September 20th, 2016 | 91 Entries

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91 Entries for “safeguard”

  1. he was always around me…. like gosh what am i saying? i mean he was alwas like a halfstep or more behind me… all the time. And i asked him about it one day and he just said.. “Cause i’m watching over you….”

    By Ennia on 09.20.2016

  2. “Do you really think barbed wire around the doggy door is really that good of an extra safeguard?” asked Chelsea, as I proceeded dump the spiky stuff onto the floor of the garage.

    “Hey, Buster has an aversion to sharp objects. He’ll be fine.”

    I started scouting for metal cutters as Chelsea rolled her eyes. “Why not just electrify the damn thing while you’re at it, and we’ll end up with a dead dog?”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 09.20.2016

  3. Safeguard – it must be protected at all costs. But what IS it? Nobody knows. BUT WE ARE PROTECTING IT BECAUSE THAT WAS WHAT WE WERE BORN TO DO. But what is the point? Is there a point to this anymore? After all this time? I really, honestly, do not know. Why do I exist?

    By oyuoyuoyu URL on 09.20.2016

  4. Norala clung to her shield, keeping it carefully placed over herself and the small child, clinging to her torn and bloody blue dress. She stared up at the demon, and ended up being forced back by a powerful slash by the demon.
    “Surrender,” snarled the demon, raising his sword above them.

    By norala on 09.20.2016

  5. He was a safeguard, a simple creation meant to keep intruders out and the treasure in. It was his purpose, the only thing he could do.

    So why was he so unsatisfied with his existence?

    By Shadow Writer URL on 09.20.2016

  6. Protecting something at all costs. Knowing that you are in safe hands. Keeping away enemies and harm. Security at all costs. Trust and faith.

    By mk URL on 09.20.2016

  7. “The safeguard! It’s become possessed!”
    I laughed, his face was too full of shock, too oblivious.
    No one knew it was all my doing.

    By Seo on 09.20.2016

  8. You furrowed a brow as you hooked up the belay. Pulled on it hard, twice, for good measure. You nodded up at me in confident approval as you took a balanced stance, as if to say, “Ready yet?” I smiled politely, barely registering the safeguard you put hold on me.

    I rushed to the towering ragged wall. I held on fast to the first dark green rock to my right, and with a breath, my foot followed through, up and up without a glance back.

    By Loreto Besoul URL on 09.20.2016

  9. Attribution is the process of inferring the cause of a certain event or behavior.
    Fritz Heider, an Austrian psychologist, was the first to propose a psychological theory of attribution. He developed Attribution Theory to explain the process by which people attribute outcomes based on internal behavior and external events.

    Example: Your favorite sports team lost and you attribute it to the opposite team’s cheating. In this case, you have made an internal attribution (based on your disposition), as opposed to external attribution (based on the situation).

    Bernard Weiner, along with other psychologists, soon studied his work and developed a more comprehensive and extensive theoretical framework that expounded on it. In 1974, Weiner developed his attribution theory, which focused on motivation and achievement. According to him, we attribute our failure and success on four things: ability “i have always been good at keeping the ball away from the goal.”, effort “I’ve been practicing that move for so long I can do it asleep..” , task difficulty “The opposing team was throwing bludgers my way like we were having a snowball fight and the bludgers were the snowballs.”, and luck “Harry put Felix Felicis in my pumpkin juice.” .

    By Jaiii on 09.20.2016

  10. I always considered her my safeguard. We had known each other for almost a decade, going to clubs together and hanging out with the same groups of friends. It only made sense for us to wind up together. As much as I knew that she was my safe home, I wondered if she had that same level of comfort with me. I guess time is something that will have to prove this to us, one way or another.

    By Wil Petty on 09.20.2016

  11. If I had landed in the time of life that creates exponential possibilities, then perhaps I may have become a greater master of creation. I am here now, without any #safeguard, and I am not sure if I can return through the passage of death. @oznolem #oneword

    By Oz Nolem URL on 09.20.2016

  12. We moved at the speed of light

    I lit up for you
    I burned
    I was a wild electrical shock to myself
    the world became a black hole
    and we spun it
    like gods

    I did not foresee
    shipwrecked emigres
    long lost letters from home
    I did not care

    but I saw the rapture
    entwined with you

    you paddled out at dawn
    was I sleeping?
    no my love
    I returned

    I slipped back and held you
    with all that I am
    I covered you with kisses
    and spoke your name
    the way one prays
    before danger

    ride fast
    aim true
    I am your love
    who burns in waiting

    By minimalist URL on 09.20.2016

  13. The only safegaurd left for him was the fact that he had no identity, no one knew his name. He could still protect those he loved even if this was the end for him. With that knowledge he smiled as they pulled the trigger.

    By Zack URL on 09.21.2016

  14. He crawled along the ledge, sure that, even if he fell, he would still be all right. They said they would erect a net underneath the building. His goal, the explosive device, lay ahead of him. Suddenly, a flock of pigeons flew by him and he nearly lost his balance. He grabbed on to the ledge and closing his eyes, steadied himself again.

    They always had told him, when he was in training, never look down. But he did sneak a look and felt faint. The team had cleared the street of people and vehicles, but they had not set up his safeguard, the net.

    He looked at his timer. He had 15 minutes to disarm the device. There was no escape if he couldn’t do it.

    By chanpheng URL on 09.21.2016

  15. look around you, maybe you need to be a safeguard to others. but look inside yourself, maybe you need a safeguard for your own life

    By Fani Fransisca URL on 09.21.2016

  16. Ich bin sicher. Es ist egal, wohin ich gehe, wen ich treffe, ob es dunkel ist oder hell. So lange ich lebe, bin ich sicher. Und wenn ich tot bin, bin ich auch sicher, denn dann kann mir ichts mehr passieren. Das einzige, was mir noch Sorgen macht, ist der Moment zwischen lebendig-sicher sein und tot-sicher sein.

    By Eli URL on 09.21.2016

  17. The knee guards were a must in ice hockey. They were a safeguard against injuries. But what if you caused an injury with it to someone?

    By suriti URL on 09.21.2016

  18. If it were possible for me to reach out and hold you captive from all of the things that arouses you with worry, I would promise to forever safeguard you from such predators. It is a wild world out there but the wilderness doesn’t immediately come to a full stop when you are involved and involvement includes simply existing. I have seen your quirks that once appeared to be cute but shared a commonality with jokes. A hint of truth always lies beneath the colorful exterior of humor. So if that means protecting you from yourself, I’ll try. But I fully and readily accept that I cannot save you from yourself.

    By FrimFramFromFrem on 09.21.2016

  19. i have ash on my forehead,
    a safeguard against evil.
    nothing will touch me
    if i move my hands just right–
    father, son, holy ghost–
    nothing will touch me
    if i say the right words
    if i visit the right places
    if i do the right things.

    i will make the choice
    again, again again.
    i will be trapped here
    but safe.

    By Katie URL on 09.21.2016

  20. safeguards. what a boring word. it makes me think of technology. like you put safeguards on your computer to protect yourself. or in the technical world you use safeguards to prevent oyu from making mistakes. you make the process physically impossible to make a mistake and this is a safeguard

    By timmy on 09.21.2016

  21. Most material things in life have safeguards, your phone, your laptop, your kitchen. However, the really important things to us, human beings, are never safe and rarely come with a safeguard. If our phone breaks down it can get fixed, but we can’t. We’re broken with no safeguard to fix us.

    By Ariadna URL on 09.21.2016

  22. The safeguard at my house is a alarm. It goes off when bad people try to to get in my house. Also I have cameras To record the bad people that try to get in.

    By Simon Woodard on 09.21.2016

  23. She felt as if she needed protection. Even when she tried everything, she never felt comforted. Then he came along.

    By Paige on 09.21.2016

  24. I put safeguards in place. I put my guard up in most situations. I take every measure I can to ensure nothing bad can happen, nothing unexpected or surprising. The funny thing about life? It doesn’t matter. Life doesn’t care about the safeguards, the guardrails. Life cannot be controlled.

    By Melissa URL on 09.21.2016

  25. Safeguard? What does the even mean? Safe of the guard? Guard of the safe? Safely the guard of the guardy of the guardy guard guarded

    By Mrs. King123 URL on 09.21.2016

  26. I keep my precious memories to myself. They are safe within me. No one knows or understands them as I do. So they stay locked in my mind and heart.

    By Karen Beard on 09.21.2016

  27. A measure taken to protect someone or something or to prevent something undesirable.

    By Rose4444 URL on 09.21.2016

  28. I wandered across the beach and looked up at the man sitting on the very high chair.
    Are you the life guard?
    No, I’m the safe guard.
    He stared out across the seascape, gently raised his hand, said Wait.

    By emily aberg on 09.21.2016

  29. there’s a difference between safe and careful.
    one is to protect others. the other, the self.
    i lie between the first. you, the second.
    you selfless eye you. you lover of truth, you savior of sacrament.
    how i long to live in your shadow.

    By Hana URL on 09.21.2016

  30. Since you were young, you’re taught to share your feelings so that friends, family, and general people around you (that you’d like to share with obv) can know what’s going on.
    When you get older, and this may just be my case, but when you get older you begin to safeguard your feelings. You don’t want to share – you don’t want to be vulnerable, you don’t want to be a burden – so you keep your mouth shut. You bottle your feelings until one day…you explode.
    It’ll keep happening. The same vicious cycle. Unless you make the active decision to begin to pinpoint these semi-destructive behaviors and try to change them, it WILL, and I promise it will keep happening.
    What happens when you bottle things up for years and years and years and then finally get diagnosed with a mental illness.
    How do you cope then?

    No answer.

    You’re weak now. Don’t share. Do share. Who with? Anybody? Just one somebody? Family? Friends? Your cat? Therapist?

    No one.

    No answer.

    You’re dead.


    By Melissa on 09.21.2016

  31. I want to safeguard the environment and it’s heritage
    Safeguarding requires conviction and compromise
    But the most it takes is committment.
    Safeguarding the interest of tomorrow is our responsibility and we cannot do away with it without trying our best

    By ed on 09.21.2016

  32. .
    We moved at the speed of light

    I lit up for you
    I burned
    I was a wild electrical shock to myself
    the world became a black hole
    and we spun it
    like gods

    I did not foresee
    shipwrecked emigres
    long lost letters from home
    I did not care

    but I saw the rapture
    entwined with you

    you paddled out at dawn
    was I sleeping?
    no my love
    I returned

    I slipped back and held you
    with all that I am
    I anointed you with kisses
    and spoke your name
    the way one prays
    before danger

    ride fast
    aim true
    I am your love
    who burns in waiting


    By minimalist URL on 09.21.2016

  33. What is supposed to save me from myself?
    All the rest, is guarded
    and yet it is not safe
    there is no place
    where I can go that shields me
    from the heavy load of eternity
    when life pricks often
    and the blows rarely soften
    that is forgotten, that life is never save

    By Julia on 09.21.2016

  34. a safeguard around my body
    an invisible shield
    keeping me from harm
    and pain
    keeping me from friendship
    and love
    is it better to be safe or sorry

    By Daisy Leason URL on 09.21.2016

  35. someone that safes you when you are drowning they know how to swim really good they learn how to swim really good they have a red thing that

    By naylet cruz on 09.21.2016

  36. Gaining more wisdom
    is not full protection but,
    It’s a great SAFEGUARD

    By ! Haiku-man ! on 09.21.2016

  37. Safeguarding a flag during capture the flag is frowned upon among most players, and can cause you to be disqualified.

    By Josiah URL on 09.21.2016

  38. whats safe guard she asked, i don’t really know answered her friend. Is it like a life guard? For swimming?

    By Abigail Smith on 09.21.2016

  39. A quick blow rapped against his chest, and a shrill whistle echoed in the otherwise empty gymnasium.
    “Another one, huh?” the opponent panted. Their stance oozed expertise, their movements light and footwork deft.
    The first raised his rapier once more, breathing as heavily as his foe.

    By The Wanderer URL on 09.21.2016

  40. Is there any defense against rampant institutionalized bias? They tell me it’s being handled by the authorities on such matters. I don’t know anymore. My soul’s been laid low. The news cycles come and go. My mixed-race, atheist ass tries to remember what a white Christian pastor, John Watson, once wrote: “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.” Actually time has changed the phrasing, “Be pitiful, for every man is fighting a hard battle.” No doubt when I repeat this attributed correctly, or even mention he wrote this under a pen name too and that the phrasing has changed, someone will argue with me it was Plato or Philo as the originator of the sentiment, like, “No, honey, you’re actually wrong on this. Trust me, I’ve read it attributed to Plato. I know.” Never mind all the authority on the subject comes not from reading a book by Plato where he explicitly writes this, ask for a page number or even the title of the work it supposedly comes from and you’ll be waiting awhile for any kind of answer. If they don’t own up to not knowing what you’re going to hear is that they’ve seen this in passing on an office wall of esteemed colleague or where ever it’s handy to post an “aspirational” quote. Maybe it’s even at the end of an interdepartmental email or sold online as inspo decor. You could almost forgive them for all the repetitious reinforcement, how many times have they heard and seen it exactly like this?

    It’s happened before it will happen again. Error is the catalyst in the cycle of human drama. I try to keep Watson’s words in mind, because it has to be hard to be the one who is so stupid, so stubborn, so digging the hole deeper and deeper that not even the possibility of one’s own error, reinforced by the ignorance of those around them and those motivated to sell inspiration in whatever form, right, wrong, who gives a fuck as long as it’s cute and it sells, factors into one’s ability to properly judge the origins of a simple quote. What must the rest of their lives be like? Maybe a string of failed attempts at other things? Is that unkind? I don’t know. Perhaps there are safeguards that keep them from failing too miserably. Anyway, I’m not the one making financial and other life choices for these “I can’t possibly wrong” people. I only know of their personality through their ability to handle a simple dispute of facts as their other failings are known only to them. Thankfully there is Google to settle who is well informed and who is just plain wrong. Prejudice against the possibility of another truth or not, facts are facts just like gravity is gravity. It’s to one’s advantage to always consider the realities of both.

    By Charlotte URL on 09.21.2016