November 20th, 2011 | 262 Entries

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262 Entries for “rules”

  1. my spirit rules this earth,
    haunting the soil,
    possessing the worms,
    moving the water,
    breathing like wind,
    my soul is the sun,
    and the moon,
    light and dark,
    without you.

    By taylor on 11.21.2011

  2. There was a simple set of rules by which she led her life, in order to protect herself and minimize needless distractions from her chosen path in life. Rule number three: don’t get caught getting ahead. People hate that. Rule number two: don’t be a people-pleaser, be a leader, no matter what. Rule number one: don’t let emotions get in the way. It’s every person for themselves out there, and such frivolities not only waste time but also weaken the logical mind and leave one vulnerable to sabotage. Anyone operating under a similar system of rules would have no problem trying to take advantage of her weak emotions in order to get ahead of her, as she had a dozen times before, but she had locked away her heart and frozen it up and hid it behind her steel defenses long ago.

    By Doctor noun, M.D. URL on 11.21.2011

  3. rules are the basis of society, but not when you are three. At three rules are what we desire to break. To deconstruct and disassemble with crayons on walls and mud in mouths a reaction is what we are after. Maybe that is the same as when we die.

    By Erik Fenner on 11.21.2011

  4. rules suck
    but we need them. cause whats the fun in breaking rules if there arent any?

    By LuxXx URL on 11.21.2011

  5. i have been hearing about rules from my childhood and have come to understand one thing that it makes us get more disciplined and focused. they are not meant for killing us but for growing us. its the best thing someone has done to human developement. something which help in improving us.

    By imran on 11.21.2011

  6. Rules make it easier for us to fail, without rules we don’t know when we are doing something wrong, rules control situations.
    Some say rules are meant to be broken but people who say that generally are lacking in morals, it is important to do exactly what we are told to do and not slide away from rules.

    By . on 11.21.2011

  7. Clearly Charlie doesn’t play by the rules, she is dating one of the “River Boys”, known for criminal activity and she is a cop! At police college she would have learnt all about rules and now she is being sly, lying about an accident and confusing and ex-junkie, all because she wont play by the rules!

    By Homeandaway on 11.21.2011

  8. have to listen to them all the time dont have no way of doing my own thing just listen to what everyone else has to say, neve4r let me do what i want, my mother always tells me Rules , my teacher has rules everday is living to rules.

    By chae on 11.21.2011

  9. rules really? from where I see them, they were made to be broken. beacuse if you follow them, things will always go the same way if you want to innovat eto make something differente, to get differente results you have to go and risk everything that’s could be going wrong and maybe something in the way would turn out to be totally perfect and just the way you wanted in the first place.

    By 47792024t URL on 11.21.2011

  10. What is right and what is wrong? What are the rules that determined who is right and who is wrong? Can you bend the rules? If rules are bent, would it create havoc or creativity?

    By prrudy on 11.21.2011

  11. He who rules has a difficult job. He makes the rules then gets shouted at if people don’t like them.
    She rules with a ruler, making straight lines.

    By E A M Harris URL on 11.21.2011

  12. Some times rules are meant to be broken. I seldom have the courage to brake those rules I believe need breaking though. If I was more couragous I would live the life I was meant to live. The one yearning in my heart and soul to be lived. The one that doesn’t focus on pleasing people. One that isn’t worried that I’m doing wrong. Or that I’m going to get in trouble. If I keep living everybody elses truth, I am really living my lie.

    By ambie URL on 11.21.2011

  13. rules are not going to stop me this time. Im going to run away from here to become what all the other people say that I have no chance at being. Watch me become everything that you and this small town are not.

    By nettie on 11.21.2011

  14. Our mutual dislike of rules was one of the reasons I was attracted to you. I felt we could take over the world together. Together in our anarchist ways. But you had to go away. And leave me here feeling useless.

    By M URL on 11.21.2011

  15. There were rules that had to be attended in order for society to function, yet even the thought of these left her scoffing with indignant spite. Who were they to tell her what to do?

    By L. A. Smith URL on 11.21.2011

  16. there are rules to games. rules in monopoly. rules in scrabble. even rules in go fish. And they say there are rules to life. there are things that you should do and things that you shouldn’t do. But I do not abide to what this world says I should and shouldn’t do. I only go by what my Heavenly Father commands of me. What He says are the true rules.And they are the best rules to benefit our lives and bring glory to Him.

    By Marina URL on 11.21.2011

  17. I hate rules but I always follow them. I hate people who break the rules on purpose; if it’s an accident it’s okay.
    If you’re just a complete and utter ass and want to impress everyone with your rule-breaking skills go piss up a flag pole.

    By Amy George URL on 11.21.2011

  18. Rules. Why can’t I just break them all?
    Who says we have to live this far from each other? Who says you have to go to school down there? Who says I have to go to schools up here?
    All these rules, rules of conduct, of the world in general. I hate them. I hate that they keep me from you, I hate that there are so many things in the day that I have to get done, I hate having to abide by these rules.
    Where is my rule? My rule that you can’t be far from me?

    By Mia URL on 11.21.2011

  19. without rules,kaos Rules are necessary to keep arseholes in line

    By David URL on 11.21.2011

  20. you have to follow them everywhere, they are a setting what we do everyday not everyone follows them but who cares we can do what we want…rules put a block and everything and i believe thats not necessary .

    By macki King on 11.21.2011

  21. WE are all guilty violators. We are all bathing in sin, in sin against eachother, in sin against nature, and in sin against our own self, our own nature. Sin does not exist in the biblical sense, I am only using it to describe the disservices we do to ourselves and eachother. In a situation so flawed, so riddled with problems, the only possible change is improvement

    By Daniel Wyman URL on 11.21.2011

  22. The rules were, you weren’t supposed to get too close and I wasn’t supposed to end up like this, heartbroken.
    The bench where we used to meet after our days, it’s littered with rotting apples and decaying leaves. I walk by at least once a week. I’d check it everyday, but sometimes, the fear that you’ll be there is overwhelming.

    By Chelseyann URL on 11.21.2011

  23. “I’m not putting up with this anymore. This is bullshit that we are treated like this. We are all supposed to be equals.” He finally breaks a piece of the toilet after stomping on it for hours.
    “Come on, just wait a little longer. They have to come out and stop this eventually.”
    “I’m not waiting a second longer.” He picks up the sharpest piece of the toilet he can and pulls out a bobby pin and pick locks the prison cell door.
    “Are you coming with me?”

    By Brandon Adams URL on 11.21.2011

  24. I see the rules, of how to live, of how to walk, and talk, and play, etc… and all i can think is of how people have been living this way for so long, centuries, generation after generation, and i want to find a new way of living. Not rule free, but free to break rules.

    By William Gruber on 11.21.2011

  25. Rules. Funny, I was just explaining “you get what you get, and you don’t get upset” to my four-year-old, and it occurs to me that maybe I’m failing him as apparently, because he just doesn’t get that his Dad and I don’t exist to wait on him – despite the fact that he is not a materially spoiled child.

    By C on 11.21.2011

  26. Rules are something all kid lives with when they are little, although we never liked them we still had to listen to them.

    By Matthew on 11.21.2011

  27. If you don’t follow them, you’re out. That’s what they tell you. Out where? You don’t know. All you’ve ever known is this. This place: white walls and cameras: this is the world. So you don’t break the rules. You’re scared of what you do not know.

    By Laura URL on 11.21.2011

  28. I’m that person who says she will follow rules to a T… unless they’re for a game I don’t like or work. But when it comes to games I can be extremely competitive and if people get the rules muddled especially when I’m winning… ohhh boy. I’ll call you out on it.

    By Courtney URL on 11.21.2011

  29. We created these guidelines to lead us towards our vision. They helped us create order when reaching our vision… but of course. The keyword are “guidelines”.

    By T. Fong URL on 11.21.2011

  30. Kids rebel against the rules, but they need them. That is one argument for having strict rules, so that they rebel against the rules that are not so important. Such as school uniforms–let the kids rebel against the details of the uniform, and then hopefully they won’t rebel against the need to attend class and do their homework.

    By elizabeth b URL on 11.21.2011

  31. I have never been one to mindlessly follow rules. I understand the need for them but I can’t help but break most of them. What is life without a little excitement? I refuse to be normal. I refuse to be ordinary.

    By Katbo URL on 11.21.2011

  32. Rules were meant to be broken, correct? Thease binding statements were created to control us, to mold us into the ideal citizens. Each rule is a new restriction to ourselves; another reason to conform. Break a rule; become yourself.

    By Brooke URL on 11.21.2011

  33. God rules.

    By vanhaydu URL on 11.21.2011

  34. Rules are for suckers. In fact, I believe that rules are for you, made by me, announced by my grand vizier.
    Ironically, I rule, so these are my rules. Without these rules,for example if you were to delete them for the duration of Wednesday, I would be very sad.

    The rules are mine

    By Dovikles URL on 11.21.2011

  35. Rules structure the games we play and the work that we do. But rules always have gaps, for good or for ill. I read somewhere that the most creative thinking always occurs within the framework of the rules that limit our thinking.

    By Ed URL on 11.21.2011

  36. Rules are made to be broken. But broken rules aren’t rules at all. So the only true rules are ones that aren’t broken. So worry not about rules whose boundaries are created by man. Worry only about rules created by the creator of all. A rule with a firm man made boundary will inevitably be broken. It’s best to follow the “rules” of the creator which are boundless. If you live by the letter of the law you will surely fail. If you live by the spirit of the law your heart will be judged accordingly. This is not to say that anyone can live a spiritually lawful and righteous life, but rather to say that a repentant heart will be cleansed of unrighteousness and be judged on his intent and humility.

    By K on 11.21.2011

  37. police, law, rules are for breaking them, things i don’t like,

    By ena on 11.21.2011

  38. There are so many rules in life mthat you have to follow. For example you have rules in your house. Well only if you have good parents. Rules help us stay safe from alot of things. If you dont follow rules you could get in trouble.

    By Paddle Board URL on 11.21.2011

  39. Rules are things you have to obey they keep us in line.

    By tum tum URL on 11.21.2011

  40. Rules are one thing that I hate ALOT. But I can deal with rules easily. By having m y friends help me with rules. I don’ want rules.

    By Twerewolf URL on 11.21.2011