October 29th, 2011 | 308 Entries

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308 Entries for “sacrifice”

  1. i never knew myself to sacrifice anything prior to motherhood. but since then, well, what’s NOT on the list. this won’t be a “woe is me, look what i gave up rant”, just a realization that you give everything up to become someone’s mother. from your figure, to your sanity, to private time, to what you will have for dinner. it all goes out the window. you become inconsequential and the child becomes the most high.

    By BrownSugarBritches URL on 10.29.2011

  2. I fell to the ground, and was surprised to find that I didn’t feel any pain. A bullet had been shot at me, but it hadn’t hit me. I looked up to see him standing before me. Had he pushed me out of the way and gotten hit himself?
    As he crumpled to the ground I did my best to soften his fall, but it didn’t work that well.
    “Why?” was all I could say. He couldn’t answer.

    By Paprika Blasto URL on 10.29.2011

  3. Sacrifice is what someone does for someone else when they love them unconditionally. Like, for example, Jesus Christ. He sacrificed Himself on the cross for all of humanity and in turn accounted for all of our sins. Because of Him we are all granted an equal opportunity to go to heaven despite the fact that we are all sinners.

    By anna1993 URL on 10.29.2011

  4. blood knife killing heart woman man ropes bond wrists cross chanting fire

    By may on 10.29.2011

  5. I don’t like to sacrifice a lot but I expect a lot of people to sacrifice to me. I’m just a selfish person. And a hypocrite. But hey, I’m only human. I like to act like I’m sacrificing a lot and make people feel bad. I like to make it seem like I’m a martyr when I’m really not.

    By M URL on 10.29.2011

  6. Sacrifice is done everyday. It’s a part of life. Everyone sacrifices. Some may be small others large but none the less it’s a daily process. Jesus sacrificed for our sins. though everyday man sacrifice for themselves or others.

    By Roy on 10.29.2011

  7. I sacrificed everything for you. I gave up my dreams to be who you needed me to be so you could be who you were. Well Never again. Never will I sacrifice me for you or anyone else ever again.

    By xanda on 10.29.2011

  8. What do you sacrifice? Your heart? A smile? So you can show that down trodden man hope? Your time of solitude? So you can forget the painful memories that annoyingly bang on the doors of your heart. Sacrifice can be such a beautiful thing. Sacrifice selflessly.

    By Sarah Lee URL on 10.29.2011

  9. I would sacrifice everything for you. I would pull my own teeth out of my head to save you. I was once told that this is love, but I’ve been betrayed so many times that it’s so unbelievable to me. I love the happiness you give me, and I can’t believe it crept out of nowhere like that.

    By blessingmoon6 URL on 10.29.2011

  10. Yes. It was true. What I did and what I’m still doing for him was a sacrifice. I’m giving up part of my world to hold a key.

    I’ve made a promise that I will keep. I will never speak again until this key is in his hands.

    I know. I’ve heard it all.

    But I don’t care.

    By Yori54 on 10.29.2011

  11. He doesn’t want to call them a sacrifice. A decision that had to be made. He left them because he felt like it was what he needed to do. He needed to be with the one who made him. He wanted to feel like a child again, soft and protected and held together with faith and love.

    By Cassie URL on 10.29.2011

  12. It was their sacrifice. It was somthing they had to do. Not just for the world, not just of rGod, but for themselves too. They freed the world. They freed themselves in the sacrifice they made, it was for the best, and they all knew, the eight knew, as they boarded the train that it was worth it all in the end.

    By Anne Harlow on 10.29.2011

  13. It wasn’t the time or the money, or even the pain that mattered to me. The only thing that I cared about was that I was able to make this one small sacrifice for you. Having been able to protect you, so you could live perhaps just another day, was all that I need to make me happy. That I was able to help you in some way was enough.

    What she didn’t know was that her death gave him more pain and sadness than anything else could have.

    By Paprika Blasto URL on 10.29.2011

  14. death
    social studies
    watching a video about egypt
    killing people

    By Jenine on 10.29.2011

  15. i’m in a room, and the walls are barred. i wonder if you know you’ve locked me in. unknowingly, unconsciously, i’m in here for as long as you’ll have me.

    but mistakes are made everyday. i’m human. and as much as the thought of hurting you kills me, it locks me in this room. i wonder how long my freedom will be at stake.

    i wonder how long i’ll be trapped.

    By Megan URL on 10.29.2011

  16. Sacrifice, the world will tell you, is something that everyone must do. It comes in many sizes, but its meaning stays the same. Mostly, its giving something you want for someone that you love. Or don’t love. Or maybe don’t even know. But its a sign of strength, usually. A sign of selflessness.

    Sacrifice is the thing that your mother gives you when she is 22 years old and afraid. It is the thing that your father gives you when he gives up his dream car to buy a minivan. It is the thing you give yourself when you don’t buy a pizza because you’re saving for a car. It is the thing that the person who loves you gives you because they can’t imagine sleeping without you, so they throw away their Star Wars sheets.

    By RVG URL on 10.29.2011

  17. “there’s something beautiful about it.” oh, god, i shouldn’t have said that.
    “beautiful? he kills himself because he thinks she is dead. then she wakes up and kills herself because he is dead.” he shakes his head. “they were fools. silly, love stricken fools.” his face is so sceptical. it makes me want to crawl back inside my shell, like always. instead, i clear my throat. shut up, shut up. no, say what you think.
    “but, there’s something, about sacrifice…”

    By Dulcie URL on 10.29.2011

  18. Sacrifice.
    Sacrificing the people you love, so you can get hurt. Does that help anything? Maybe. If you can play your cards right, no one gets hurt. But me? I can’t play my cards right. We both got hurt, so much. I don’t know what to do anymore. I sacrificed everything for you. So did you. Look where we are now. We’re seperated. Sacrificing doesn’t help. But maybe…..Just maybe……I should sacrifice something more….

    By Victoria URL on 10.29.2011

  19. My life is all about sacrifice. I gave up my freedom when I was young and now I’m sacrificing my career to get it back. My life is all about sacrifice,

    By Kristia on 10.29.2011

  20. sacrafice. what my family does for me. needs to happen in order to achieve other things in life.jesus scarificed his life for us so that we may live again. we all make sacrafices.

    By erika on 10.29.2011

  21. Sacrificio me dijo. Eso era lo que había hecho con su vida y la de tantos otros rostros anónimos. Con un hielo en mi mano había tomado sus vidas y las había destruido. Nunca creí que ahora como una ola que vuelve, me iba a tragar hasta lo mas profundo del mar de mis pesadillas.

    By Tohe URL on 10.29.2011

  22. Sacrificing everything you know, everything you love so you’ll live? What about them? Do they even trust you after that? After all your pain is gone, what about theirs? The people who were there for you, the people who didn’t get sick of your foolish antics. What happened to them? Yeah. They died, because you didn’t care. You didn’t care for their pain, and how they hurted. So they died, emotionally. Leaving you behind with your shallowness because you never did anything or sacrificed anything for them. Nothing. Just like how your heart is now.

    By Victoria URL on 10.29.2011

  23. Is giving up apart of yourself somehow a contribution to the greater good? Is sacrifice required to be a good person? If you can do good at no cost to yourself, have you truly done good? Is it possible to be truly altruistic. Just try to avoid ever treating someone like something the cat dragged in.

    By Will on 10.29.2011

  24. She only had one choice.
    However, the only choice she had was the only one she didn’t want to make.
    She admired him for what she knew would be the last time. He stared back, his eyes warm and comforting.
    “Sacrifice!” they chanted in her ear.
    “Sacrifice,” she repeated softly, causing him to stare at her with enlarged brown eyes.
    “Sacrifice?” he questioned in confusion.

    By Tara on 10.29.2011

  25. Sacrifice isn’t about what you give up. No, it’s about what you don’t. Sacrifice is about the good you continually do. The acts of kindness, the works of faith, the love you give to those you meet, all in the face of the madness the world throws your way.

    By Raymond Masters URL on 10.29.2011

  26. She’s a vegetarian. A chicken caesar salad is a sacrificed chicken, a ribeye steak is a sacrificed cow, and a jello mousse parfait is a sacrificed horse. She sees the speckled pinto through the light spots in his eyes, and takes a bite. It’s a first date: so she’ll sacrifice.

    By Bethany URL on 10.29.2011

  27. sacrifice and sabotage
    the two sides of the coin
    on a never ending tug of war
    food for nutrition
    food for fun
    food as my drug

    By neanymac on 10.29.2011

  28. i know what it is like to do this, i mean looking back i have seen people in my life do so for the life’s of others. i don’t know if i have ever done this or if i ever will but if there’s one thing i do know is that it can be a noble thing to do.

    By Dalyan on 10.29.2011

  29. He would sacrifice the world to save his loved ones.

    That was his fatal flaw.

    Though why it accounted as a fatal flaw, he had no idea.

    He thought that caring for your friends and family was a good thing, taking risks where no one else would.

    But then again, sacrificing the world may be a bit much.

    By Lyssie212 URL on 10.29.2011

  30. She looked up at the sky. This was the time. She looked down at the beads in her hands and down at the ground below. Then she raised her hand over the ridge of the building. “Good bye, Luke…” She whispered, her eyes glowing with hatred for the name. Then the beads fell from her hand to the ground.

    By Brianna on 10.29.2011

  31. she pushes her sister away. she will die instead for her. she will not let her sister participate in something dangerous. this is sacrifice. sacrifice is giving up everything.

    By hh on 10.29.2011

  32. Sacrifice

    I remember once going to a wedding. It was held in a hotel basement, but was a Catholic wedding. Only, it was for a Latin Rite Catholic church, not the modern day version of the church. The homily (sermon) that the priest gave to join this happy couple in marriage was all about sacrifice … all about all the stuff they had to give up to be a married couple. I took a mental note to not have that priest at MY wedding!

    “We wish you all happiness … now go forth and be miserable.”

    By CameoRoze URL on 10.29.2011

  33. To do
    To give
    the most.
    To take
    what’s worst.
    To use
    what’s broken.
    To live
    to die–
    to change
    the world.

    By KC URL on 10.29.2011

  34. sacrifice….it’s something that not all people can make capable of. but the day you find the person that can and will, you’ve found someone worth being with.

    By Bella on 10.29.2011

  35. Sacrifice. Before this last week I always associated that word with a negative religious connotation. Not anymore. Sacrifice took on a whole new meaning when I had to make the quick decision between a $5,000 operation to save my dog or make my car payment, grocery shop, rent… as I type my dog is laying next to me, recovering. I’m not sure what the next few months will bring. But I know I made the right decision.

    By NisaGSD URL on 10.29.2011

  36. sacrifice….I think of it as something someone does in order for something else to happen, usually something that is better for them in some way, even if they have to give up something that they love. Sacrifice is usually a bad thing, usually you have to give up something that you love in order to make things better.

    By Jessica on 10.29.2011

  37. Sacrifice. The things you do for the betterment of others. The feelings you hold back for someone else’s wellbeing. The things you jeopardize in order to help others. Something that crushes you, but you learn to forgive it and become stronger. It’s something these words cant even explain.

    By Ppatel510 on 10.29.2011

  38. He knew that he could one day face his own death. But he was ready to face it. No more would he lose another loved one in his family. Natalia had been enough. He was ready to lay down everything for his beautiful daughter, for little Evangeline Lourdes. No matter what it took, no matter what sacrifices he had to make, he was going to make sure nothing would ever to happen to the last remnant of his love.

    By Jasmine URL on 10.29.2011

  39. I would do it for you but all in all we stand alone. How would i know it would be til the end…. can you see deeper, farther, wider?… Look deeper into it and tell me at the end of the line. Just live and it will all be done with time.

    By Renee URL on 10.29.2011

  40. It didn’t take long for her to decide – with everything she knew, everything she hoped for, hanging in the balance, it wasn’t a question at all. It was a beacon – a shining moment in her short life that cried out for her, that screamed and begged for her to take her stand. For her to rise up and serve her purpose.

    Some people were meant to be the heroes. Others were not.

    Some, like her, were meant to be the sacrifice.

    The martyr may not always know when her time will come, but when it comes, she knows in no uncertain terms.

    Penelope stepped forward.

    The veil of pain and darkness took her; shrouded her thoughts in agony and her pleas in a bitter, harsh silence that reverberated in her bones.

    By nichole URL on 10.29.2011