December 19th, 2012 | 170 Entries

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170 Entries for “sate”

  1. Fill or stuff? Good or bad? I’m hungry and hungry and hungry and never full. The rules. Satiety is the rule. Goddammit. But what does it feel like? No one is really sated. Nothing sates me. I am alone.

    By Brianna on 12.19.2012

  2. Any need for drama I might have is well sated by television and books and movies.

    I don’t need real-world horrors. And I don’t want it.

    I am too full for fear.

    By Me URL on 12.19.2012

  3. the girl was in a sate mood. She felt lonely and wanted to have a friend with her. The more she was thirsty for friends and wanted it to be filled. The girl though and she knew she had to get outside to meet friends.

    By jennifer on 12.19.2012

  4. I get so numb sometimes
    That I get so angry.
    Nothing can sate this hunger
    Because I can’t feel satisfied from a hunger I don’t have.

    Sometimes I’ll bury myself
    With sin
    Just to feel something.
    But even that doesn’t work sometimes.

    My fears used to consist of
    Being alone and having nobody.
    But now they consist of
    Being with who I loved and

    Not feeling a damn thing towards him.
    Like I do now.
    So we’ll bury ourselves under sheets
    Just so I have the possibility of feeling something.. anything..

    By AngelDuCiel on 12.19.2012

  5. It is my sate the i achieve nothing, but greatness.

    By nicholas URL on 12.19.2012

  6. Can we sate the desire to know what will happen by focusing on what is happening. I hope so. If the present moment is not enough to soothe this anxious desire to foreknow, then I am done. So I notice the warmth of my socks, the sigh of my dog, the peaceful snore of a napping husband whose foot is on mine.

    By LailaLCR URL on 12.19.2012

  7. when you are sated, you are satisfied.
    Few of us today are ever sated,
    We want more, more, more.
    that can be good or nt so good.

    By Robin on 12.19.2012

  8. I really dont know what sate means. Seriously somebody teach me about it. I dont know what is it or how its pronounced. Sate?!

    By molly URL on 12.19.2012

  9. i was to sate to be with your friend and she started to freak out even though i dont even know what this word means but im gonna try and put this into a sentence

    By Bieberlover URL on 12.19.2012

  10. i was to sate to be with your friend and she started to freak out even though i dont even know what this word means but im gonna try and put this into a sentence

    By Bieberlover URL on 12.19.2012

  11. i don’t know what sate is, but in my language sounds like satin… its a weird confusion because i think i’t soft and fine.

    By Gato on 12.19.2012

  12. I’d like to sate all my intern wishes, the ones that can’t be sate with a portion of water or with the most exquisite alcohol that nobody has ever drunk. Sate your life, and your emotions.

    By K on 12.19.2012

  13. There was very little that Much enjoyed more than a good meal with Alana.

    She flitted about like the social butterfly she was, but if he made dinner reservations on her night off, she only had eyes for him.

    And the food.

    Their conversation was always interesting and passionately delivered, which never left them unsated.

    By GloriousClio URL on 12.19.2012

  14. A blank slate. Without any limit or parameter.

    By Liam Johnson URL on 12.19.2012

  15. My tummy is full because i had five breakfasts. I wish i was as sated in another area of my life!
    Ill work on it.

    By Laura on 12.19.2012

  16. i do not know what sate means. i have absolutely no idea. i could guess and say its a monster. the vicious sate lived in a cave all by himself he was tall, hairy and had very gross teeth. yellow and pointing in every which direction. he had bright purple eyes that lie on either side of his bird like beak,

    By karri on 12.19.2012

  17. I cannot sate my need for anything aesthetic.

    By T1DSurfDad URL on 12.19.2012

  18. Sate well umm.. i don’t have a clue on what this means so i really can’t write about this word…

    By Mr.Chadd URL on 12.19.2012

  19. I don’t even know what this word means. No wait, it has something to do with satiety or the feeling of being full after you have eaten a meal. Still, I’m not sure what the means in and of itself.

    By Mark on 12.19.2012

  20. I am never satisfied. To be satisfied is to give up. One should never be satisfied, we should always fight for the future, and push to make things better.

    By Chris Valenti on 12.19.2012

  21. sate? I don’t even know what that word means. Excuse me while i speedily look up the definition.
    To appease? I see. Well I find it hard to appease everyone. Thats always been a problem for me. To please everyone.

    By macebins URL on 12.19.2012

  22. sat, taste, ate, what is this word. I’m not sure what it means but it reminds me of so many other words. or my initials: set. Sawyer elisabeth tobey. elisabeth with an s not a z. Strange but pretty. Sate. I’m still not sure what it means but maybe that’s the point.

    By Sawyer on 12.19.2012

  23. dunno

    By dun on 12.19.2012

  24. I am very sateful. We are one now. Two peas in a pod. I love him and he loves me. This is what it feels like to be floating on a cloud, i guess? I hope he is full of sate as well as I am. I am full…

    By myahendrix URL on 12.19.2012

  25. “Look! Only you can sate this lion’s appetite, Dave,” Elijah said. “You don’t mind dying for us do you?” Dave cocked an eyebrow, “Well yeah, I do, actually.” Elijah shook his head. “Look. I’m a Jew as are my men, and Jamal is a Saudi Arabian as are his men. You and your men are Christian and that’s what lions eat!” “Oh come on,” Dave said. “That’s archaic! This lion bearing down upon us wants flesh, ANY flesh!” “No, it’s a known fact!,” Jamal protested. “Toss one of your men out to him then Fool!” Dave yelled. “I bet he gets devoured right quick!” “No way!” Jamal yelled as he shoved one of his men forward, toward the lion. The poor man stumbled, fell on his face and the lion sunk his teeth into his neck and dragged him off to his pride.

    By Miss Alister URL on 12.19.2012

  26. You want to sate your curiosity? Maybe you better think twice. At least in this case.

    Sure, go ahead. Ask questions. See what happens. See where it gets you. See if you’ll even be around tomorrow.

    Some things are best left alone. Left untouched. For your own sake, if nothing else.

    By chipschap URL on 12.19.2012

  27. She had eaten too much, she knew that, she had realised that about half an hour before after she had demolished the leftover roast parsnips and scraps of bacon, but still she struggled valiantly on. She groaned as she popped open her jean buttons and let herself breathe, reaching forward to take the first helping of christmas pudding, gesturing for someone to pass her the cream.

    By lightthisfuse URL on 12.19.2012

  28. Things change. Everyday. You and I should stay. I want to keep you with me where ever I go, whatever I do. I want to be able to always turn to you. To share with you my deepest of secrets and to sate your every desire. Don’t let go. No matter how strong the storm is.

    By Paige Noel URL on 12.19.2012

  29. Nothing could sate Alex’s hunger. Not all the Christmas cookies in the kitchen. Not every drop of egg nog from the stale carton. Not even the bottles upon bottles of peppermint schnapps poured into hot cocoa with candy canes being used as stirrers.

    When Alex’s mother came home, her mouth fell open in terror at the decimation of the holiday sweets. And to make matters worse, there was her son, gnawing on the frozen Christmas ham.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 12.19.2012

  30. I have never been sated as much as I heard this phrase from your mouth: “You are not perfect but for always, you are good enough and worthy to me.”

    By Will B. Somethin URL on 12.19.2012

  31. What is sate? … Oh! like satiate. Ok. Oh how I would love to sate my thirst for love and to be loved. It’s never enough for my soul to be pleased and quenched. My mind is at peace but the arid-ness that remains in my heart is, uneasy.

    By neen1794 URL on 12.19.2012

  32. i dunno what does this word mean……. but i thought of fate………. sate.. fate……..
    hmmmmmmmmmmmmm.. now i will find meaning of it!… lets see…………….. :)

    By sneha URL on 12.19.2012

  33. I wasn’t sure what the word sate meant, but as I looked up into the man’s face everything else seemed to dissapear.
    “Sate?” his word broke through my haze.
    I shook my head. “Sorry. I don’t know that one.”
    “Perfect. That means you pass. I don’t want a know it all as my wife.” we both laughed.
    “When’s the wedding?”
    “Tomorrow.” as soon as the words left his lips, my men streamed in from all the doors and he was immediately held down. He tried to struggle, but it was no use.
    “You, did not pass, however. You’re under arrest for killing the prince and impersonating him.”
    “How’d you know?”
    “He’s already married.”
    “To whom?”

    By Emma URL on 12.19.2012

  34. i dont know about this word. lol. I will see what others will going to comment on this.

    By nida on 12.19.2012

  35. In order to satiate, we served sate with sake on that warm Summer’s eve.

    By Marianne URL on 12.19.2012

  36. What is sate? I have not a clue. It rhymes with fate. Reminds me of sake. Rolls off the tongue. How I wish I could write about something I knew about. But I suppose this is good practice.

    By Grace on 12.19.2012

  37. It’s a killing trying to satiate my desire for quiet and peaceful moments when there’s the equal competition to be sociable and have others around me.

    By masked habit on 12.19.2012

  38. He wanted him. He wanted him to sate the emptiness he didn’t know he had. He wanted to use him as the bandage to his unknown, unseen wound.

    By Grace URL on 12.19.2012

  39. The bear danced around the fire, sated with joy of having killed. His feet pranced on the ground, causing the leaves to jump up around him, making him a creator of sorts. a god

    By Nuha Fariha on 12.19.2012

  40. Sate. I have never ever seen this word. What does it mean? It means to fill. Saturated. Not hungry, contented, full. I am sated. It fits tired as well, I think. I am sated. The day is gone, I am full of experiences. Or if you are lazy. You are sated. So you know that feeling, like you are a blown up balloon of tired laziness? That is how it feels to be sated.

    By EmeraldEight URL on 12.19.2012