February 7th, 2013 | 229 Entries

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229 Entries for “salesman”

  1. The shotgun blast rang across the prairie, and the poor man grabbed his fedora and ran behind the car, shrieking in fear. The two old men on the porch just laughed and nudged one another in amusement.

    “Fifth one today,” said the oldest; “That’s a new record.”

    “How long ‘fore he wets himself?” asked the second.

    “Dunno. Fire off another shot and we’ll see.”

    By Courka URL on 02.07.2013

  2. The greatest salesman in my world is Jesus Christ. He has sold me with his version of why we are here and where we are going. No matter what.

    By Sheila on 02.07.2013

  3. That man that always there but leaves you when its done, and at the end of the day you feel used. At the same time liberated.

    By kermin.balawis URL on 02.07.2013

  4. “So you had a good time. He paid for everything. You like him. What’s the problem?”
    “Well, I….. I don’t wanna tell you. You’ll think me an ass.”
    “I already think you’re an ass, Theresa.”
    “True.” She thought for a moment. “Ok. He’s a salesman.”

    By Eileen Maki URL on 02.07.2013

  5. A salesman walks up to my door to offer me a deal on a vacuum. I told him that it sucked.

    By Jackie URL on 02.07.2013

  6. cars, shoes, slick talker, persuasive, seller, comission, money, suit and tie

    By brandon kilpatrick on 02.07.2013

  7. He had a good voice, one that was wasted on cheap furniture churned out somewhere by weathered hands. He could do better than haggle, his lips hanging on to the numbers, like a precipice that they aren’t sure of stepping off of. He smiles, to keep the sounds in.

    By Kairn URL on 02.07.2013

  8. There is a really nice saleswoman at the ice cream parlor near my house. I always ask for the same double scoop cone with two different flavors chocolate and lemon. She is always joking I never try anything new, but nevertheless I have barely walked into the ice cream parlor and my cone is ready. She always makes me laugh although she barely knows me. This is the type of person I want to be.

    By Isabel Pinaud on 02.07.2013

  9. I once spent a weekend trying to sell AT&T UVerse door-to-door. Talk about nightmare! 8 hour days outside, dressed in suit and tire, 6 days a week. The salesman gets no respect.

    By dan URL on 02.07.2013

  10. It’s not easy being a salesman. But then again, that goes without saying; there’s not much that’s easy in this world.

    By Kirbop URL on 02.07.2013

  11. Every person I know and don’t know is a salesman.

    “Buy this product- it will magnify your life! Believe in my persona, it will enhance your existence!”

    Petty fools- I will not and cannot subscribe to generic self-advertisements and billboard personalities. Much rather look in the back alleys and railways of humanity for salvaged treasures.

    By JP URL on 02.07.2013

  12. One day a salesman walked up to me and asked if I would like to see something that would change my life. I said ” Sure, who wouldn’t like to see life altering objects.”

    By Matt on 02.07.2013

  13. Gerald left the mail room and headed down the hall. There was Verne standing by the water cooler. He tried to divert, but Verne had seen him. “Gerald!” Verne hollered, “How the hell are ya Buddy?” “Can’t complain, Verne,” Gerald said. “Say, Gerald, I got one fer ya: How can you tell when a salesman is lying?” Gerald grimaced. “His lips are moving.” Verne’s face fell then brightened again. “Bet you have heard this one: a salesman said to an office manager, ‘This computer will cut your workload by 50%’ and the office manager said ‘That’s great, I’ll take two of them.’” Gerald chuckled. “That’s a good one, Verne.” Verne glowed. Gerald gave Verne’s shoulder a pat and continued down the hall.

    By Miss Alister URL on 02.07.2013

  14. Sell, sell, sell! I must sell you everything at the highest price I can get out of you! Also, if anything is wrong with the product, it’s not my fault, it’s theirs! Hug me, love me! Hate them, I’ll set it right for you because I’m a salesman. There’s no such thing as the Death of a Salesman, I’m like a cockroach inside of a twinkie. I’ll be here even after the nuclear fallout begins.

    By John Komarek on 02.07.2013

  15. He looked out the window and caught a glimpse of the poor man. The man was wearing a suit, but it was clear from the way he carried himself that he was not a business man, he was a SALESman. And in his world, no suit would earn him respect. He knocked softly on the door and waited. An answer never came.

    By Rinalda URL on 02.07.2013

  16. Salesman. He’s at my door. Part of me wonders what he’s selling, but I sit here behind my couch like a statue. My dogs are barking, but I can’t yell to quiet them down. If I do then he’ll know I’m here. He can’t know I’m here… I hope he leaves soon.

    By Stephanie Force URL on 02.07.2013

  17. The salesman looked at me shrewdly, then slowly slid the pendant across the counter and away from me.
    “I guess you must not want it that badly,” he tells me with fake solemnity.

    By WearyWater URL on 02.07.2013

  18. yolo no job gay i dont like you smd :P yeea read dis crap. karl did this

    By kacr carlos URL on 02.07.2013

  19. i like the salesman.
    the salesman sold me stuff,
    i got my stuff from the salesman.
    i like the salesman.
    the salesman is my friend.

    By olivier on 02.07.2013

  20. The salesman had only one day to sell as much cars as possible before the day ended which was raaaaaaaaachit bro but he succeeded bcoz he was a chur cuzzy braaah chuur!

    By Jacob URL on 02.07.2013

  21. Tom was a salesman, he went shopping one day for his lovely wife. Then he got shot by a murderous maniac and died.

    The end.

    By Joel Stevens on 02.07.2013

  22. A teacher can be a slaesman, because a teacher is selling ideas. The students need to buy the ideas so teachers need to make their product as good and attractive as it could be. Ideas are the most important products there are, and the customer is always right, teachers just have to teach them how to be right.

    By Michael Collins on 02.07.2013

  23. Normally, a salesman has the difficulty of meeting his prospects who are strangers like business executives who are either not interested in his products or they are so busy that they cannot afford to spare time on his visit. The business executives wish to keep aware from sales force. In addition, they have number of subordinates to act as effective hurdles that come in the way of salesman. These subordinates may be receptionists, secretaries or assistants. That is why; the salesman is to plan very carefully his approach to gain an interview or appointment with his prospect. Getting an appointment or an interview is like jumping a pole vault:

    Appointments dignify the salesman. Appointments get the sales process off to a good start by putting sales person and the prospect on the same level – equal participants in a legitimate sales interview. Appointments also increase the chances of seeing the right person and having uninterrupted time with the prospect.

    By Lava on 02.07.2013

  24. a guy with a fancy hat and briefcase and The documentary follows four salesmen as they travel across New England and southeast Florida trying to sell expensive Bibles door-to-door in low-income neighborhoods and attend a meeting in Chicago. The film focuses in particular on the struggles of salesman Paul Brennan, a middle-aged Irish-American Catholic from Jamaica Plain, Boston, who struggles to maintain his sales.
    Interviews and the salesmen

    Jamie Baker, “The Rabbit”
    Paul Brennan, “The Badger”
    Raymond Martos, “The Bull”
    Charles McDevitt, “The Gipper”
    Kennie Turner
    Melbourne I. Feltman
    Margaret McCarron


    The film was made on a low budget; just under seven minutes into the film, one of the two cameras used can be seen in shot. The handheld microphone used to record the film’s sound is visible in other shots.

    Elements of popular culture that appear as backdrops to the main story include the song “If I Were a Rich Man”, from Fiddler on the Roof; a recorded orchestral performance of The Beatles’ song “Yesterday”; The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson; and televised boxing matches.

    In the scene beginning about one hour and four minutes into the documentary, the film has been flipped horizontally, as evidenced by the parts in the men’s hair, the breast pockets on their shirts and jackets, and the collar button behind Brennan’s tie, as well as the layout of their motel room.

    As stated in the closing credits,

    The filming team of Albert and David Maysles went home to Boston to take another look at the kind of people they grew up with. The idea for the film was researched and developed by David Maysles[,] who found the salesmen. The photography was by Albert Maysles. The film was edited by David Maysles and Charlotte Zwerin.

    Salesman was filmed in January 1967 (perhaps also late December 1966) and bears a copyright date of 1968.
    Critical response

    When the film was first released, Vincent Canby, film critic for The New York Times, lauded the film and wrote, “…[the] documentary feature about four door-to-door Bible salesmen who move horizontally through the capitalistic dream. It’s such a fine, pure picture of a small section of American life that I can’t imagine its ever seeming irrelevant, either as a social document or as one of the best examples of what’s called cinema vérité or direct cinema…It is fact, photographed and recorded with extraordinarily mobile camera and sound equipment, and then edited and carefully shaped into a kind of cinematic mural of faces, words, motel rooms, parlors, kitchens, streets, television images, radio music—even weather.”[2]

    In 1992, Salesman was selected for preservation in the United States National Film Registry by the Library of Congress as being “culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant.”

    ^ Salesman at the Internet Movie Database.
    ^ Canby, Vincent. The New York Times, film review, April 18, 1969. Last accessed: May 9, 2008

    External links

    Salesman at the Internet Movie Database
    Salesman official website
    Salesman essay at the Criterion Collection by Toby Miller
    Salesman at DVD Beaver (includes images)
    Salesman film at Hulu



    By willie URL on 02.07.2013

  25. a salesman are rich and cool they wear cool suits and fancy shoes they are very causative and they also take care of many people they are one of the most important people in a family’s life. Salesman are very ruff-less name is ?

    By francis on 02.07.2013

  26. What happened to the ever present door to door salesman? Seems like you don’t see too much of them around these days. Or is this a peculiarity only specific to my neck of the woods?

    By tamara.b URL on 02.07.2013

  27. a man that advertises things and is persuasive. They also try to get you interested in their product so that you can bye it. They make loads of money over this.They advertise things like t.v, couches kitchen wear, new devices, skin care products etc. However they can be a little annoying

    By sepeti on 02.07.2013

  28. dude with a hat and briefcase

    By willie URL on 02.07.2013

  29. a salesman is someone who sells various things for example food,electronics and are stylish in wearing clothes.

    By JOHN MAFI on 02.07.2013

  30. salesmen are annoying. they come to my door and then get mad when i didn’t buy their crap. I didnt’ go to their house trying to sell them something. How rude.

    By ariana on 02.07.2013

  31. The salesman was very clumsy and usually forgot his merchandise in the car. My aunt told me that they once had to remind him what he was selling. Needless to say, he was fired. He is now a dog catcher. He’s bad at that too.

    By Klodyah URL on 02.07.2013

  32. Sounds like nothing to me. What does that even means? Is it a man who go out on sales day? Salesman… I wish my english were better than that… But salesman? Really? You gotta be kidding me.

    By Ali on 02.07.2013

  33. I hate salesman, always asking with an hypocric smile “hey, what’s up sweety”?
    Well, certainly not the price in your shop….

    By Lia on 02.07.2013

  34. I once played a sheriff in a school play. The antagonist was a snake oil salesman. I rescued my love, Melody, from the train tracks by stopping a train with my hand. Very brave and romantic.

    Sometimes I it crossed my mind that I will ever live up to the legacy of Sheriff Billy Bold.

    By John URL on 02.07.2013

  35. the death of a sales man was full of humour and pathos. Made salesmen seem more human and more likable. sometimes it is difficult to remember that the car sales man in front of me his just a normal human being trying to make a living. At my expense?!

    By Marlene on 02.07.2013

  36. I once worked retail…Definitely a difficult time in my life. I forced myself to be cheesy and pushy and a good little employee – for awhile. Then I started to realize that I was lying not only to others, but to myself.

    By gypsypunk URL on 02.07.2013

  37. Chopchopchop.
    Prices in half.
    Prices in quarters.
    Paycheck doubled
    To the highest item.
    We sell things so people can buy things so we can buy things from people who sell things.

    By Anne on 02.07.2013

  38. Chopchopchop.
    Prices in half.
    Prices in quarters.
    Paycheck doubled
    To the highest item.
    We sell things so people can buy things so we can buy things from people who sell things.
    Infinite loop
    of things unneeded
    things made by us.

    By Anne on 02.07.2013

  39. Seashells, she sells… courage and woe, determination and cracking doors shut in open-mouthed faces… merchant, worth his wares, his wares worth him (worth more than him), wishing his worth were written, on him… cashier, refusing to release the gold of his station, blotted out… death of one, patron of goods.

    By Saudade URL on 02.07.2013

  40. Chopchopchop.
    Prices in half.
    Prices in quarters.
    To the highest item.
    We sell things so
    people can buy things so
    we can buy things from
    people who sell things.

    By Annie URL on 02.07.2013