May 1st, 2012 | 412 Entries

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412 Entries for “separate”

  1. Me and my brother always get our lunch given to us in the same bag i always want mine seperate.

    By nicholas on 05.01.2012

  2. I will seperate the eggs. I will have to seperate you if you dont stop talking to each other. To seperate the eggs from the white

    By Austin on 05.01.2012

  3. You should seperate the words before using them.

    By rory on 05.01.2012

  4. we are all separate

    By tori on 05.01.2012

  5. “We’ll have to go our separate ways,” he told me.
    “What? No, that’s an incredibly bad idea,” I protested.
    “Don’t argue with me, there’s no time for that; you can’t worry about me, just worry about yourself and I’ll do the same, that way we both come out. Sometimes selfishness is necessary.”
    “You’re so wrong about that.”

    By Kenley on 05.01.2012

  6. separate. when stuff is put apart into separate sections. also being away from someone or something. separate can be a verb to separated. it can also have the suffix ‘ing’ separating.

    By Hannah on 05.01.2012

  7. i can separate two people by telling one to move or by asking them both to move away from eachother. you can separate alot of objects by moving them or shifting them. You can separate anything. In sciance you use chemicals to separate objects.

    By Bonnie Richman on 05.01.2012

  8. I always enjoyed being separate from everyone else. Being a loner. Nobody to annoy me, or to correct me on my mistakes, or to make me feel insecure.
    But being separate from society is taking it’s toll, on the socially awkward teenager now adult.

    By drodi URL on 05.01.2012

  9. the to animals were in love but they had two be separated

    By nicholas on 05.01.2012

  10. I am so separate from others at times yet no man is an island. What can I do to help me connect across the seas rather than have them isolate me?

    By Linda on 05.01.2012

  11. I’m separate. From so many things. I’m separate from my phone, im separate from my friends, im separate from girls. I’m alec, and as of right now, that is all I am.

    By Alec Vigil URL on 05.01.2012

  12. The word separate means apart from or not apart of something.

    By shidon URL on 05.01.2012

  13. Separate is the name of their first album. The band is called Shine and though it’s a little too hokey to fit the fellow bands playing at the dive bar downtown, no one says anything, there’s always a worse name to be found. This is the show that Taemin fucks up his fingers and he can barely hold his sticks, let alone drum, but they don’t have time or a replacement so Taemin plays through the pain. Jinki tries to stick close by, not moving far from the kit so he can keep an eye on their youngest. This is their big break, the first time they’re playing their debut album to an actual crowd so injured fingers and nerves be damned.

    By Cassie URL on 05.01.2012

  14. Memories of us, they haunt me every night when I’m thinking and vulnerable. I wish it could have been better for the both of us, rather than just better for you. Not that I don’t care; I just wish you’d have given as much of your heart as I gave you. Either way, we’d still have gone our own ways

    By Julienne URL on 05.01.2012

  15. purple color layers on a sheet of sticky plastic whiny glue pulls

    By Aviv on 05.01.2012

  16. The separate rooms were a godsend. She was so tired of him and his hobbies and his matches and his high minded dialogue. To escape into her room, her very own just for her room was beyond belief. It also happened to save him from becoming the victim of a homicide. There really is only so much a person can take before they snap like so much dry tinder.

    By Mairead URL on 05.01.2012

  17. Emotions and rationality should always be separate. But that’s not always the case, is it? Most of the time, emotions get you and reality steps out of the picture. True story. At least for me.

    By Cindy URL on 05.01.2012

  18. Difficult to separate the child from the adult. The beanie and the briefcase. The baseball bat and the golf club. The milk carton and the champagne glass. Silly putty melting in the sun. Hot glue on a board fused to make a new porch. Puppy dogs. Old dogs. Lots of red locks on the head. Lots of gray stubble around the jaw. Smiles. Smiles.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 05.01.2012

  19. “Their still frozen!” I yell down the hallway. “I’m impatient, try and separate them!” She yells back. I grab a knife to pry them apart and slice through my hand like it’s butter.

    By Crystal URL on 05.01.2012

  20. oil and egg yolks and water
    I once saw an experiment
    that put soap in droplets of oil
    and water and they called it
    dream cells

    I wish they had added some
    spice to it; some unseemliness

    By Irina URL on 05.01.2012

  21. אני נפרד מהחברה הכי טובה שלי ועושה זאת כי אני רוצה בזאת
    למרות שלא רציתי שנחייה בנפרד
    בנפרד לבד הכאב היגון העצב
    ווואי אני סופר מתוסכל שאין דברים כאלה!!!!
    בכול מקרה המצב שלי אומר שאני צריך להפרד מימנה זה יעשה לי הכי טוב
    וככה עשיתי
    ובזאת נפרד לנו בשלום ללא חזרה וללא יגון כי זה לא מתאים לאף אחד מאיתנו

    By Hero URL on 05.01.2012

  22. trying to separate is the hardest part. the separation of our friendship, our sexual life, our past. where to begin is the hardest part. how to separate one thing without giving up everything else? I can end the sex but how do I end the love? how do I keep a friendship as only a friendship, when every time I see you I want to hold you and tell you I love you… it seems the only way to separate is to make a clean cut, no more friendship – give it all up.
    are you ready for this?
    am i?

    By Delilah URL on 05.01.2012

  23. As the ferry began to separate from the dock, I had a sinking feeling! As I wrote that last sentence sentence my good sense started to separate from my good taste….Why do I feel like I have to use this exact word in a sentence anyway?

    By Katherine on 05.01.2012

  24. i seperate myself. striving forward. pushing furiously. hoping my past would not overtake me. that my present would not beat me down. heartlessly i pushed. jumped. ran and screamed. hoping and praying to the heavens that i could move forward: no looking back. i run. I never knew how seperate i had become.

    By beautybeyondstars URL on 05.01.2012

  25. Externally we are exactly the same, you and I. We share the same DNA…the same blood runs through our veins. And yet we are two – separate in our distinct identities and minds charged with different memories. I’m glad we don’t share each others thoughts because that would drive me insane.

    By RJay URL on 05.01.2012

  26. Before this timer started, I was listening to Bulletproof, by La Roux, on youtube. This is the kind of pop culture that although I enjoy, I almost try to separate from the person that I want to be. I’m not sure why, it’s a catchy song, but the video makes me feel like our culture flash froze in the mid 80’s. I like geographic prisms and bright colors as much as the next person, but whoa, I could have made this video on the first computer my family every brought, back in 1995.

    I’m not sure why I try to excuse myself from enjoying many of the things that I do: its like I have to segregate the part of me who really enjoys reading the New York Times, from the part that also went to the midnight showing of High School Musical 3, and can do the entire “Hoedown Throwdown” by Hannah Montana.

    But then again, maybe this is how our culture evolves– the things we once knew about and used as a motion of irony become our actual responses in the world.

    Song’s over, and so is my time…

    By Molly URL on 05.01.2012

  27. I never want to separate from you. You’re all that i got, i’m not willing to let go. I know it’s for our good that you’re leaving. But i can’t stop thinking about what will happen in the future. Cause all I’m sure about is that if we separate… we’re not going to have a future together </3

    By Roooonnniie URL on 05.01.2012

  28. Externally we are exactly the same, you and I. We share the same DNA…the same blood runs red through our veins. And yet we are two – separate in our distinct identities and minds charged with a different array of memories.

    I’m glad we don’t share each other’s thoughts because we’d drive each other insane.

    By RJay URL on 05.01.2012

  29. separate? you want ME to separate MYSELF from the group? I’ve never been a part of the group, so that shouldn’t really be an issue.

    By Joseph Dimanche URL on 05.01.2012

  30. Cold and compassionate. These are my two seperate, dominant natures, constantly vying for control. My heart is of two minds, struggling between safe indifference and reckless, harmful altruism. If I am not careful, I can get myself into such an impassioned frenzy that I alienate as many people as I do when I simply do not care. I want to hide and look after my own interests with no concern for others; I want to stand up for what is right, to start a revolution.
    I can’t make up my mind.

    By WearyWater URL on 05.01.2012

  31. Separate the boys,
    separate the girls.
    one of each
    then one more
    of each. again,
    again. Who cares
    what their mothers would prefer.

    By Susannah URL on 05.01.2012

  32. I feel like there is an entire separate side of me that I long to show to someone. Don’t get me wrong. I’m myself around others & sometimes I’m comfortable, sometimes that’s enough, but usually it’s not. Usually there’s an entire separate other half that I long for someone else to understand. To love that separate side of me.

    By mariana URL on 05.01.2012

  33. How ironic…well we obiously are on our seperate paths but in my own way I’m doing this to make it the better for the both of us…maybe not now but in the future you will see my reason.
    I’m sorry for not talking to you but it’s for the best…it really is.

    By Patrick URL on 05.01.2012

  34. seperate the apples from each other. We will have no intermingling of the apples. Repeat! NO INTERMINGLING OF THE APPLES.
    It is an afront to god
    Seperate church from State
    Seperate bedrooms
    seperated parents
    sold seperately

    ballsack seperation
    hahaha…. ballsack


    By gizmo on 05.01.2012

  35. Hitler was a fan of seperation
    He had a funny mustaches
    a loud voice
    and a black heart
    don’t be like hitler
    seperate yourself from hitler…

    By gizmo on 05.01.2012

  36. to sep a rate, to grab a bait, to en carnate..we are all one

    By mikhail samonov on 05.01.2012

  37. When dealing with a difficult situation, you have to learn to separate your emotions from the task at hand.

    By Desiree J URL on 05.01.2012

  38. We’d never really been together, but somehow now that we couldn’t speak, I felt even more separated from him than before. It was all her fault. My mother would never understand. Of course she wouldn’t.

    By Schuyler on 05.01.2012

  39. When two separate things become whole, it is as if the entire purpose of the universe resonates in approval, pulses in pride.

    By meliora URL on 05.01.2012

  40. There was once a man with an octopus on his head. His name was Jake. The octopus didn’t have a name because octopuses just don’t do that sort of thing. One day, Jake decided that he would really like it if the octopus would get off of his head. They were good friends, and Jake enjoyed the octopus’s company, but it was time for them to go their separate ways. Jake spelled it out for the octopus, since octopuses can’t talk. S E P A R A T E, he spelled carefully. The octopus looked at him sadly. Was it really time for this beautiful friendship to end? Slowly, deliberately, the octopus slid off of Jake’s head and into the sea. Looks like it was time to find a new friend. Jake, promising to write, waved goodbye a final time before turning away into the sunset.

    F I N

    By Liz on 05.01.2012