May 1st, 2012 | 412 Entries

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412 Entries for “separate”

  1. Try as she might, she could never bring herself to separate the intensity of her feelings from the logical thoughts which followed them. Constantly at odds with her own mind, rarely was a decision made that had not been assessed and rehashed a dozen times.

    By breebers URL on 05.02.2012

  2. Sherlock quickly accepted that he was very much alone in his life. It was okay. He was just Sherlock, loner, consulting detective, genius, and he was very good at being that all by himself.

    Then, along came John Watson. Suddenly, Sherlock wasn’t just Sherlock anymore, he was part of something else. He was half of a whole, half of SherlockandJohn, fitting together like puzzle pieces, stitched together like the perfect patchwork. For better or for worse.

    Well. For worse.

    The Fall was what did it. The separation. Sherlock never realized just how much he needed this, this SherlockandJohn, this partnership, until he was forced to tear away from it. Rip them apart, fake his own death, separate himself from John and become Just Sherlock again. Except, he couldn’t go back to being Just Sherlock. Once John had been attached to him he could never go back, a piece of him missing and left behind in 221B. Not Just Sherlock, but Sherlockand[empty]. Stitches torn open, missing the seam. Separate. Alone.

    It would have to end soon, Sherlock thought. He couldn’t do it alone anymore.

    By Brett URL on 05.02.2012

  3. The recipe said to separate the white from the yolk but she wasn’t careful and the last one broke, shattered yellow into the clear albumin in the glass bowl. It wasn’t worth it. She poured the mess down the sink. Take out would have to do.

    By laurapacker URL on 05.02.2012

  4. I wish I could separate my mind from my body so I don’t get affected by things so much. I don’t want to feel anything.

    By LS Drax on 05.02.2012

  5. It’s pungent, rancid, the taste of devouring toddler oranges or living in a room of whiteboard markers or standing next to you for a while, letting your hatred seep into my skin.

    By Anna Meursault on 05.02.2012

  6. I was separated from my children.
    I can separate me from you.
    Separate living quarters.

    By teeda URL on 05.02.2012

  7. People are sometimes getting separated because of their skincolor. A lot of people say that the word “nigger” is an insult towards dark skinned people and separates them from the white ones. I don’t have a problem if a black man calls me whitebread or something like that either, and I havn’t met any black guy yet, than actually found nigger to be insulting. I mean they call themselves this way too.

    By NinjaWookiee URL on 05.02.2012

  8. going away from family and friends to discover new worlds new inspiration, looking back to
    say goodbye is hard but in the end it will be worth it for this is my life

    By cristeen quinn on 05.02.2012

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    By Theresa URL on 05.02.2012

  10. once I told him all I feel about my feelingsd he decided to separate from me, and this has been the saddest thing that has ever happened to me before I know him.

    By inma on 05.02.2012

  11. Water and oil. Oily water. Watery oil. One keeps us alive, while the other is the reason behind the death of millions.

    By Brendan Gallagher on 05.02.2012

  12. apart. Starting hardly far away but staying two blocks down the road.
    There’s no word left untold as I speak my mind, wearing blinders, you wink.

    By Vicki on 05.02.2012

  13. Trail behind and watch the snow gather
    crystallize to a mountain drop
    the field is covered, again wet land
    only ripple for tree rings
    help us remember that
    the water was once ice

    By gsk URL on 05.02.2012

  14. Carmen tried not to think about it; the separation between her and her husband. It had happened before, which is why she wanted to avoid it now. What if this operation separated them permanently, like with her ex, with Angel? She tried not to think about it. What if she had to be a single mom?

    By Bubbles on 05.02.2012

  15. So they were apart. So they were Seperate. So the feelings sept in– at this rate, would she ever fall in love?

    By Shadenity URL on 05.02.2012

  16. I watched as the girl stared me in the eyes and dragged the knife across her throat. She stood for a moment before wavering and then collapsed, eyes rolling back. I dove forward and caught her, moving the hair from her face gently and rocking her back and forth. Her crimson blood stained my white shirt, but I didn’t care. I think I felt her soul separate from her body. /But to be honest,/ I think, pushing up her sleeve slightly to reveal the angry red lines there, /I’m pretty sure she died long ago./

    By Nichole URL on 05.02.2012

  17. Being separated from him was like being cut from my skin. The emptiness reverberated through my like the sounds from his DJ table. It hurt like fire. But I couldn’t get in the way of his happiness. Touring the world is hat he wanted, who was I to make him stay. It would’ve been like telling him not to breathe.

    By Beatrice URL on 05.02.2012

  18. There are many ways to separate our shadows. There has to be one finished line for the winner of Fade. I wish I knew more about my shadow. The darkness of the moon is my partner for the rest of my life; she forces me to confront the dark, and for that I am grateful.

    By Ylisse on 05.02.2012

  19. I’ve always thought that these two were together. But someone had took them apart. Instead of one piece I now have two separate pieces…People need to stop touching my chocolate cake. If I wanted to share, I would.

    By Aisha URL on 05.02.2012

  20. we had separated. With no home or children or pets to divide up it wasn’t a messy affair. Just a painful one. I curled up on my bed that first night of being alone, looking at the places on my walls that had been markers of you, photographs and notes scribbled as you made your way out the door. I thought that the tokens of your love would be hard to see so I removed them from sight, but the spaces left behind you are worse.

    By Anais on 05.02.2012

  21. i think about my sister and i separating for high school and im scared because i wont know anyone and have no one to support me

    By eric hoey on 05.02.2012

  22. Well it seemed like the best thing at the time.
    It seems like the best thing now.
    So what is everyone so upset about?

    Other things that are difficult to separate:

    Egg whites from yolks.

    By be. URL on 05.02.2012

  23. we’re so close that we are hardly even two separate people. it makes things hard. sometimes i dont even want to breathe the same air in fear that it will combine me with you further and i will never be able to let it go

    By Erulasse URL on 05.02.2012

  24. Separate has me think about my grandparents about their divorce which was really bad then it has me think about my dead grandmother who lived with me for 5 years which makes me depressed.

    By William Jochum URL on 05.02.2012

  25. To leave.. To go away from. A means to an end… To divide.. Like coming up for air after so long…

    By AmyMae URL on 05.02.2012

  26. Dull. Grey feelings, smokey. I feel it, heavy, weighting. Time’s up. Time continues. Shredded. No, not shredded. Around me. where are you? why’d you kill me? I’m alone i’m alone i’m alone i’m alone

    By elis on 05.02.2012

  27. clouds moving apart, letting the sun shine through, a ray of hope among the lonesome in the streets that once were grey

    By Alegría URL on 05.02.2012

  28. The couple had separated from each other. The jello separated from its carton. The mother is saperated from child. The cap separated from the pen. The mouse’s head was separated from its torso. The lovely bird separated its beak to open the mouth. What a frightening word, yet necessary at times.

    By Esther on 05.02.2012

  29. There is a gap between us now
    like lovers across a river that becomes, gradually, a sea
    as you bend from me and I from you

    What, I wonder, is there to lose when in all truth there is comfort in separation
    A productive quiet a welcome solitude
    Accustomed to your absence love, like a sickness
    accustomed to your silence when imagination renders you fonder, kinder
    you are not present and yet I love you still

    By Tianwei Liu URL on 05.02.2012

  30. People get separated like when your born with a twin brother attached to you, you are like “oh, yeah i have a twin brother attached to me” so then your all like “separate him with that chainsaw please”

    Yes. sounds good Mrs Mary Mack. Why do you dress in black? Elephants do not jump over fences :( Do they?

    Ill stand up and kick you!

    By Mike Messer on 05.02.2012

  31. people separate and never get back to the way they were before. i find it crazy how someone can be so involved in your life, and in a flash they can just disappear.

    i find it odd how people can “separate” from a marriage. marriage is about loving one another unconditionally and not ever wanting to leave each other. i’d want to see my husband every second of every day and i’d miss him when he leaves me sight.

    i’m only eighteen. some people should really listen to what young people have to say.

    By Kailey URL on 05.02.2012

  32. being away from people. getting put somewhere away from someone. people not being together.

    By Richelle Tomas URL on 05.02.2012

  33. Being away from my family is to separate from them. I don’t want that to happen. Being together is much more fun! I also don’t want to be separated from my doggie, either. Stay together!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    By me on 05.02.2012

  34. Ellen came to a fork in the maze; the sound of heavy footsteps thudded in the distance behind her. For a moment she hesitated. Which way? Left or right? Her heart raced,her mind whirled. I must separate myself from this creature before it’s too late.

    By Helen URL on 05.02.2012

  35. I am separate from you, so far away. I can feel your absence in my darkest of days, and my brightest too. Something’s missing when you’re gone, always. Driven mad with hopeless longing, I feel myself slipping away.

    By Julia on 05.02.2012

  36. There seemed to be a line behind the house. Between the yard and the treeline. After the line..yes, after the line.. there it was. What I fell in love with : fantasy. The otherwordly atmosphere. Magic.

    By GCleto URL on 05.02.2012

  37. Separate is a very difficult word for me. it means hardships and pain. As in, if I was to separate with my lover; how would I go on? It’s sad, really. But it’s life. You just need to learn how to cope. In other ways, separation is good. Like if that person was not good for you; you need to separate in order to be happy.

    By keeana on 05.02.2012

  38. There is a man who lives in the Cupboard.
    He is warm and friendly, but quite lonesome.
    There is a women who lives in the Fridge.
    She is loud and funny, but quite cold.

    I put them in each others homes,
    but that did each no good.
    The woman took the mans old tune,
    and of course he borrowed her mode.

    I’ve tried and tried to hook them up,
    but neither is quite keen.
    Why one is cold and the other warm
    Still remains unseen.

    By MoeMasterMighty URL on 05.02.2012

  39. to come apart
    to become to
    it is sad when two people separate
    separation is a verb
    separation separation separation
    is sad
    when it happens to two close people
    you have to separate things

    By Casey Raul URL on 05.02.2012

  40. I wouldn’t like to separate myself from the ones I love. I know that I have to learn how to leave away my belongings and the beloved ones.

    By jorgelina URL on 05.02.2012