December 19th, 2012 | 170 Entries

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170 Entries for “sate”

  1. what the is a sate? i have never heard of a sate. at first i thought it said sale. i thought yay i like yard sales, those are fun. but the word is sate. i’ve got to look that up.

    By Savannah L URL on 12.19.2012

  2. The cool glass of eggnog did little to sate her thirst, but it was creamy and comforting. And it was delicious. The holidays just weren’t the same if there wasn’t a steady supply of the stuff.

    By Dale Harrison URL on 12.19.2012

  3. Sate. This is an unfamiliar word. Unfamiliar like being loved and giving love in return. Like knowing what it’s like to really be hungry. Like experiencing Christmas in paradise.

    By Stephanie Force URL on 12.19.2012

  4. June started to lose it on day one of the camping trip. We found her scraping black grease from the gas cap of Woody’s van on day two. She smeared the goo all over her mouth and smiled. Turns out she’d forgotten her chapstick.

    By penny dreadful URL on 12.19.2012

  5. Sate? I dont know what that word is sate sit sat set set set sit sot! Sot isnt a word either. Sate sounds like saté, in French… I dont know if that s a word either… Sate is the epitome of all the ignorance of the world. Which means… it doesnt include Chinese. Whicch is….. lol, never mind.

    By jiijiji on 12.19.2012

  6. Japan looked around the corner curiously. Turkey and Greece were for once actually talking to one another instead of fighting like they usually do. Japan crept closer only to gasp in delight.
    Greece and Turkey were both wearing cat ears, though Turkey was struggling to take them off while Greece was forcing him to keep it on.
    Japan couldn’t resist. His curiosity sated, he huddled in the shadows camera in hand and finger ready to take as many adorable pictures as possible.

    By Tanya URL on 12.19.2012

  7. Is it sad that all I see in this word is “SAT”? Well, I’m not really sure how to use the word “sate” anyways, so yeah.

    By Jason URL on 12.19.2012

  8. He sated his desire. The temptation was over, and he was left in this weird kind of Valhalla, and he didn’t really know what to do. Heaven on earth was boring.

    By Archori URL on 12.19.2012

  9. I have no idea what sate means. I think of a “safe” as in a safe for files. Or a safe place. Like a warm cozy home with homemade chocolate chip cookies. Yum. Delicious. I want some now. I need to buy some cookie dough. I need more money. I just got a job working with puppies.

    By Alan on 12.19.2012

  10. I don’t know what sate means. Can I get another word? Is that how this works? I wish I could get another word. This word reminds me of “sedate”. Why couldn’t I have gotton that word? Sedate is a nice word.

    By Alan on 12.19.2012

  11. I didn’t really know what sate means. So I took a few seconds to look it up. It means to satisfy. Example, sate your appetite. Hm…I suppose I can’t sate this exercise today.

    By Saya on 12.19.2012

  12. I feel the cold water sliding easily down my throat. Its been days. Too long. I smile and dip my hands into the cool stream for another drink. It

    By Julia on 12.19.2012

  13. Oceans pour and pour from the horiaon, the inexorable waves pounding the shores of my mind and home.
    There is nothing so large, nothing so powerful, nothing like the crashing of the sea on a rainy day. It slakes the thirst of my mind, to come back from dusty wanderings, and see it there.

    By Serena URL on 12.19.2012

  14. I don’t know what it means! Help! No dictionary or definitions anywhere. I’ll check it in a thesaurus when I’m done. That thing comes in handy so often! Thank you whoever invented thesauruses even though you can’t read this.

    By Roiden URL on 12.19.2012

  15. Sate, huh? It is probably associated with innermost desires. Controlling, handling, dominating your own self.

    By lilyberry URL on 12.19.2012

  16. i wanted to sate my hunger. But all I had to eat was some blood oranges. My lover was passionate about blood oranges, but I had always avoided them because blood freaked me out, and something that has the word blood in it was probably not that good. But my hunger was growing and needed sated. So i grudgingly got out of my seat and headed to the kitchen.

    By Desiree Crabtree on 12.19.2012

  17. i dont know what that is but i just kinda looks like sane or safe whicha are opossites of some irony kind. like if you are not sane then you probably wont we safe. but i dont know, that’s just what i think.

    By connie on 12.19.2012

  18. What is sate? Sate is four letters, one syllable. Say-t; is how I would pronounce it. But what is this word? What could it mean?? Who knows. Now my curiosity is sparking.

    By Ashley on 12.19.2012

  19. what a state i’m in, high flying, i gotta plan, one day soon i’ll be as skinny as i promised, one day soon i’ll find the strength, i’ve got my best friend beside me and her name is self control.

    By Isabel on 12.19.2012

  20. sate, like to satisfy? to sate your appetite? i guess so. sexual appetite, or lack there of. like insatiable, natural i suppose. to sate but to not be gluttonous is surely a virtue.

    By Pippa Kelly on 12.19.2012

  21. what a state i’m in, high flying, i’ve gotta plan, one day soon i’ll be as skinny as i promised, one day soon i’ll find the strength, i’ve got my best friend beside me and her name is self control.

    By bellllee URL on 12.19.2012

  22. She stared at the worn out page for a very long while. During that time many things changed, but she didn’t seem to notice any of it. All she saw was the me in the past, it’s like her eyes filters the present.

    It resembles a comatic state, although she walks and eats. It makes everything so difficult.

    By d on 12.19.2012

  23. I don’t even know what this word means, but I guess it has something to do with being satiated, satisfied and fulfilled. I like the feeling of being satisfied.

    By charlie on 12.19.2012

  24. Sate? What is sate? I see the word ATE. And SAT. Thats about it. What is the definition of SATE? Hmmmm… The line on the bottom is going pretty fast. BLUE. I have no idea what else to write. So now I’m writing until….

    By Amy on 12.19.2012

  25. sate. Kinda sounds like satin. the devil. but its not. I’m studying chemistry and -ate is a suffix while s stands for sulfur. So sulfate? Thats real. SO4. With H2 it becomes sulfuric acid.

    By Noah Baker on 12.19.2012

  26. Sate. Kinda sounds like Satin. The devil. But is it?
    Sate. Rhymes with Crate. But don’t hate.
    I mean what does it mean!? Words are so interesting. Where do they come from? Who makes it up? How do you have a definition of the word definition!? SO MANY QUESTIONS.

    By Noah Baker on 12.19.2012

  27. honestly I really don’t know what this word means and my dad was just talking to my grandma on the phone so i’ve had to restart this like 5 times already and I know that it sounds like the word satan, aka the devil but thats probably not what it means. So yeah times up about now…..

    By Erin on 12.19.2012

  28. feel full and fulfilled. no more hunger or thirst. to be contented. rounded and complete. satisfied and without want. youthful, hopeful comforted. pleased happy. to sated and rotund well rounded and fufilled with feeling of restfulness

    By Ann on 12.19.2012

  29. Sating my lust for bacon is not an easy thing to do. I know it’s not very good for me, but truly I love that wonderful pork product. Someday bacon might be healthier… but for now, Damn the torpedoes.

    By Jasn URL on 12.19.2012

  30. sate to satiate to satisfy temptation and desire of the hungry of those that desire vultures so voracious unwilling to fight their urges

    By mia on 12.19.2012

  31. How does this word fit into my life, my words? Sate. To be sated? To sate. To satisfy. To be there for the ones I love, so their needs are sated. I’m having problems using just plain “sate in a sentence.

    By Shelley Hunt on 12.19.2012

  32. The thirst was sated by the drink
    Sometimes I haven’t been able to sate my desire for love, for I am alone in this void, so therefore there is an unlimited amount of love, but a limited number of people to love and even less of those you can love. So yes, I cannot sate my desire to love and be loved in return. But I’ve only rotated around this sun fifteen times. I think I can wait a bit longer for my desire to be satisfied. But even if I found love tomorrow, I still woudn’t be in love long enough

    By Isabel D. on 12.19.2012

  33. “WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN!” I screamed, looking at the chemistry test. Everyoe looked at me. Well, It was a fair question…

    By littleredowl URL on 12.19.2012

  34. I don’t know what the word ‘sate’ means. I am deeply sorry. In the future, I vow to know the definition the next time.

    By No on 12.19.2012

  35. For some reason, I could not recall what this word had meant. Sate.. I repeated the four-letter word over and over in my mind, but for some reason, nothing could be remembered. What had it meant? Could it be a combination of two or more words expressing something totally meaningless? I didn’t know and then I realized; I didn’t care.

    By This is me c: on 12.19.2012

  36. i have no idea what this means.. sorry! but it reminds me of some kind of food. or sand or something.

    By Ashley Beaken on 12.19.2012

  37. that reminds me of food. and sex, actually. satiated. having had enough of something to be content for the moment. but that’s key – only content for the moment. you’ll want more in a minute or two…

    By Purvi on 12.19.2012

  38. She ate and ate and ate until there was nothing but crumbs left of the plate, and then she ate those too. She couldn’t control herself, she was so ecstatic. After all this time, the cake WASN’T a lie.

    By StochasticOoze URL on 12.19.2012

  39. i can’t sate you i can’t sate you i can’t sate you i can’t sate you
    all on its own

    By morgan URL on 12.19.2012

  40. i can’t sate you i can’t sate you i can’t sate you i can’t sate you
    all on its own
    by itself
    take it away
    take it away from me and don’t worry

    By ryan URL on 12.19.2012