December 20th, 2012 | 221 Entries

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221 Entries for “season”

  1. Summer, winter, autumn, spring.

    The summer is warm and it makes me smile.
    The winter is cold and it makes me think of my loved once.
    The autumn is cozy and I love how beautiful it looks outside.
    The spring is fresh and it makes me feel alive and full of hope.

    By Molly URL on 12.20.2012

  2. It was the turn of the season, the leaves just changing their colors. The air was beginning to chill, and the grass just turning brown. And there, leaned up against the wall of a filthy, rat-infested alley, was me.

    By Evangeline Night URL on 12.20.2012

  3. Cinnamon hated her name. Why not Cumin or Turmeric? Living up to such sweetness wasn’t always easy.

    By penny dreadful URL on 12.20.2012

  4. summer winter fall autum

    By ben uphold on 12.20.2012

  5. the weather is so cold this time of season but yet very beautiful i just want it the be summer but that’s months away it shall soon be thy beautiful season again autumn i envy the colors!

    By autumn sunshine on 12.20.2012

  6. the season is cold, white yet welcoming…
    it beckons me out with it’s pale beauty
    & it buries me in a static storm
    naked trees & chilling breeze
    a snow covered sight that makes me pleased.

    By Sean Clements on 12.20.2012

  7. the seasons are changing, just how we change everyday. Some people don’t believe that others can change. I think that we all just take time to discover ourselves. Some, just take more time than others.

    By kelly URL on 12.20.2012

  8. The seasons change four times a year. Every one has different feelings for different seasons but no one ever has the same feeling. You could love the fall and hate the summer. You could love the snow, but no one else could really know why.

    By Kaddandra on 12.20.2012

  9. Autumn!
    It’s not too hot or too cold.
    No allergies or rain
    It’s kind of beautiful
    and it’s my season!
    But oh no, tomorrow is Winter.
    I guess it’s Bolong’s time

    By tennismoker URL on 12.20.2012

  10. the seasons come and go. There are four. I am most like spring, but my family says I am like winter. I hate winter because of the cold. Although my birthday is in winter I dont like it.

    By Kaylee on 12.20.2012

  11. for are the seasons
    transition between
    Cyclical and linear
    yearly and monthly
    it changes all the time

    By Kaylee on 12.20.2012

  12. There’s a season for everything. The season of love has gone, and the season of hate is creeping upon us. Neither of us want it this way, so let’s defy the seasons.

    By untamedimagination URL on 12.20.2012

  13. The warmth of tender embraces and the echoes of laughter fill every tile of Christmas air. People say ’tis the season, but must we really need a holiday to remind us to hold tighter to the woman who gave us life? Or to spend just a moment’s longer lingering upon the blessings that lightly dance around us?

    By Deborah Lin URL on 12.20.2012

  14. Seasons come and go. They are our first example that nothing good lasts. Our favourite time of year is only here for so long, and then it leaves us. But the time away makes us appreciate it even more. Because when our season gets back, it’s several months of guaranteed happiness.

    By Stephanie Force URL on 12.20.2012

  15. Fall. I was born in the late fall, and I was also born very close to Halloween. The weather is always nice… Overcast and cool. The feeling on my face is wonderful. The trees are gorgeous. I feel at peace in the season of Fall.

    By Valeria Evans URL on 12.20.2012

  16. seasons come and go like the wind I don’t really care about them unless they bring me a good time they usually memories for me. I would like for this season to kick in now and feel the cold but frankly I don’t think that will happen

    By Pablo on 12.20.2012

  17. we were cruel and we were foolish. we were in love and we were free. we were and now we aren’t. like seasons, we leave but we always come back

    By stephaniewrites URL on 12.20.2012

  18. Every time I walk out of the house, it takes me by surprise. Wind or snow or sun, it’s always a shock. To lose track of time is to be at peace. Someone said that, not me, but someone. I can’t help but feel bad when I don’t notice the seasons.

    By Darien Upshaw on 12.20.2012

  19. All the time, everywhere you go, seasons are changing. Slowly, but changing. It goes to show that the world is never truly stagnant. As long as it turns, it changes. No summer exactly like the last. No winter as cold and unforgiving as that one.

    By Darien Upshaw URL on 12.20.2012

  20. The Seasons there are 4 and always have and always will be, it is currently the last of them, winter it is the end of a year.
    and a start to the fresh one there after.

    By Sean O Brien on 12.20.2012

  21. I have a season in my heart
    cold and barren
    chilled with my
    of not understanding
    so I stood in the rain,
    that day
    spitting at me
    drops falling down to my collar
    hair clinging to my
    and I swear
    when I saw
    holding your umbrella
    running to me
    with a smile
    powerful as a storm
    I felt like summer for the first time
    I understood.

    By Katelin Woods URL on 12.20.2012

  22. Every season has a different feeling, spring, everything is fresh and new, summer is when everything happens, everything grows, flowers food. Autumn is the season of change, greens to yellows to reds to brown, and winter, winter is my favourite, crisp cold mornings, the frost touching everything an making everything glisten in the winter sun, even the light is different in winter, it makes an old dead tree look stunning, like sculpture in an art gallery.. And you know, in winter, everything is at peace with the world and waiting to come to life again in spring. A beautiful, perfect circle.

    By Steph on 12.20.2012

  23. Season of spring you are my favorite. You have crisp winds that blow, plants that grow, a sky that’s blue, and cows that moo. You have March, April, May, and June. An abundance of coons. When you come a long we’re in need of a jacket; for something to play we’ll grab a racket. Flowers are blooming, and birds are crooning. April showers bring May flowers and Mayflowers bring pilgrims to plimoth rock. Season of spring you are my favorite.

    By Krystal Ellis on 12.20.2012

  24. The season is unseasonal. The winters aren’t winter. The rain should be snow. I don’t understand why the season is unseasonal. The roads are wet when they should be slick. The air is heavy when it should be sharp. I don’t understand why the season is unseasonal. The leaves however, have turned as they should.

    By corey URL on 12.20.2012

  25. There are four seasons in a year. Seasoning is used in food to provide flavor. Season also refers to the time frame of the year in which various sports are played, or foodstufts grown. It has six letters. It’s funny because if you space it out, into sea and son, you think of a sailor, not a time frame or flavoring.

    By Jamie on 12.20.2012

  26. I like autumn, mainly because my birthday is in september. But also haloween is my favourite, and now i live in mexico: day of the dead is pretty cool. But i am listen

    By cat on 12.20.2012

  27. Another season has come, soon to pass, just like love, just like life, just like hope, aspirations, mannerisms, and dreams.
    Seasons blow in the wind,
    like the dust of the decayed bodies from generations past.
    and generations to come; life, love, the eternal wait for an end – death – to return.

    By Badger Moore URL on 12.20.2012

  28. i like to see the seasons pass by. There is no other greater happiness than to see them pass. From green to brown and yellow and red to white like snow. Its fun. But cold. And I hate the winter. But its pretty. Until the snow becomes mush and grey and gets contaminated

    By Miaka on 12.20.2012

  29. Seasons evoke different feelings for me. The winter season, which brings back some unwanted memories, always leaves me depressed and feeling empty. Spring is full of new life and strikes me as a new beginning. Summer is playful and evokes happiness that the winter had stripped away. As much as I enjoy bonfires and cracking out the hoodies in fall, fall is a painful reminder that soon it will be winter, and the cycle will start again.

    By Alyssa Kay on 12.20.2012

  30. It was autumn. We were in love. He held my hand as the beautiful crimson leaves fell. I wore that scarf his mother knit for me. I never wanted anyone else, but him.

    By Victoria URL on 12.20.2012

  31. The seasons mixed in. Where did one end and the other begin? The frosty nip in the air was chilling–uninviting. Warmth was far gone in this month of December. A month that would never know the feel of suntanned skin; of melting ice cream.

    By Wendy URL on 12.20.2012

  32. Swimming season. An experience like no other. We lost today, but we lost as a team. And it was disappointing. Unbearably so. But we will rise from that defeat, and we can do this. As a team. Thanks guys <3

    By Jason URL on 12.20.2012

  33. Fall, Spring,Summer,Winter. Beginning. Ends. New Life. Bloom. Flowers. Buds. Nature. Awakening, Beautiful. Warm. Windy. Earth. Natural.

    By Shelby on 12.20.2012

  34. Because the seasons change, so do our memories. Our thoughts, lives and entities change more than we’d like to admit, so each season represents the cleansing of our lives and the rebirth of something new. Each season is unique in its own way; summer is reminiscent of puppy blues and white dresses, while winter, though also fond is white, does so in a crisp, yet unforgivable manner, a model on a runway staring condescendingly down the catwalk at her assembled audience of cameras, clipboards and nodding heads.

    By Emma on 12.20.2012

  35. Because the seasons change, so do our memories. Our thoughts, lives and entities change more than we’d like to admit, so each season represents the cleansing of our lives and the rebirth of something new. Each season is unique in its own way; summer is reminiscent of puppy blues and white dresses, while winter, though also fond is white, does so in a crisp, yet unforgivable manner, a model on a runway staring condescendingly down the catwalk at her assembled audience of cameras, clipboards and nodding heads. However, seasons do not always conform to social norms, for example, this year the weather seems hell bent on doing whatever it wants. It has not snowed consistently yet and we’re nearing the final countdown to Christmas.

    By Emma URL on 12.20.2012

  36. Tis the season to be grumpy and unnecessarily sarcastic. Tis the season to get drunk but try to hide the fact from the family. Tis the season to get into arguments over stupid things from the past and politics from the present. Tis the season, right?

    By Alexandra URL on 12.20.2012

  37. I feel so fine in this season. I love when streets are cold. I do love specially this season because I can hug you harder.

    By Jack Myller URL on 12.20.2012

  38. You should go with me. Every season I fall through the light proves to make Mom angry. I’m sure that you’re very interested in that right now. You can only take from her what she took from you.

    By Oz Nolem URL on 12.20.2012

  39. Seasons are always changing, just like people. Seasons come and go. My favourite season is Fall, least favourite is summer.

    By gagan on 12.20.2012

  40. The seasons come, the seasons go. For him, there was one season, all year round, and for him it was killing. Hunting down the bad guys, the killers, rapists all of them. He brought them to justice and face the Lord, the judge.

    By Kyle URL on 12.20.2012