May 1st, 2012 | 412 Entries

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412 Entries for “separate”

  1. unha palabra
    só unha palabra para definir o universo
    e calquera serve
    porque unha palabra é o universo
    que colle nunha outra palabra
    e noutra unha á súa vez
    o universo é unha palabra
    unha soa palabra.

    By Tati Mancebo URL on 05.02.2012

  2. one separate is like taking two things apart

    By randompicklez789 URL on 05.02.2012


    By Kayley Jonhson URL on 05.02.2012

  4. The fault lines between the two; they never grew, never shrunk, but were ever-permanent; effectively separating them from each other. No Contact.

    By Roberto M URL on 05.02.2012

  5. Being separated from one another didn’t make the love fall apart, even if long distance isn’t suppose to workout. They were contents apart, yet each conversation made them feel closer in spirit and love.

    By Alysia Chavez URL on 05.02.2012

  6. They wouldn’t dare.

    The dark-haired girl smoothed a loose strand of blonde hair back from her companion’s forehead.

    There was, of course, a way to get what they wanted. People died every day.

    By M. Darkweaver URL on 05.02.2012

  7. Please, she thought, separate me from these crazy thoughts. I feel like my heart is breaking, and I don’t even know why. I want to leave, just walk away, without a trace.

    By Margaret on 05.02.2012

  8. Learn to separate fact from fiction.

    Friends from enemies.

    Lovers from haters.

    And then grow all that much stronger for recognizing the distinction between that which is important that which is triviality.

    By HelenGrant URL on 05.02.2012

  9. Separate from you
    I feel all of you.
    The spatial theories cannot tell me that
    there is space between us.
    Like the newly discovered city street,
    there is no foreign path of skin that
    I do not know.
    The only space between us is the millions of atoms
    between the friction of our skin.
    I still feel all of you.

    By TheAmoretto URL on 05.02.2012

  10. separate which means to break apart

    By Clayton Kilpatrick URL on 05.02.2012

  11. to pull apart or to divide.

    By Kayannna URL on 05.02.2012

  12. To take something apart.

    By Kate Durossette URL on 05.02.2012

  13. To pull something apart. If you separate from your parents to go to college.

    By autumn2036 URL on 05.02.2012

  14. the seperate criminals were sad but they had crow bars and broke out of jail

    By Ben on 05.02.2012

  15. To take something apart

    By chelsea URL on 05.02.2012

  16. To take apart.

    By lessley davis URL on 05.02.2012

  17. one time a little kid ran away from home and he was walking in the woods,when he heard a strange noise, then he saw a horse carriage and it was carrying someone his parents heard a loud scream and no one saw him after that

    By jeff swimmer on 05.02.2012

  18. Means to be apart from someone or something

    By kailey kilpatrick URL on 05.02.2012

  19. when you take something apart

    By cody URL on 05.02.2012

  20. To brake apart from something or to something.

    By Sage URL on 05.02.2012

  21. do you find that everything that you write in this minute it perhaps the most cliche sentence or thought you have ever had in your entire life? I can’t help it and this has literally nothing to do with the word separate.

    By Abby on 05.02.2012

  22. separate which means to break apart

    By Clayton URL on 05.02.2012

  23. apart switched gone from the other
    never seen
    apart from the other
    bye bye

    By jay21 URL on 05.02.2012

  24. Keep them separate
    The things you can change
    And the ones you can’t do squat about
    Keep them apart
    In mind and body
    Do what you can with what you have
    Try not to take on the universe
    I try to tell this to to myself
    Breathe in, exhale

    By ellie griffith on 05.02.2012

  25. der kleine grüne baum stand dort und starrte das große mädchen im blauen kleid an. er wunderte sich, warum sie immer alleine spielte. als tage verstrichen und das mädchen sich schon länger nicht hatte blicken lassen, machte

    By Janet on 05.02.2012

  26. I watched him as he smiled at me, and I let the tears fall. He couldn’t give me what I needed, couldn’t make me happy? Well this surely wasn’t helping. I knew that we’d still be friends after all this, that because of previous events, we wouldn’t be able to truly separate for a long time, but just knowing that he no longer loved me that way, no longer wanted me… It hurt more than anything else ever had.

    By rina URL on 05.02.2012

  27. Tyler was able to see through Isabella’s eyes, and approached her confidently. Relaxed, but nervously said,

    “Do are you howing?”


    Keeping him from escape, she moved in to kiss his cheek, suddenly turning his head…


    We looked through each others eyes forever and ever after that moment. No one could separate us now…but we never kissed again, ever.


    By vanhaydu URL on 05.02.2012

  28. the paper in my hands had something sticky and black on the edges. I wanted to tear it off but my index finger touched it. My stomach wrenched. I raised my hand to ask if I could wash my hands. My teacher frowned and said no.

    By bgullatt on 05.02.2012

  29. i would like to separate myself from myself. i wish i could separate my mind from my body. this body is confining, i need more space. this body cannot provide the space i need to set my mind free….i wish i could fly away and get away from this confining space. i don’t know what else to write. this is

    By Il on 05.02.2012

  30. Es wäre gut mich zu trennen von allem Schmerz. Und von der Angst vor dem Schmerz, dem Hadern mit dem Schmerz, der Erinnerung an den Schmerz. Es wäre gut, HIER und JETZT zu sein. Den Schmerz zu spüren, ihn zu riechen, zu schmecken, zu hören. So wird er Gefühl, Geräusch, Geschmack, Klang und Atem.

    By Eli URL on 05.02.2012

  31. Seperate is to devide something into two or more pieces. Like when seperating a cake to share with multiple people. Or to seperate a room in a house. The things that get seperated is multiple.

    By Orion URL on 05.02.2012

  32. separating is to take two things and put them apart from each other.

    By Isabella on 05.02.2012

  33. I have two very specific personality traits – the need for safety and realism and the desire for freedom, flexibility, and inspiration. THey conflict drasticlaly and they are very separate. SOmetimes they don’t have to be separate though – I’m thinking that maybe I can join them together and use my strategic, safety-needing skills to derive a fantastic plan to ensure I have a life of inspiration and freedom. Is that possibble? I’m not sure but I’m going to find out.

    By Dani O. Buckley URL on 05.02.2012

  34. separate the different things in life. you can be happy or sad, mad or glad, ill or well.

    By mccrazy URL on 05.02.2012

  35. I pull away too quickly. I stumble backwards and land flat on my back. Tears form in the corners of my eyes as I struggle to regain my footing. When Evan offers me a hand, I brush him off.
    “Penny, please,” he whispers.
    “We can’t be together, Ev,” I say and continue to back away. “Never, ever.”
    “Why not, Pen?” Evan asks, pain lacing his words. He catches my hand. “Give me a good reason why not?”
    “We can’t be together,” I say again. “Because I would live with the fear of…” I duck my head and separate my hand from his. “Goodbye, Evan.”
    “Penny! Wait!”
    But I don’t stop running.
    I don’t look back.

    By KenzieB19 URL on 05.02.2012

  36. Many people get separated. This can mean separated from the birth family, from their life partner or from their job or other interests. Generally, separations are sad, difficult moments in ones life and are to be taken seriously and throughout through.

    By Estela Noboa on 05.02.2012

  37. a place where we can buy a sandwich

    By rana atef on 05.02.2012

  38. I never thought it would come to that day. The ties that bound us seemed too strong to ever break… Everything eventually comes apart though.

    By tori URL on 05.02.2012

  39. Can I separate myself,
    from the person I was in summer,
    to the person that I am now?
    The two seem to vine together,
    over lapping and intervening.

    I can’t seem to get go,
    to cast over board my summer self.
    The one who let loose,
    and laughed at caution.
    Where the word “no”
    was not in her vocabulary.

    Summer was a time
    of no regrets.
    Only moving forward,
    never looking back.
    Doing things
    that she only ever read about,
    and never imagined would happen
    to her.

    Now things have changed once more.
    Evolving back into a steady self.
    Trying to regain a foothold
    on morals and status quo.
    Trying to rein in the wild child,
    so I can blend in with society.
    Hoping that my bright coloring
    won’t scare you away.

    By zoe URL on 05.02.2012

  40. Nothing can separate us. Truly nothing. They can try and cut us up, remove us, break out strings or pull out our thread but they will never separate us.

    By Lucy URL on 05.02.2012