anxiety.
    I thought you could love me god I can’t love myself and fuck you.
    Fuck you.
    Fuck you.

    By letusbelennon URL on 05.26.2013

  18. i shattered my heart by loving my opposite soul mate. it was the worst thing i ever did but i loved every second of it.i wouldn’t regret anything. nothing will change those moments.

    By Michelle on 05.26.2013

  19. It shattered, my whole world had gone up in flames right before my very eyes. They had taken everything that I had ever loved, everything that had meant something to me. I swore I would get my revenge, one way or another those bastards would pay for what they did. They would lose everything too and they would cry I would make sure of it.

    By Gilltyascharged on 05.26.2013

  20. i’ve realized every time i tell someone i’m not broken, i become more shattered. I try to weld the cracks of guilt with tobacco, but i just end up getting cut with broken glass and burned with ashes of small words

    By Blanche URL on 05.26.2013

  21. The glass shattered everywhere. It scattered onto the floor, the walls, the ceilings, places that didn’t know they could hold glass, and places that never should hold glass. The earthquake shuck the house violently and everything shattered. Glass, cement, walls, and dreams.

    By Blaze URL on 05.27.2013

  22. The first time I heard this word used was from a Brit. I don’t recall if the person was a he or a she, but most likely it was a dude. Back in my investment banking days, there was a lot of drinking, so in the

    By Joyce Manalo on 05.27.2013

  23. The illusion shattered, crashing around her feet. Nothing would ever again be as it once was, who knows what it could be. Shattered like glass and the fragile dreams she has set for her future. Gone. In one swift motion, not unlike a bandaid being ripped away from an already hurting heart, tearing away bits of skin that were in the process of mending.

    By Samantha URL on 05.27.2013

  24. shattered window glass, spattered lightning addressed in the fold, unfold the scroll of red plastered fury, pull the knot to open the parchment. on the inside there’s proof of nefarious schemes, and soaked through with blood.

    By Fred Fingery URL on 05.27.2013

  25. Shattered glass spread all over the floor, broken things, I’d like to think that there will be no more.

    By Jess on 05.27.2013

  26. the stone on which those ancient words are written may shatter and become dust in the wind, for we know better now, as our intellect is best conserved on paper. no commandment is more just than the categorical imperative and no creation myth is more closer to the truth than the origin of species. it is time to fully abandon revealed truth and to embrace discovered truth.

    By washington irving on 05.27.2013

  27. The glass windows shattered. Jeremy cowered under a blanket, feeling the cold wind touch the tips of his fingers. The echoes of footsteps were heard in the hallway. That sound crept into his ears like how a spider climbs onto someone’s hand out of surprise. More sweat. More shivering. He could hear the footsteps coming closer. Jeremy stiffened, voice becoming stuck in that lump of fear forming in his throat. HE was coming.

    And there was nothing Jeremy could do about it.

    By Tani URL on 05.27.2013

  28. And it was there lying on the floor. But it didn’t feel like any pain until I was there watching how the space between the shattered pieces had a faint flavour of all the things I didn’t believe in anymore but I was holding on to.

    By J. URL on 05.27.2013

  29. This life is lost in its own maze. Pieces of paper float shattered over the tall shiny buildings. There is no more place for words, empty people using paper as confetti.

    By Owl's Eye URL on 05.27.2013

  30. i come together again. it is a terrible feeling but when you get yourself back together you meet a new better new.

    By foram on 05.27.2013

  31. An eyelash fell into my eye. Then another…and another. What happened next was so painful. My whole eye shattered. Because my eye was not a typical eye. It was an eye made from the thinnest glass that has ever existed. So, why did it not shatter until then? And why did I have such a fragile eye? I don’t know. Maybe I’m just an idiot.

    By nodochinko URL on 05.27.2013

  32. Glass gets shattered as do most things you can see through. Illusions are shattered when you can see through them

    By J. Wilson URL on 05.27.2013

  33. I’m so tired I can’t stand up, just beyond weary and worn out and into the realms of collapsing as soon as a useful surface appears nearby. I wish I could just take a nap but there is always more work to do and more things to sort out

    By JJ on 05.27.2013

  34. Suddenly, I heard a “ching”, that was glass that fell. It shattered inot pieces! It was a glass of water so the water spilled all over the floor, too.

    By Masha on 05.27.2013

  35. I have a heart that is made to shattered, maybe that is the way it should.
    Oh my mind is an echo chamber.
    Love this word. One of my favorite words because is hard, deep and beautiful.

    By Me URL on 05.27.2013

  36. Not the best idea to put himself in the way of her shattered heart. Just before night time, she used to call him. That’s exactly the moment when they kept bumping into each other on the street. Nothing planned, no intentions, just destiny.

    By Stef URL on 05.27.2013

  37. A man as strong as Arthur Jamison would generally not be expected to wear such a shattered expression on his face. So, instead of standing up and leaving his father’s body in the room, to go out and tell the rest of the family his soul was waiting to be sent on, Arthur Jamison sat, slowly, in the room, thoughts running through his head.

    His father… his father was a murderer.

    And he, Arthur, could tell no one.

    By Maria URL on 05.27.2013

  38. My life was shattered the day Jim died.
    I was young.
    He was young.
    Our lives were ahead of us.
    What happened?
    How did this end?
    Where did he go?
    I’ll never know
    Life goes on.

    By cs on 05.27.2013

  39. Skeletal cage surrounding the beating fluttering noise box. Chirp chirp. Look at the feathers, look at the veins. Tweet tweet. Neutralized array of pompous color flapping for no one new, you’re face is as real as any mirror and the bird knows no difference. Does it feel good knowing that your smile is just for you, when you’re the audience of a dancer?

    By Amity Holt on 05.27.2013

  40. He had tried so hard. He had tried with every fiber of his body, every tissue of his heart, every bit of his soul, but still he had failed, and the realization left him shattered.

    By mrsmig URL on 05.27.2013