August 3rd, 2012 | 273 Entries

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273 Entries for “secret”

  1. “Secrets are never free; they always cost you something.” -Aunt May (The Amazing Spider Man)

    By Ava URL on 08.03.2012

  2. I have a secret, but if I told you it wouldn’t be a secret anymore now would it? So, if I told you this secret and told you to keep this secret between you and I, would it still be a secret since you know it now?

    By Camee URL on 08.03.2012

  3. “This is our secret hiding spot.” Brenda tucked the little box deep into the cleft between the rocks. “No one knows about it but you and me, and you can’t tell,”

    Abby nodded, a little awed by the responsibility her big sister had conferred upon her.

    By Annie URL on 08.03.2012

  4. A secret is precious. Everyone has them, they don’t cost anything but the cost of letting them go may be big. It can cost you friendships. Secrets are wonderful. You can have secrets about anything. I don’t have many secrets. But maybe that’s a good thing

    By isobel on 08.03.2012

  5. I have a secret. Doesn’t everyone? Maybe you don’t know what yours is yet. Or maybe you do. Either way, everyone has a secret. It might take forever to figure it out, or you might know from the time you are born. Secrets are fun, aren’t they?

    By Nicole on 08.03.2012

  6. I had a secret once and much like a dog I fed it once every day. I made sure it stayed caged & safe and kept it all in it’s place. Until one day I let it out of it’s cage for my lover to see, for her to know what has become of me. But then she ran away in shame and disgust, and with her friends this shame she planned to discuss. But by a light no brighter than a higher being’s lighter, did she combust into a spider robust, with all of her essentials beside her. She had been cursed because her thoughts had got worse of her lover too happy to be.

    By phill URL on 08.03.2012

  7. i already wrote about secrets, but serial killers have secrets. they are the best at hiding their secrets. they have the worst secrets and they never tell anyone. how do they keep those sectrets? i would never be able to keep a big secret like that.

    By emily b URL on 08.03.2012

  8. the secret is something which you want to hide from others and dont let it know by any body to which you share with someone very special

    By Abhishek Srivastava on 08.03.2012

  9. Things that you share with your friends that you don’t necessarily want a lot of people to know but somehow everyone (including the people you most definitely didn’t want to tell) find out.

    By amanda on 08.03.2012

  10. Secrets. So amazingly simple, yet secrets can cause damage that lasts generations. I would know first hand. Secrets are what has torn families apart. Keeps them from feeling all the love they could ever feel.

    By Sarah C. URL on 08.03.2012

  11. Many spill them, some hold them, others feed off them. What is a secret? Something to entertain, something to vent, something to let go of. The value is varied and everyone has a different idea of what it is. I think its treasure.

    By natalie on 08.03.2012

  12. I have lots of secrets that no one knows about. I talk in codes, in messages and I see right through anyone else who does. You cannot bullshit a bullshitter. I hussle for a living so I can have a secret life living by myself. I like living by myself because it affords me to have no accountability with anyone else besides myself.

    By shannon on 08.03.2012

  13.’s a secret. I have a secret to tell, but if i told you it wouldnt be much of a secret would it. Secrets protect us from the outside world. but they only damage us from the inside. secrets shouldn’t exist. you know what should, the truth. the truth should exist we should be free and be proud of all that we have done, not keep it a secret.

    By ascott2114 URL on 08.03.2012

  14. If we let them find us, they would certainly enjoy it.
    First, they would rip up the floorboards. They would block the cellar entrance, and we would be unable to escape.
    They would drag Papa up by the scuff of his shirt and then hold his head at gunpoint. Ask him what he was doing playing mouse under there, he would hold his chin high and not say anything. The captain would hit him with the butt of his gun, and they would toss him around, then they would grab Oliver and shoot him in back. Then the captain would tell the soldiers to take Mama and load her in back with Papa and Oliver. I’ve heard stories… before my sisters and I would be next, they’d have this look in their eye and he’d tell them to “Do what you want with them.” It happened to my cousin Clara. That’s when we had to hide. When we became this old house’s best kept secret.
    This is why we hold still in the day, barely moving like mice poised to run at the first sign of trouble. That’s why we cannot be found. So we keep our family together.

    By Effie Felix URL on 08.03.2012

  15. I stopped being friends with you because you were forgetting about me . And honestly, I don’t want to be friends anymore.

    By Alex on 08.03.2012

  16. something to keep, if not. well then a secret telling muphukka gon’ be suprised when the nigga get a face lift kna mean?

    By B Dup on 08.03.2012

  17. Secrets are dangerous, yet sweet. Friends make them, enemies tell them.

    By Maddy URL on 08.03.2012

  18. so many little secrets in the world people can’t hide because they’re there they never go away I have secrets you have secrets pretty little liars monsters within yourself within them within us we have no plans to keep them even though we promise it’s a cycle human are not perfect love life lost wonderful i love you

    By Mary on 08.03.2012

  19. lies beneath the bed… don’t go in the closet. I’m too scared to tell you everything. My name is not what you think it is. Please remember me after I’m dead.

    By Lia on 08.03.2012

  20. “What are you doing here?”
    The words shattered the silence of the room, strong and angry and demanding.
    I turned and tried my hardest to give him a mysterious smile. I’m afraid, though, that given the circumstances, it may have been more of a fleeting grimace.
    “Why Nathaniel,” I said, my superior tone holding just the slightest bit of venom, “it’s a secret.”

    By WearyWater URL on 08.03.2012

  21. i was forced to carry his secret. weighing heavier by the minute, drudging the by the hour. time was forced to move so slow under his burden. my chest felt hollow, stomach empty, knees weak without a cure.

    By jackaria URL on 08.03.2012

  22. I have a secret, you can’t tell anyone. It’s a huge secret.

    If he were to find out… I don’t know what I’d do.

    This boy… He’s so different from the norm.

    And I like him, a lot.

    That boy is Noah.

    And I like him a lot.

    By Kristoff on 08.03.2012

  23. dam i wish i could just tell my secrets in a picture or simply one picture for one secret. that would truly ebe amazing and have everyone guess what my secret is. I would do it in a fine art very mystiying way. though, very majestic

    By zak yanez on 08.03.2012

  24. How could I tell her something that I knew would ruin her life, at least for the foreseeable future. And at the same time withholding this information from her would only make things worse. To wait prolonged the misery but to act was to make the misery a reality. Maybe, I thought, if I didn’t acknowledge it as real it would never have to be for her either.

    By M.J. Hutchison on 08.03.2012

  25. “Tom!” she cried after him desperately, “don’t tell, please! Tom! Don’t do this!” She frantically gave chase, feet slapping against the stone floor of the school and robes billowing wildly around her. Why had she been stupid enough to say anything in the first place to him? You bloody fool, she thought angrily.

    By Kelsey on 08.03.2012

  26. a secret is something you dont want other people to know about. i think most secrets are secrets because they are bad. even if they dont seem bad. they most likely had bad intentions. because there is a reason you dont want people to know. and if someone tells you a secret….. that sucks for you.

    By TaylorLondagin URL on 08.03.2012

  27. secret laughter
    secret reason to be

    when i’m with you
    our hands hold a secret
    that our smiles reveal

    in the purple skies of my dreams
    our secrets are the kites that fly

    By Vijayalakshmi URL on 08.03.2012

  28. i think i have too many secrets. i think sometimes they just may swallow me up. maybe not swallow. i think sometimes they just might chew me up. slowly. with harsh chomps chomps chomps. chomps that first bite you in two, then four, then eight, then 12. chomps that gnaw and hack and rip. rip you to shreds. those sorts of chomps. i think they will chew me up.

    By SiSi on 08.03.2012

  29. I once had a secret that was so big it felt like it would consume me. I let it grow so big that I could see the city from up the top. I never thought that one day someone would come and cut it down. I would realise how hard it felt to fall.

    By Genevieve URL on 08.03.2012

  30. A thing you only tell the people you trust.. unless you want it to get out.

    By kayla on 08.03.2012

  31. i think i just might have too many secrets. i think they just might swallow me whole. no. i think they just might chew me up. in great big chomps. chomps that cut you in two, and then four, and then eight. chomps that leave you gasping in silent screams. chomps that gnaw and rip and tear. great big heaving chomps of despair.

    By SiSi URL on 08.03.2012

  32. Everyone has a secret. What makes us keep them from others? How do we determine who is worthy of knowing this tiny piece of embarrassing/expository personal information? Its a slow, thoughtful process, but we eventually figure it out.

    By Alex B. URL on 08.03.2012

  33. I have these books that I write in every so often. They sit in the corner of my room on a shelf, sometimes I wonder how many secrets there would be in there. How many feelings I could count in one book alone?

    By Genevieve URL on 08.03.2012

  34. i guess everybody has some secrets, i know i do. guess its only natural to hide things that we dont want others to see. but why do we hid them in the first place? is it that we dont want to face the things or that we;re ashamed of them and we’d rather hide and forget all about them?

    By Nate on 08.03.2012

  35. Her time capsule had stated she wanted to marry a doctor.

    And he did, much to her dismay.

    By Jessica Bang URL on 08.03.2012

  36. got a secret, can you keep it? swear to me, this one, you’ll save. you’ve got to lock it in your pocket, take it to the grave.

    By emily on 08.03.2012

  37. a secret kept from prying eyes. hidden under a pile of things or behind a secret compartment. a finger poised to scandalous red lips.

    By sophie on 08.03.2012

  38. he nudges me.
    do you have a pencil i could borrow?
    sure, i do.
    my cheeks flush even at his mention of my name.
    i look away, feigning disinterest.
    i hand him the pencil.
    is it really that big a secret i love him?

    By emily URL on 08.03.2012

  39. I have a lot of secrets. Some do know and some don’t. Secret makes the world mysterious and vulnerable as well. I love secrets and sometimes I don’t. I am very sure all of us have secrets.

    By Jen URL on 08.03.2012

  40. Got a secret, can you keep it? Sware this one you’ll save, got a locket in your pocket- taking this one to the grave. Two can keep a secret if one of them is dead.

    By Olivia on 08.03.2012