November 20th, 2011 | 262 Entries

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262 Entries for “rules”

  1. there are many rules in the game, some, however, are left unsaid. left for you to figure them out and define them.

    By lucinda URL on 11.20.2011

  2. I hate rules but i think that they are needed for society to function even though i hate rules i follow them because i hate getting into trouble. when i break rules i get grounded or yelled at. id rather get grounded. being grounded reminds me of the show grounded for life. im listining to glee. i love glee its such a great show. i have ear pain.

    By Lilac on 11.20.2011

  3. Rules. Rules are made to be broken, obeyed, ignored, respected. With rules we confine ourselves to safe little boxes without imagination and freedom. Without rules we risk everything. And for what? Living instead of merely surviving. Then I say break the fucking rules! I want to live!

    By MoiyaHatake URL on 11.20.2011

  4. I hate rules. I wish that rules would curl up in a ball and die, like I sometimes want to. Rules tell me that I can’t pick up and move to Los Angeles because I don’t have the money; rules tell me that I can’t get a job in Hollywood because I’m not skinny or pretty. Rules tell me that I have to pay back student loans and be responsible. I hate rules.

    By Melissa URL on 11.20.2011

  5. hold us back. push us on. encourage. guide. helpful?? huh, too funny. do they contain? or release potential…..only time will tell. what are rules? rules of nature? rules of society? these rules, they are meant to break? Or meant to make?

    By beautyinthestars on 11.20.2011

  6. It’s been so long since I have tried to be with someone, I forget whats okay to say and what’s not. I forget how to play this game. Why can’t I walk up to you and say I would like to get to know you better and possibly have sex on a regular basis?

    By shannon on 11.20.2011

  7. Rules are pointless and useless.
    can be broken
    easily bendable
    not all the time
    hard to follow
    can be dangerous
    fun to play by
    hard to decipher
    easy to make up
    difficult to understand
    flexible at times

    By Isabella DiSalvo on 11.20.2011

  8. I never played by the rules…actually…no one in our group did. She was a drop dead gorgeous woman, with wildfire habits. She engulfed us all in astonishment, while he became the prize that everyone wanted .They way they looked at each other sickened me to the point that it hurt just to watch. When no one was looking I’d try to hold her hand, and usually she had let me. Although, as soon as her man would turn to see her our hands would no longer be intertwined and her arms would be securely around him. I was nothing more than second best.

    By Shea URL on 11.20.2011

  9. problems

    By Kayla Goebelbecker on 11.20.2011

  10. hard to follow. easy to break. used in schools, governments, and homes.

    By Timothy on 11.20.2011

  11. Rules are there to be followed and keep people from getting hurt or something broken. Chaos can occur without rules. When the word “rules” came up the first thing that popped into my head were the rules from elementary school. Especially the rule about being quiet in the hallways and always doing “hips and lips.”

    By Kayla Goebelbecker on 11.20.2011

  12. Rules give order and structure to the people, and are important for every society. Without them, the world would be thrown into chaos. However, some rules are meant to be broken, because not all rules are Just or Moral.

    By Obella URL on 11.20.2011

  13. Rules. Those stupid, pointless rules. Okay, so maybe they do work psychologically to at least keep us from outright killing each other, but isn’t that just going back to basics and relying on man’s primitive nature and personal code of ethics?

    Why rules? Why does it matter? Is it really anyone’s fault if someone is smarter or dumber or richer or crazier? Why is it that the people who suffer the most are always the one who are held down by the rules around us? It isn’t fair. Those kind of rules should be broken.

    By Sara H. URL on 11.20.2011

  14. rules are stupid but i guess we all have to follow them
    huh i don’t understand the point of this game
    oh wait, it is not a game
    huh huh huh
    oh damn, time is running out
    what should i write
    finish the last sentence – what?

    By ms_em on 11.20.2011

  15. follow the rules
    everyone says
    don’t talk out of turn
    don’t talk at all
    note to self: keep to self.
    always, don’t say anything you’ll regret, or you will regret it.
    its a beauteous evening, but i don’t feel like writing.
    creative things are like diamond rings.

    By Mackenzie URL on 11.20.2011

  16. Rules

    The queen, she rules with benevolence. Her stature, stately. Her demeanor, gentle. Her decrees, just.

    By CameoRoze URL on 11.20.2011

  17. My expression is hindered by these rules. I grapple with which ones I should follow and which ones I should deny.

    By e.c.rider URL on 11.20.2011

  18. follow the rules
    they all say
    don’t speak out of turn
    don’t speak at all
    don’t say anything you’ll regret, or you’ll regret it.
    i don’t feel like writing tonight, though the evening is quite beauteous
    creative things are like diamond rings

    By Mackenzie URL on 11.20.2011

  19. I can’t seem to move ahead without running into the mundane melee of rules.

    By e.c.rider URL on 11.20.2011

  20. I hate rules. I get that they’re meant for the greater good, but really, what good are they? Sure, some are useful but others are not. Things like laws, for example = mostly good. Other things, though, not so much. Like curfews and vaccinations and having stupid dental assessments before the school year starts. Why can’t I make my own choices about the way I raise my kids?

    By Bee on 11.20.2011

  21. Rules are there for order, except when they’re just there to restrict. They’re made from fear, but sometimes paranoia. They are the manifestations of fear sometimes, because people are all afraid of chaos.

    By Rapunzel. on 11.20.2011

  22. Rules. Well, they are there for a reason. Sometimes they pretty much suck, but they keep things orderly and people in line. I think of games when I see this word, or sports. Football is on today, and a lot of rules have been being broken in that arena as of late.

    By Rhiannan URL on 11.20.2011

  23. Simon says one thing. You say another. You’re through with following Simon so blindly, for last night, he left you in the gutter. But at least now you listen to no one. Is no one in control?

    By Jessica Bang URL on 11.20.2011

  24. Finally she had found a place where she belonged. A place where the normal rules didn’t apply. A place where she could dance and fly and defy gravity, stretch her wings.

    By Buttxheeks URL on 11.20.2011

  25. There were rules. There were always rules. Don’t do this, don’t do that, always remember this. Miranda hated how rules had become the norm of her life. Her family made sure from the time she was little that she followed rules, because in their eyes, she was nothing special. If she broke a sacred rule, then it was a severe form of punishment that only the weakest of people could possibly imagine. This was why she was finally after eighteen years she was running away from the rules.

    By wendy on 11.20.2011

  26. School has a bunch of rules that are stupid. The end.

    By Joyce on 11.20.2011

  27. “Rules are funny. Could you imagine what would happen if we didn’t have them? It’s almost INSANE. Gosh. There wouldn’t be wars, but just mass Chaos, and we wouldn’t even know what Chaos is!

    By Katie URL on 11.20.2011

  28. I used to think that I was a perfect boy. The type of guy that would never break a promise.

    That was before I started to lose myself in some teenage illusion of superiority. Each promise was an indifferent nod to an unwarranted claim.

    Every promise should be a law to one’s self. And when you set those rules for yourself, you’ll truly notice how you’ve been breaking them since you thought you were perfect.

    By mistershin URL on 11.20.2011

  29. Have to break the rules don’t you? Of course. Rules are meant to be broken. Or followed depending on the viewpoint. But in the end the important thing is to question them. Without questioning them you’re as good as blind. If you break them without questioning them, you’re as good as stupid. If you question though… and whether or not you find fault, i think that makes you wise.

    By Jaclyn on 11.20.2011

  30. Theodore tore down the street on a skateboard naked with a helium balloon tied to his testicles. He screamed at an old lady to get her stupid walker out of his way, causing her to fall over in the gutter.

    When he got to the red traffic light, however, he slowed down and stopped to let the cross-street traffic go. “Gotta follow the rules,” he said quietly.

    By richpee URL on 11.20.2011

  31. Rules are all around me. What to do. How to do it, how not to. They are controlling my life. Sometimes ruining it. Friendships have rules, relationships have rules, families have rules. Why cant we all just have love. Love to make it through the day, the week, the year. Love can triumph their rules if people let it.

    By Kensey Solomon on 11.20.2011

  32. there is

    told me

    By Anita Cruse on 11.20.2011

  33. Never believe the rules set in place by unknown faces.

    By Morgan on 11.20.2011

  34. Rules. They are set into place in the largest, busiest part of our lives so that we remember never to step out of line. And they say some of these rules are meant to be broken. But there are repercussions to everything.

    By Karina URL on 11.20.2011

  35. there are certain rules a girl is supposed to live by.
    some of my favorites are:

    1) be modest! even if
    showing your skin has nothing to do
    with how others see you
    but how you perceive yourself.

    2) choose feminine words, for
    it is not polite
    to speak your fucking mind.

    3) be a damsel-in-distress,
    because god-knows it is frowned upon
    to show that
    you are a strong individual.

    well, fuck those rules. i’ll
    wear what i want, say what i feel,
    and be a rock that
    nothing can destroy.
    those are my rules.

    By rachel. URL on 11.20.2011

  36. I can’t do this. I just end up erasing everything I say. I don’t quite have an opinion on rules. The first thing I want to say is “stupid”, but rules have gotten us somewhere today.

    By Ashley on 11.20.2011

  37. the rules of life never counted for me. when you’re the outside, very few things matter.
    it’s just you,
    your gut feelings,
    your longings,
    and your will to go and get what you know you deserve.

    By Jo URL on 11.20.2011

  38. who has that obscure
    to rule over others?
    that form of
    which in other ways is so

    By b3mused URL on 11.20.2011

  39. school friends chores evil
    idk just wanted to say hi >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> hi
    LOOK LEFT…………………………..>>>>>>> U FAILED HAHAH

    By valeria on 11.20.2011

  40. I never follow the rules. It’s no fun. The cliche expression “rules are meant to be broken” is cliche for a reason. It’s more fun to break the rules. It’s a thrill, it’s excitement and it’s the only way to go!

    By Brittface URL on 11.20.2011