August 1st, 2011 | 430 Entries

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430 Entries for “root”

  1. The system of a tree is insanely complex and at the root is, well… A root. Mathematics works in exactly the same way, but without photosynthesis.

    By Gregor on 08.02.2011

  2. Root. The root of all evil is what comes to mind orginially. The roots of my family secondly. Is is bad that evil came to my mind before my family? Could be because it is a common phrase and it is just attached, but who knows. The roots of a tree. They go deep deep into the ground, just like our family roots. They can be traced back so far, it’d be hard to name right now. Esspecially without my mom or grandparents around to help me with the names and dates. Root, like cheering for a team. Like “Im rooting for the Steelers to win the super bowl this year!” There is so much meaning to English words. Root. Could be anything.

    By Danielle on 08.02.2011

  3. root of tree. i dont know about this word.

    thank you

    By Mahesh URL on 08.02.2011

  4. I woke up this morning staring out the window at the patch of burdock on the small hillock which was created by my husband sometime last year. It’s quite amazing really, because it was just a pile of gravel, but the birds have created a lovely amalgam of wild things growing in all that stone.

    By Tracy Cassidy on 08.02.2011

  5. Rooting for something you don’t believe in is like fooling yourself. This is how I feel about launching a product that is still all sorts of awry right now.

    By euraine URL on 08.02.2011

  6. the beginning of all things…the start to something that infinitely grows beauty and compassion and understanding…basis of life …trees…foundation of our earth

    By Meghan McMorris on 08.02.2011

  7. There was a tree, whose root touched the center of the earth. One day lightning fell on the tree and the fire burned the tree to the ground. From the ashes and from the roots came a small little creature with red skin and glowing yellow eyes. Her hair was green and she had the sweetest voice anyone had ever heard. She rose to the ground and ran.

    By Melissa on 08.02.2011

  8. Root..I’m thinking about a big carrot cgrowing down in the ground…no maybe I’m picturing a mighty oak tree with roots growing down in the earth.

    By Amy Mongenas on 08.02.2011

  9. dirty, earth tones, mayans.. they all ate roots, right? i hope so. aren’t they healthy? but that’s nasty.. i don’t want to eat something so.. dirty. starts with an r two o’s and a t. what does it look like? a word. there’s really nothing special about it. the word is also purple. my brain is dead. i don’t know what the hell to write about. what do you want me to say? some inspirational shit? ahahah no. never. that’s not real life, that’s not reality. sense i have extreme writers block i’m just going to wait till the minute is up.

    By Lauren URL on 08.02.2011

  10. The root of it all is fear. Fear of loss, fear of change. Fear of the unknown. Most of my problems come back to it. Yeah, bad things happen to me. But fear is just getting in my way and making everything worse. But it would still be nice if things could get just a bit easier.

    By Jen URL on 08.02.2011

  11. The root of the equation
    Never made a blind bit of sense
    When love decided not to add
    subract or multiply
    I stared at the equals sign
    And questioned what next?

    The root of the equation
    Never makes sense
    Neither does the root of

    By overembellished on 08.02.2011

  12. trees are a reflection of themselves. they have 2 systems the root system and the leaves. both systems reflect eachother. but bare of something, roots bare of dirt, and leaves base of…well leaves….you have the same basic thing, all sprouting off a main root, the trunk. trees have 2 systems which serve 2 different purposes but reflect eachother.

    By adriana on 08.02.2011

  13. The old man was a son of a bitch. That was the root of the problem. Dan didn’t know him all that well, but that’s what he’d always heard about his grandpa. Son of a bitch. Or maybe Dan was just being a bit more charitable than he ought to spare his mother’s feelings.

    By john on 08.02.2011

  14. roots are on trees, but they are also the background of every human beings history. your roots are what make you who you are today, they are how you were born and raised. never forget your roots, you may have to go back to them someday.

    By Tabetha on 08.02.2011

  15. Pets. My pet is very important to me and my daily life. Without my cat, I think I would feel very lonely living in a foreign country. I’ve lived abroad before and wasn’t able to bring my cat with me. For the last two years I have been able to have my cat with me and I feel totally different.

    By Lisa URL on 08.02.2011

  16. This is a thing that is part of a plant which can provide it with nutrients and food etc. Also, it can be the start or the cause of something, for eg, if i stole the biscuits, i would be the root of that problem because i started it.

    By Albany Emmingham on 08.02.2011

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    By Taylor URL on 08.02.2011

  18. When I think of roots I think of trees, big pretty trees, like the kind people always get tattooed on themselves, which look really neat by the way. I also think of all my friends that color their hair and constantly complain. Then again, I think of it as the start of life, the root of the plant is how it is nourished. I think of so many things at once and

    By Meghan on 08.02.2011

  19. the root of all evil is greed, hungry animalist corporate greed and business suits and blackberrys. it is flowering into ugly rotting hate

    By thebigcheese on 08.02.2011

  20. on the root of the tree i saw a bird it hobbled about and chirped i looked at it quizzically and pondered maybe it was hurt as i got closer to the bird i noticed it wasnt hobbling it was dancing and i smiled a smile of pure content too late had i forgotten such a feeling

    By ollie on 08.02.2011

  21. The root of my problems lies within my self-confidence. Without confidence, I can’t do anything. I need confidence to row fast. I need confidence to study harder, to achieve my goals. Maybe if I trust myself more and feel more confident I can reach my aspirations.

    By Jade URL on 08.02.2011

  22. An origin. It gives life and helps something to grow and turn into something beautiful. If such root is destroyed, so is the thing that it creates. It will become an empty husk, useless.

    By Amy URL on 08.02.2011

  23. Its been a long time since i have thought about where I come from. I don’t know if I am missing a part of myself because of this void. As time moves along, I find the need to rediscover the roots of my life and of the people around me growing stronger and stronger.

    By dom n URL on 08.02.2011

  24. The root of all evil is fear. It twists people’s thinking and makes them afraid of themselves and their abilities. The opposite of fear is love. Fear is your friend when it lets you know that you need to pay attention to something, but when it gets out of hand, it can wreak havoc. Managing our fear levels, and find the way to love is an amazing process!

    By Carol Bailey Floyd URL on 08.02.2011

  25. The heart of plants. The life force we take for granted. Carrots. i like raw carrots, they’re a bit fucked up when you cook them. But raw ones are good.

    By Pauline on 08.02.2011

  26. As in, “The _____ of all evil is money.” But that’s not really true, is it? The root of all evil is perception. One might say that the root of all motivation is love, or desire–but let’s not split hairs on semantics. And the root of all malice is conflicting desire, or love–but let’s not split hairs on tautology. So, ireally, the root of my evil is someone else’s love.

    By mattlock URL on 08.02.2011

  27. The roots of the trees always come to the surface. They lift the sidewalk blocks up, sometimes only an inch, sometimes a whole leap. Why? If sidewalks were too smooth, small children would never learn to be brave. They’d come to expect the smoothness.They’d forget to wear helmets and most of all they’d forget that little jolt of electricity when they see another leap coming up, the kind of jolt that gets us all through life.

    By Dana URL on 08.02.2011

  28. A root is smething that holds you to the ground. For a tree that’s literal but for humans, roots keep us from floating off into the dangerous realms of dreaming and hold us to reality. Roots also have to do with family which makes sense because family is normally somthing that holds us in reality

    By Grace on 08.02.2011

  29. Root beer. Amazingly awesome. Enough said.

    By Aniruddha Badbade on 08.02.2011

  30. The roots go down, sinking into the earth like nature’s candelabra. Each arm twists into the golden branch. To us we see nothing, or twigs. To the earth, it is illuminated and the tree is a the star that lights the structure into being.

    By Dana URL on 08.02.2011

  31. It’s about time! We are able to now plant some roots. It was different before, worrying about putting up with the outside world. Now we can do what we want, how we want it, and when! We don’t have to answer to anyone. We can stay here, together, and say we finally have a place to call our own.

    By Amanda URL on 08.02.2011

  32. roots are planted in the ground and usually consist of vegetables like carrots, potatoes and other stuff
    they are delicious.

    By kindall URL on 08.02.2011

  33. i do have a very strong islamic roots , it’s just by nature i do act like and live like a muslim, even my face can tell that i do belong to this religion

    By banan abu shawareb on 08.02.2011

  34. Dont try to make me put roots down, my friend. I am a nomad by nature and have wandered too far to somehow gain sanity or security by way of idle remain. I do not have roots, I have wings. I do not stand, I step. Instead make me strong.

    By Nathan Cukryznski on 08.02.2011

  35. It grows deep into the ground, the bottom of every tree, of every plant. It reaches as low sometimes as the tops of trees reach up. Covered in soil, invisible to those above ground, it feeds the tree, with water and minerals and gives it life.

    By Sara LoTemplio on 08.02.2011

  36. i was off the mark thinking he would kill himself, at the root of it of course was it was so much easier to kill her, and i was too late to save him

    By judigoldberg URL on 08.02.2011

  37. the root of it all was just that you had to believe. believe in yourself. your past, present, and future. But not everyone can do this little task. In fact, it’s not so little of a task to some people. but, to some people, it is the easiest thing in the world.

    By natalie.(: URL on 08.02.2011

  38. I’ve spoken to the word “root” before, so I suppose this entry is redundant. Yet I remain here, typing in the toil of sixty seconds as they leave me to find the past. What is the root of my restless ambition? Why do I insist upon the redundancies that offer comfort, in lieu of a sedentary sanity?

    By Nate Church URL on 08.02.2011

  39. from plants and trees they are brown. i has to O’s and rhymns with boot and also is part of root beer i don’t know if that’s one word or two it is in the ground and obtain water

    By jessie URL on 08.02.2011

  40. this is the important part of a tree or any cause. and this should be kept in the mind always. In case of any issues always the root is blamed, so it should be maintained well. Hence we should keep intact always.

    By vinodh URL on 08.02.2011