March 11th, 2011 | 419 Entries

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419 Entries for “scarves”

  1. scarves choke when wrongly tied. scarves hurt and itch except if they are of good quality. scarves are not scars. i have plenty, some have none. i don’t use caps here. no time to waste. nice talking to you.

    By isatrava URL on 03.11.2011

  2. I like scarves, you like scarves, we like scarves around our neck. Take these scarves, make them long, tie them all together and you get a rope. Take this rope, tie it on your neck, tie it on the post around your bed. Step up on the sill, take a leap, next thing you know you’re six feet deep. Are you stupid?

    By Megan URL on 03.11.2011

  3. I hate when people wear scarves indoors. I hate when people wear scarves in warm seasons. i HATE WHEN PEOPLE THIN SCARVES ARE REALLY COOL.. They keep you warm, thats about it. Why are SCARVES EDGY??? Of all things. Scarves are grandma things. Seriously, come on people. Lalalalalalalalalalalalalala lame!

    By Lana on 03.11.2011

  4. I never got much into scarves. They’re like nooses. They strangle and itch. I much prefer braving the cold, and I HATE winter. But something about manning up and just braving it makes me feel good inside, so why not?

    By Robin on 03.11.2011

  5. I was never one for scarves. They’re like itchy nooses, just one more thing to put on and take off in the morning. Plus they’re so freaking hipster. I’d much rather brave the cold–and I HATE the cold–than risk looking like a hipster. Also, something about braving the cold weather makes me feel better about myself. I don’t know why.

    By Robin URL on 03.11.2011

  6. they’re warm and bright and colourful. worn in autumn and winter and maybe early spring. the wool ones are itchy; the soft ones are the best. they can be used to protect us from the elements and for

    By Rebecca on 03.11.2011

  7. Scarves are the cozy hug around our neck, they hide our hickeys, they add mystery. Everyone has a neck, everyone needs a scarf. I love scarves :)

    By Megan on 03.11.2011

  8. i wrap it around my head, aware of what it means to me. it was my father’s, but nobody’s mentioned him since he died. its illegal.
    yet i wear his scarf every day, thats illegal too. nobody says hello to me as i walk by with it on. not one sould. theyre afraid. im not.. why should i be?

    By billie on 03.11.2011

  9. “Why are you doing that? You’re acting like your embarrassed or cold pulling at your scarf like that.”
    “I always do this.”

    When they hugged he hugged her tight and she held on desperately wishing to kiss.

    By milliski URL on 03.11.2011

  10. is it cold enough? or are u taking me on a leap and graving me and taking hold of what, im afraid the must, give me the scarves and hold me in a new day and bring back into the warmness of you, your body.

    By anabel URL on 03.11.2011

  11. scarves. they were them in dunedin, and in that movie about the kids at otago uni who move into a house and there’s a huge marijuana plantation in the basement and they sell it and get in crap with the guy who grew it in the first place. it’s called scarfies i think. and joe’s got a scarf to take with him to christchurch. i hope he knows how much i love him.

    By Liv URL on 03.11.2011

  12. Worn in autumn, winter and sometimes early spring! They can be itchy, cashmere, colourful, luxuriant or sophisticated!

    By Becca URL on 03.11.2011

  13. scarves
    the physical manifestation
    of our imminent death
    reminding us
    that eventually
    we will all die
    nooses around our necks
    nooses around your children
    one day you will die
    one day the noose will tighten.

    By Tricia Savelli on 03.11.2011

  14. Scarves. Style or survival? Warmth or worthless?

    By VVAVT URL on 03.11.2011

  15. scarves of different colors provide different styles…each a different statement. Spring Summer Fall or Winter…very versatile. Research the European way of tying one and add this wardrobe staple in your arsenal for work.

    By Waynette Santos on 03.11.2011

  16. I wrapped the light green cloth tightly around my neck, trying desperately to shield it from the cutting wind. The weather outside was completely frigid, and ice enveloped every mail box and eyelash. Unfortunately, it was the one day of the year that I had to be outside.

    By Madi on 03.11.2011

  17. Scares are warm. They are soft. They are soothing. They protect us from the outside evils of the world. We can hide behind them and not allow anyone to see us. They come in all colors and can be made of many things. They can have any kind of design that you could possible imagine though mine I like to be argyle. I love scarves.

    By Matthew Murphy on 03.11.2011

  18. Woolen scarves around our necks,
    Snowflakes drifting down in flecks,
    Through blurry eyes we see but specks,

    By Harry Potter. URL on 03.11.2011

  19. When I think about scarves I think about pain and memories. All memories make scarves. They cut into your consiousness, into your beeing, and change your personality forever. They can make you a better person, or they can darken your mind. A person with no scarves can’t be considered as experienced. It has never ever felt pain.

    By Lola-Fabienne on 03.11.2011

  20. scarves can keep you warm in the winter, or make you look trendy in the summer. you can get just one colour, or you can get all the colours of the rainbow. cool designs can be found on scarves. and they can be thick or thin, depending on what you want.

    By Stephanie Bellefeuille on 03.11.2011

  21. i took out the orange box and opened it. inside was the scarf, worn, folded into a perfect square and the scent of my grandmother wafted up into my face.

    By Hedda on 03.11.2011

  22. I was mad about scarves. wore them with everything. Neckerchiefs, long dangling fringey types, silk types – all sorts. Then one got caught in the tram and i got semi strangled in front of 10 school boys. now my neck goes bare.

    By RJH URL on 03.11.2011

  23. I don’t really wear scarves. They’re awesome and all, but they don’t really keep me warm in winter. They don’t stay in place, but… whatever. I really like looking at them, even if they don’t keep me warm! Some are absolutely GORGEOUS! And I’m envious of some people who can pull off the ones that are lacy, colorful, and trendy. Some day, I hope I can do that… but I don’t have any hopes for that cause I’m not a very trendy person clothes wise.

    But I can still admire them, of course!

    By Cannon on 03.11.2011

  24. Oh I love scarves. Accessories describe who you are right?

    The scarf blew across her face. She couldn’t see! Where had he gone? He always toddled away much faster than a five-year-old should be able to it seemed. Frantic with worry, clutching the sabotaging scarf to her chest she scanned the horizon for him. He was nowhere to be found.

    By Jules URL on 03.11.2011

  25. scarves can be the latest fashion accessory, they remind me of the winter time and christmas

    By eedwards on 03.11.2011

  26. Scarves ae flowing favric that is usually tied around yourneck to keep warm or to make a fashio statement.

    By jena on 03.11.2011

  27. warm colorful, sometimes itchy. Makes me think of winter and how much I hate it! Although now I realize that I still wear lighter scarves in spring and fall and they can really make whatever I’m wearing look a thousand times nicer, plus it keeps me warmer, on those cooler days.

    By Sarah on 03.11.2011

  28. winter warmth. fashion fun. tying around necks, heads, bodies. vintage fashion fun finds with my sister in sydney. artsing and crafting and creativity. learning to knit for an ex. breaking up. knitting for loved ones. knitting for myself. learning to love myself.

    By Spring Cooper Robbins URL on 03.11.2011

  29. I don’t own many scarves… but I like them… I like the ones my math teacher wears.. I want a bunch of scarves with fly designs.. i can probably get some at the thrift store or something… i dont really wear scarves in

    By brea URL on 03.11.2011

  30. Can beautify, make one look dowdy, can enhance or be detrimental in its effect, men, women, and dogs wear them.

    By Mindy Silva on 03.11.2011

  31. incredible. brutle non stop. hurt until the moment of death. never to leave. always. killing infecting always burning without ant mercy to show or feel, it hurts you. You can not stop it.

    By abby on 03.11.2011

  32. I have always liked scarves. They are pretty, they keep my neck warm, and they make me look cool. I have always been envious of girls who wear scarves, because for some odd reason, only pretty girls wear scarves. I wear scarves

    By Kelsey on 03.11.2011

  33. I don’t like to wear scarves. They are usually itchy. I always get really hot and sweaty when I have to wear a scarf. The name sounds really gross, too.

    By lizzyb97 URL on 03.11.2011

  34. scarves are itchy. i dont like them or use them. all they do is make you itch and blow in your face. then you have fuzzies in your mouth. Blah

    By just582 URL on 03.11.2011

  35. scarves are fucking awesome. I have a bunch of them hanging from the edge of my bed. They’re great for hiding hickeys, or to hide a stain covering your shirt.

    By Amanda on 03.11.2011

  36. no tengo ni idea de lo que esto significa asi que voy a escribir cualquier cosa sobre scarves qué será? excarvar? no se pero si es eso entonces igual que puedo escribir…en fin no se para que sirve esta pagina asi que veamos que pasa con esta vaina. Hoy es el dia del terremoto de japon. y el tsunamo desde luego…un dia muy muy loco. Estamos esperando a ver qué pasa en Galápagos y ya me estoy aburriendo de esto porque no tengo ni idea de lo que es asi que hasta aqui escribo. Chao

    By nb on 03.11.2011

  37. I knit scarves. I knit too many, though. I just like the action of creating them. I end up[ giving them all away. I hope they keep people warm, it gets really cold here in the winter. It will be even colder in Bozeman next year when I go to college. Can’t wait. But at the same time I can…

    By Katie Chambers URL on 03.11.2011

  38. accessory play green warmth cool deal cut stop wall girl hat winter shoes belt snow costa rica sweater solid

    By taylor on 03.11.2011

  39. I remember using scarves when I lived in montreal, no need for them here in Florida. But do miss the fashion ability of them such as that compared to a tie. But alas, even a suite here in Florida has no need for a jacket.

    By Joe Simhon URL on 03.11.2011

  40. She flips through her scarves to pick the best one for today. There is a black one that her mother gave her, a red one that’s always been her favourite, and a white one that she couldn’t resist getting after falling in love with it at first sight. There was just something about scarves that charmed her. Maybe it was its ability to wrap around her and make her feel a bit of the warmth that he once gave her.

    By A Bananie URL on 03.11.2011