March 19th, 2011 | 351 Entries

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351 Entries for “shape”

  1. She shaped the clay into her lovers face but smashed it to pieces once it dried. she never intended to keep it, only to destroy it. and now she buries the pieces by his lonely grave.

    By allie on 03.19.2011

  2. sqaures are shapes and triangles and circles and this is making me think of trigonometry that im taking in high shool within my pre calc class which really sucks because i need to do my homework still and its sooooooo time consuming UGGHGHGHGHGHGHHGHGHGHGHGHHGH but whatever its all G!!!!!!! haha i made an excuse to do this a second time. 120 seconds! xD but this is boring and im talking to myself so i wanna stoooooooooooooooop :'( Wow this time limit doesn;t even work. This thing lets you keep going when it stops the time.

    By Brian on 03.19.2011

  3. I felt like I was losing chAracter. Losing a spine. Losing my shape. Nothig felt the same. I couldn’t function properly. I was losing myself in this mess I called a life. I need safety. I needed structure. I needed you.

    By zLori on 03.19.2011

  4. my shape is big or small
    no matter what it may be
    ive got it all
    black and white
    skinny or not
    im my own best friend
    and im ready to take flight

    By Sam on 03.19.2011

  5. shapes are fun to make pictures with. But they can be nasty when you start to think about what shape you are. shapes should be fun and we should stop worrying about what the “right shape” is cuz without all of them we wont have all the pretty pictures.

    By Bethany on 03.19.2011

  6. my story is about a circle named bob and he likes playing fetch with tiolets and i took him tyo the park the other day and he fell in love with a square named Vanessa. 1234567891032871590234659873634789567813465987134659081346857613489057098346534651347895678259837582575785478905478954789547895478954981607984231098347502319879438609238`470134985019823750915619483275 that is how many kids the circle and square had.That is my story, i hope you liked it please comment on my story. GOODBYE!!!!!!!!!!!

    By poop URL on 03.19.2011

  7. the shape of the night was that of a pear, bulging at the sides, teeming for a bit–to taper.

    By on 03.19.2011

  8. Shape up. Don’t let life get you down. There are so many reasons to stay down when you fall, but there is no reason why you shouldn’t get back up. Don’t listen to the negativity in your mind. There’s always hope.

    By Ashley URL on 03.19.2011

  9. It was the shape of things to come. Not quite round, not quite oval and yet you could call it neither oblong nor hexagonal. One thing of which I was quite sure was that all was not square. It would never be so as long as she persisted with this behaviour.

    By RJH URL on 03.19.2011

  10. The shape of those eyes,
    The color of that smile,
    The scent of that voice,
    The timbre of your being.

    I miss you.

    It’s all mixed up in my mind.

    I miss you…

    By Little Shark on 03.19.2011

  11. The slender curve of her hip, the soft glow of her skin; It was beautiful. He looked at her with widened eyes as she slept, nude, the covers kicked down from her frightful dreams. And he wanted her. He wanted every ounce of her body, her soul, her existence. And nothing else.

    By Rynn J. Stark on 03.19.2011

  12. Whistling hungry wind
    Shaping my hair
    Shaping your feelings
    You wanted me so bad
    So violently, so ardently.
    It was so frightenening
    What was I supposed to do about it?
    I just wanted to be friends
    And when you tried to kiss me?

    By Genevieve URL on 03.19.2011

  13. The shape is most important when i choose something to wear, or something to put in my apartment.

    By kaori on 03.19.2011

  14. How many shapes are there in this world. Is it even possible to count all of them? I mean you have your basic circle and square and octagon, etc, but what about all the strange shapes like the shape of a penguin and a martini glass?

    By Dana on 03.19.2011

  15. It defines us, or we define it. I’m not quite sure. Immediately I thought of my body, as I’m sure most women do. I thought about how I’m not the shape society tells me I have to be to be perfect, even when I think I look pretty good.

    By Jenn on 03.19.2011

  16. My shape in my head I see a circle it not perfect but neither am I. I enjoy the circle the circle is me. I am the cirlce. We live as one. Circle oh circle. We are one. One Circle. I love this circle.

    By Sami on 03.19.2011

  17. shape, not size, all sorts, triangle, like the one right above these words, popping out of the box, making it look like a comic blurb. pyramids. ooooooooooooo. them egyptians…..orion and osiris… oh oh oh shape thats right. shape like peoples bodies…. “my shape”

    By dream cloud URL on 03.19.2011

  18. Era la forma en la que nos reíamos y la forma en la que nos mirábamos. Ahora, todas formas han desaparecido.

    By Luz Díaz on 03.19.2011

  19. i’m thinking about a circle right now or maybe a square. and now a circle inside a square with blue and turquoise. that sounds very nice. but they are covered in dust so they must shake the dust. they spin and float. and spin some more. and then they flutter and fritter and falter. and stop.

    By Laura on 03.19.2011

  20. The infinite curvature of the simle astounded the group. People stood in silence and the shape of the scene. Beautiful curves, straight post-modern edges, abstract but classical pieces all together. I embraced my friend near me and begin to cry. The simplicity of the piece in front of my eyes held all of humanities possibilities through shape. Line, circle, triangle, square, and the infinite beauty of the others in between.

    By Isabelle URL on 03.19.2011

  21. Shape ups are ugly. I don’t care what people say or how they feel, I find no excise to strap giant boat-like apparatuses to your feet. My english teacher wears Sketchers shape ups and they’re really bad looking.. also, I went on a cruise to Alaska and half the people there wore them!! I really dislike their look and do not recommend them to ANYONE!

    By Megan M on 03.19.2011




    By Kika Poop on 03.19.2011

  23. the shape of a person is their uniqueness. People are like paper clips. You can bend them and bend them, but they eventually get damaged, and its hard to fix them the shape of a person is not deecide by you, but by the person themselves. You can’t change a person without breaking them

    By Lynea URL on 03.19.2011

  24. Shape is a very interesting word that can mean many different things. It is important to stay in shape by being fit and active, shape can also mean geometric figures like circles and squares. Trigeno,etry and pi pertain to shape too.

    By redpanda157 URL on 03.19.2011

  25. Oh shape, shape, shape. Everyone is always talking about shape. My shape is too big, my shape is too wide, my shape is too skinny, ugly, or wrong. Well my shape is me and that is the shape I was born to be.

    By PunkyG URL on 03.19.2011

  26. SHe had the shape to stop trafic litteraly stop traffic. When i first saw her she was standing on the street corner wearing a skirt that went up to her hips, The car in front me stopped to stare I didnt I hit the car in front and she stopped traffic

    By alan URL on 03.19.2011

  27. square circle geometry i hated that class because of the teacher but now that i look back I miss it a lot. trapezoid is my favorite shape. rhombuses are so pointless because they are just parallelograms. triangles are strange. do shapes really exist or is it just what we conceive? what color is a rectangle? should each shape have its own color?

    By Erin on 03.19.2011

  28. amorphous form that translates into french with wind in its sails and a fur cap on its head beautiful surprise underneath his fly when the timing is right you will recognize the shape of that scar and eye so forth forever and a day

    By sarah on 03.19.2011

  29. If I could, I would grasp your small cheeks between my palms and press and squeeze and pull, this way an that way, and make you into the person you need to be. But all I can do is caress your eyelid and hope you understand.

    By Daniel URL on 03.19.2011

  30. she takes on many shapes throughout the day. the shape of a girl who can do anything and who many look up to. the shape of a woman who can lead a nation when and if she feels like it. the shape of a daughter who never drinks or smokes and always gives change to the homeless. the shape of a friend who will always, always be there to take care of those who don’t deserve it. the shape of a person who is just like every one else but so different in her own way.

    By Lita URL on 03.19.2011

  31. From reading Eleemosynary, a play, I know that shape is courage. Shape is the ability to be something greater than oneself because I have no shape other than form. And form is something entirely different from shape. Shape changes (as does form) but not in the same way. And shape has definition which has courage to be and to do and to say and to think. Shape has compassion.

    By Jason URL on 03.19.2011

  32. shape. what do i think of? what kind of shape best repersents me? a spehere? a triangle,? a square? i rreally dont know. maybe a hexagon to represent my many eerchangin moods. maybe a triangel becasue they are strong and so am i.

    By Naomi URL on 03.19.2011

  33. The shape it has all taken. the corners i have cut. i like to say they are with your cruel glittery scissors. but actually this one is all me.

    By jenna URL on 03.19.2011

  34. everything is a shape. every single thing has a shape. there isnt one thing that doesnt have some sort of shape or figure. shape defines everything into catergories. no matter what something is, it will always form or have some type of shape. big, small, wide short tall. everything is unique. from when you are little to when you are old, you learn all about the different types of shapes we have in our culture.

    By chelsea on 03.19.2011

  35. This shape of my body is confusing. One minute I think it looks good, and the next I hate it. I hate the little curve above my hips, but some days it looks bigger than others. And I think that one side is fatter than the other. I wish it was easier for me to lose weight. I hate that I’ve never been able to lose weight. I’m trying so hard and eating right, but the second I get home all of my dieting goes to shit. And it’s hard to exercise when I’m so tired at the end of the day. That’s why I want to live in Straz next year. Maybe if I have a gym right in the building I live in, I’ll be more motivated to actually go out and exercise. I Don’t know. I’m just nervous that I wont be able to get a single in Straz next year. Or a single at all.

    By Abi Roucka on 03.19.2011

  36. the shape I am in is the best it has been in many years. I just lost 39 lbs and am learning about my new shape. I still think of myself as having my old shape and am surprised to realize that I have a new one now. Shopping is really fun now!

    By dori melton URL on 03.19.2011

  37. the shape of an apple is nothing like a square it is more that of a triangle if you love shapes then you might like geometry and you might like to draw if you like to draw then your are an artist and artist are very creative thinkers. i am an artist because i suck at both math and drawing because doodling is just much more appealing to me instead of calculations.

    By Pamela on 03.19.2011

  38. triangle. square. heart. pear. apple. star. in. out of.
    when i think of shapes, i revert to third grade. i see red jello jigglers. but then, that is tainted by “being in shape”. i personally like the version where i can pick “cat” over “in/out of”.

    By sami on 03.19.2011

  39. The shape of his eyes were almost completely almond, but they protruded a little further upwards. The blue of his eyes matched the summer sky and he smiled at me. I don’t think I would’ve had it any other way.

    By Jasmii URL on 03.19.2011

  40. A story takes shape in my head. A very spherical story that is shady in areas but solid on the whole. About a cat who finds it’s purpose in life. My stories need triumph

    By Dave URL on 03.19.2011