August 27th, 2011 | 212 Entries

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212 Entries for “secretary”

  1. hmmm…….pencil skirt. black. high heels. mad men. innocent but rebellious, in a sad, naive kind of way. cheating on the wife, not really caring. at all. seductive. red lipstick. doing it on the desk. wiping it clear with one hand

    By none of your business on 08.27.2011

  2. I just need a secretary to my
    while I wander, without caring
    my thoughts trail behind me
    as my eyes,
    staring –
    I cannot see my secretary;
    no place to be found,
    but maybe some day
    he or she will come around.

    By Samantha Rose Schaefer URL on 08.27.2011

  3. I couldn’t bare it. The damage done. All the destruction in my life. It was a happy-go-lucky playground. Then I found out that my mom was cheating on my dad, and that neither of them were my real parents anyhow. that’s right . I’m adopted. I just can’t take it. My life is ruined. So I’m living on the street with my destructive self, and I will be a destruction. Well, that’s the life of a beginning secretary.

    By LifeLoveFeagin URL on 08.27.2011

  4. As i sit at my desk answering calls. i notice an all too familiar scent. Old spice, heated leather, and smoke. “Hello Marie”, he says. I roll my eyes as at the greeting. “What did i tell you about coming up to my job?”

    By breamarie URL on 08.27.2011

  5. I will always remember my secretary from elementary school. She was the kindest person I have ever met. She always knew everyone’s name and greeted you with a smile and a warm hello. Everyone loved her. There was just so much personality and compassion in that woman I can never quite understand how she could do it every single day.

    By Kaitlyn on 08.27.2011

  6. I do not want to be a secretary when I grow up. That would seem like a very boring job to me. Like you’re so close at bigger the CEO but not really cause you’re just taking calls and bringing in coffee. Secretaries don’t seem to make enough. Maybe?

    By waterwithlemon URL on 08.27.2011

  7. secretary is a person that works for another person and gets paid in most cases. Most celebrities have secretaries and all say its a rewarding career.

    By awesomewriter URL on 08.27.2011

  8. What is a secretary really? A person that works out a job, I really cant think of much to do with this word so I’m just typing, for some reason every time I think of this word I think of “dirty” Like a slutty secretary or sexy secretary, it’s ridiculous I know but it’s weird thats what occurs to me. Funny huh?

    By bbk URL on 08.27.2011

  9. I dont know what this word is but I’m wondering if it’s a type of horse or possibly a job I could have in the later future
    Or maybe it’s about a dog.
    Hurricane Irene really sucks
    THis website is so fun I can’t describe in words how darling it in. You fuckers should know. f

    By Jessie URL on 08.27.2011

  10. Her fingers pounded against the keyboard, her huge, gaudy ring clacking against the keys every time she used her right hand.

    She was typing blindly, copying the words on the page next to her perfectly, but her mind somewhere completely different. After working so long in this field, she hardly ever payed attention to what she was working with.

    By reilly URL on 08.27.2011

  11. Often I wish I had someone like that. Someone to help me be more organized and tell me when stuff was due. That way I would stop forgetting and procrastinating something I tend to do very often

    By Yuki URL on 08.27.2011

  12. i wonder what its like to be a secretary
    sitting at a desk all day right?
    watching as people pass
    when people stop by
    you have to go in and ask if its alright
    would i like to be a secretary?
    i wanna be a tooth fairy -___-

    By celeste cervantes URL on 08.27.2011

  13. Secretary…receptionist. Papers flying over my head. Fax machines buzzing, computers beeping and fussing. Life of a secretary is busy, busy, busy. A coffee cup in the morning should satisfy a secretary big time.

    By Nika URL on 08.27.2011

  14. I would never want to be a secretary. One, because they have to talk on the phone, two, because I think I would just get bored. I think secretaries are great people but I think their job is stressful and I just wouldn’t want that as mine. Some people are meant for it though.

    By Teeps on 08.27.2011

  15. secretaries on mad men: sex symbols. Women who will do whatever you want, at your beck and call. bombshells, tight dresses, pouty red lips, perfect hair. Robots. Dolls. All of your needs met. stand-in wives. the 1960s were not so different from today.

    By chilimango URL on 08.27.2011

  16. The tall woman in a black, expensive looking suit reviewed the notes she wrote earlier on in the day.Her elegant handwriting looked like calligraphy. She adjusted her glasses & stiffened. “Sir, we have a problem.”

    By OnTheRoadtoHappiness URL on 08.27.2011

  17. Why on earth would the word secret be the base of this word? An aviary is an enclosure wherein one finds avian species. Therefore, would a secretary be an enclosure wherein one finds species of secrets?

    By mattlock URL on 08.27.2011

  18. classless secretary fantasy. powerful male dominating submissive female. that’s how it works right? if that’s what you’re into, i’m game but you’ve got to buy me dinner first. but then again, it’s no different than those other halloween costumes: schoolgirl, maid, nurse. it’s all about dominating. dominating, dominating. i just want some clever words and deep deep kisses. why do we have to take your ego into this? it’s all about blood flow and pressure anyways.

    By teevee on 08.27.2011

  19. She was a secretary for the most influential politician in the world. What people didn’t know was that she was also instrumental in saving Kysne from downfall by his rule.

    By Sara URL on 08.27.2011

  20. topaz ring and long red fingernails. the secretary knew everyone that came in and everyone that left. she knew the hot gossip and celebrity buzz and infidelity secrets. the kid with the mail and headphones bothered her. so did the mousy girls with their glasses and the men too busy to flash a “morning darling.” they had too many secrets or too little; their eyes read everything. she sucked on her teeth and pretended to answer the phone.

    By teevee on 08.27.2011

  21. A tapping noise and shiny heels and being berated by voices on a phone that at least have the decency to act polite in person. She never really imagined her life would turn out like this. This isn’t what she wanted.

    By Cassie URL on 08.27.2011

  22. “You’re not shy. You’re a lawyer.”

    By aeropostale URL on 08.27.2011

  23. a scene from the classics
    his secretary was blonde
    skinny big tits
    i used to let her braid my hair
    one surprise visit to the office
    after hours
    showed me i had a second father
    i did not know
    i wanted to slap skinny big tits
    but slapped my mother instead

    By Noelle URL on 08.27.2011

  24. Tip tap tip tap;
    her fingers are like lightning.
    She is playing a grand piano,
    the grandest-
    a piano made of letters-
    of words.
    Like a Maestro, her fingers run across the keys;
    tip tap tip tap.

    By libyrinth URL on 08.27.2011

  25. At my school, the girls could come back after graduation to learn to work in an office, in the steno program. Girls who had babies in high school, girls who wore red faded nail polish and blouses that should’ve been worn by women twice their ages. Girls who never had a chance.

    By macfeely URL on 08.27.2011

  26. secretaries are the stereotypical homewreckers, yeah? “Why did you and your parents get divorced?” “Oh, my dad ran off with his secretary.” I guess it’s just a really convenient plot device and whatnot.

    By awjgi on 08.27.2011

  27. As a secretary she sucked. As a friend she was the best. Comely, funny, great listener, I only wish she could type and take messages.

    By tgodiva URL on 08.27.2011

  28. She sits there. Alone at her desk. It’s a prison. All day long, she types letters to parents, photocopies, mails things and gets no gratitude for all the work she does. Someday she’ll break free.

    By tkwan URL on 08.27.2011

  29. The people rose up from their place as secretary to the world. No longer would they be given orders, but finally become the ones in control of their life.

    By Patrick URL on 08.27.2011

  30. The secretary wore a short pencil skirt and a white lace blouse. She seemed pretty normal as far as secretaries go, except for the deep pink scars on her arms that went from her wrists to her elbows.

    By Imperfect.In.deed URL on 08.27.2011

  31. “It’s great to be a secretary in the White House, DC.
    You get inside information on Algeria.
    You know every move they’re making in Liberia,
    You learn what’s what and what is not in the land of the free.
    Every corner that you turn you meet a notable,
    with a statement that is eminently quotable.
    Oh it’s great to be a secretary in the White House, DC”

    Lyrics again. Did that show years ago. Didn’t even like it. Still doesn’t stop me from remembering the lyrics. Though I’m uncertain about one word… and I think I was uncertain about it then too.

    Have I mentioned before that I still know all the lyrics AND dance movements to my first grade Easter play? ;)

    By Noisy Quiet URL on 08.27.2011

  32. To be, or to have a secretary.
    We would choose to have one, implying success and hard work.
    Keyword being HARD WORK.
    So, i must get back to that then.

    By Jamesyboy URL on 08.27.2011

  33. Type, type, type. How many words a minute? How many words a day? Oh, and don’t forget the filing. Get this all done; you’ve got to finish before they give you more. They’ll give you more to do as soon as you’re finished.

    By Stephanie URL on 08.27.2011

  34. I don’t think I would enjoy having a secretary. I like to handle all of my things on my own, I don’t like people to do things for me. Because then I can’t be sure they’re done right, and I’d end up doing it myself anyway. Plus I would feel bad bossing my secretary around all the time- making them answer all my calls, organize all of my things and doing things that secretaries do. I don’t think I’ll ever hire a secretary.

    By Jordan Nicole URL on 08.27.2011

  35. Secretaries are sexy and wear glasses! I think I want to be a secretary. I wear glasses and I’m kinda sexy. I also can type quite hastily. Ummm it starts with an S. Some husbands cheat on their wives with their secretaries. Hmph

    By Aly on 08.27.2011

  36. secretary, never scary, but she looks at me in the eyes very rarely. she so slick, with the custom pool stick, never wonder how’d she learned to pool quick.

    By gerald on 08.27.2011

  37. What I need is a secretary who can also do karate. My friend Stephen has one, and she is wicked cool. She’s saved his bacon on several occasions. Not to mention her mad clerical skills.

    By Raymond Masters URL on 08.27.2011

  38. Secretary
    A foreign concept to me.
    But, perhaps a good idea.
    Yes, I think I need a secretary.

    By Joni URL on 08.27.2011

  39. i looked into her dark brown eyes,
    the color of sadness and a dream half lost
    and half broken dreams with trampled wings
    full of everything and nothing
    and she hands me a paper
    says, he’ll have you in now
    and turns away
    hidden behind a curtain of hair
    and the story that she never told

    By Annie URL on 08.27.2011

  40. im going to pretend i dont know what this word means and make my own word because the only thing i think of is wild and/or dirty love affairs on desks in darkened offices – SO- you are so secretary, or is it me? is it merely my perception of you or is it that my thoughts are clouded by my own reserve, my reluctance to trust? is it the same for people like you? do you hide it with your sensual personality and charm? are you afraid to have something so intimate or is it that you simply hardly believe it could be true? ofcourse, either of which could be the case considering your romanticism, in the past, has hurt you. hurt you so. and do i hide behind my bluntness to disguise whats really laying beneath? because such close proximity has always been fragile for me – and im afraid to let anything be, for what if it came back to haunt me? why does the world play with us so? why are there horrible people, why such animosity? but perhaps it merely strengthens that which could be. if we only allow it… if we have the courage for faith in a world so gifted in raising the jaded and bitter.

    By unbornsymphony URL on 08.27.2011